Close to You
Close To You Chapter 100

The strong injection worked well. At almost 5:00 p.m., Luo Lin Yuan’s fever subsided. It was almost time for the evening class. Xiao Xiong brought him takeaway, a bowl of porridge, and a small bag of pickled vegetables, and ate most of it.

After taking the medicine after a meal, his whole person was sleepy. In order to wake up, he took a cup to make coffee.

The pantry was at the end of the classroom corridor. He pinched the coffee bag, took a cup of hot water, and deliberately wore a mask for fear of infecting the children.

As soon as he went out, he bumped into Yu Han, who had brought Taro Ball to class. The man who had just left work was wearing a shirt, with the cuffs pulled up because of the temperature, revealing his sturdy little arms, and wore a tie.

Yu Han looked different from yesterday. His hair was grabbed up and styled, revealing a clean forehead while wearing a pair of thin-rimmed glasses on the high bridge of his nose, looking sideways.

The light spots of the lenses scattered on his cheeks, and his eyes were slightly cold. Half of his body was covered by the warmth of the sunset in the corridor window, that is, the cold feeling, but he was also wrapped in a strong pheromone, looking sexy and making people’s legs soft.

Luo Lin Yuan squeezed the coffee bag, his throat was dry and his knees trembled at this visual temptation.

Yu Han only glanced at him, then lowered his eyes to Taro Ball and gently pushed his back, “Go in and find a seat yourself.”

Taro Ball looked up at his father and sighed despondently. What’s the use of having such a father? He still has to worry about everything.

Yu Han walked toward Luo Lin Yuan step by step. His shadow stretched and spread as he approached, covering Luo Lin Yuan’s shadow. He stepped on the tiled floor with his leather shoes, calmly and imperatively.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t even hide. He held his breath, his eyes exposed to the mask were wide open, and had an unknowable desire.

If he could see the mirror at this moment, Luo Lin Yuan would certainly be ashamed to flee on the spot because of his expression.

But he couldn’t see, so he didn’t know that his eyes were thirsty and soft. If they could become solid, they would definitely become a cat’s tail wrapped softly around Yu Han.

As if he couldn’t feel his sight, Yu Han stopped a few steps away and politely said, “Good evening, Dean Luo.”

Luo Lin Yuan responded softly with a hum through his nose.

When he heard his voice, Yu Han seemed to frown with difficulty, as if he hadn’t adjusted to his sticky tone.

Luo Lin Yuan was startled by his look and pressed his mask with his hand to make sure that it was well blocked, and didn’t reveal a hint of lust in his cheeks. He said, “Good evening, Mr. Yu.”

Yu Han looked at his mask, “Not feeling well?”

Luo Lin Yuan just shook his head, and then thought that Yu Han might be like those parents. Just worried that his illness will affect the children. If he said he wasn’t sick, wouldn’t he be lying?

Don’t be so self-indulgent, Yu Han may not be worried about him.

Luo Lin Yuan then nodded, “A little cold,” he hastened to add, “But you can rest assured that I usually stay in the office to deal with business matters, and won’t rashly come out.”

Yu Han’s eyebrows slightly relaxed, “What should I worry about?”

Luo Lin Yuan said as if it should be, “Of course, to assure that I will not infect the children, I have experience and a sense of proportion.”

The brows that just relaxed rose again. Yu Han’s expression was much more stern, staring at Luo Lin Yuan, simply at a loss for words, not knowing which sentence was wrong.

Two big men can’t always stand in the corridor. It will be the peak of the class later, and many parents will come.

Luo Lin Yuan thought he had to find an excuse. He raised his cup and coffee bag, and shook it, “Mr. Yu, go into the classroom first. You haven’t greeted Teacher Yang yet. She is experienced in teaching, you will be satisfied.”

Yu Han ignored the topic and said otherwise, “Have you taken your medication?”

Luo Lin Yuan dropped his hand awkwardly, “Took it.”

Yu Han: “When did you take it?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s little heart gradually warmed up, “About an hour ago.”

Yu Han said in a cold voice, “You can’t drink coffee two hours after taking medicine, it’s common sense.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s little heart fell back into the cold water again. Just because Yu Han’s tone was too cold and hard, it felt like he was not caring for him, but scolding him for being stupid.

Luo Lin Yuan put his coffee back into his pants pocket and said listlessly, “Then I’ll go get hot water.”

After that, he bypassed Yu Han and quickly ran toward the pantry.

Not knowing if it was an illusion, he felt that the hem was pulled, and the strength was very light that he didn’t even react.

When he entered the pantry, he felt that something was wrong.

As soon as he entered, he saw several teachers gathered there, including the part-time teacher Xu Meng, Teacher Chen Qing, and his colleague, Wen Qiwen, who returned from the United States.

When women get together, they are bound to start chatting.[1]Three women are enough for a drama [idiom]. The protagonist of their play today was Yu Han. Once they heard that Yu Han was a single father with a three-year-old child and very handsome, wearing a dark shirt.

Qiwen sighed with her coffee, “Have you seen his watch? It’s such an expensive brand, the family must be rich.”

Luo Lin Yuan walked in silently and filled the water quietly, without intending to interrupt.

As a married woman, Chen Qing issued an adult topic, “Look at that nose, that area must be very strong.”

Luo Lin Yuan had just pulled down his mask to drink water and choked when he heard this.

Xu Meng shyly covered her face, “Teacher Chen, what are you talking about!”

