Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 72

TL: snaggletooth

Chu Yi did in fact feel scared.

On the way back, Chu Yi’s hands were shaking and his lips turned purple from the cold.

Following the route in his mind, he drove home smoothly.

It just approached eight o’clock. Chu Yi turned off the engine and sat in the car for a while before getting off.

It rained heavier and heavier. His hair was soaked and stuck to his face.

When he came out of the garage, he first looked at the sky, then looked at his wet coat before he started walking slowly.

His fingers were stiff, he entered the password for a long time before he finally opened the door.

The lights were on in the house, Chu Yi stood at the door and looked in. He saw the man on the sofa standing up, then dryly let out a voice from his throat, “You’re back.”

Qin Yiheng quickly walked over. Chu Yi hurriedly changed his soaking shoes, coughed, and said, “I thought you would come home very late tonight, didn’t you need to have a meeting?”

Qin Yiheng didn’t answer his question, but asked, “How did you get so wet? Didn’t you bring an umbrella?”

Chu Yi hung his head low and whispered, “I brought it.”

He lowered his head and saw Qin Yiheng take another step toward him.

“What’s the matter with you? Raise your head.”

Chu Yi put his hand on the shoe cabinet and slowly raised his head.

The moment he looked into Qin Yiheng’s eyes, Chu Yi finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. Triggered by sudden emotions, the corner of his mouth curved down and he choked out, “Qin Yiheng, my flowers are gone.”

Qin Yiheng felt tense in his heart. He touched Chu Yi’s coat, and as expected, it was all wet.

He took off Chu Yi’s coat, took off his own coat, and wrapped it around Chu Yi. Then he picked Chu Yi up.

Chu Yi looked extremely aggrieved. His eyebrows were frowning tightly and his eyes were red. He was biting his lower lip and puffing his mouth as if to keep himself from crying.

Qin Yiheng carefully put Chu Yi on the sofa and held his hands in his own hands.

“Cold?” Qin Yiheng asked.

Chu Yi nodded to Qin Yiheng and made a voice from his nose, “Mn.”

Qin Yiheng blew a breath on Chu Yi’s hands, then stroked his face, “Sit here and wait for me for a bit.”

Qin Yiheng pulled together the coat on Chu Yi’s body and turned to leave.

The warmth on his body that belonged to Qin Yiheng gradually radiated, and Chu Yi’s body did not tremble as much as before.

Before long, Qin Yiheng came over with a towel and a glass of hot water.

“Have a drink first.”

Chu Yi took the glass, and after he took a sip of the water, Qin Yiheng pressed the towel on his head.

Chu Yi used both hands to hold the cup, stealing warmth from the hot water.

Qin Yiheng wiped his hair very gently. It seemed as if he even used a slight force more, it would hurt him.

After Chu Yi finished the water, Qin Yiheng took away the towel and put it on the table together with the cup.

Qin Yiheng touched Chu Yi’s hair and squatted down in front of him.

“Tell me, what happened?” Qin Yiheng held both of Chu Yi’s hands.

Chu Yi wasn’t so cold and aggrieved anymore. He took a long breath and slowly let it out, “I just bumped into Chen Jianshi.”

Qin Yiheng frowned immediately.

Chu Yi thought about it and changed his words, “I didn’t bump into him. He came to find me.”

Qin Yiheng, “He wants money?”

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn.” Chu Yi summed up, “He crashed into a man on his motorcycle in City B and needed to pay them back. He asked me for it, but I didn’t give it, so he came.”

Chu Yi talked, then sighed. Just at this moment, Qin Yiheng seemed to notice something.

He stretched out his hand and lifted Chu Yi’s hair.

Sure enough, there was a shallow scar under Chu Yi’s ear, and the blood had already dried up.

Qin Yiheng frowned even more tightly. He asked Chu Yi, “What happened here?”

Chu Yi followed Qin Yiheng’s hand and touched it. He didn’t seem to know there was an injury there, “What?”

Qin Yiheng, “There’s a cut.”

Chu Yi thought for a bit, “Probably from the flower branches.”

Qin Yiheng, “Flower branches?”

Chu Yi’s aggrieved expression appeared again, “Qin Yiheng, I bought you flowers. They got damaged by Chen Jianshi.”

Qin Yiheng took a while to digest this, “What?”

Chu Yi simply told Qin Yiheng what had happened.

When he pushed Chen Jianshi to the ground, Chen Jianshi shouted at him and immediately stood up. Chu Yi was at a disadvantage with an umbrella in his hand. Chen Jianshi rushed at him like a mad dog, threw away his umbrella, and snatched his flowers.

“You fought?” Qin Yiheng grasped the main point.

Chu Yi nodded and shook his head, “It doesn’t count as a fight. He got a kick from me and we pushed around a few times.”

Qin Yiheng tightened his hand, “Did he hurt you?”

