Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar
Accidentally Married a Man Full of Vinegar Chapter 78

TL: snaggletooth

Chu Yi couldn’t refuse the enthusiasm of his deskmate at all.

Before he figured out whether it would be strange to push him away right now, his deskmate already embraced him tightly.

If this was the past, this thing was as normal as it could be for Chu Yi.

In their gatherings these years, they often put their arms around each other’s shoulders.

Especially Chu Yi, because he has a good relationship with every classmate, everyone wants to chat with him when they see him, and physical contact is inevitable.

But now, it can’t happen.

He is a married man.

He is also a married man who promised Qin Yiheng to reduce physical contact with others.

The deskmate quickly hugged him, then let go. He asked Chu Yi, “Am I the second one to arrive?”

This deskmate is Xiao-Jie. Like everyone in his group of high school classmates, he is a native of City A.

Xiao-Jie and Chu Yi started their relationship because of the gap in their grades.

Chu Yi ranked second in class while Xiao-Jie ranked second from the bottom during the first placement test just after entering high school. The general education method of their teacher at that time was to let the good students take care of the bad students. How to take care of them? The simplest and roughest way is to let them become deskmates. So it was very fateful that Xiao-Jie and Chu Yi became deskmates.

The warming of their relationship was also due to the gap between their grades.

There’s a junior high school beneath Chu Yi’s high school. Chu Yi was admitted into this high school from another school but that wasn’t the case for Xiao-Jie. Xiao-Jie came directly from that junior high.

So after Chu Yi let Xiao-Jie copy his homework, Xiao-Jie quickly regarded Chu Yi as his best friend and introduced Chu Yi to his group of friends, which included students in other classes.

Of course, Chu Yi knew very clearly the reason they became best friends in the first place.

And he also knew very clearly why he could quickly get along with Xiao-Jie’s group of friends.

When Xiao-Jie introduced Chu Yi to everyone, the first thing he said was, “he will conquer you guys with his IQ”.

Sure enough, Chu Yi later did indeed conquer everyone with his homework book produced by his IQ.

As a result, Chu Yi’s group of friends from high school soon bloomed everywhere and warmed up rapidly.

In addition, he was born good-looking and had a good personality. Back then, almost everyone in his grade knew him.

Hearing Xiao-Jie’s question, Chu Yi nodded, “Yeah, you’re the second one.”

“Is your husband here?” Xiao-Jie put his hand on Chu Yi’s shoulder and asked him.

But before Chu Yi could answer, Xiao-Jie suddenly exclaimed “yo”. He looked at a scar under Chu Yi’s ear, “What happened here? Such a long scar.”

Chu Yi raised his hand, stabbed Xiao Jie with his elbow, and pushed him away.

“It’s nothing, I accidentally scraped it.” Chu Yi continued to take a few steps back and directly stood beside Qin Yiheng who came out of the elevator. “This is my husband.”

Xiao-Jie was instantly shocked.

Just now in the elevator, he took several extra glances at him because he was handsome.

Oh boy, so it turns out he’s actually Chu Yi’s husband.

“Hello, hello.” Xiao-Jie smiled and patted Chu Yi on the shoulder. “What a coincidence. We took the elevator together.”

Chu Yi glanced at Qin Yiheng. Seeing that he seemed to be alright, he answered Xiao-Jie with a sigh of relief, “I can see that.”

Hearing this, Xiao-Jie said, “Ohhhhh, no wonder!” Xiao Jie laughed, “No wonder you were waiting outside the elevator. I thought you were so kind to wait for me here, but it turned out that wasn’t so.”

Chu Yi waved his hand, “It still counts, didn’t I also get to wait for you?”

Chu Yi didn’t notice that when he said this, Qin Yiheng glanced at him with disbelief.

Chu Yi continued, “I’m the only one in the private room, it’s so boring.”

Xiao-Jie, “Wang Li is downstairs. He just called me saying he’ll come up with me.”

As Xiao-Jie’s voice fell, the elevator door opened with a “ding”.

Xiao-Jie turned his head and smiled, “Speak of the devil.”

When Wang Li arrived, Xiao-Jie went to greet him. He put his arms around Wang Li’s shoulder and pulled him to Chu Yi.

“Could it be that this is?” Wang Li gently raised his chin in Qin Yiheng’s direction.

