Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 76

TL: snaggletooth

That night, Chu Yi had a long and beautiful dream, which was full of Qin Yiheng.

When he woke up, he found that the dream was reality.

Since Chu Yi got a day off yesterday, Xiao-Zhan and Rongrong shared some of his work. So today, Chu Yi had no excuse to be lazy. After getting up with Qin Yiheng in the morning, he took Xiao-Chen’s car to the studio.

When they arrived at the studio, Xiao-Zhan and Rongrong were concerned about his fever. After they chatted for a bit, they began to work.

As soon as his computer turned on, the door of the office was knocked on twice, and then the door was pushed in.

Chu Yi looked over there and was surprised to see the person coming in.

“Mom?” Chu Yi stood up and said, “Why are you here?”

Mother Chu, “I don’t want to bother you to pick me up later. I have nothing to do in the morning so I came to wait with you.”

Chu Yi laughed, “Have you had breakfast?”

Mother Chu, “I ate.”

Chu Yi asked his mother about the items in her hand, “What are these?”

“The meeting gift.” Mother Chu said, “It’s for Xiao-Qin’s parents.”

His mother, “Ah, now that you asked, you’ve reminded me. Is there an ATM nearby?”

Chu Yi nodded, “There is, you want to withdraw money?”

His mother smiled, “That’s right. You probably don’t know, I asked your grandmother a few days ago. In City A, you have to give a title-changing fee during the first official meeting.”

Chu Yi raised his eyebrows, “For Qin Yiheng?”

His mother, “That’s right, after I give it to him, he will have to call me mother instead of auntie.”

Chu Yi imagined the scene where Qin Yiheng called his mother “mother”.

He smiled, “Then, do I get one too?”

His mother nodded, “Yeah, you get to have two, from both his mother and father.” Mother said and laughed, “You’re going to be calling someone else ‘mother’.”

Chu Yi patted his mother on the shoulder, “We’re all family.”

So like this, when his mother went to withdraw the money, Chu Yi quickly called Qin Yiheng.

It was quickly picked up.

“Qin Yiheng.” said Chu Yi in a good mood, “I just learned something.”

Qin Yiheng, “What?”

Chu Yi, “My mom came to me, she said she’s going to give you a big red envelope at noon today. Guess what it’s for?”

Chu Yi thought Qin Yiheng would guess that it’s a meeting gift or something like that. Unexpectedly, the first answer Qin Yiheng guessed was, “Title-changing fee.”

Chu Yi was surprised, “How did you know?”

Qin Yiheng said, “My mother just called me.”

Then, Qin Yiheng said what Chu Yi wanted to say, “You’re going to call my parents mom and dad with me.”

After hearing this, Chu Yi suddenly sighed, “Ah, considering this, when someone asked me to call him laogong, he didn’t give me a title-changing fee, what a loss.”

That someone was laughing on the other side, “I’ll repay you.”

Having gotten what he wanted, Chu Yi advanced further, “And Qin-laoshi, it also counts.”

Qin Yiheng, “I’ll repay you.”

Chu Yi did not stop there and began to let his mouth run wild, “I also changed your WeChat nickname.”

Qin Yiheng laughed even more happily, “Then, don’t you have to give me a title-changing fee too?”

Chu Yi, “Mn?”

Qin Yiheng, “I gave you a lot more nicknames.”

Chu Yi, “…Uh.”


Little cake.

Little husband.

Chu Yi hurriedly said, “I also called you a big fool.”

Qin Yiheng suddenly reacted quickly, “You are a little fool.”

Chu Yi, “You’re a big meanie.” After Chu Yi said this, he laughed, “Qin Yiheng, you’re so childish.”

Qin Yiheng, “You started it first.”


Both of their minds are having fevers.

Chu Yi, “Okay, my mom is going to come back soon, I’m not gonna say goodbye to you.”

Chu Yi hung up the phone, then lay on the table and laughed.

Why does Qin Yiheng have to be so cooperative with him?

