Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 77

TL: snaggletooth

Chu Yi is the kind of child who can’t lie.

When he first introduced Qin Yiheng to his mother, he only explained very vaguely and didn’t dare to say too much.

But he didn’t expect the very little bit he said to be exposed on the spot.

Chu Yi was so ashamed that his ears exploded in red. He leaned against Qin Yiheng and fiercely pinched Qin Yiheng’s clothes where others couldn’t see.

Qin Yiheng smiled.

“We indeed didn’t know each other for a long time before we got married.” Qin Yiheng grabbed Chu Yi’s hand and took a glance at Chu Yi. “I really am his senior from the same school, but we didn’t meet at school. We met later and fell in love at first sight.”

Chu Yi, “…”


Isn’t this worse than letting Chu Yi say it himself?

Originally, they could’ve just lied about a thing or two and then laugh a bit to bring this topic over.

In fact, parents don’t care much about this kind of thing. What parents care about is their children’s future.

Just great.

Fell in love at first sight.

Isn’t that way too embarrassing?

He even said it in front of both parents.

Sure enough, after Qin Yiheng’s voice fell, three different kinds of laughter appeared in the private room.

A laugh came from Chu Yi’s mother. Chu Yi could hear that his mother’s laugh carried awkwardness.

From childhood to adulthood, this mother and son pair have never talked about things regarding love. After this move from Qin Yiheng, of course she felt uncomfortable.

Chu Yi was also very uncomfortable, his face also turned red.

The calmer one was Father Qin. He had an expression that looked like he was praising them, and wasn’t too surprised.

What’s marvelous was Mother Qin, she looked at Qin Yiheng and Chu Yi with a pair of gossipy eyes.

This kind of gaze inevitably made Chu Yi think of that one morning several days ago.

As expected of the mother who ran into that scene. Things like falling in love at first sight aren’t much and quite normal for her.

“Sit down, sit down.” Father Qin asked everyone to sit down and called the waiter, “You can serve the food.”

After they started eating, the focus of the chat spread around a lot. The table was relatively large and nobody interfered with nobody. The two mothers sat on the opposite side, and their topic of conversation had already changed from gossip to clothes.

On this side, Father Qin talked with Qin Yiheng about Qin Yiheng’s company.

Chu Yi had nothing to do so he could only lower his head and silently deshell some shrimps and crabs for Qin Yiheng.

But he couldn’t avoid it after all. Before long, Father Qin’s topic turned to him, and began to talk with him about his studio.

The desheller became Qin Yiheng instead.

After eating for a while, probably because Mother Chu thought it was almost time. She wiped her hands, suddenly stood up, and brought out the red envelope she prepared in the morning out of her bag.

Chu Yi quickly stabbed Qin Yiheng twice and mouthed with his lips, “Title-changing fee.”

“Xiao-Qin.” Mother came over with a smile.

Qin Yiheng immediately put down his chopsticks and stood up. Chu Yi also stood up.

Qin Yiheng, “Auntie.”

Mother Chu smiled, “It’s not auntie anymore.”

She said this as she handed over the red envelope. At this time, Mother Qin also stood up and said with a smiling face, “Quick, change your title, say thank you, mom.”

Qin Yiheng took it very naturally and also said very naturally, “Thank you, mom.”

Mother Chu was very happy, “Yes, sit down now.”

With this move from Qin Yiheng, it nearly choked Chu Yi from having to hold it in.

Qin Yiheng was in fact calm, but Chu Yi, who was looking at them from the side, was so nervous.

He didn’t know what he was nervous about.

When he heard Qin Yiheng call “mom”, his heart almost jumped out.

“Xiao-Yi.” Mother Qin also stood up at this time.

Chu Yi, who had just sat down with Qin Yiheng, stood up again when he got called.

It’s his turn.

“Yes.” Chu Yi answered quickly, then pulled Qin Yiheng and said to Qin Yiheng with his eyes, I just stood with you just now, so you also have to stand up with me.

Qin Yiheng chuckled, then stood up as well.

Mother Qin came over and pulled Father Qin along with her.

Mother Qin, “This is a little token of mom’s heart.”

Father Qin followed, “This is a little token of dad’s heart.”

Mother Chu laughed on the side and said, “Quick, call mom and dad, and thank them.”

Chu Yi was very obedient, “Thank you, dad. Thank you, mom.”

Mother Qin and Father Qin both handed over the red envelopes. Mother Qin patted Xiao-Yi on the shoulder, “I liked Xiao-Yi since the first time I saw him.”