It’s not that Wang Li has an eye for good judgments. It’s that it’s really rare to see Chu Yi stick to someone so close, and even though they weren’t holding hands, their hands were touching.

Chu Yi nodded and finally held Qin Yiheng’s hand, “Yes, my husband.”

Chu Yi conveniently introduced the two people in front of him to Qin Yiheng, “This is my deskmate in year one, Xiao-Jie.” After he introduced one, he pulled the other one over, “This is Wang Li.”

Qin Yiheng said politely, “Hello.”

Wang Li, “Hello.”

Xiao-Jie greeted again, “Hello.”

There won’t be anyone arriving for the moment, so the four entered the private room first.

After considering that it was a gathering of high school students, the private room Qin Yiheng asked Xu Jing to reserve today wasn’t only for eating. It also has karaoke equipment, as well as cards and games to play.

Arriving at the door of the room, Qin Yiheng and Chu Yi let the other two in first.

Xiao-Jie took Wang Li’s shoulder and walked in together. When they saw the display inside, they exclaimed “wow”.

Xiao-Jie nodded, “This is a good place. We don’t have to rotate to another place after eating.” After Xiao-Jie said this, he exerted some force on his hand and hooked it around Wang Li’s neck, “Take note of this place. We can come next time, look how convenient this is.”

Wang Li first laughed, “Hahaha.” Then he quickly walked a few steps away from the two behind him and said next to Xiao-Jie’s ear, “Do you have any idea how much it costs here?”

Xiao Jie shook his head, “I don’t.”

Wang Li, “Go check and then come tell me if you still want to come here next time.”

Xiao-Jie immediately realized Wang Li’s meaning and looked at Wang Li incredulously, “For real?”

When Wang Li saw Chu Yi coming in, he shushed Xiao-Jie.

The two exchanged looks, and at the same time revealed ‘don’t be so old-fashion’ in his expression.

“You guys sit down first.” Chu Yi walked to the table after coming in, “I think everyone will be here soon.”

Although he was intimidated by Wang Li, Chu Yi was one of his own people, so Xiao-Jie wasn’t so awkward and restrained. He immediately found a seat and sat down with Wang Li.

“Bao-, uh, um, Chu Yi.” Xiao-Jie inexplicably met Wang Li’s line of sight, and then asked, “Are you drinking tonight?”

Chu Yi shook his head, “You guys can drink if you want, I’m not drinking.”

Xiao-Jie and Wang Li showed ‘I knew it’ expressions simultaneously.

Because he almost made a mistake just now, Xiao-Jie immediately took out his phone and sent a message to the group chat.

Xiao-Jie: Attention, everyone
Xiao-Jie: Baobei’s husband has arrived
Xiao-Jie: Don’t call him baobei later
Xiao-Jie: Btw
Xiao-Jie: Baobei’s husband is so fucking handsome!

Wang Li agreed with him.

Wang Li: Both handsome and rich
Wang Li: Baobei, as expected of you
Xiao-Jie: As expected of you

A long while after Xiao-Jie sent this, he received a reply from two classmates.

Classmate 1: I’m getting out of the car right now
Classmate 2: I’m on my way too, I’ll be there soon
Classmate 1: I already knew when I see the name of the hotel this morning
Classmate 2: This is baobei’s fortune
Classmate 2: We’ll just free-load a bit
Xiao-Jie: And the others?
Xiao-Jie: Dead?

The others weren’t dead, but had already arrived.

Just as Xiao Jie sent out this question, the door of the room was opened.

The incomer first poked his head in, and only after he saw that it was his acquaintances sitting inside, did he push the door open with laughter.

“Wang Li is here too.” The classmate at the door walked in. When he saw Chu Yi turn around, he greeted, “Hi baobei.”

Probably because he was used to being called this in these years, Chu Yi didn’t notice anything wrong. Wang Li didn’t either. Even Xiao Jie, who had just sent a message not to call him baobei, didn’t notice it either.

After some greetings and hearing that classmate complain about what happened on the road just now, this matter passed just like that.

The only one that felt something was wrong was Qin Yiheng, who sat in his seat and drank water silently.

He had just picked up his cup but before the water reached the mouth, it was slowly put down again.

He turned to look at Chu Yi, but saw that Chu Yi was looking at that new classmate and even smiling.

Smiling very delightfully.

Qin Yiheng was holding the cup, but he couldn’t even drink a mouthful of water.

