Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 71

TL: snaggletooth

Today is also a day in which he was sweetened up by Mr. Qin.

Chu Yi almost giggled out loud with the pillow in his arms.

Qin Yiheng hasn’t hung up the phone yet. Chu Yi tapped on the picture again and took a careful look at the time on it.

He asked, “You’re arriving at the airport at five tomorrow afternoon? Can I pick you up?”

Qin Yiheng, “No need, there are others besides me and Xu Jing. When we get off the plane, we’re going to have a meal. After the meal, we have to go back to the company for a meeting. I’m only heading home after the meeting.”

Chu Yi, “Alright.” Chu Yi thought, “Then let’s not get Xiao-Chen to come to me tomorrow, he only takes me to and from work these days anyway. Let him pick you up at the airport tomorrow. It’s more convenient for you to get here and there. I’ll drive to the studio myself tomorrow.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Chu Yi couldn’t help giggling again.

He said it wouldn’t take more than five days, but it actually only took three days for him to come back. To Chu Yi, this already counts as a small surprise.

Thinking that he will be seeing Qin Yiheng tomorrow night, Chu Yi was overjoyed.

As a result, he got insomnia today, which was rare.

Probably because before going to bed, he had many thoughts in his mind.

A lot of it was about him and Qin Yiheng.

These last few nights, he had nothing to do before going to bed, and there was no one around to accompany him, so he could only let his mind wander.

Although they have only been married for almost two months, many things have happened between them.

From the scene of seeing Qin Yiheng at the door of the studio, Chu Yi recalled the things between them little by little until now.

His attitude is changing and his feelings are also changing.

Similarly, he also clearly felt the changes from Qin Yiheng.

If it weren’t nearly two o’clock in the morning, Chu Yi would’ve wanted to call Zhang Kai.

Right now, all the cells on his body are excited and cheering. He wanted to confess to Qin Yiheng, he wanted to tell Qin Yiheng that his heart had been moved for a long time.

And then, what about you?

Qin Yiheng should also like him, right?

Qin Yiheng likes him, right?

Qin Yiheng likes him.

Qin Yiheng likes him!

Chu Yi flipped over and advised himself to calm down.

What he needs to do right now is go to bed first.

But after persuading himself, the scene in his mind returned to Qin Yiheng.

And, even, actually, began to play some unspeakable things.

Chu Yi, who finally went to work during normal hours for several days, was late the next day because he woke up late.

In addition, it rained today, the temperature dropped, and Chu Yi dawdled. When he arrived at the studio, the time on his watch had already passed eleven o’clock.

When he opened the door, he heard Rongrong laugh.

Rongrong joked, “Boss is still the same boss from before. The first thing you do when you arrive at the studio…”

Xiao-Zhan continued Rongrong’s words, “Is ask what to eat for lunch.”

Chu Yi laughed and asked cooperatively, “What to eat for lunch?”

Despite this, it was actually still quite early for lunch.

It was probably because he just happened to come in during Rongrong’s break time. Rongrong’s chair slid over and blocked Chu Yi. The A4 paper in her hand was rolled into a cylinder. The microphone was handed to Chu Yi, she interviewed? “Let me ask our Designer Chu, what made you come to work during the normal hours the last two days and return to usual today?”

Chu Yi didn’t even think, “It’s love.”

Rongrong laughed, “Then may I ask what kind of love is that?”

Chu Yi lowered his head and looked at Rongrong, “You’re the one who asked.”

Rongrong was on guard, “I’m not asking anymore.”

Seeing that Rongrong was about to take back the fake microphone, Chu Yi immediately grabbed it and said quickly, “With the normal routine, I can get up with my husband.”

Rongrong, “Ahhhhhhhhhh, boss! I’m not listening! I feel so sour!”

Xiao-Zhan cried on the other side, “What are you sour about? You have a boyfriend, I’m the one who’s sour.” Xiao-Zhan copied Rongrong’s tone, “Ahhhhhh, I feel so sour.”

Chu Yi was amused by them.

Rongrong sighed heavily, “Boss has changed. When boss was single, he wasn’t like this.”

Chu Yi said, “Your boss will always be like this in the future.”

Since Qin Yiheng was mentioned, Chu Yi simply pulled a chair and sat beside Rongrong.

Rongrong was startled, “What? Are you going to punish me?”

Chu Yi laughed, “No more jokes, I’m being serious now, I have something to ask of you.”

Rongrong, “What is it?”

Chu Yi, “He’s coming back from a business trip today, I’m planning on buying him a bouquet of flowers.”

Rongrong dragged out a long ‘ah’ and crazily raised her eyebrows up and down at Chu Yi.

Although jokes are jokes, Rongrong did wish happiness for Chu Yi from the bottom of her heart.

Since Chu Yi asked so seriously, Rongrong helped him think for a bit, “Are you just giving it casually? Or are there any special events?”

