Close to You
Close To You Chapter 98

Dean Luo was at a loss for words, Xiao Xiong’s face was inexplicable, and Taro Ball blinked curiously. Yu Han calmly threw down a question that only the two of them understood, stirring up a pool of spring water, and without waiting for Luo Lin Yuan to answer, he pulled Taro Ball to leave.

Xiao Xiong suddenly said, “Wait, Mr. Yu, you haven’t filled out the form yet.”

Only then did Luo Lin Yuan remember this. He hurried to his desk, took out a form from the drawer, and handed it to Xiao Xiong standing close to him.

Xiao Xiong handed the form to Yu Han.

This form was required for parents of students to fill up. Their contact information, home address, whether the child has allergens and diseases, etc., it was quite detailed.

He just attempted to add Yu Han’s WeChat but was rejected in disguise, and now he’s asking the person to fill out the form. There was always a kind of feeling of one chain after another.

Luo Lin Yuan decided that after Yu Han finished filling out the form, he would ask Xiao Xiong to write it down and would never look at it himself. Not only did he not look at it, but he’ll also lock it into the cabinet, lest he fails to resist the temptation and stretch out his sinful hand.

Yu Han took the form and looked around, looking for a table that was convenient to write next to.

The coffee table for the meeting was too short, it wasn’t convenient to write bent down.

Luo Lin Yuan said, “Come over here and write.”

Xiao Xiong hurriedly went to find a pen while Luo Lin Yuan took another pen out of the drawer and handed it over.

Yu Han walked over with his form, there was also a guest chair opposite the desk. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t see it and watched Yu Han towards him. There was a missing string in his mind. He pulled his Dean’s leather chair, “Sit here.”

Xiao Xiong was stunned. When Luo Lin Yuan reacted, he couldn’t wait to bite off his tongue. He could only make up for it afterward, “That chair is broken, it’s not stable. I’m more comfortable sitting on this one.”

Yu Han hooked up the corners of his lips, with a very small arc and smiled meaningfully. He naturally settled in Luo Lin Yuan’s place and took the pen in the other party’s hand.

When their fingers touched as he handed the pen, Luo Lin Yuan pulled his hand back with great movement and shrank back. The smile on Yu Han’s lips disappeared.

Luo Lin Yuan put his hand behind his back and rubbed his index finger as if there seemed to be a temperature residue, making people fond of it.

Yu Han quickly filled out the form and then pushed it in front of Luo Lin Yuan, “Done.”

Luo Lin Yuan picked it up and received the folder on the side without looking at it, with a polite pretense smile on his face, “Thank you for your trust in our YuYuan Painting Garden.”

Yu Han ignored him, got up, and left the desk. He took Taro Ball directly out of the office, without looking back.

Xiao Xiong followed and took the initiative to send them to the door.

When she went back, she saw the Dean propped on the window sill with his hand outstretched, looking down with his neck outstretched. He was quite reluctant. When he heard her come in he coughed awkwardly, “Thank you for your hard work, go down and get busy.”

Xiao Xiong, “Dean…”

Luo Lin Yuan nervously waited for her to say something, thinking this girl shouldn’t see anything, and blame him, his performance was indeed a bit obvious.

Xiao Xiong, “This bill is mine, right? The processing pay?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “…” Reasonably, it actually should be counted as mine, but seeing that you’re young and hard-working, you can have it.

Luo Lin Yuan nodded generously. Xiao Xiong happily left the office, heartlessly and completely unconcerned about Luo Lin Yuan’s strangeness just now.

As soon as Xiao Xiong left, Luo Lin Yuan put his hand on the folder and opened it. When he came back to his senses, he had already read the first line of Yu Han’s information.

He threw the file out abruptly, overly frightened. He hit his right hand with his left hand, muttering that he couldn’t do it and couldn’t read it.

Luo Lin Yuan wandered into the office a few times, entangled. Finally, he lost to men’s true nature, thinking to himself: I’ll just take a look, I won’t remember it.

