Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 35

TL: snaggletooth

After Xu Jing finished his business and went out, Qin Yiheng was the only one left in the office.

He first turned on the computer, opened a report, and looked at the data carefully, but after only a few seconds, his focus turned to the files on the desk.

Qin Yiheng stared at those files for a while, then moved his sight away to continue looking at the report. Before long, he sighed softly, then took his hand away from the mouse and picked up the files.

He skipped the first two pages and turned to the third page.

Sure enough, it was as he had guessed, the third page had a picture of Chu Yi feeding Xu Zhiming cherry tomatoes.

It was a very intimate princess carry. Chu Yi had one hand on Xu Zhiming’s shoulder and tomatoes in the other. He stared at Xu Zhiming’s mouth, his ears were red, and was smiling.

Xu Zhiming was also smiling.

Qin Yiheng didn’t look at it any longer, he directly turned to the next page.

On the next page, there was no picture, but some text narration. It said that Xu Zhiming and Chu Yi met in the student union. Not long after they met, their relationship had already grown deep. They often arrive and leave together, and they have a very close relationship.

At that time, many people doubted whether they were already together, but both parties said no.

However, it was no use. Everyone saw how romantically ambiguous and close they were. They felt that if one of them took a step forward, the other would agree immediately.

Despite this, what everyone couldn’t understand was that, Xu Zhiming actually got himself a girlfriend.

During that period of time, people rarely saw Xu Zhiming and Chu Yi together. Whenever Chu Yi participated in student union activities, Xu Zhiming would not be present.

Later, after Xu Zhiming broke up with his girlfriend, they came together again and continued their previous relationship.

“It was an absolute oppressive love.”

This was the last sentence on this page.

Qin Yiheng frowned and continued to read further.

He read one page at a time.

Almost everything came from third parties. Some had pictures and some were only oral statements.

After all, things like love and gossip could only be obtained from bystanders.

Of course, Qin Yiheng didn’t believe everything in it.

After all, this thing came from many people’s statements, and there were many inconsistencies. Some timings and statements did not match.

For example, some said it was Chu Yi who likes Xu Zhiming, some said that Xu Zhiming was the one who had a one-sided crush, while others said that both of them are straight.

Qin Yiheng finished reading the last page and closed the file.

It’s merely a thing of Chu Yi’s past, and there were many parts that were the subjective judgment of the commentator, which can’t be counted.

He smiled in his heart.

These are not all true.

He doesn’t need to care about such things.

So Qin Yiheng put this file together with Xu Zhiming’s data and continued to look at the report on the computer.

But a minute later.

Qin Yiheng took the file on top, opened it, found the page of Chu Yi feeding, took it out, found the right position, tore it directly from the middle, and separated the two.

Xu Zhiming’s smile was crumpled into a ball of paper and thrown into the trash can.

“He and a man named Chu Yi had a good relationship during university, but they weren’t together.”

“They said something about letting the chance slip and something about it being a pity, and told Professor Xu to seize the opportunity.”

“Haha, in fact, there’s nothing. They also said that Chu Yi actually likes Professor Xu, but Professor Xu didn’t seize the opportunity and went to find a girlfriend, which made Chu Yi sad.”


Qin Yiheng’s thoughts drifted away again. He tried hard to recall what Chu Yi said to him when he first met Chu Yi in the bar.

But because he also consumed some alcohol that day and didn’t know Chu Yi well at that time, he can’t remember the conversation completely.

He only remembered that Chu Yi said he was a little sad and very stressed.

Then he mentioned Xu Zhiming.

He said Xu Zhiming is boring.

Qin Yiheng couldn’t recall Chu Yi’s expression and state when he mentioned Xu Zhiming that day. He only remembered that he was drunk and looked really sad.

And that he kept drinking.

While he was still recalling this, the door of his office was suddenly knocked on.

He looked up and saw Xu Jing coming in with a document.

“President Qin,” Xu Jing said as he put the item on the desk, “Please sign this agreement.”