Like she suddenly triggered a memory, Mother Qin took hold of Mother Chu’s wrist, “That morning, I went to Qin Yiheng’s house to make him breakfast, and then I met Xiao-Yi in the supermarket. At that time, when I saw this young man, I was like, hey, he was full of energy and knows how to talk. I was thinking how great it would be if he could be our Qin Yiheng’s companion. Unexpectedly, when I asked more, Xiao-Yi told me he had a partner. I felt that it was such a pity back then.”

Mother Qin’s eyes disappeared from smiling, “Isn’t this such a coincidence? With a turn of a head, we met again, and it was at Qin Yiheng’s house.”

Mother Qin patted Mother Chu on the arm, “There’s no need to even mention how happy I was at that time. Qin Yiheng also told me that they were married.”

Mother Chu shook her head, “When I found out they got married, it scared me to death. And I found out from other people. If I didn’t ask, I don’t know when Xiao-Yi would tell me.”

Mother Chu glared at Chu Yi.

Chu Yi immediately let out a “hehe”.

It really wasn’t Chu Yi’s fault. This whole marriage thing, only Qin Yiheng was the calmest.

He didn’t even have a transition period and directly became someone else’s husband. How would he know how to deal with this?

In the beginning, he still had to deal with Qin Yiheng’s no this and no that.

“But it’s also quite interesting.” Mother Qin sent Mother Chu back to her seat and then also sat back down herself, “My son has had a quirky personality since he was a child and is also very stubborn. Before he got married, I was wondering who would like such a thing?”

Chu Yi coughed and almost laughed.

He glanced at Qin Yiheng.

Perhaps only Father Qin and Mother Qin dare to say such things.

“Later when I knew it was Xiao-Yi. You don’t know how happy I was, you don’t know how many times I praised him to his old man at home.”

Father Qin nodded, “That’s indeed a fact.”

So like this, Mother Qin began to praise Chu Yi like it was raining flowers.

But this time Chu Yi didn’t have a chance to be modest, because his mother was there, his mother was even more modest than him.

No, no, Xiao-Yi is not as exaggerated as you say.

No, no.

He’s just so-so. Xiao-Yo is indeed really nice and polite to his elders, hahaha.

Xiao-Qin is also a good child.


The meal lasted nearly two hours.

For the majority of the time, Chu Yi and Qin Yiheng were listening to the three parents chat.

They not only chit-chatted about all this and that, but also decided where to go for New Year this year.

Mother Qin graciously invited everyone to her house for the new year and talked about all the travel plans after the new year.

She even conveniently discussed the month of the wedding with Qin Yiheng.

When separating, everyone was in high spirits.

After exchanging first meeting gifts, everyone dispersed.

It was like when they arrived. Mother Chu, Chu Yi, and Qin Yiheng left in the same car.

After getting in the car, Chu Yi smiled and patted his mother on the shoulder, “And you were worried about having nothing to say.”

Mother Chu nodded, “Your mother-in-law is too easy to get along with.” Mother Chu looked back at Qin Yiheng, “Why are you not like your parents at all?”

Before Qin Yiheng spoke, Chu Yi answered for him, “It’s called contrast, isn’t it cool? Why must he be like his parents?”

Mother Chu looked at Chu Yi like she was embarrassed by him, “Did I say anything? Why are you so nervous?”

Chu Yi immediately sat back and said, “I’m not.”

Qin Yiheng, who sat beside him, smirked. In a place where Mother Chu couldn’t see, he held Chu Yi’s hand.

Before long, Xiao-Chen drove the car to the ground floor of their mother’s home.

After their mother got out of the car, she said a few things and then went upstairs.

When the car just turned out of the community. Qin Yiheng immediately pulled Chu Yi’s hand, he pulled him over and bit his cheek.

“Qin Yiheng, Qin Yiheng!” Chu Yi shouted and pushed Qin Yiheng away, “What are you doing? You keep biting my cheeks lately.”

Qin Yiheng, “You’re blushing.”

Chu Yi raised his hands and placed the back of his hands on his cheek, “It’s from being stuffy. The temperature is a little high today.”

Saying this was no use, he could see Qin Yiheng coming to bite him again, so Chu Yi quickly turned his head.

Which made Qin Yiheng’s lips fall on Chu Yi’s lips instead.

“Hehehahaha.” Chu Yi laughed from accomplishment.

Since Chu Yi wanted to do this, Qin Yiheng will also do as he wishes.