Luo Lin Yuan respectfully picked up the form from the floor, looked at it from beginning to end, and unexpectedly found that Taro Ball was in a single-parent family without a mother.

The parent filled out in the form to accompany the class was actually Yu Han himself!

Yu Han was coming to the class?! Yu Han doesn’t have a wife?! Where did his wife go, did he get divorced? Luo Lin Yuan pinched the form for half a day. When he turned his head, he saw himself laughing in the reflection of the computer screen.

What’s so funny? Wasn’t it because Yu Han doesn’t have a wife?

Luo Lin Yuan relaxed and laid back, leaning on his office chair, and took a leisurely turn. It wasn’t enough and took another small turn. Xiao Xiong came in, just in time to bump into Luo Linyuan turning and giggling.

Xiao Xiong handed the purchase form of the back kitchen to Luo Lin Yuan, “What are you laughing at?”

Luo Lin Yuan stabilized his shaky leather chair and pretended to tap on the keyboard, “Nothing, I’m going out to talk about cooperation this afternoon, so I’ll leave this to you.”

Xiao Xiong: “Okay, by the way, which class is the child Yu Yuan assigned to?”

Luo Lin Yuan, “Class One.” The kind that can be seen from the door of the Dean’s office.

Xiao Xiong went out to explain to Teacher Yang in Class One. Luo Lin Yuan contacted the partner on WeChat.

He was recently cooperating with a popular science and art festival, organizing Yu Yuan students to visit the insect photography exhibition to expand their minds and arrange homework to prepare for future competitions.

He was too busy. Since the opening of this Painting Garden, he had to worry about everything from large to small things, and he has been forced out of many skills.

This was actually quite good, better than his time abroad.

After agreeing on a meeting time with the partner, Luo Lin Yuan received an international phone call. The caller was Lin Shu, who didn’t know much about caring for people and greeted him in a simple and crude way, asking if he still had money.

When Luo Lin Yuan chose to return to China to start his own business, Lin Shu vigorously opposed it. He finished studying at an art university abroad according to Lin Shu’s request. When he first graduated, Lin Shu intended to bring him into her circle and introduced him to work at a gallery.

Who knew that Luo Lin Yuan, who had worked peacefully in the gallery for two years, suddenly wanted to go back to China to start a business and still go to C City?

There were a lot of old faces in C City, Lin Shu didn’t let him go back. Luo Lin Yuan packed his own luggage, got his passport, bought a plane ticket, and left as soon as he said.

When Lin Shu found out, he had rented an apartment in the country and was about to establish Painting Garden. Lin Shu transferred a sum of money to his card but didn’t return to catch him.

It was no wonder Lin Shu arranged everything and paved the way for Luo Lin Yuan.

It was because the first year Luo Lin Yuan went to the United States, he wasn’t careful in making friends, he was almost drugged from an alcohol glass. Luckily, it was raided at that time, so he didn’t drink that glass of alcohol.

But he also went into custody and was tested for urine.

When Lin Shu came to bail him out, her face was the worst it had ever been, yet she didn’t hit him. Since then, Lin Shu found someone to keep an eye on him, keeping a close eye on him, even to the point of interfering with his social circle.

In fact, Luo Lin Yuan also knew that this matter has his own problems. When he just arrived in the United States, he was full of grief and anger, only to feel hopeless in life, and gave up on himself.

He was taken for a ride to different parties and bars. During that time, Luo Lin Yuan didn’t even attend class and was hungover every day.

If it wasn’t for the near accident, maybe he would have fallen even further.

At that time, Lin Shu also didn’t have time to pay attention to him because they had just arrived in the United States and everything was just starting, but she didn’t expect to throw himself into the detention center.

That night in the detention center, he was terrified. He had thought that the worst in life was just this and that all family and love were all trouble.

Life tells you that there are more terrible things waiting for you.

If he drank that glass of alcohol, his life would truly be ruined.

