Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 36

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All his life, Chu Yi had made so many friends but Xu Zhiming is the only one he couldn’t figure out.

In the past, he indeed had a really good relationship with Xu Zhiming.

Xu Zhiming was also really nice to him.

It was true that many people teased him and Xu Zhiming.

It was also true that they never took it to heart.

And now, it was also true that Xu Zhiming did send those messages, which caught him off guard and made him feel inexplicable.

During university, their relationship was much closer compared to now.

Since they only lived a floor apart in the dormitory and their departments were also next to each other, plus they were both in the student union, they hung out quite often.

When playing games, playing ball, eating, watching basketball games, going shopping, and having dinner. Six out of ten times, the two would be together.

When they first met, Xu Zhiming had already confessed his sexual orientation, saying that he likes girls.

At that time, Chu Yi didn’t have anyone he liked and he didn’t know what his preference would be in the future, so he simply didn’t say it.

But because of Xu Zhiming’s confession, Chu Yi was more relieved to hang out with him and didn’t worry about everyone’s teasing.

When Chu Yi was a sophomore, Xu Zhiming suddenly told him that he got a girlfriend.

Naturally, Chu Yi was happy for him.

Xu Zhiming once talked about his family, he has a mother that was often sick and a sister that needed to be taken care of.

Although it’s different from Chu Yi’s experiences, Chu Yi always saw a similar sense of helplessness in Xu Zhiming, which was why they were so close.

Xu Zhiming said he hopes he could find a gentle and kind girl and hopes his sister can grow up happily and healthily for the rest of her life.

He also hopes that he and his future wife can be happy, that they will have a baby and live a peaceful life with his mother.

Chu Yi knew that girlfriend. She was really gentle, very much like the pretty daughter of a humble family. At that time, Chu Yi sincerely wished them well.

Except after Xu Zhiming got himself a girlfriend, he gradually drifted away from Chu Yi.

However, it was something that Chu Yi could understand, dating is a priority after all. The two of them will be forming a family, while Chu Yi was just playing the role of a friend, he wasn’t important.

But before long, half a year later, the girlfriend broke up with him.

Not long after the breakup, Xu Zhiming started hanging out with him again. It was as if he was an abandoned doll that was picked up again.

Despite this, Chu Yi still didn’t care. He didn’t take this kind of thing to heart, so very soon, the two started hanging out again.

It was when Chu Yi graduated that the two actually grew apart because of their work.

Chu Yi was busy with his own studio and work. Xu Zhiming was busy with experiments and essays. Like many of Chu Yi’s friends, they could only get together occasionally and talk about their past.

Three months ago, Xu Zhiming suddenly came to him and asked him to come out for dinner.

Chu Yi went to dinner that day. During dinner, Xu Zhiming told him that his mother introduced him to a girl and that he thought she was pretty good.

From Xu Zhiming’s tone, it sounded as if he was going to marry that girl right away.

Once again, Chu Yi was happy for him, but Xu Zhiming didn’t seem very happy at that time. From his words, there was the feeling that he only made this decision because his mother urged him.

Chu Yi could sympathize with him a little because he was in the same situation, but he didn’t know how to comfort him.

The next time they contacted again was about 2 months earlier when Xu Zhiming suddenly called Chu Yi late at night. Amid the confusion, Chu Yi heard Xu Zhiming say that he was about to get married.

Before Chu Yi could fully understand, Xu Zhiming hung up.

The next day, Chu Yi wanted to send a WeChat message asking Xu Zhiming what was going on. Only then did he notice that Xu Zhiming had sent him a message in the middle of the night, saying not to contact each other for the time being.

Chu Yi called him, but he couldn’t get through no matter what.

Chu Yi felt very inexplicable.

It’s a lie to say he wasn’t hurt.

Because at that time, he had also been going on blind dates. This move from Xu Zhiming made him feel all sorts of emotions at that moment. He was even wondering whether Xu Zhiming had things he was hiding, whether he was having difficulties, or was there something happening at home that made him not want to contact anyone?

Adding this on top of work, Chu Yi became more melancholy.

So he went to the bar.

And met Qin Yiheng.

Even after all these thoughts, he still ended up with Qin Yiheng. Chu Yi put the shoebox into the bag and smiled.

There is nothing to amend between Xu Zhiming and him.

Considering their past friendship, Chu Yi never blamed Xu Zhiming, he could only sigh with emotions.

Who doesn’t have some troubles in their lives?

Xu Zhiming looked for Chu Yi before while he was still working in the studio, he told him that his mother’s condition was not very favorable and that his sister was about to enter university.

However, when Chu Yi tried to care for him further, Xu Zhiming said nothing instead and wouldn’t let Chu Yi come find him.

Later, Xu Zhiming said that everything had been solved and there were no more problems.

Thus, Chu Yi always felt that Xu Zhiming’s sudden lack of contact was because he had things he wanted to hide.