Is he dumb?

Before long, his mother came back. She not only withdrew the money, but also bought a big red envelope.

Chu Yi leaned over and took a look, “How much?”

Mother Chu spread out the money casually.

Chu Yi was surprised, “So much.”

His mother smiled and put the money into the red envelope, “How is this so much? Adding someone to the family, for such a happy thing, this doesn’t count as a lot.”

His mother put the red envelope into the bag and asked Chu Yi, “How are Xiao-Qin’s parents? Are they good at talking? I don’t think Xiao-Qin likes talking.”

Chu Yi shook his head, “I haven’t seen his father yet, but his mother is very good at talking and very talkative.”

His mother nodded, “That’s good. If it becomes awkward, you talk a bit more.”

Chu Yi, “No problem.”

Chu Yi let his mother sit down on the sofa and made her a cup of tea.

When Chu Yi was doing this, his mother had been watching him the entire time. When he put the kettle back in place, his mother suddenly sighed, “In a blink of an eye, my son got married.”

Chu Yi laughed, “I don’t know who’s been urging me these recent years. Now that I’m married, you’re sighing.”

Chu Yi’s mother shook her head, “Your mom’s gotten old now and not by your side. You’re working out here all by yourself, mom just wants someone to accompany you.”

Chu Yi massaged his mother’s shoulder, “I know, I know.”

Mother picked up the tea and wanted to have a drink, but instead, she put it down.

His mother asked, “Xiao-Qin is such a quiet person. What do you usually communicate about?”

Chu Yi replied, “We communicate about everything.” He thought and added, “He likes chatting with me a lot.”

His mother smiled happily, “Is that so, then that’s good.”

His mother had nothing else, so she told Chu Yi to leave her alone.

Chu Yi gave his mother a tablet and went to do his work.

The morning passed quickly. Before long, Qin Yiheng called him. After another while, Qin Yiheng’s car drove over.

After getting in the car, Chu Yi asked Qin Yiheng, “Have your parents left yet?”

Qin Yiheng nodded, “They left.”

After the car departed, Chu Yi turned on his phone and showed him the chat history from this morning of his high school friends.

“Look.” Chu Yi scrolled up, “After I sent an address and time this morning, everyone went crazy.”

Qin Yiheng was confused, “Why? You guys haven’t seen each other for a long time?”

Chu Yi thought for a bit, “It’s not long, we met last time you said you didn’t have time and went to City W for a business trip.” Chu Yi pointed to Qin Yiheng:, “They mainly want to see you.”

Qin Yiheng was more confused, “Why?”

Chu Yi shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe we’ve laid the groundwork too long.” He took back his phone. “Or maybe they’re too bored and want to experience something new to activate their cells.”

Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng were chatting quietly, and the mother in front turned to look at them from time to time.

If they’re chatting, just chat properly. Why does her son keep pushing himself on the other instead?

Chu Yi’s mother retracted her gaze and grinned secretly.

Before long, the car arrived at the restaurant.

Before the car stopped, Chu Yi saw Mother Qin and a man standing at the door of the restaurant.

Chu Yi stabbed Qin Yiheng in the arm, “Your father?”

Qin Yiheng nodded, “Mn.”

Chu Yi quickly reported the news, he moved forward and patted his mother on the shoulder, “Mom, Qin Yiheng’s parents are standing at the door.”

Mom let out an “ah”, then immediately sat up straight.

Xiao-Chen’s car stopped in front of Father Qin and Mother Qin. After the car stopped steadily, Mother Qin hurried forward and opened the passenger seat’s door.

Mother Qin was very enthusiastic, “The child’s mother-in-law[1]the title used here is 亲家母 and there’s no equivalent in English so I just used the direct meaning, aiyo, we’ve finally met.”

Mother Chu quickly unfastened her seat belt. Before she even got out of the car, the two ladies already shook their hands.

