Close to You
Close To You Chapter 97

Xiao Xiong felt that something was wrong, “Mr. Yu, did you mistake the wrong person? Our Dean isn’t called…”

“Xiao Xiong!” Luo Lin Yuan interrupted her words. “Pour a cup of water for Mr. Yu first and this little friend, then bring some snacks. I have to change my clothes.”

Xiao Xiong agreed. Luo Lin Yuan grabbed his rabbit costume and ran out of the Dean’s office. Those unaware would think that he wasn’t going to change clothes but was running for his life.

Taro Ball was tired of standing. He let go of Yu Han’s hand and found a chair to sit on, shaking his legs, “Dad, I like it here.”

Yu Han ignored him and kept staring at the office door, not knowing what he was thinking.

Luo Lin Yuan escaped to the bathroom. The bathroom was built in the painting garden to prevent the children from having to change when an embarrassing situation occurs.

As a result, the children didn’t use it much. He, the Dean of the Garden visited it the most, reporting almost several times a day.

Luo Lin Yuan threw his clothes into the washing machine. If he usually sweated so much, he would’ve tossed and turned in the bathroom for at least an hour. But there were people still waiting for him in the office, so he shouldn’t delay.

When he thought that the one waiting for him was Yu Han, he felt extremely conflicted.

There was a kind of desire to stay in the bathroom for the rest of his life and a desire to rush to Yu Han immediately.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t dare look at Yu Han at all. He would definitely make a fool of himself. Just now, he ran out of the office without daring to say anything.

Too spineless and impulsive.

He shouldn’t have taken the initiative to greet Yu Han, even though he was dressed as a mascot.

God knows how he felt when he saw Yu Han through the headgear, in colorful balloons and rainbow bubbles.

He even thought it was just an illusion, and it broke with a poke.

He stared at Yu Han foolishly for a long time, looking at Yu Han’s much more mature face. The angle of his face became deeper and deeper and his physique seemed to be stronger than when he was in school. He was wearing a shirt with wide shoulders and a narrow waist, and his pectoral muscles were bulging…

Wait! Luo Lin Yuan shook his head vigorously in the water and slapped his face.

Don’t think about it. What are you thinking in broad daylight!?

Moreover, Yu Han… has a child ah. He should be married.

Luo Lin Yuan took a handful of hot water and rubbed his face. The water was too hot that it burned his eyes.

It was half an hour after washing. Luo Lin Yuan came out and glanced at his phone. He hurriedly wiped his hair with a towel and went by while he was still wet.

The poor Xiao Xiong in the office who greeted the guests almost emptied her stomach of the topic. However, this Mr. Yu was quite talkative before but now he was cold as heck. Still, the child was sensible, giving her support and calling her a sweet sister.

When she noticed Yu Han glanced to the door for the tenth time and also raised his wrist to look at his watch, Xiao Xiong sweated profusely, “I apologize, our Dean is more particular. He’s not usually like this. He’s been too busy today and is still cleaning up.”

Instead, Mr. Yu asked her, “Why did you say I was mistaken for someone else?”

Before she could answer, the office door was pushed open, bringing in a slightly sweet smell of shower gel. Xiao Xiong just breathed a sigh of relief but when she saw Luo Lin Yuan’s appearance, her heart hung in the air again.

I thought we agreed to dress up formally when we meet the parents! Why did the head of the Garden come out wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with sunflower printed on it? He didn’t even blow dried his hair, and his clothes weren’t neat. He looked like a high school student.

There was also the state of his skin after showering, making Xiao Xiong, a female, extremely jealous.

Xiao Xiong stared at Luo Lin Yuan, winking to send a hint for him to change his clothes. The usually witty Dean was also looking at her, blinking blankly, and a drop of water hit his face.

This scene made her breathing stop. Ordinary water droplets looked like special effect filters on the beauty’s face, so it looked good.

Sure enough, I’m very happy to work here. Xiao Xiong thought smitten.

At this moment, Mr. Yu got up, so they all looked over at him. They saw Mr. Yu walk to the desk, took the wooden box containing tissues, bent down, and put it on the coffee table with a thump. His strength was a little heavy.

Yu Han: “Wipe it.”

The Dean blushed in embarrassment. He drew several sheets of tissue stiffly, pressed them on his cheeks, and asked her to speak.

Xiao Xiaong felt that the weather might be too hot today and the Dean had been busy for too long and wasn’t in good condition, so she had to do it.

Thus, she brought out the usual way the Dean coaxes parents, talking about their environment, the teachers’ strengths, the number of organizations they have cooperated with, the many activities they usually have, and the fact that their headquarters is famous in the United States, and so on.

She talked laboriously there and the Dean next to her played with his fingertips. Mr. Yu joined in the meeting and responded from time to time, although they were simple phrases.

Luo Lin Yuan seemed to be in a daze with nothing to do, but he actually kept his ears up to eavesdrop. It was just that Yu Han spoke too little, and only occasionally spoke, making him unable to listen enough.

He brought his own little selfishness. He wanted Yu Han’s child to come to this institution, but he also didn’t want the child to come. He wants to see Yu Han, but to let him watch Yu Han and his wife pick up the child, he really cannot stand it.

Yu Han shouldn’t want to come here either. After all, it was opened by his ex.

Maybe this was the last time they’d meet. He wants to listen to Yu Han’s voice for a while, exists in his heart, and occasionally takes it out.

It was pretty good for Yu Han to be married. He can still live a normal life after he left, which was… pretty good.

He couldn’t help but have a sour nose. The force of playing with his fingertips increased, like self-torture.

At this moment, a small hand leaned over, and the soft palm pinched his fingertips. The child’s hand was smooth and tender. Luo Lin Yuan raised his eyes and met a pair of big black and clean round eyes.

