Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 70

TL: snaggletooth

A moment before shutting down his phone, Chu Yi sent a message to Qin Yiheng. Finally, he clicked into his Moments for one last glance.

With this glance, he found that Zhao Xin, who had commented ‘ahhhhhhhhh’ on his post a few minutes ago, came here with another ‘ahhhhhhhhh’.

If time permitted, Chu Yi would’ve taken a screenshot and asked Qin Yiheng, what’s with your cousin?

On the way back, Chu Yi fell asleep on the plane again.

Probably because his subconscious mind was telling his brain that since this journey had a beginning and an end, then he must see it to the very end. When Chu Yi fell asleep, he dreamed of Qin Yiheng confessing to him.

It was a scene that he had seen before, Chu Yi was still a college student in his dream. He was playing games in University A’s dormitory and was suddenly told by someone that class was about to start.

Chu Yi rushed to the lecture building in a hurry. It was clearly broad daylight outside just now, but it turned into nighttime in an instant.

Chu Yi in the dream didn’t find this strange at all. Instead, he ran anxiously with books in his arms, thinking he must not be late.

The more he ran, the darker the corridor became. He wanted to turn on the light, but he couldn’t find the switch no matter what.

Since he had class on top of his mind, Chu Yi didn’t think much and went directly to the classroom. However, there was no one in the classroom, and it was still dark all around.

He stopped at the door, then the classroom door in front of him suddenly opened.

Qin Yiheng stood at the door with a guitar.

“Chu Yi xuedi.”

The same time Qin Yiheng spoke, many small lights were lit up in the classroom behind Qin Yiheng.

Chu Yi exclaimed wow in his heart.

“Hello, I’m your xuezhang, Qin Yiheng.”

Chu Yi stood there dumbfounded.

Qin Yiheng said, “I like you.”

There was no alarm ringing, there was no one disturbing him, there was nothing. Chu Yi woke up by himself.

And it was at the moment when Qin Yiheng said he liked him.

He woke up from shock.

He opened his eyes and remained in his seat for a long time before his spirit returned to the world.

And only then did he realize what he had just dreamed about.

Isn’t this the story Qin Yiheng told him before about how he got pursued?

Chu Yi exhaled a long breath and looked at the time, he should be arriving in about ten minutes.

So he simply didn’t sleep anymore. Having nothing to do, he located the pictures of Qin Yiheng in his phone to have a look.

He looked at him both zoomed in and zoomed out, Qin Yiheng looked so damn good.

Time passed quickly and very soon, he arrived.

Chu Yi pulled down the control center and turned off flight mode, then his phone rang.

It came from an unfamiliar number belonging to City B.

Chu Yi stared at the phone number for a while before picking it up.


“You brat, what took you so long to answer my phone?”

Chu Yi’s hand trembled.

The other side continued to shout, “Transfer me 100 thousand yuan quickly. It’s urgent, hurry up.”

Chu Yi tightened his hands into a fist, “No, I have no money.”

The other side became even louder, “No money my fucking ass, hurry up.”

Chu Yi’s hand that was holding the phone instantly became cold. At this moment, a robotic female voice came from Chen Jianshi’s side.

Chu Yi asked, “You’re at the hospital?”

Chen Jianshi, “Where I am is none of your business. Quickly transfer money to laozi. If you don’t, I’ll go and find you. Do you hear me? Hurry up!”

Chu Yi hung up the phone directly, and then pulled up the phone number Chen Jianshi just called from and blocked it.

The plane had arrived steadily, and the flight attendant smilingly reminded him that he had reached his destination.

Chu Yi smiled back at the flight attendant, then took out his bag from above and left.

He first sent Qin Yiheng a message on WeChat to let him know he landed safely, then he called Zhang Kai.

It was only 12 o’clock, and as expected, Zhang Kai wasn’t asleep. When the phone was picked up, Chu Yi could hear very clearly the sound of him gaming.

“Xiao-Yi, what’s the matter?”

Chu Yi kept it short and simple, “I have something to trouble you.”

Probably hearing that Chu Yi’s tone of voice was not quite right. The sound of Zhang Kai tapping the keyboard suddenly disappeared and the sound from the game was also turned off.

Zhang Kai, “Say it.”

Chu Yi, “My dad, he just called and asked me for a hundred thousand.”

“What?” Zhang Kai became louder and immediately cursed, “Fuck, what does this dumbass want now?”

Chu Yi, “I just overheard that he’s at the hospital. I don’t know whether it’s City B or somewhere else. If it’s City B, can you please help me find out why he needs so much money?”

