Close to You
Close To You Chapter 99

The weather in C City this year was quite strange. With sunny days in the morning and pouring rain in the afternoon. Fortunately, their activities were closed early because of the hot weather, and a lot of parents signed up after one day.

Now Luo Lin Yuan’s salary was linked to their accomplishments. If he can support his dignity and rent, it all depends on this month’s salary. Since he was already 25 years old, he can’t ask his mother for money.

Luo Lin Yuan carried a backpack and set off early with an umbrella. He transferred from the bus to the subway. He also specifically prepared a pair of gloves for himself.

In addition to the pressure of renting, he most wanted to take out a loan to buy a car. The styles are good, but there’s no money.

It was miserable to go out on a rainy day. It was raining everywhere, wilting Luo Lin Yuan’s hair.

Luo Lin Yuan only wore short-sleeves. It was so cold that he was blown away by the air conditioner in the subway and sneezed several times.

He hugged his arms and rubbed them hard a few times. He was too busy starting a business that he can’t afford to get sick.

When he arrived at the exhibition hall, the clouds outside were densely covered outside the window. The air conditioning inside was several degrees, it was so freezing that people wanted to put on a padded jacket.

The curator was still receiving another guest, and the secretary apologetically asked him to wait outside for a while.

This wait will be an hour. Luo Lin Yuan played Fight the Landlord for half an hour. He even played Lian Lian Kan[1]Similar to puzzle matching games. for half an hour and finally waited for the curator inside.

The curator smiled and apologized to him. Luo Lin Yuan could only smile and say it was okay. Who makes this place famous, there are too many people who want to cooperate with them.

When the relevant matters were negotiated, Luo Lin Yuan rushed back Yu Yuan to watch the teacher teach the children lessons. After the students finally left, he took the teachers together to simply clean up.

It was hard to get home, Luo Lin Yuan was almost paralyzed. He took a shower with all his energy and blew his hair half-dry, then passed out.

The next day he was awakened by the phone, Xiao Xiong called him at least ten times before waking him up.

Luo Lin Yuan propped himself up on the pillow and got up from the bed, answering Xiao Xiong’s call in a hoarse voice, “Sorry, I overslept.”

Xiao Xiong: “Dean, come quickly. Today’s fees still need to be settled. Parents have come to register, they’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Luo Lin Yuan agreed repeatedly. When he got out of bed, he fell and hit his forehead, causing his eyes to tears. But as a social person, he should be strong and not cry.

After a quick wash, Luo Lin Yuan felt that his body temperature was a little high, he probably have a low fever.

He washed his face with cold water and put some oil on his nose to wake up. In order to hurry, he can only book for a car. He urged the driver making him annoyed and arrived within half an hour.

As soon as he arrived at the Painting Garden, he dealt with a lot of trivial matters. He faced the resentment of the parents who had been waiting for a long time. Luo Lin Yuan was been busy until noon.

Xiao Xiong came to call him to eat. Luo Lin Yuan had no appetite. He took out a medicine bag for colds in the drawer and went to get hot water.

Xiao Xiong looked at his face and said worriedly, “Dean, are you not feeling well?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s fine, I’ll just take some medicine. By the way, did that student Yu come to class today?” It was now the summer season and the children have classes during the day.

Xiao Xiong said, “He didn’t come. His parent called to say that he’ll be in the evening class because he’ll be free to accompany him after he gets off work.”

Luo Lin Yuan lowered his eyes in disappointment, intending to drink the cold medicine directly.

Xiao Xioang hurriedly dissuaded, “Wait, at least eat bread to fill up. Don’t you know that when you take medicine on an empty stomach?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Then please go buy me a…”

Xiao Xiong: “Red bean bun, the old brand, the one you have to eat every time.”

Luo Lin Yuan kindly smiled, “Thanks.”

Xiao Xiong went back quickly and watched him eat the bread and drink the medicine. “Take a rest first. If there is nothing in the afternoon, I won’t call you to get up.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t reject the proposal, but still picked an alarm clock for himself before going to bed.