Qin Yiheng glanced at it and signed his name in the lower right corner after seeing that there was no problem.

When returning it to Xu Jing, Qin Yiheng’s hand suddenly retracted and left Xu Jing grabbing nothing.

Qin Yiheng put it back on the desk, looked up at Xu Jing, and asked, “Do you love your wife?”

Xu Jing halted.

The marriage assistant came online.

Xu Jing nodded, “Yes.”

Qin Yiheng, “You guys fell in love freely and then got married?”

Xu Jing nodded, “Correct.”

Qin Yiheng asked, “You said just now that you would be unhappy if you found out that your wife liked someone else before?”

Xu Jing, “Correct.”

Qin Yiheng, “Then what if you’re not unhappy?”

Xu Jing said, “Then there’s probably no love.”

Xu Jing said this almost without thinking, and it was said for Qin Yiheng to hear.

He has been with Qin Yiheng for so many years. He can see whether Qin Yiheng was in a good mood or not.

Just now, after he left the office, he rethought it over. After President Qin saw the past of Mr. Chu and Mr. Xu, it was very obvious that he was unhappy.

He could tell, Zhou Xiao said he could also tell, which was the reason why they didn’t dare to say anything when they were next to him.

However, Xu Jing always felt that his boss was lacking in emotional aspects, so he wanted to remind his President Qin.

You probably like your husband.

So don’t always use marriage and Chu Yi being your husband as an excuse.

If this goes on, your husband will be sad.

However, since he lacks a tendon in emotion, Qin Yiheng’s brain circuit certainly didn’t go in the direction Xu Jing wanted.

Originally, he did feel that he was sort of strange yesterday. According to Chu Yi, he seemed to be really unhappy.

But Qin Yiheng paid very little attention to his own feelings.

He had been facing pressures and difficulties all the way till now, but he never thought of resolving his emotions. He only thought about solving problems and facing difficulties under pressure.

Once the difficulties are resolved, naturally, the corresponding emotions will be gone. Resolving something is too melodramatic and unnecessary.

Therefore, before he had time to think about his feelings for Chu Yi, he was led astray by Chu Yi’s “No.” from yesterday.

His mind was full of the scene of Chu Yi saying this last night.

Would you be unhappy if you knew I had someone I liked before?


Adding this with what Xu Jing said.

It’s clear.

Chu Yi doesn’t like him.


Qin Yiheng handed Xu Jing the document in his hand, “I got it.”

Xu Jing took over the agreement doubtfully and looked at President Qin doubtfully.

Do you really get it?

After Xu Jing left the office, Qin Yiheng picked up his phone.

At this moment, he suddenly had an impulse. He wanted to ask Chu Yi, have you ever liked Xu Zhiming? Were you guys really about to get together?

If you used to like him, do you still like him now?

However, after the number had been picked out from the address book, Qin Yiheng did not call.

He suddenly calmed down again.

What would happen if Chu Yi said yes?

What would happen if he said no?

It is a fact that they are already married. Yes or no will not change the present situation.

It’s not necessary at all.

It’s not necessary to ask.

It’s also not necessary to know.

It’s not necessary.

It’s not necessary.

It’s completely not necessary.

He doesn’t want to hear it.

But coincidentally, not long after he put down his phone, Chu Yi called.

Qin Yiheng answered the phone in almost a second.

“Hello? Qin Yiheng?” It sounded noisy where Chu Yi was, “Is it convenient for you right now? I sent you a picture.”

Qin Yiheng asked, “Where are you?”

“The food market.” Chu Yi said, “I’m delivering something to my client today and met my uncle here. Can I take a crucian carp back? We can have crucian carp soup tonight as a midnight snack.”

Qin Yiheng, “Sure.”

Chu Yi, “Okay.”

Then Chu Yi hung up the phone. Qin Yiheng smiled and looked at his phone. Sure enough, Chu Yi had just sent him a picture of the crucian carp.