Mother Chu, “Hello hello, I’ve heard Xiao-Yi say that his mother-in-law looks very young and beautiful. Seeing you today, it really is so. Your temperament is so good, If I didn’t know any better. I would’ve thought you were Xiao-Qin’s older sister.”

“Aiyo, oh please.” Mother Qin smiled like a flower. “I can’t compare with you. No one would doubt you even if you say you’re Xiao-Yi’s little sister.”

Chu Yi, “…”

Qin Yiheng, “…”

That’s a little exaggerated there, two mothers.

There was no need for Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng to introduce anything. The two mothers laughed and walked into the restaurant hand in hand.

But Father Qin fell behind.

Chu Yi stood over and smiled at Father Qin, “Hello, uncle.”

Father Qin made a sound of acknowledgment and shook hands with Chu Yi formally, “Chu Yi.”

Chu Yi nodded, “Yes.”

Father Qin smiled, “I’ve been busy, and Qin Yiheng was also busy. I’ve been telling his mother that I wanted to see you, but the timing couldn’t be matched.”

Chu Yi shook his head, “No, no, I should have come to visit you earlier.”

Father Qin patted Chu Yi on the shoulder, “Alright, we’re all family, don’t have to be so polite.”

With that, they went inside. Chu Yi Yu glanced at Qin Yiheng from the corner of his eyes.

“I hear you’re a designer?” Father Qin started chatting.

Chu Yi nodded, “Mn.”

Father Qin, “Not bad young man, I heard from his mother that you even have a studio.”

Chu Yi laughed, “Hehe, just a small shop.”

Father Qin patted Chu Yi on the shoulder, “That’s already pretty good.” Father Qin asked again, “Is it tiring?”

Chu Yi, “It’s so-so, it’s good to work hard at my age.”

Father Qin looked approving, “That’s a good thing. Young people need to be motivated, but you and Qin Yiheng are married.” Father Qin turned to look at his son, “Isn’t he always on business? Every two or three days.”

Chu Yi, “It’s not that bad.”

Father Qin turned to look at his son, “You just got married, you need to stay at home more and leave your work aside.”

Qin Yiheng, “I got it.”

Father Qin put his arms on Chu Yi’s shoulder and raised his chin in the direction of his son, “It’s hard to get along with him, right?”

Chu Yi laughed.

Of course, he must be on Qin Yiheng’s side, “Not really, it’s fairly easy to get along with him.”

Father Qin, “My son is too rigid and lacks a tendon, can you feel it?”

It’s so rare for anyone to make complaints about Qin Yiheng, and Chu Yi almost burst out laughing on the spot.

Of course, Chu Yi still said, “No, he’s fine.”

As they chatted, they arrived at the private room.

In such a short time, the two mothers over there have already become so familiar that the topic even switched to gossip that all middle-aged women like.

City A is so big and there’s a lot of news from the big families. Their target audience just happened to be the group of mothers.

Chu Yi felt that his mother’s worries from this morning were unnecessary.

He also began to wonder how such a couple raised a person like Qin Yiheng.

Thinking of this, Chu Yi turned and looked at Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng received his sight from the corner of his eye and also turned to look at him.

Chu Yi immediately smiled at Qin Yiheng and shook his head to show that it was nothing.

“Xiao-Yi,” Father Qin suddenly called him and asked, “I heard Qin Yiheng’s mother say that you guys got married after one meeting, and then got to know each other slowly. I wanted to ask Qin Yiheng about this situation before, but he didn’t have much time to elaborate. Since everyone is free today, tell us about it.”

After Father Qin’s voice fell, Mother Qin let out a confused voice, “What do you mean you got to know each other after the marriage? Xiao-Yi, didn’t you tell me that Xiao-Qin is your senior, and you got married after dating?”

Chu Yi, “…”

Chu Yi, “…Uh.”

Chu Yi turned his head and looked at Qin Yiheng for help.

Shit, they didn’t match their scripts.


1 the title used here is 亲家母 and there’s no equivalent in English so I just used the direct meaning
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