He directly grabbed Chu Yi’s neck, bit Chu Yi’s lower lip, put his teeth between the two rows of Chu Yi’s teeth, and then gently grind on it twice.

“Ah!” After Chu Yi got bitten, he quickly glanced at Xiao-Chen who was driving seriously, and whispered to Qin Yiheng, “There’s someone else here.”

Qin Yiheng looked at Chu Yi, “What? Did I do something?”

Chu Yi, “…”

“No.” Chu Yi held back his grievance. “You didn’t do anything.”

Qin Yiheng still had work in the afternoon, and Chu Yi also had an order that hadn’t been completed. Xiao-Chen first sent Chu Yi to his studio and then left with Qin Yiheng.

After entering the studio, Chu Yi was very unwilling to let it go, so he took out his phone and sent Qin Yiheng a message on WeChat.

Chu Yi: Big meanie!

Very soon, Qin Yiheng replied to his message.

He wasn’t like how he was in the morning, instead, he said.

Qin Yiheng: Received

Chu Yi stared at his phone and suddenly had an ominous hunch.

Because he still had to have dinner with a group of high school friends this evening, Chu Yi no longer lingered around. When he arrived at the office, he put his phone aside and began to work.

When the time slipped to 5:30, his deskmate started calling for people in the group chat.

He was mainly calling for him.

Deskmate: Baobei
Deskmate: Baobei
Deskmate: [Is my little baobei here.jpg]

With this, the other classmates who were also coming in the evening also called out to him.

Classmate 1: [Is my little baobei here.jpg]
Classmate 2: [Is my little baobei here.jpg]
Classmate 3: [Is my little baobei here.jpg]

Chu Yi interrupted the copying and pasting.

Chu Yi: Here
His deskmate asked: Will you be coming in advance later?
Deskmate: I’m nearby
Deskmate: I’m heading over when I’m done with the things on hand
Deskmate: I’ll be there soon
Since his deskmate said this, Chu Yi had naturally said: Then I’ll head over earlier
Chu Yi: I can be there in twenty minutes
Chu Yi: Those that have nothing to do, you can all come early

‘Received’ came one after another in the group chat.

Chu Yi looked at the design on the computer and directly clicked save. He called a car with his phone and sent a message to Qin Yiheng, saying that he would head over first and told Qin Yiheng he didn’t need to pick him up later.

Qin Yiheng was probably busy, since he didn’t reply even after some time.

Chu Yi tidied up and set out first. It wasn’t long before he arrived at his destination.

When Qin Yiheng was free, he replied to his message, saying that he can also go there earlier, then asked where Chu Yi was and whether he needed him to pick him up.

Chu Yi: No need
Chu Yi: I’ve already arrived
Chu Yi: You can just head over

Qin Yiheng was already sitting in the car when he received this. He put away his phone, raised his head, and said to Xiao-Chen, “No need go go to Chu Yi’s studio, go directly to the restaurant.”

Hearing this, Xiao-Chen said, “Yes.”

Before long, Qin Yiheng also arrived at the ground floor of the restaurant.

He booked a private room on the sixth floor. While waiting for the elevator, he sent Chu Yi a message saying he was downstairs.

The elevator came down floor by floor, and there were two more people waiting for the elevator beside him.

When the elevator reached the first floor, the three people walked in together.

On the fourth floor, a young lady went out, then there were only two people left in the elevator.

The man beside Qin Yiheng was on the phone.

“The signal in the elevator isn’t very good…what did you say? …If you’re almost here, just come up… Baobei should be upstairs, didn’t we already talk about this in the group chat just now… I’m already in the elevator, come up by yourself… I don’t know, baobei didn’t say.”

Qin Yiheng raised his head to look at the floor number and heard the person beside him say, “I’m hanging up, I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

On the sixth floor, the elevator suddenly quieted down.

With a “Ding”, they arrived.

The elevator door opened slowly, and Chu Yi was waiting outside.

The two men stared at each other for half a second before Chu Yi’s eyes moved away to the man beside Qin Yiheng.

This man stepped out of the elevator before Qin Yiheng, he walked very briskly towards Chu Yi, and opened his hands.

“Isn’t this my little baobei? Why are you standing here? Come, give ge a hug first.”

Chu Yi was stiff and didn’t know whether to raise his hands or not.

In the elevator, Qin Yiheng, who was still very gentle just now, frowned instantly and glared aggressively at the deskmate’s back.

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