Zhang Kai, “Small matter, I’ll ask around for you immediately.”

Zhang Kai’s efficiency was very fast. After Chu Yi took a taxi home, Zhang Kai called.

“I found out.” Zhang Kai said.

Chu Yi was surprised, “So fast.”

“Coincidentally, I asked a friend who works in the hospital. Your father happened to be in that hospital. I found out as soon as I asked.” Zhang Kai didn’t waste his breath, “Your father hit someone with a motorcycle. I heard it was a hit-and-run but he was caught on cams. The other person is now being treated in the hospital.”

“What?” Chu Yi frowned, “Is that person badly hurt?”

Zhang Kai clicked his tongue, “Badly hurt… how should I say it? My friend said it’s not that serious, but the person who was hit is a bit on the old side, and he has an entire family behind him. This kind of thing, you get it right?”

Chu Yi let out an “mn”.

“Deadbeat meets deadbeat, I guess.” Zhang Kai chuckled. “Apparently they’re discussing this matter in private now. You already know, this whole private thing, it just means that they’re asking for money.”

Chu Yi nodded, “I get it.”

Zhang Kai asked, “Are you giving him money?”

Chu Yi, “No.”

Zhang Kai cheered yay and then said, “Attaboy.”

Chu Yi, “But just now he said he would come to City A to find me if I didn’t give him money.”

Zhang Kai assumed, “I reckon he’s not free, that entire family has already grabbed onto your dad for fear that he might run away and wouldn’t let him go.”

Chu Yi nodded, “I see.”

Zhang Kai, “But you should still be careful. He knows where your studio and apartment are after all.”

“I’m fine. I’m just worried about my mom.” Chu Yi sighed. “Fortunately, Chen Jianshi doesn’t know where my mom lives. I’ll tell my mother about it tomorrow and tell her to stay at my aunt’s house for a few days.”

Zhang Kai said, “Mn, you should pay attention to yourself too. I’ll also keep an eye on it for you here. Tell me if you need any help.”

Chu Yi, “Okay, thanks.”

Chu Yi, who hung up the phone, was slightly more relaxed. He opened WeChat and found that Qin Yiheng sent him a message three minutes ago.

Qin Yiheng: Home yet?
Chu Yi lowered his head to reply: Yeah
Chu Yi: Getting ready to take a bath
Chu Yi: And then going to bed after that
Chu Yi: Why aren’t you sleeping yet?
Qin Yiheng: Waiting for you to get home
Qin Yiheng: Sleeping soon

Chu Yi looked at the screen for a long time before he picked up his hand to type.

Chu Yi: Good night, laogong
Chu Yi: You must also sleep well without me by your side
Qin Yiheng: Okay
Qin Yiheng: Good night, my little husband

Chu Yi pursed his lips and looked at the messages Qin Yiheng sent.

He probably wanted to find some ways to improve his mood from these short texts. Chu Yi read them for a long time.

This treatment had a remarkable effect. Chu Yi felt much more at ease when he came out of the bathroom.

In fact, this matter was quite simple. Chen Jianshi doesn’t have much capability, and he’s also far away in City B. What can he do to Chu Yi?

It’s Chen Jianshi who got himself into trouble. What does it have to do with Chu Yi?

With this idea in mind, Chu Yi quickly fell asleep after looking at the pictures of Qin Yiheng a few more times before going to bed.

It was a night without dreams, and he was awakened by the alarm clock the next day.

His phone was muted. Only after he picked it up did he find that there were many unfamiliar calls and text messages from City B over the night.

Chu Yi didn’t look at it seriously. He just glanced at it in a hurry, then deleted them, and then blocked all those phone numbers.

After washing up in the bathroom, Chu Yi found that Qin Yiheng sent him a message.

The cold-blooded and ruthless Qin Yiheng actually took the initiative to send him a WeChat message so early in the morning, saying “good morning, little husband”.

Just four short words, yet Chu Yi laughed out loud when he saw it.

Because of his someone, the air in the morning was much fresher. In this house of several hundred square meters, each square exuded fascinating fragrance and sweetness.

Chu Yi also sent Qin Yiheng: Laogong, good morning

As soon as this message was sent over, Chu Yi’s phone rang. It was a call from Xiao-Chen.

Chu Yi picked it up.

“Mr. Chu, I’m already at the door of your house.”

Chu Yi said, “Ah, why are you here so early?”

