Close to You
Close To You Chapter 102

Luo Lin Yuan returned home and stood at the entrance for a long time before slowly exhaling the depression in his heart.

He suddenly felt very hungry, so hungry that it burned his heart, but over the years, he had learned everything except cooking. He went into the kitchen to boil himself an egg, but he was so clumsy that he nearly spilled the entire pot of hot water.

In shock, Luo Lin Yuan sniffled and returned to the living room with his face covered. He lay down on the sofa, took the light-colored jacket he had taken off his arms, and buried his face in it.

That was the smell he was attached to, too light, but he was already satisfied. The feeling of hunger gradually subsided, but something kept coming out of his eyes, and spinelessly wetting the clothes.

It was so stupid, how could you say something like that? The scenes of the evening replayed in his mind countless times.

He analyzed frame by frame, understood them over and over, and came up with a result that might or might not be what he hoped for.

Yu Han still likes him.

Why, when he’s all married and has a child? But even so, seeing him many years later, does he still like him? Why did he have to ask him about the child?

Luo Lin Yuan violently sat up from the sofa and used his phone to make a video call. It was a long time before the call was picked up. The screen was full of white sheets, messy black hair, and a sexy and lazy voice. The person said, “Ancestor, you know what time it is here?”

Luo Lin Yuan, “Eleven o’clock, it’s time for you to get up.”

The camera wavered, and a good-looking face appeared on the screen, with a narrow appearance and a tear mole under the eyes with the same sensual voice.

Luo Lin Yuan also saw someone lying on the other side of the bed in the camera. Luo Lin Yuan said, “You changed your girlfriend?”

Han Zhui lit a cigarette over there and said indifferently, “Baby, how many times have I told you, f**** bud^!y isn’t equal to a girlfriend.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t listen, “I have something to ask you.”

Han Zhui: “Found your first love?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Yes.”

Han Zhui said in surprise, “You really found him, great great.”

Luo Lin Yuan told everything about tonight. In the middle of his several yearning, Han Zhui listened and blue veins were showing on his forehead, then he forcibly suppressed it so as not to interrupt him.

Hearing the end, Han Zhui said, “How is this first love’s personality?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Of course, it’s good, very good!”

Han Zhui: “Then exclude the first most likely option.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Ah? What was ruled out? What’s most likely?”

Han Zhui smiled, “It’s that he wants to have a reunion with you ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “…”

Han Zhui: “Don’t look at me like this, I’m just saying it’s possible.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You’re saying it’s most likely.”

Han Zhui: “You also said he was married and had a child. If he thought of you in his heart, how could he get married? He’s probably now divorced and bisexual again. You’re still a delicious little tender meat bumping into his mouth. It’s waste if you don’t eat it.”

“He is not such a person!” Luo Lin Yuan was so angry that his face turned red, regretting analyzing this with Han Zhui. Although Han Zhui has a lot of experience, they’re all sexual experiences and have no reference value!

Han Zhui could see his unspoken criticism, “Baby, I have slept with people who also want to go with me. You ought to know this by now.”[1]Even if you haven’t eaten pork, you’ve seen a pig run. [Proverb]

Han Zhui: “There is another possibility. Didn’t he let you ask about the child? You can ask.”

Luo Lin Yuan said incredulously, “Why should I ask ah.”

He was really conflicted. At first, he was relieved that Yu Han had come out, but as time went on, the more heartbreaking it became. Liking was inherently full of selfish emotions, guilt makes him want to bless Yu Han, but liking can only make him jealous.

Han Zhui: “Maybe he has something to say about the child. How old is the child?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Three years old.”

Han Zhui: “Just graduated from college and gave birth ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s expression darkened again, “What should I do?”

Han Zhui: “Take one step at a time.”

Asking was the same as asking in vain, but it was still blocking his heart. The person on the other side of Han Zhui woke up. Han Zhui said to him, “Hang up ah. By the way, baby, I’ll return to China next week, remember to pick me up.”

After saying that he ended the call. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t have the time to ask, ‘Why did you suddenly return home? What time is the flight?’

Han Zhui was an alumnus he met at the university. He was from the same class and also from C City. The person who stopped him from drinking that drink at the party that year was his benefactor.

Han Zhui, as an Asian, doesn’t have many illicit sexual scandals abroad, and he was quite famous. There are no women he can’t sleep with, only those he doesn’t want to sleep with.

After Luo Lin Yuan met him, he had been sincerely worried about Han Zhui’s health, and he was caught and tormented by Han Zhui.

It also showed Luo Lin Yuan that day how many sets could be hidden in a person, and he was simply dumbfounded.

After asking Han Zhui, he didn’t feel much better.

After washing up, he carried Yu Han’s clothes into the room. He didn’t think he would return the clothes. If Yu Han asked him for it, then he would buy a new one of the same style to muddle through.

When Luo Lin Yuan saw the brand of the clothes, this idea was discounted.

Yu Han was now really too extravagant. This brand of clothes was very expensive, so he was a bit reluctant to buy it.

Maybe Yu Han won’t ask him for it. Didn’t he leave without turning his head tonight? Maybe he won’t care about him tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

If you ignore it, then ignore it. The person was in his institution, can you ignore him for the rest of his life?

Luo Lin Yuan fell asleep next to the pillow, unaware that there were others who were stimulated by him to sleep.