Chu Yi shook his head, “No, in the end, I pushed him away and then quickly drove away in my car.”

Qin Yiheng stared at Chu Yi’s eyes for a few seconds and then cast his eyes on the wound under Chu Yi’s ear.

“I got it.” Qin Yiheng said in a deep voice. He patted Chu Yi on the shoulder. “Go up and take a bath. Don’t catch a cold.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn.”

Qin Yiheng insisted on carrying Chu Yi upstairs. Since Qin Yiheng looked like he was in a bad mood, Chu Yi didn’t dare to say anything more.

He was very tired, and also very needing of Qin Yiheng’s embrace.

Even just earlier, Chen Jianshi’s ferocious face and unpleasant curses still appear in his mind from time to time.

When he entered the bathroom, Qin Yiheng immediately picked up his phone and called Xu Jing.

Qin Yiheng looked at the night outside the window, there was a trace of regret in his heart.

A few days ago, when Chu Yi told him about Chen Jianshi, he should have started the investigation immediately. He shouldn’t have the idea of waiting until he returns to City A to deal with it.

Thinking of Chu Yi fighting with a man in the alley alone in such heavy rain, Qin Yiheng felt his heart ache.

Chu Yi must’ve been very scared. It was the person who beat him and hurt him when he was a child.

“President Qin.” Xu Jing answered the phone.

Qin Yiheng, “Investigate about Chu Yi’s father, Chen Jianshi, and give it to me as soon as possible.”

Xu Jing, “Yes.”

Qin Yiheng, “Find some bodyguards for Chu Yi’s mother’s community, the more the better. His aunt and grandmother are also in that community.”

Xu Jing, “Yes.”

Qin Yiheng, “Chen Jianshi should be near Chu Yi’s studio right now. Find someone to keep an eye on him.”

Xu Jing, “Yes.”

Qin Yiheng, “Make an appointment with my lawyer and ask him to come to the company tomorrow morning.”

Xu Jing, “Yes.”

Before long, there was a movement from the bathroom. Qin Yiheng recovered himself, put away the phone he had held for a long time, and went towards the bathroom.

Chu Yi stood at the door and didn’t move. When Qin Yiheng came over, he opened his arms and hung it on Qin Yiheng’s shoulder.

With that, Qin Yiheng conveniently picked up Chu Yi.

Chu Yi, “Qin Yiheng, I’m a little tired.”

Qin Yiheng walked towards the bed with Chu Yi in his arms, “Sleep if you’re tired.”

Chu Yi replied lazily, “Mn.”

Qin Yiheng put Chu Yi on the bed and covered him with a quilt. When he got up a little, Chu Yi grabbed his hand.

Chu Yi, “Where are you going?”

Qin Yiheng, “To shower.”

Chu Yi, “Lie down with me for a bit first.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

Soon, Qin Yiheng took off his coat and trousers and also lay in.

Chu Yi directly rolled into Qin Yiheng’s arms.

The Chu Yi tonight was a little frail.

Probably because Qin Yiheng was overly gentle, Chu Yi couldn’t resist at all. Plus the stuff that just happened, Chu Yi couldn’t exert any strength.

“Qin Yiheng.” After lying down for a while, Chu Yi called.

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.”

Chu Yi, “Let me tell you the story of my childhood.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

Chu Yi, “I never told anyone before, not a soul.”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.”

Chu Yi lowered his head and said slowly.

“When I was a child, my parents often quarreled. When they quarreled, they would fight. My mother would always be at a disadvantage.”

“My father always scolded my mother, calling her useless. Sometimes he also scolded me along with her, saying that both mother and son are useless.”

“When I was in primary school, my grades were very poor. My father was unhappy and often said things like raising me for nothing.”

It was probably too long ago. Chu Yi would say whatever he thought of. It was intermittent and couldn’t be connected.

Every time he said something, Qin Yiheng would answer him “mn”, and then rub his head.

“I had very low self-esteem at that time. I wasn’t outstanding. My dad also took me with him for work during social events, he taught me how to act according to other people’s attitudes and how to please them.”

“Later, when I got older, I heard that my dad had a woman outside. When I asked him, he said he didn’t.”

“In junior high school, my father became more fierce.”

“I haven’t been exposed to other people’s families at that time. Because my family was always like this, I thought everyone’s family was also like this, that everyone’s father would beat their mother.”

“Later, I found out that it wasn’t. I have many classmates. Their families were very cozy, their parents were very loving, they don’t fight, and their fathers never beat their mothers.”

“I even got traumatized. Whenever I hear quarrels from the ground floor of our building, I become very afraid. I would think it came from my family and my father is swearing again.”

“My mother is a very traditional woman. Her concept of home is very important, and divorce is even more impossible. So when I advised her to divorce, I was scolded by her.”

“She cried after she scolded me. I cried too. I reasoned with her. I begged her not to hurt herself like this anymore.”