But maybe because he no longer has the mind and body of a man in his early twenties. If Xu Zhiming did this to him during university, Chu Yi might have sought him out and asked him what happened face to face. He’ll tell him that if he needs any help, then speak up and stop hiding.

However, Chu Yi won’t do that now. He knows that it’s useless to only have the heart for things he can’t grasp. Everyone’s an adult now and needs to be responsible for their behaviors.

Why should I cooperate with you when you keep hiding here and there.

The world of adults is like this. If you don’t state it clearly today, I’ll forget it tomorrow.

After drinking that day, his mind was full of his one-night stand and his own physical condition. Xu Zhiming and stuff had long been forgotten.

But perhaps because of this, after drifting away, Xu Zhiming was no longer important to him.

He will keep that friendship, but he won’t value it.

When others mention Xu Zhiming, he will say from the bottom of his heart, yes, he’s my senior, and he’s quite outstanding.

But what was this current action of this vanishing senior, suddenly giving him shoes?

Does he want to regain their friendship?

Chu Yi was full of question marks.


What does it mean?

The heck?

After Chu Yi sent a question mark, Xu Zhiming didn’t respond. Chu Yi simply didn’t care anymore.

But he hesitated a little about these shoes. He couldn’t get them himself and wanted them very much.

So after finishing another simple design, Chu Yi opened WeChat and sent Xu Zhiming the money for the shoes.

He also attached a message.

Chu Yi: Thank you
Chu Yi: This is the money for the shoes
Chu Yi: Let me know if it’s not enough
Chu Yi: I’ll add more
Xu Zhiming replied to him very quickly: No need
Chu Yi thought for a moment and replied politely: It’s needed, xuezhang
Chu Yi: If you don’t accept it, I’ll have to send it back to you
Xu Zhiming: You don’t have my address nor my phone number
Xu Zhiming: The number earlier isn’t mine
Chu Yi: I can send it to the school

This sentence was a little effective. When Chu Yi finished the work at hand, Xu Zhiming had already collected the money, so Chu Yi politely sent a ‘thank you’ once again.

Xu Zhiming didn’t send any more messages after that, so Chu Yi didn’t keep up with the courtesies.

Today, work went smoothly and he even bought the shoes he likes. Chu Yi was in a good mood.

After work, Chu Yi put on those shoes and took a picture as soon as he got home.

He was about to send it to Zhang Kai when a noise came from the door.

Chu Yi immediately put away his phone, ran over to the door in his shoes, and stood on the porch.

Qin Yiheng opened the door and came in. Chu Yi immediately stood upright and asked with a smile, “Do you think there are any changes about me?”

Qin Yiheng first looked at Chu Yi’s hair, then at Chu Yi’s clothes, and finally focused on Chu Yi’s shoes.

And then Qin Yiheng froze.

Following this, Chu Yi also froze.

He saw Qin Yiheng holding the same bag as the one he had just held in his hand.

Chu Yi was surprised, “Are these shoes?”

Qin Yiheng remained silent for a long time before finally letting out, “Mn.”

Chu Yi was even more surprised, “Is it for me?”

Again, Qin Yiheng paused for a few seconds before saying, “Mn.”

It could be seen with the naked eye that Chu Yi was delighted, “Let me see.”

But when Chu Yi stretched out his hand, Qin Yiheng took a step back.

Chu Yi immediately retracted his hand and said, “Wh-what’s the matter?” He reconfirmed, “Is it for me?”

Qin Yiheng looked down at what Chu Yi was wearing on his feet, “It’s for you.”

Hearing this, Chu Yi tentatively extended his hand again. This time, Qin Yiheng didn’t retreat and took the initiative to hand it over.

Chu Yi took it and put it on the shoe cabinet, but after he opened it…

Chu Yi gulped, what lay in the shoebox was the exact same pair on his feet, he was stunned.

If we’re talking about being happy, he was indeed happy.

Qin Yiheng bought him shoes!

But now his shock exceeded his happiness.

He needs to brew the term “happy”.

“How did you know I wanted this?” Chu Yi took the shoes out of the shoebox and took a look at them. “You even know my shoe size.”

Qin Yiheng calmly changed his shoes and went inside, he answered the less complicated question, “I’ve seen your shoe size.”

Chu Yi smiled at Qin Yiheng, “Thank you.”

He was immediately regretful, if he knew that Qin Yiheng would buy it, he would definitely return Xu Zhiming’s pair.

Now that it’s like this, it was quite awkward.

And Qin Yiheng doesn’t look very happy.

Obviously he wouldn’t be happy.

Anyone who gives someone a gift and finds out that they already have it.

Who would be happy?

Qin Yiheng walked in. Chu Yi followed him in, thinking about how to show that he was really happy to receive his gift.

Should he praise him to death?

Should he smile to death?

It’s not good to be too fake.