Luo Lin Yuan coughed with a red face. Qiwen couldn’t help laughing when she saw his embarrassed look, “Teacher Chen, look at what embarrassing thing you gave our Dean. If you ask me, our Dean looks the best.”

What does it matter to him? Luo Lin Yuan wiped his mouth with a tissue and pressed it on his soaked lapel, blushing, “There are children everywhere, watch your words.”

Teacher Chen Qing shrugged her shoulders and said, “Only teachers can enter here, we are all adults. Don’t be so old-fashioned.”

Qiwen couldn’t help but help him out, “No way, our Xiao Yuan in the United States is very clean, don’t even go out with girls to date. Maybe…”

The women looked at each other and laughed hehehe at the same time.

Luo Lin Yuan has long been accustomed to these women’s bold chatting style, and he doesn’t need to think about it. He also knows that there should be information hidden in the ellipsis, maybe the ‘he’s still a virgin information.’

He thought to himself, Sorry, I’m not really a virgin. My first time was with Mr. Yu, who is ‘very strong in that area’.

Luo Lin Yuan took out candy from the snack basket in the pantry, unwrapped it, and put it in his mouth, “Okay, okay, you’ve been laughing at me all day. It’s getting late, go to class quickly.”

The female teachers dispersed in confusion. Luo Lin Yuan curled up in the pantry until the music class started. He quietly poked out half of his head from the pantry, there was no one in the corridor.

Only then did he slowly walk back to the office. When he passed by Teacher Yang’s class, he looked in through the window. It happened to be the interactive period where parents accompany their children.

He watched Yu Han gently bow his head, fingers pointing at the paper and saying something, Taro Ball’s round face was against his pen, then raised his head to speak.

Luo Lin Yuan looked outside the classroom and giggled. Who would’ve thought that Yu Han unexpectedly had telepathy and he raised his head to look outside the classroom?

He was frightened and he hurriedly stepped back, pulled up his mask, and sprinted back to the office.

Since he entered the office, he had no intention of romance. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t feel the tide surging and buried himself in work. No wonder others say that workaholics are not qualified to have love. He was so busy that the sky darkened and when he looked up again, it was already ten o’clock.

He ran out of the office, the teachers consciously began to clean up. Xiao Xiong looked at him with a broom, “What’s wrong?”

Luo Lin Yuan said in a trance, “Class is over?”

Xiao Xiong: “Yes, it’s already ten o’clock.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Have all the parents left?”

Xiao Xiong said inexplicably, “Yes.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt a sense of loss and went to pick up the broom and garbage shovel, turned grief into strength, and started cleaning up.

Xiao Xiaong watched him from the side and joked about which hospital he went to and what injection he got because it was so effective. He was still dying in the afternoon and was alive in the evening.

What injection can it be? It was all because of love.

At this time a person came up at the end of the corridor, Teacher Yang was surprised first, “Mr. Yu, why are you back again?”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at him with equal surprise. Yu Han, who had attracted everyone’s attention, said unhurriedly, “My watch seemed to have fallen in the classroom.”

This was a big deal, and it was very troublesome to lose an expensive watch. At this time all teachers were cleaning. They entered the class to help Yu Han find his watch, and Luo Lin Yuan naturally did so.

Teacher Yang first searched Taro Ball’s seat and turned it inside and out but did not see the watch, so she asked, “Do you want to check the surveillance? Mr. Yu, do you remember when you took off your watch?”

Yu Han said, “I don’t remember much. Forget it, if you can’t find it, you can’t find it.”

Teacher Yang was stunned and looked at Luo Lin Yuan helplessly, seeking his opinion.

Luo Lin Yuan said, “How can we do that? Keep looking.”

But Yu Han said, “It’s my fault for losing the watch. You don’t need to help me find it. You should go about your business. It’s not good to delay you from getting off work.”

It was really getting late. The institution all have female teachers. If they can’t catch the subway, going home will be inconvenient and unsafe. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate and said, “You guys go ahead with your things, I’ll accompany Mr. Yu to find it.”

The search took a long time until everyone was gone. Luo Lin Yuan heard Yu Han say, “I found it.”

Luo Lin Yuan said with surprise, “Where did you find it?”

Yu Han’s fingers were wrapped around the watch which was stained with soil and was found in the potted plants on both sides of the classroom.

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly fished out the disinfectant wipes and went over to hand them to Yu Han, “Wipe it. How did it fall into this place?”

Yu Han: “It probably fell in accidentally when sketching.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Did you draw flowers tonight?”

Yu Han: “Mn.”

It wasn’t good for Luo Lin Yuan to ask again. He felt that the location of the lost watch was really strange, but he couldn’t question it. In any case, it’s good if you don’t lose anything.

Yu Han also politely said, “I’m sorry to have delayed you, it’s so late.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s okay, you can go back first.”

Yu Han: “How does Dean Luo plan to go home, driving?”

Luo Lin Yuan froze and said against his will, “Hmm.”

Yu Han: “Really, where is Dean Yuan’s car parked? How come I didn’t see any other cars when I parked?”

Luo Lin Yuan was so embarrassed that he couldn’t help but glare at Yu Han, who seemed frozen for a moment as he glared at him.

Luo Lin Yuan gave up on himself and said, “I don’t have a car, I’ll take a taxi back later.” There was still some money there, but he felt distressed.

Yu Han seemed to have thrown a long bait and finally was bitten by the fish. He slowly said, “How unsafe ah, I’ll send you, Dean Luo.”


1 Three women are enough for a drama [idiom]

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