As it turned out, it was impossible to sleep at all. There were other things to do in the afternoon. Luo Lin Yuan caught a cold and didn’t dare to turn on the air conditioning. He woke up drenched in sweat by noon.

Before going to bed his cheeks were red and his face was like a peach blossom. When he woke up, his lips were pale and his eyes were blank. It was like sleeping off all his energy and he was burning.

People are most vulnerable when they are sick, and Luo Lin Yuan was wrapped in a blanket in a daze.

When Xiao Xiong came in to call him, the Dean was looking at his phone, and his eyes were still wet.

Xiao Xiong said in shock, “Dean, are you watching a Korean drama? Still so energetic even after being sick?

Luo Lin Yuan sniffed, “I’m not watching a Korean drama.”

Xiao Xiong: “Then why are you crying?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “… I sneezed.”

Xiao Xiong: “You’d better go to the hospital to see a doctor. If the parents find out you’re sick, they’re sure to turn over.”

Children have low immunity. If one is infected, they will get sick in a group. Their parents will surely blame them. If employees are sick, they should stay at home. It’s irresponsible to come out and infect the children.

If Luo Lin Yuan were a teacher, he would definitely give this teacher sick leave. But he was the head of the school. He was responsible for everything except the classes, and he cannot leave his post for a long time.

Luo Lin Yuan finally looked at the phone screen, then excited the photo album and put on his jacket. “I’m going to the small clinic in front for an injection. Look after the office. If there’s something call me. I’ll be right back.”

Luo Lin Yuan saw the small clinic on the way to work, so he secretly took note of it.

When he arrived at the small clinic, the old doctor gave Luo Lin Yuan a check-up, “I’ll prescribe some medicine to take first, then talk about it after taking them.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I want a shot, the strong one.”

The old doctor glared, “Young people shouldn’t get injections just because they’re in good health.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Taking medicine is too slow.”

Old doctor: “Injections hurt your body.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “How much is the injection?”

Old doctor: “Why aren’t you listening to me!”

The old doctor muttered angrily, saying he was a doctor in a hospital back then, and others have to register specifically to see him. Now that he was retired, he opened a clinic and has extensive experience in work. He also said that Luo Lin Yuan ignores his elders at his peril.

Luo Lin Yuan pretended to be dead as if he didn’t hear at all. He thought the old doctor will put him on dextrose but as a result, the doctor said, “A shot on the butt, go in and take off your pants.”

Luo Lin Yuan thought about how many years he hadn’t received an injection in the butt and looked at the syringe in the old doctor’s hand. “You’ll personally give me a shot? Where is the nurse?” This doctor’s hair was white, can he still hold the syringe firmly?

The old doctor said, “My daughter went to eat and won’t be back soon. The needle and water are ready, hurry up.”

So fierce oh… Luo Lin Yuan had to go into the small room, and reluctantly unbuckled his belt, revealing a little skin.

The old doctor came in and wanted to strip his pants. Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly said, “The curtains… pull the curtains la!

The old doctor took off his pants, revealing half of his buttocks, “You are a big guy, what are you shy about? Even if my daughter saw it, it would be you who took advantage of others.”

Luo Lin Yuan was sorrowfully smeared with iodine and was bitterly stabbed with a needle. His buttocks were sore and painful. He was also nervous, making it increasingly painful.

After finally suffering the crime, the little nurse came back and brought a meal, “Grandpa, it’s time to eat.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt that this voice was somewhat familiar, but he was still stopping the blood from his buttocks, showing half of his buttocks, and had no face to go out.

The old doctor didn’t give face, “Young man, the bleeding hasn’t stopped? Come out and get the medicine.”

Luo Lin Yuan said slowly, “I have poor blood clotting, this will be a while.”

The little nurse said, “Grandpa, give me the prescription.”

After a moment of silence outside, there was a sudden sound of footsteps and a thin figure appeared in the doorway, looking at him with surprise and joy, “Luo Lin Yuan! It’s really you!!”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly put on his pants, it scared off the cotton that was stopping the bleeding. He stared at the girl at the door, and stammered: “Tao-Tao Qing!”