“Later, because of me, my mom finally agreed to divorce my father. That night when we moved to City A, she couldn’t sleep at all. She hugged me and apologized to me, she said to me, Xiao-Yi, what should we do in the future?”

Chu Yi trembled after saying these words, as if he would cry if he said anymore.

Qin Yiheng knew that he felt very uncomfortable. He held Chu Yi even tighter and kissed his forehead, “Don’t say anymore, didn’t you say you were sleepy?”

Chu Yi closed his eyes and buried himself in Qin Yiheng’s chest for a long time before he finally let out, “Mn, sleepy.”

Qin Yiheng patted him on the back, “Sleep if you’re sleepy.”

Chu Yi, “Mn.”

In less than a minute, Chu Yi suddenly moved again, “Qin Yiheng, don’t pity me.”

Qin Yiheng, “I won’t.”

Chu Yi’s voice was stuffy, “Then I’ll go to sleep. You can go shower first.”

Qin Yiheng, “Okay.”

Feeling heavy-headed, Chu Yi really fell asleep this time.

With Qin Yiheng around him, he felt very safe and assured. As if everything outside had nothing to do with him.

As if nothing happened just now.

Not long after Chu Yi fell asleep, Qin Yiheng’s phone suddenly rang.

Probably because he was disturbed by the sound, Chu Yi’s body trembled.

Qin Yiheng quickly turned off the sound of his phone and patted Chu Yi on the back twice, letting Chu Yi to continue sleeping soundly.

Xu Jing’s call wasn’t answered in the end, so it hung up automatically.

Qin Yiheng held Chu Yi for a few more minutes before slowly putting him on the bed. When he separated a little, he found that Chu Yi’s hand had been holding on to the corner of his clothes.

Qin Yiheng didn’t pull away immediately, but looked at Chu Yi’s hand for a long time before grabbing it.

Chu Yi’s grip wasn’t strong. With a slight pull, his clothes separated from him.

Qin Yiheng dropped a kiss on the back of his hand and put his hand into the quilt.

After closing the bedroom door, Qin Yiheng dialed back.

“President Qin.” It was picked up very quickly, and reported, “Chen Jianshi splashed paint on the door of Mr. Chu’s studio just now and was stopped by our people. What should we do now?”

Qin Yiheng asked, “Is he still there?”

Xu Jing, “Yes.”

Qin Yiheng, “I’ll head over right now.”

Xu Jing, “Okay, Xiao-Chen and I will go pick you up.”

Qin Yiheng hung up the phone and returned to the bedroom. He first looked at the person sleeping soundly on the bed, pulled the quilt up for him, then went to the wardrobe, opened the wardrobe, and took out a set of clothes that Chu Yi usually wears.

Windbreaker and casual pants. Chu Yi usually likes to wear loose clothes and pants. On Qin Yiheng, they didn’t look that awkward.

When he came down, Xiao-Chen and Xu Jing had already arrived.

Instead of leaving in a hurry, he found a small vase that was not very valuable in the small warehouse.

Copying Chu Yi, he put on the hood of his windbreaker, took the vase to the pool outside, and smashed it with a bang.

Because of the way he dressed, Xiao-Chen and Xu Jing took a few extra glances at him after he got in the car.

Then Xu Jing put his eyes on Qin Yiheng’s hand.

Xu Jing paused for a bit, “President Qin, this is?”

Qin Yiheng, “Don’t worry, I won’t mess around.”

Xu Jing nodded and then turned back and met Xiao-Chen’s line of sight.

It rained even harder outside. Before long, Xiao-Chen drove to the studio.

The car was parked just right, the headlight just happened to shine on Chen Jianshi’s hopeless mess of a face.

Xu Jing held up an umbrella and opened the door for Qin Yiheng. Qin Yiheng got out of the car and gestured to Xu Jing with his hands.

Xu Jing looked at the Qin Yiheng who was still wearing a hood, nodded, then stepped back and put away his umbrella.

The alley was dirty, the ground was covered with red paint, and the air was filled with the strong smell of paint.

Qin Yiheng frowned in disgust, and then walked slowly toward Chen Jianshi step by step.

Chen Jianshi moved, but was immediately pressed down by the people left and right of him.

“Wh-who, who are you? What do you want?” Chen Jianshi’s voice trembled and raised his head to look at Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng looked down at the person kneeling on the ground and squatted down slowly in front of Chen Jianshi.

“Chen Jianshi.” Qin Yiheng called his name in a deep voice and looked at him expressionlessly.

Then he raised his hand, placed the fragment of the vase in his hand on Chen Jianshi’s chin, and picked it with force.

Chen Jianshi was forced to raise his head and his body trembled.

“W-w-wh-who, who are you!”

Qin Yiheng stared into Chen Jianshi’s eyes and said word by word, “I am Chu Yi.”

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