Chu Yi thought for a moment, “Casual, I think. And then saying a couple of words, that’s it.”

Rongrong nodded and thought, “In this case, you don’t need a big bouquet. When will your husband come back?”

Chu Yi, “Arriving in City A at 5 pm, but I’m only giving the flowers when I get home in the evening.”

Rongrong nodded, “There’s still time. I’ll ask my mom, she has more experience.”

Chu Yi, “Okay.”

With that, Rongrong sent the message over, then said, “My mom won’t reply so fast. I’ll find you in your office when there’s news.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Okay.” In order to repay Rongrong, Chu Yi added, “Raise your price when you sell it to me.”

Rongrong laughed, “That’s unnecessary.”

Chu Yi returned to his office in a happy mood.

He began to calculate the time.

Today, he didn’t have many orders. If Qin Yiheng arrives at the airport at five o’clock, goes to dinner, and attends a meeting, it’ll have to take him until at least nine o’clock before he gets home. In that case, he will get off work at eight o’clock.

And hide the flowers in the living room first.

He’ll hide it in the corner of the shoe cabinet and wait for Qin Yiheng to come back in the evening. As soon as there’s movement at the door, he will immediately run over and hand over the flowers.

Of course, none of the above is the main point. The main point is how should he tell him?

“Welcome home, Qin Yiheng. I love you.”

Chu Yi thought about it and laughed loudly.

What kind of stupid dumb speech is this.

Something’s wrong with him.

Be a bit normal first. Say something like, “Qin Yiheng, you’re back”.

Qin Yiheng will reply to him, “Mn”.

And then he’ll step back and make way for Qin Yiheng.

After Qin Yiheng changed his shoes, he’ll immediately take out the bouquet and put it in front of Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng will definitely be confused.

Then he’ll take the opportunity to say…

Ah! How should he say it? What should he say?

It’s so hard.

“Knock knock.” Right at this moment, the door was suddenly knocked on twice, and then Rongrong pushed open the door and poked her head.

Chu Yi, “Come in.”

Rongrong had her phone with her, she said hey, then came in and closed the door.

Rongrong, “My mom sent me some pictures. Take a look, boss. Whatever you like, my mom will wrap it up for you right now and ask the girl working in the store to bring it over later.”

Chu Yi pulled out a chair for Rongrong to sit on, and then Rongrong opened the pictures on her phone, “My mom’s intentions are 9 flowers, it means ‘everlasting’[1]长长久久(changchangjiujiu) the ‘jiu’ is homonyms with the Chinese word for 9(九) , it has a good meaning. It also looks good when it’s wrapped up. It’s neither big nor small. Here are the accessories and wrapping paper, see which ones you like.”

Rongrong said as she flipped through the pictures. Chu Yi only glanced at it briefly. Although each looked different, they had no difference in Chu Yi’s eyes.

“This one then.” Chu Yi picked an eye-catching one.

Rongrong nodded, “Sure.”

Rongrong sent it to her mother, then stood up and wanted to leave, but she was stopped by Chu Yi.

Chu Yi dragged her back into the chair.

Rongrong, “What’s wrong? Anything else?”

Chu Yi licked his lips, “Who confessed first between you and your boyfriend?”

Rongrong looked puzzled, but still answered, “My boyfriend.”

Chu Yi said, “Ah, what did he say?”

Rongrong laughed, “Boss, why are you asking this?”

Chu Yi, “I’m curious.”

Rongrong, “I don’t believe it. Why would you be curious about this kind of thing?”

Chu Yi nodded heavily, “I really am curious.”

Rongrong still looked at Chu Yi in disbelief, then said slowly, “One time after watching a movie, he walked me to my house and then told me.”

Chu Yi will be curious to the end, “How did he say it?”

Rongrong, “He said he likes me and asked me if I want to be with him.”

Chu Yi said, “Ah, okay.”

Rongrong was confused, “Why?”

Chu Yi shook his head, “Nothing, you can go work now.”

Rongrong snorted, “At your beck and call.”

The situation is different and can’t be used for reference, Chu Yi could only think of his own solution.

So he thought of Zhang Kai.

Coincidentally, just when he picked up his phone, Zhang Kai called.

Chu Yi picked it up, and said with laughter, “Say, what a coincidence, I was just going to call you.”

Zhang Kai sighed and asked, “You were looking for me too?”

“Yes,” Chu Yi drew back first, “You speak first.”

Zhang Kai, “It’s like this, my friend in the hospital told me that your father isn’t accompanying them in the hospital today.”

Chu Yi frowned, “What? Did that family let him go?”

Zhang Kai, “My friend said no, he said that the attitude of that family didn’t seem to be letting him go, so I called you to be careful.”

Chu Yi, “Okay.”

After a few seconds of silence on both sides, Zhang Kai asked, “Has he been looking for you lately?”

“No.” Chu Yi thought for a moment, then said, “I don’t know if he has. I blocked all the numbers he used to contact me.”