Fang Xiao came out to drink, looking miserable, clutching his stomach. He said bitterly to Yu Han, “Brother! You’re my brother. You’ve been drinking for a few days, I really can’t do it anymore.”

Yu Han put down the glass and said quietly, “Sit.”

Fang Xiao was so worried that he can only sit down. After he sat, Yu Han also didn’t let him drink. His head was stuffy as he drank. He didn’t need to look at it to know that he wasn’t progressing well with Luo Lin Yuan.

Fang Xiao originally wanted to gloat. Who made him shocked and excited that Luo Lin Yuan was back yesterday? He asked where Luo Lin Yuan was now. Yu Han said ‘I won’t tell you’, so he choked it back.

Scratching his heart and lungs all night, there was nothing he could do. Yu Han didn’t tell him, he really couldn’t find him.

Don’t you still want to help him now? Fang Xiao propped his arm and raised an eyebrow, “What’s wrong with you two?”

Yu Han drank two cups and sluggishly said, “Nothing.”

Fang Xiao speechlessly thought, nothing but you still get drunk?

Yu Han said, “Fang Xiao, you shouldn’t tell him about me.”

Fang Xiao: “How? I don’t even have his contact information.” He has a super grudge.

Yu Han was really drunk, and he don’t know how much he actually drank before he came. He saw Yu Han close his eyes and said to him, “Don’t say anything, because… It has nothing to do with him.”

Fang Xiao: “What doesn’t matter? Aren’t you waiting for him…”

Yu Han: “It has nothing to do with him, he doesn’t need to know.”

Yu Han: “It’s me who waited for these years…” After he finished, he completely slumped down, unconscious.

This gave Fang Xiao a headache, he was sentimental in the middle of the night. Did he come here to drive part-time and send the person safely home ah?

All right, who made him enough of a brother?

The next day, Luo Lin Yuan especially changed a few sets of clothes. Standing in front of the mirror and turning, not only thinking in a daze, as if he didn’t care about dressing like this after many years.

He wanted to dress maturely and not be so childish. Yu Han was very mature, unlike him, his style was still a high school student.

Luo Lin Yuan touched his smooth chin, distressed that he didn’t grow a beard. Men like to grow a beard, which was manly ah.

When he arrived at the Painting Garden, he started a busy day full of anticipation. He was busy until the evening. When it was six o’clock, he didn’t even finish his meal and put them down and ran out to greet the parents.

Just as hope meant that he was destined to be disappointed, he didn’t see Yu Han. Taro Ball was sent over by a middle-aged woman, who should be their family aunt.

Yu Han… wasn’t coming.

He said last night, don’t hate him, come tomorrow, okay?

Yu Han didn’t come, he hated him.

This thought clenched Luo Lin Yuan’s heart. He stood in the corridor until he watched the last parent enter the classroom, and then slowly walked back.

He used his hand to hammer the location of his chest, where it was very stuffy and difficult to breathe. It was like a recurrence of an old disease, and it was more like returning to the previous year.

Sure enough, it was better not to return home. It’s so sad to be back.

Han Zhui also said that Yu Han wanted to reunite with him. If this was the case, maybe he would be better.

Yu Han didn’t want him nor does he want to sleep with him, and hates him even more. Is there a more failed result than this?

Luo Lin Yuan sat at his desk. There were obviously many things waiting for him to do, but his limbs were weak and he couldn’t move. His whole person fell into a gray fog that he couldn’t escape. He can’t do anything except lie there and feel uncomfortable.

Not knowing how long he was lost in thought, the music played after class, and someone knocked on the office door.

Luo Lin Yuan braced himself and sat up, saying, “Come in.”

It was Teacher Yang still holding a child in her hand.

Taro Ball was wearing an apron with paint smeared on his hand, smiling and calling out to him brother.

Luo Lin Yuan got up and walked over, squatting in front of Taro Ball, “Good boy, why are you looking for me ah?”

Taro Ball was entrusted with a task and obediently served as a messenger. He said, “Dad can’t come today, he asked me to tell Brother.”

Luo Lin Yuan was stunned and said after a long while, “Why did your Dad ask you to tell me…”

Taro Ball: “Dad can’t come, he’s too busy, only my aunt can accompany me.”

After Taro Ball finished, he held out his small hand to Luo Lin Yuan expectantly, “Reward.”

Teacher Yang laughed next to him, “He knows that you usually give candy to children as a reward, so he wants it too.”

Taro Ball put down his hand in embarrassment and said softly, “Can’t I?”

Luo Lin Yuan immediately said, “Of course, you can!” He took out a handful of colorful candies from his pocket, and finally picked a fruit candy and put it into Taro Ball’s hand.

After hesitating, he gave another milk candy and patiently said, “This is for your Dad. You can’t take it.”

Taro Ball looked at the fruit candy in his right hand and the milk candy in his left hand, wondering why make things difficult for him, a three-year-old child.

He really wanted to eat them all.

To eat or not to eat, be a bad boy or a good boy.

What a difficult choice.

Jie Jie: Wanna see what Han Zhui looks like? Hehe~

Feast your eyes!

P.S. I actually had to double-check the raw if it was really stated there that he has black hair, he really did QAQ. Some changes in the manhwa, ig.


1 Even if you haven’t eaten pork, you’ve seen a pig run. [Proverb]

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