Luo Lin Yuan held his phone and listened to Lin Shu’s distorted voice on the phone. “Everything is fine over here, I have money, and the organization I run has pulled in investment.”

Lin Shu was silent, “How’s your health?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I’m very busy, but I’m not ill.”

Lin Shu: “Don’t lose your painting.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Yes, I practice every night.”

Lin Shu: “I’m hanging up now.”

Luo Linyuan: “Mom.”

Lin Shu: “……”

Luo Lin Yuan: “How’s your health?”

Lin Shu: “It’s okay.”

Mother and son quieted at the same time and there was no topic. They couldn’t seem to find a more appropriate way to spend time together no matter how much time had passed.

After Luo Lin Yuan hung up the phone, he hesitated for a while and finally wrote down Yu Han’s phone number from the form.

As a result, he accidentally found that Yu Han seemed to be using the same number.

The last number of Yu Han’s phone number seven years ago was 2324, which was easy to remember. At that time Luo Lin Yuan used this last number to set his phone lock screen password, which was still in use today.

Luo Lin Yuan sighed and was once again thankful that he hadn’t drunk that glass. Otherwise, it would have been another life, impossible to return to China, impossible to have his own business, and even more impossible… to meet Yu Han again.

Luo Lin Yuan put that precious document away as if hiding a treasure. He was sweet here, but Fang Xiao’s heart was bitter.

He drank with his client until midnight last night, and went home to sleep, only to get up in the morning to find the little lover beside him softly asking, “Didn’t you promise me never to get so drunk again?”

“Who was it that drank till their stomach bled last time?”

“Who was the one who has been nursing his stomach for almost a year?”

Fang Xiao was sweating profusely and begging for mercy. Tao Qing packed a small bag and went back to her mother’s house. She was furious this time.

Fang Xiao also didn’t dare to rush to ask for trouble. Tao Qing’s temper was like this. She was usually gentle. Once angry, she would be angrier when you coax her, and she would be more annoyed to look at you. If you don’t coax her and let her calm down, she’ll be more comfortable.

When Yu Han called him to come out for a drink, Fang Xiao gladly went to the appointment. He was also very depressed. He went home without his fragrant wife to sleep with him, which man is not depressed ah.

When Fang Xiao arrived, Yu Han was already drinking on his own.

As soon as Fang Xiao sat down, he said, “My wife won’t let me drink too much, I’ll just have one beer tonight. I won’t drink too much.”

Yu Han has maintained his drinking buddy for many years. At first, he kept asking him where Luo Lin Yuan really was.

Furious, Fang Xiao also don’t know. The Luo family kept quiet about this matter. It was said that Luo Lin Yuan went abroad to further his studies.

After a year, Fang Xiao’s desire to find someone faded.

When Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t be contacted nor returned to the country, and didn’t have any news, Fang Xiao was angry at first, disappointed later, then gradually lost motivation.

But he never forgot Luo Lin Yuan because of this person in front of him.

This person would come to him for a drink and ask things about Luo Lin Yuan. He and Luo Linyuan knew each other from junior high school to high school. They had many memories, there were many things he could pick out and talk about.

Yu Han listened while drinking, and occasionally laughed when he heard funny things.

It was just that the laughter was shallow, and it dissipated after a while.

He will always remember the fifth year of Luo Lin Yuan’s departure, Yu Han was so drunk that he suddenly told him.

Yu Han: “If it weren’t for being able to talk to you about him, sometimes I would even think that Luo Lin Yuan doesn’t actually exist.”

“He was just a good dream that appeared in my life when I was at my lowest. When the time came, I woke up from the dream.”

Fang Xiao reassured him, “How could that be? He is a big living person, how can he disappear? Sooner or later we will meet him. When the time comes, I will beat him up hard.”

Yu Han slumped on the table and hid his eyes: “Yes ah, we will meet him. When the time comes…”

When the time comes, Yu Han didn’t say what would happen.

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