“Nicely done!” Zhang Kai said, “Did you tell your husband about it?”

Chu Yi, “Not yet. He’s on business, he can’t do anything about it. I’ll wait until tomorrow when he’s back to tell him.”

Zhang Kai sighed, “This is really annoying.”

Chu Yi laughed, “Thanks for your trouble.”

Zhang Kai also laughed, “I didn’t really do anything.” Zhang Kai asked, “What about you? Why did you look for me?”

Chu Yi paused briefly.

It’s quite awkward for the extremely unhappy things and the extremely happy things in life to be suddenly mixed together like this.

Between saying it or not, Chu Yi lingered for a few seconds and still decided to tell Zhang Kai.

He told Qin Yiheng that he didn’t want to mention Chen Jianshi before because he didn’t want to take that past as his.

Since this was the case, he felt that he didn’t need to worry too much about Chen Jianshi and disturb his original life.

Chu Yi, “Since Qin Yiheng’s coming back tonight, I bought a bouquet of flowers.”

Before Chu Yi finished, Zhang Kai immediately exclaimed, “Wow, Chu Xiao-Yi is going to confess to his husband.”

Chu Yi laughed, “Yeah.”

Zhang Kai asked, “And? You wanted to ask me how to say it?”

Chu Yi, “Yeah.”

Zhang Kai was extremely amused, “In fact, planning out this kind of thing can’t keep up with the changes during the moment. Let me tell you, when the mood comes around at night, you will naturally know how to do everything. I can give you suggestions and plans now, but when the time comes, they definitely will not match completely. It might even disrupt what you could’ve naturally done because you keep thinking about my suggestions instead.”

Chu Yi said, “Ah, is that right.”

Zhang Kai, “Yeah, isn’t it just I like you? You have all night. You can say it whenever you like, it’ll all be okay. Just from your shyness alone, Qin Yiheng can already adore you to death.”

Chu Yi laughed, “The heck you saying?”

After Zhang Kai said this, Chu Yi suddenly felt stupid.

Chu Yi, “Okay, let’s stop talking, I need to work.”

Zhang Kai said, “Aiyo, good luck, Chu Xiao-Yi.”

Chu Yi smiled, “Thanks, thank you for everything.”

Zhang Kai, “No big deal.”

After hanging up, Chu Yi stopped being lazy and began to work seriously.

Before long, Rongrong’s flowers came in. It arrived together with Rongrong’s ambiguous eyes.

The flowers were placed in a nice spot in the office. Within a moment, the small office was full of the faint flowery fragrance.

Chu Yi’s mood suddenly improved again, and he began to look forward to the evening.

Because of work, it wasn’t very hard to pass time.

At 5:23, he received the message that Qin Yiheng had arrived in City A.

After another hour or so, Rongrong and Xiao-Zhan finished their work and said their goodbyes to Chu Yi. Chu Yi calculated the hours and stayed for a while longer, then it was pretty much time.

The rain outside did not stop. Chu Yi took an umbrella from the cabinet and slowly locked the door with flowers in his arms.

The rain was heavier than it was in the morning. In order to not let his flowers get wet, Chu Yi lifted his coat and hid half of the bouquet inside.

He chose the road with less rain, Chu Yi walked slowly to the lane where his car was parked.

The pitter-patter around him came from the rain hitting the eaves of the umbrella. He looked up at the road in front of him and then cast his eyes on his feet.


There was a sudden call not far ahead, and Chu Yi raised his head when he heard it.

Seeing who it was, he stopped his steps at once.

“Fuck, you still dare to hide from me? Ah?”

Chu Yi immediately frowned. He looked at Chen Jianshi, who had been drenched with no umbrella, and stepped back, “What do you want?”

“What do you want?”

Chen Jianshi walked toward Chu Yi. As he walked, he saw something in Chu Yi’s hand, “Yo, flowers.”

Chu Yi stuffed the flowers inside his coat a little deeper, “If you come any closer, I’ll call the police.”

Chen Jianshi roared, “You think laozi is scared of you?!”

After Chen Jianshi finished talking, he suddenly strode forward. Seeing that he was about to snatch the flowers from Chu Yi’s hands, Chu Yi quickly turned his hand away.

Chen Jianshi, who couldn’t snatch the flowers from him, cursed angrily, “Fuck, you have money to date but don’t have money for laozi!”

Chen Jianshi swung his fist towards Chu Yi. Chu Yi took half a step back and kicked Chen Jianshi hard in the chest before his fist followed.

There was a puddle in the alley, it was full of water at the moment. Chen Jianshi, who got kicked by Chu Yi, took a few steps back. He couldn’t stabilize his body and fell into the puddle.

Rainwater splashed everywhere. Chen Jianshi shouted at Chu Yi looking very ferocious.



1 长长久久(changchangjiujiu) the ‘jiu’ is homonyms with the Chinese word for 9(九)
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