Hesitating, Qin Yiheng suddenly stopped, turned to look at him, and asked, “Who gave you these pairs?”

Chu Yi held the pair given to him by Qin Yiheng, “A friend.”

Qin Yiheng, “Which friend?”

Before Chu Yi answered, Qin Yiheng suddenly asked, “Xu Zhiming?”

Chu Yi was stunned.


Aren’t you too impressive?

Qin Yiheng was just guessing casually, but seeing Chu Yi like this, he immediately confirmed it.

Qin Yiheng turned around and stood in front of Chu Yi, frowning, “It’s really him?”

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn.”

Right now, Qin Yiheng had an expression that looked like he really doesn’t like Xu Zhiming, which makes Chu Yi doubt whether something unpleasant happened between them during dinner last night.

What did Xu Zhiming say to offend Qin Yiheng?

Chu Yi took a step toward Qin Yiheng and shook his feet, “It’s not from him, I bought it, I gave him money, which includes both delivery and personal favor.”

Hearing this, Qin Yiheng made a faint “mn” sound, then stopped talking and went directly to the second floor.

Chu Yi suddenly became frightened.

Because he thought of that one night last week when Qin Yiheng told him that he had mentioned Xu Zhiming at the bar that night.

Chu Yi took off the shoes and put them back into the box. He sat on the sofa and thought for a while.

However, no matter how much he thought, he couldn’t come up with any thus’ and thens.

So he thought of Zhang Kai.

Chu Yi: Are you there
Chu Yi: It’s an emergency
Not long after sending this, Zhang Kai replied with a: Speak
Chu Yi: Here’s the thing
Chu Yi: Xu Zhiming gave me a pair of shoes this afternoon, but then I gave him the money, which means that I bought them. Then when I came back home this evening, Qin Yiheng gave me the exact same pair
Zhang Kai: ???
Zhang Kai: What kind of century dog blood is this
Zhang Kai: Qin Yiheng saw both shoes?
Chu Yi: Yeah
Zhang Kai: Does he also know it’s from Xu Zhiming?
Chu Yi: Mn
Zhang Kai: Does he know who Xu Zhiming is?
Chu Yi: They’ve met
Chu Yi: I think he’s a little unhappy right now
Zhang Kai: Who would be happy
Chu Yi: What should I do?
Zhang Kai: Actually, it’s quite normal for friends to give each other stuff
Zhang Kai: It’s mainly about giving the same gift, this really does feel a little uncomfortable
Zhang Kai: Plus you received someone else’s gift first
Chu Yi: Right?
Zhang Kai: But why did Xu Zhiming suddenly give you shoes?

Chu Yi doesn’t know how to tell Zhang Kai about this matter. He didn’t tell Zhang Kai that Xu Zhiming asked him not to contact him, so he can’t say that Xu Zhiming sent it to him to make amends.

Zhang Kai sent another message: Since the money has been given, it’ll be strange to return the shoes now
Zhang Kai: Here I was wondering what’s up
Zhang Kai: Which pair is it?

Then Chu Yi sent the picture he took before.

Zhang Kai’s attitude changed immediately.

Zhang Kai: ?
Zhang Kai: Oh shit shit shit
Zhang Kai: It’s actually this pair
Zhang Kai: You should’ve sent pictures earlier
Zhang Kai: I immediately came up with an idea when I saw this pair of shoes
Chu Yi: Say it
Zhang Kai: Isn’t this easy
Zhang Kai: Sell me the pair that Xu Zhiming gave you
Zhang Kai: And you keep your husband’s pair
Zhang Kai: Then viola!
Zhang Kai: Fuck
Zhang Kai: You must give it to me! I was so busy these days that I forgot to snatch them!
Zhang Kai: It’s actually these pairs of shoes!
Zhang Kai: Sell it to me!
Zhang Kai: Sell it to me!!!
Zhang Kai: Sell! It! To! Me!
Chu Yi smiled: Okay

After solving this problem, Chu Yi happily put the pair given to him by Qin Yiheng into the shoe closet and then put the one from Xu Zhiming at the door to mail it tomorrow.

Having done this, he went upstairs happily.

Qin Yiheng was showering, so he sat outside and waited for Qin Yiheng to come out.

It seems that Qin Yiheng has already been washing for some time. After Chu Yi sat down for just a bit, he came out.

Chu Yi hurried over and pretended to say casually, “Zhang Kai also likes those shoes, so I sold the pair I bought from Xu Zhiming to Zhang Kai.”

Its implication is that I only want the ones from you.

But Qin Yiheng only returned a faint “mn”.

Chu Yi blinked, then came closer.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Um, what did I say about Xu Zhiming the night we were at the bar?”

Qin Yiheng turned to look at Chu Yi, “You said he didn’t want to contact you anymore.”

Chu Yi asked, “Was there anything else?”

Qin Yiheng, “No.”

Chu Yi tilted his head, so he didn’t say anything.

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