Tao Qing’s eyelids reddened, “You bastard! Where the hell have you been all these years!”

Luo Lin Yuan felt that his ass was still bleeding and felt that it wasn’t a good time to talk. He said awkwardly, “Xiao Qing’er, I haven’t stopped the bleeding yet. Can you give me another piece of cotton ah?”

Tao Qing cried and laughed, found him a cotton, and found a place for him to press it.

Being looked at the butt by his high school girl classmate back then, Luo Lin Yuan was a little shy. He noticed the ring on Tao’s ring finger and said in surprise, “You’re married, huh?”

The old doctor’s majestic voice came from outside, “Yes brat, don’t have any thoughts on my daughter!”

Tao Qing: “Grandpa! Don’t be ridiculous, this is my good friend!”

The old doctor resignedly continued to eat, not daring to speak again.

Tao Qing smiled, “Yes, I’m married.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “With whom?”

Tao Qing: “Fang Xiao.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “???!!!!”[2]I kept is as it is. He stared at her eyes, unable to accept the fact that Fang Xiao, the straight man of steel back then, had already taken off the list and got married.

Tao Qing wiped her tears, “Great, you finally came back. When did you come back? Why are you here? You’re sick? Your health isn’t very good in high school. I have to give Fang Xiao a call. He keeps talking about you, saying that he’d beat you up when you meet again. Don’t be afraid. If he dares to touch you, I won’t let him go home.”

Tao Qing was too excited. After talking a lot, Luo Lin Yuan put his pants on and finally became less shy, so he smiled and listened to her talk.

Tao Qing slowly stopped and hesitantly said, “Since you’re back, why didn’t you contact us?”

Luo Lin Yuan rubbed his face thoughtlessly, “Afraid of being beaten.”

Tao Qing couldn’t resist hitting him on the arm, she hesitantly said, “You’re back, did you contact Yu Han ah?”

Luo Lin Yuan was a little surprised that Tao Qing would mention Yu Han, but it was to be expected. After all, when they were in high school, the two of them made a lot of noise and everyone knew about it.

Seeing the look on his face, Tao Qing stopped talking and finally smiled, “Knowing that you’re back, Fang Xiao will definitely be delighted.”

Luo Lin Yuan and Tao Qing exchanged contact information and went out of the clinic.

Tao Qing chased after him and shouted to him from a distance, “Xiao Yuan, if you can, go contact Yu Han, his phone number hasn’t changed!”

Luo Lin Yuan waved his hand without looking back, seemingly dashing, but in reality, on the way back, he took out his cell phone, looked at the phone number, and hesitated to dial it.

He sighed and wanted to quit, but accidentally pressed the dial. The phone was picked up when his hands were fumbling to hang up.

Yu Han: “Hello.”

Luo Lin Yuan carefully cupped the phone to his ear: “Hello.”

Yu Han: “…”

Hearing that Yu Han didn’t make a sound, Luo Lin Yuan was even more nervous, “I’m just calling to ask you,” he said in a hurry, “Are you coming to class this afternoon or evening? Are you accompanying Yu Yuan?”

Yu Han: “I have already called your institution and confirmed the class time.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Ah, oh, oh, sorry.”

He seemed to hear Yu Han sighing on the other end of the phone and asked him, “Is there anything else?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “No.” He said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Yu Han: “Why do you have to apologize?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I wasted your time.”

This time there was a longer silence on the other side of the phone. Yu Han said, “Taking your call is not a waste of time, see you tonight.”

Luo Lin Yuan suddenly cheered up, feeling that his head didn’t hurt and his body wasn’t weak anymore, “See you tonight.”

After the call, he opened his phone album, which was his sneak picture of Yu Han. Recently, he added a few more, which were taken by Yu Han, who was 25 years old.

Yu Han still makes him moved so much.


1 Similar to puzzle matching games.
2 I kept is as it is.

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