Qin Yiheng replied to him: Whatever you want to buy in the future, you can just buy
Qin Yiheng: You don’t need to ask me

Not long after Qin Yiheng sent this, he suddenly smiled.

He felt that the him a moment ago was looking for trouble.

No more thinking, Qin Yiheng put his phone aside and continued to work.

On the other side, Chu Yi took the crucian carp given to him by his uncle, thanked him, got into his car, and called Qin Yiheng.

This time, it was much quieter on Chu Yi’s side. After he fastened his seat belt, Qin Yiheng had just picked up the call.

“My uncle killed the fish.” Chu Yi laughed as he drove the car out, “I’m afraid that we won’t finish it so I chose a small one.”

Qin Yiheng smiled, “Since it’s going to be a midnight snack, I’ll come back earlier tonight.”

Chu Yi paused briefly. What’s with Qin Yiheng’s so happy-sounding voice?

He was only talking to him about buying a fish, wasn’t he?

“Okay.” Chu Yi looked at the crucian carp under the passenger seat, “I’ll head home first.”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.”

Chu Yi thought for a moment and asked, “Did you know that my uncle is a fisherman?”

Qin Yiheng, “I know now.”

Chu Yi laughed, “Haha, my uncle and aunt are very kind to me. They scolded me just now, saying that I didn’t even tell them I got married.”

Qin Yiheng, “How did you reply?”

Chu Yi, “I said when we hold a wedding, I’ll save a seat for them.”

Chu Yi bit his lower lip.

Qin Yiheng should be able to catch this hint, right?

Sure enough, Qin Yiheng understood, “Okay.” He continued, “I’ll find a time for our two families to have dinner together first and then we’ll discuss the wedding.”

Chu Yi smiled, “Okay.”

Qin Yiheng, “But I’ve been a little busy recently, it might have to be after the new year.”

Chu Yi immediately said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s not urgent.”

Chu Yi was in a good mood after hanging up.

Qin Yiheng is too nice, he’s too agreeing. He’s such a yes man.

Today, Chu Yi’s orders went extremely smoothly. All the clients were easygoing. So far, all orders have been passed in one draft.

So Chu Yi ended up with extra time.

When he drove home, he put the carp in the fridge first before going to the studio.

Since he was busy these few days, there were several basketball games he didn’t get to watch.

So when he got to the office, he put on a basketball game on his computer and decided to watch it for a bit before continuing his work.

As he watched, his phone suddenly rang.

It was an unfamiliar number, Chu Yi picked it up without much thought.


The other end did not talk.


Chu Yi paused the game and gave another hello.

“You’re watching the game from the day before yesterday.” The other side suddenly spoke.

Chu Yi paused briefly, it was a very familiar voice.

Chu Yi, “Xu Zhiming?”

That side, “Mn.”

Chu Yi paused for a second, “Yeah, I’m watching the game from the day before yesterday.”

Xu Zhiming laughed, “I just put something at the door of your studio. Remember to take it later.”

Chu Yi, “Ah? What is it?”

Xu Zhiming, “Nothing much.”

Then he hung up.

Chu Yi was extremely puzzled. He took his phone with him and went to the door. Sure enough, he saw a bag at the courier spot.

Chu Yi brought in the bag, took out the box inside and opened it. It was a pair of shoes.

It was a limited edition signature sneaker that just came out not long ago. Chu Yi failed to snatch these because he was busy with work.

Chu Yi closed the box, took out his phone, and dialed back the number from just now.

But the other party hung up.

Before long, several WeChat messages from Xu Zhiming popped up.

Xu Zhiming: Small gift
Xu Zhiming: As my apology
Xu Zhiming: No need to think about giving it back to me

Chu Yi opened Xu Zhiming’s chat.

Above these three messages were Xu Zhiming’s messages from more than two months ago. It reads: Chu Yi, let’s not contact each other for the time being. Don’t ask me why and don’t message me. I’m sorry.

Chu Yi tapped on the typing box and sent over a message.

Chu Yi: ?

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