Before long, the door of the private room was pushed open time after time.

And then.


The room was filled with all kinds of voices.




Qin Yiheng raised his cup and then put it back down, raised it again, and then put it back down again.

The one being called baobei beside him was talking and laughing happily with everyone, and even stood up.

Qin Yiheng stared at Chu Yi’s back expressionlessly. He stared at it for a long time, but Chu Yi didn’t turn back to pay attention to him. So he turned his head back again.

This time he really drank the water.

He drank the entire cup.

After drinking, he turned and looked at Chu Yi, who was talking and laughing with everyone, took out his phone, and opened Chu Yi’s chat on WeChat.

Qin Yiheng: Why do they all call you baobei?

After Qin Yiheng sent this, he put away his phone.

But after thinking for a bit, he took his phone out again.

Qin Yiheng: Didn’t you say I was the only one who called you baobei?

He put it away again after sending this.

One second later, he took it out again.

Qin Yiheng: I remember now
Qin Yiheng: Only I call you baobao[1]baobei and baobao both mean baby/babe
Qin Yiheng: Not baobei

Then he put it away again.

Then took it out again.

Qin Yiheng: I haven’t even called you baobei

Qin Yiheng put it away again.

But this time, Qin Yiheng didn’t take it out again.

Because the one beside him has been excitedly chatting with everyone and didn’t look at his phone at all.

Didn’t pay any attention to him.

After everyone sat down, Chu Yi also sat down.

Qin Yiheng stared at the back of Chu Yi’s head. After staring at it for a long time, he very quietly and tentatively called out, “Baobei.”

Soon, the one in front of him answered him very keenly, and then turned his head over.

The smile for others still remained on Chu Yi’s face, “Mn? What’s up?”

Qin Yiheng turned his head back, “Nothing.”

About a dozen or so people came. Because they’d already met up some days ago, their greetings weren’t so full of courtesy. After picking up a few jokes and chatting, they began to eat.

This group of high school students is usually always on time for their gatherings. They say six o’clock, then everyone would arrive before six.

After everyone sat down, Chu Yi asked the waiter to serve the food.

Then, just like at ordinary gatherings, when they had nothing to do, everyone would take out their phones.

Then everyone clicked into the group chat.

Then the following chat log appeared in this group chat.

Xiao-Jie: …
Xiao-Jie: Crap
Xiao-Jie: What was that big ‘baobei’ scene just now?
Xiao-Jie: What did we just do in front of his husband?
Xiao-Jie: Is baobei something we can afford to call?
Wang Li: Crap
Classmate 1: Crap
Classmate 2: Crap

After all the relay of ‘crap’s, one after another, they looked up very carefully at Chu Yi and his husband.

Seeing that the communication between Chu Yi and his husband was normal, they lowered their heads and began to chat.

Xiao-Jie: From now on, whoever calls him baobei, comes to the group chat on your own initiative and give out a 100 yuan red envelope
Wang Li: Seconded
Classmate 1: Ok
Classmate 2: Ok

After this underground chat, everyone raised their heads one after another, and some people even deliberately coughed.

Of course, Chu Yi didn’t know about all this. He was chatting with Qin Yiheng about the food on the table and didn’t look at his phone at all.

Next, everything was like a normal dinner gathering. After dinner, everyone moved straight to karaoke.

Because today’s protagonist was Chu Yi, everyone kept pushing and dragging Chu Yi out.

Only after the gathering was over and he got in the car, did Chu Yi look at the messages from the group chat.

He read it from the beginning to the latest. Other than some conversations in the beginning, it was all red envelopes in the end.

A screenful of red envelopes.

Chu Yi turned his head carefully and looked at Qin Yiheng, who was beside him.

In the middle of it just now, he had actually already read Qin Yiheng’s messages, but he didn’t know how to reply. In addition, someone would call out to him before long, he couldn’t calm down at all.

So right now.

“Um, Qin Yiheng.” Chu Yi pulled Qin Yiheng’s sleeve.

But before he spoke, Xiao-Chen in front spoke first.

“President Qin, there’s traffic on the route home, I’ll make a detour.”

Qin Yiheng, “Mn.”

Chu Yi took his hand back.

Qin Yiheng clearly heard Chu Yi calling him, but he only responded to Xiao-Chen’s words.

Chu Yi gulped and glanced at Xiao-Chen.