Xiao-Chen, “President Qin said you need a car in the morning and asked me to come early.”

Chu Yi thought for a moment and asked, “Did you eat breakfast?”

Xiao-Chen, “Not yet.”

Chu Yi, “That’s great, then come in. I’m going to cook porridge. I’ll cook extra and let’s eat together.”

Xiao-Chen suddenly became frightened, “N-n-no need Mr. Chu, I bought soybean milk and steamed meat buns, and I’m already eating them. Thank you.”

Chu Yi chuckled, “Alright then.”

Thinking that Xiao-Chen was waiting at the door, Chu Yi didn’t linger much. After changing his clothes, he went downstairs to cook porridge, combining it with some vegetables and eggs, he ate a simple meal and went out.

If it weren’t for Xiao-Chen’s call, Chu Yi would’ve almost forgotten that he had a personal driver.

The weather is warmer today, it wasn’t so cold.

The work in the morning was fairly easy. He went to the client’s studio and took a look, then talked with the client for a bit. After understanding the client’s needs, Chu Yi pretty much had a direction to work towards.

The client had to go on a business trip in the afternoon so Chu Yi didn’t stay in his studio for too long. After saying they would contact each other on WeChat again, they separated.

At noon, Chu Yi got into Xiao-Chen’s car again. He put his coat aside and said to Xiao-Chen in the front seat, “It’s noon, want to eat together?”

Xiao-Chen said politely, “That’s okay, Mr. Chu.”

Chu Yi laughed, “It’s all along the way, yet you’re still rejecting me.”

Xiao-Chen shook his head, “I’m not rejecting you, Mr. Chu, I just, I…”

Chu Yi smiled, “Are you scared that Qin Yiheng will scold you?”

Xiao Chen was noncommittal, “Ahaha.”

Chu Yi said, “Ah, he won’t let me eat with you guys?”

Xiao-Chen, “Well, it isn’t that.”

Chu Yi continued to ask, “Then what?”

Xiao-Chen thought for a while, took another breath of cold air, and then said leisurely, “Assistant Xu said that President Qin cares about Mr. Chu very much, that is, er, maybe he doesn’t like it when Mr. Chu has close contact with others.”

Chu Yi said, “Ah, you mean Qin Yiheng likes to eat vinegar.”

Xiao-Chen was frightened, “I didn’t say that.”

Chu Yi smiled, “Okay, I got it.”

Chu Yi finally got sugar from Xiao-Chen.

It really wasn’t easy.

The days without Qin Yiheng still pass as normal, he was only not used to it at night.

Chu Yi would always probe forward in his sleep…

“Because I didn’t probe out anyone there, I’ll end up waking up.” Chu Yi said to the phone. “I would always think you were sleeping next to me.”

Qin Yiheng laughed.

Three nights have passed since Chu Yi came back. These days, Chu Yi almost calls Qin Yiheng as soon as he gets home every day.

Qin Yiheng was sometimes free and sometimes not, but even if he wasn’t free, he would still chat with Chu Yi for at least a minute.

Tonight should be the night when Qin Yiheng has the most free time. Since Chu Yi took a bath, they have been talking for more than half an hour.

Chu Yi met a high demanding client today and spent almost a whole day on this client.

So on the phone, Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng talked a lot. After talking about this client, they talked about his design, after talking about his design, they talked about Zhao Xin, after talking about Zhao Xin, they talked about those few days in City Q, and finally brought the topic to Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng asked Chu Yi, “Do you miss me?”

Chu Yi was originally lying flat on his back on the bed, because of what Qin Yiheng said, he suddenly turned over and lay on his stomach.

He rested his chin on the back of his hand and wanted to express his thoughts, but he was too embarrassed to make it clear, so he only mumbled from his nose, “Mn.”

Qin Yiheng said with laughter, “What? I didn’t hear you clearly.”

Chu Yi buried his head in the pillow and muffled, “I miss you,” After he said this, he lifted his head, “When will you come back?”

Qin Yiheng’s voice was incredibly gentle, “I sent you a picture, take a look.”

Chu Yi immediately opened WeChat.

Qin Yiheng sent him a picture, which is a screenshot of his flight.

Chu Yi immediately looked at the time.

“Tomorrow, you’ll be back tomorrow?” Chu Yi’s voice was filled with excitement.

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.”

Chu Yi was so happy that he spread out his hand and grabbed the quilt with force.

Qin Yiheng, “Miss me for one more night and you don’t need to miss me tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll personally come back and hug you to sleep.”

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