Luo Lin Yuan blinked, and Taro Ball also blinked. The next second, Taro Ball’s round eyes curved into two crescents. Taro Ball said in a small voice, “It will hurt.”

After saying that, the child’s body pounced on his knee, his bulging belly against his lower leg, and said to him, “Hug.”

Luo Lin Yuan had more contact with children, so in the next second, he naturally picked up the person and put him on his knee, and asked him if he wanted to eat candy.

Just as he finished, he couldn’t help but look at Yu Han, feeling guilty and wondering if Yu Han would be unhappy that he held his child without consent.

Yu Han looked at the two of them and said to Taro Ball in Luo Lin Yuan’s arms, “Be good.”

Taro Ball pouted, “I’m already good.”

After saying so, Taro Ball looked at Luo Lin Yuan, “Candy.”

While Luo Lin Yuan thought this child was good, it was a pity that he didn’t look like Yu Han at all. If they look alike, maybe he would like this child more and be less jealous, because he will be partial. He was indeed bad.

After Luo Lin Yuan became the Dean of the garden, he always had a handful of candy in his pocket to reward the children.

He unwrapped a milk candy and told him to open his mouth before stuffing it into Taro Ball to see if there were any cavities. Children of this age cannot eat too much candy.

Taro Ball resentfully looked at his father, “He won’t give me to eat.”

Luo Lin Yuan was embarrassed. So he can’t eat it? Should he give it to him or not?

This was when Yu Han, who was talking to Xiao Xiong, stopped, leaned over, and naturally took the candy from Luo Lin Yuan’s hand and put it into his mouth.

Not even having the least bit of conscience when he said he was lactose intolerant.

Taro Ball felt it was unfair, “I want it, too.”

Yu Han replied to him, “Not allowed.”

Taro Ball: “Then why can you eat.”

Yu Han: “Because it’s all mine.”

The child, Taro Ball, was almost mad thinking that his father was even more childish than his three-year-old baby.

He used his big eyes to act cute and asked Luo Lin Yuan for candy. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t dare to give it in front of Father Yu. He pressed the pocket where he put the candy and shook his head with difficulty.

Taro Ball pretended to cry, buried his meaty face into Luo Lin Yuan’s chest, and rolled in a circle,[1]This meant his attitude turned a 360 degree. “It smells good.”

Yu Han interjected coldly from the side, “Yu Yuan, sit down by yourself.”

Taro Ball, “No, I’m still a baby.”

Luo Lin Yuan lifted the child’s body up and asked the child, “Your name is Yu Yuan? Which Yuan?”

Taro Ball was usually not very good at recognizing words, but he knows his own name, he expressed himself through his hands, but he can’t say it clearly.

Yu Han said, “It came from Yuān.”[2]The child’s Yuan name meant abyss/deep. On the other hand, for comparison, the Yuan in LLY’s means ‘far’.

Luo Lin Yuan made a sound but still didn’t dare to look at Yu Han. He simply played the game of dodgeball. If Yu Han wasn’t looking at him, he peeked, if Yu Han looked at him, he dodged.

After Xiao Xiong had nothing to say, Yu Han asked, “Is it time to pay the tuition fee?”

Xiao Xiong was surprised in her heart, and then proudly looked at the frightened Dean.

Forget it, the Dean can’t be counted on today. Xiao Xiong said,  “Alipay or WeChat?”

At this point, the Dean finally realized his poor work ethic, so he took the initiative to pull out his phone and tentatively asked, “WeChat friend transfer?”

Yu Han looked at the phone in his hand, “Alipay, thank you.”

Luo Lin Yuan silently quit WeChat.

He also thought sorrowfully again: Ai, since Yu Han already has his own life and marriage, it’s better for him not to disturb.

Although he comforted himself in this way, his heart was like being gnawed by ants and it hurt so much.

He decided to arrange Yu Yuan to a class farthest away from his office, so it wouldn’t hurt where he couldn’t see.

After the transfer was completed, Yu Han got up and reached out to Taro Ball, “Come here, let’s go home.”

Taro Ball slipped out of Luo Lin Yuan’s arms, trotted to his father’s side, turned around, and said, “Bye, brother. Bye-bye, little sister oh.”

Luo Lin Yuan waved his hand at him, and at the parting, he finally gathered the courage to look at Yu Han.

Yu Han was also looking at him, his eyes deep. Luo Lin Yuan also didn’t hide, staring into his eyes, “Goodbye.”

Not knowing which nerve he touched, Yu Han’s brow swelled, his face turned sour, and his mood looked quite bad.

Luo Lin kept silent and wanted to hit his mouth. He was indeed a bit annoying. Meeting after a long separation, Yu Han first greeted him. He also ignored others. He just refused to talk to Yu Han. Now, he was waiting for someone to leave before he said goodbye.

With such an indifferent attitude, he wouldn’t be happy if it were him.

It was just his ex, not an enemy, he behaved too badly.

Yu Han said at this time, “Dean, is the name of this Yu Yuan Painting Garden also the name given by the U.S. headquarters? Which fish is it, which fate?”[3]The Yú [鱼] here meant fish, while the Yuán [缘] meant fate.

Taro Ball thought he could answer this question, “Dad, it is the small fish, fish la. I saw it when I came in.”

Xiao Xiong said, “It’s not from the U.S. headquarters oh. It was named by our dean himself.”

Dean Luo, who should’ve answered the most, couldn’t say a word, his whole face flushed.


1 This meant his attitude turned a 360 degree.
2 The child’s Yuan name meant abyss/deep. On the other hand, for comparison, the Yuan in LLY’s means ‘far’
3 The Yú [鱼] here meant fish, while the Yuán [缘] meant fate.

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