He decided to go home first, they can talk slowly after they are home.

But what Chu Yi didn’t expect was that after Xiao-Chen’s car drove to the next street, Qin Yiheng suddenly responded to him.

Qin Yiheng asked, “You have something to say to me?”

Chu Yi opened his mouth, closed it, then opened it again, “I called you a long time ago.”

Qin Yiheng stopped talking again.

A very subtle feeling was rotating around Chu Yi’s heart.

He felt that Qin Yiheng knew what he wanted to talk about.

And, with Qin Yiheng like this, is it possible that he’s sulking? While being jealous?

For the rest of the long way, Qin Yiheng didn’t speak again, and Chu Yi also didn’t speak again.

In order to maintain a good attitude of admitting his mistakes, Chu Yi didn’t even dare to play on his phone.

Adding the idea he came up with just now of Qin Yiheng being jealous, Chu Yi’s current mental state belonged to a low degree of excitement.

The kind that could be put out when extinguished, and explode when ignited.

He was worried that Qin Yiheng was really angry, but also enjoyed such emotion. Qin Yiheng hadn’t said anything yet, but Chu Yi had already gone crazy by himself.

If we’re talking about being scared, he’s not actually scared. He’s happy but doesn’t have the nerve to be happy seriously.

It was such a torture.

The detour took them longer. When Xiao-Chen drove the car to their door, it took nearly 15 minutes later than expected.

In the whole process of getting out of the car, the two people had zero communication, zero eye contact, and zero physical contact.

It’s mainly Qin Yiheng not communicating with him, not looking at him, and not touching him.

After getting out of the car, Chu Yi politely said goodbye to Xiao-Chen and then followed Qin Yiheng into the house.

Qin Yiheng walked in front and Chu Yi followed behind. The weather was cold and the atmosphere was also cold. Chu Yi couldn’t help feeling afraid.

The moment Chu Yi closed the door, Qin Yiheng suddenly stopped in front.

Chu Yi also stopped. He looked at Qin Yiheng’s back, took a step back, and consciously put his back against the door.

So Qin Yiheng turned around and saw Chu Yi’s extremely well-behaved appearance at his mercy.

“Hehe.” Chu Yi first laughed and then said, “I saw your WeChat messages.”

Qin Yiheng said nothing, he only looked at Chu Yi.

Chu Yi began to explain.

“It’s like this, this nickname, yes, this is a nickname.” He used a bit of a derogatory connotation, it’ll definitely give extra points to the explanation.

After Chu Yi said this, he almost snapped his fingers.

Next, Chu Yi explained the origin of the nickname very carefully and explained that it was just a very normal nickname in their eyes without any special feelings.

“And I promise, my group of friends and I are just friends.” Chu Yi’s eyes were very sincere, “It’s true.”

Qin Yiheng still looked at Chu Yi with the expression from just now.

Indeed, Chu Yi recalled carefully how the word “baobei” popped up from time to time in the private room tonight. Some of his classmates also carried an ‘er’ in their accent, calling Chu Yi baobei’er[2]adding ‘er’ to certain words is an accent, mostly beijing ppl uses it. it kinda sounds sexier(?), baobei’er is quite common and i usually see people use it over baobei..

Baobei, baobei’er.

Chu Yi gulped.

Probably because they were all Chu Yi’s friends, Qin Yiheng gave Chu Yi respect and didn’t do anything.

Chu Yi pursed his lips and looked at Qin Yiheng.

Qin Yiheng kept silent.

Who knows whether he couldn’t speak or didn’t want to speak.

But his expression seems to indicate, since you have already said it all, what else can I say?

However Chu Yi had already explained everything thoroughly and there was nothing else to say.

Thinking that Qin Yiheng likes it when he acts cute, after refusing to budge for a few seconds, Chu Yi lowered his voice, hardened his scalp, and said quietly, “Qin Yiheng, don’t be like this~”

As soon as these words came out, Qin Yiheng finally moved a little.

But his heart didn’t seemed to be softened by Chu Yi’s words, instead, he looked very reluctant to accept this.

After holding back for a long time, he said slowly, “How can they call you baobei.”


1 baobei and baobao both mean baby/babe
2 adding ‘er’ to certain words is an accent, mostly beijing ppl uses it. it kinda sounds sexier(?), baobei’er is quite common and i usually see people use it over baobei.
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