Close to You
Close To You Chapter 103

However, Taro Ball’s candy wasn’t delivered. When his aunt came to pick him up that night, she sent him to his uncle’s house. Uncle Xu was also very beautiful, and Taro Ball liked him.

Sometimes, Dad was too busy, so he would send him to his uncle’s house to keep him company.

Uncle Xu’s house also had a room for him, specially prepared for him to stay. As soon as Uncle Xu saw him, he came over to give him hugs and kisses and took him to play with toys. Not being able to see his Dad and being distracted, Taro Ball forgot about the candy.

It wasn’t until Uncle Xu sent him to class the next day that he remembered.

He slowly told Uncle Xu that he had forgotten to give his brother’s candy to his Dad and was going to go to his brother to say sorry.

Uncle Xu raised his eyebrow and said, “What Brother? Where did the Brother come from and why did he give your Dad candy?”

Xu Xiaoxiao said, “Didn’t your Dad stop eating candy anymore?” He didn’t know what kind of madness, but his face blackened at the mention of candy.

Taro Ball said, “Yes ah, he robbed a candy from me.”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “Robbed from you?”

Taro Ball: “Cheapskate! Dad is stingy!”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “Since Dad is so stingy, go home with Uncle, okay? Uncle will take good care of you.”

Taro Ball said slowly, “No way.”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “Why not!”

Taro Ball: “You have Uncle Chang and Dad only has me, so I can’t.”

Xu Xiaoxiao’s eyes were sore and felt a lot of emotions in his heart. Before he could express it, Taro Ball touched his hand like a little adult as if to comfort him. Then he turned his head heartlessly and went to play with the little sister.

On this side, Luo Lin Yuan was still on the phone with someone, grinding with the partner about the venue. He had planned to hold a flea market activity, allowing children to make storefronts with their parents and sell their own toys.

Also, a portion of the paintings will be sold to the Painting Garden charity, and the proceeds will be donated to public welfare and the children in the mountains.

For such a large event, safety issues, venue issues, and crowd flow must be considered in every aspect. Just making the relevant PowerPoint and using it to talk to the parents was a headache.

After finally ending the call, he got up to get hot water for his medication. The needles and medicine from the small clinic were effective, and his fever went down and his cold was almost gone.

He knew his own body, so he can’t take it lightly, and he still has to finish his medicine.

As he passed by the first class, Luo Lin Yuan stood by the door and stuck his head out. The children in the younger class were forming shapes for the little monsters that were their teaching materials. The monster’s mouth was made into circles, squares, and triangles, which were used to instill a sense of shapes in the children’s heads.

Taro Ball was smart enough to shape it quickly, sitting idly on a small chair swaying his toes.

Luo Lin Yuan scanned around the class, and couldn’t see the person he wanted to see. He was a little sad.

He thought to himself, did Yu Han receive the candy? Does he want him to send flowers? Was it appropriate for him to send flowers in this relationship? It’s okay not to send roses and carnations to the great father.

He thought blindly and thought of the black face that might appear after Yu Han received the carnation, and found it funny.

Taro Ball looked around in boredom and saw him standing in the doorway. He wanted to stand up a bit but didn’t dare. He can only wave at him in a small action, and open his mouth to speak soundlessly.

Luo Lin Yan was amused by him that he came over, squatting in front of Taro Ball, “What’s wrong?”

Taro Ball: “I’m sorry, Brother, I didn’t get deliver the candy.” He seemed to be feeling guilty, his brows were furrowed tightly.

This serious little appearance was similar to Yu Han.

Luo Lin Yuan said, “Good boy, it’s not a big deal. It’s okay, no need to apologize.” Next time he’ll personally send it, there will be a sincerity point.

Taro Ball said, “Don’t call me a good boy, you call every child a good boy.”

Yo, you’re also jealous. Jealous this much, just like his father.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Then what should I call you?”

Taro Ball: “Call me Taro Ball like Dad, the one you can eat.”

Taro Ball: “Dad said, if you promise to others, you have to do it. If you didn’t do that promise, you say sorry. This is the basic of being human.”

For this long series of words, Taro Ball said very slowly, halfway through, he was stuck because he remembered what his Father said. Fortunately, he stumbled and finally got off.

As soon as he finished reciting, when he saw the Dean Brother in front of him look as if he had been injured, his expression changed in pain.

Taro Ball apprehensively said, “Brother, are you uncomfortable?”

Luo Lin Yuan held back the discomfort and shook his head. It was indeed uncomfortable because even a three-year-old child understood it, but he didn’t do it. Yu Han taught him.

He didn’t know if Yu Han was thinking of him as a wimp who broke his promise when he taught this truth to the child.

Yu Han didn’t come for almost a week, halfway through he couldn’t stand it and dialed Yu Han’s phone again.

This call was the same as the last time, it was answered before he regretted it.

Luo Lin Yuan held his phone and clasped his fingers uneasily on the corner of the table, “Mr. Yu, aren’t you coming to class?”

There was silence for a while on the other side, “Dean Luo, I remember I had someone to accompany Taro Ball to class.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I think… the child misses his Dad.” I miss you too.

Yu Han seems to sigh, his voice was tired, “Got it, I’m still on a business trip. I’ll trouble Dean Luo to take care of Taro Ball. I’ll fly back on Friday, I’ll come on time to accompany him to the class then.”

Just finished a business trip? Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly said, “It’s better to rest when you just came back. You also don’t have to come quickly.”

Yu Han laughed, and the tremor of that voice reached Luo Lin Yuan’s ear and it itched.

At the same time, he also heard a male voice coming from there. It should be the secretary, urging Yu Han to go to the meeting. Luo Lin Yuan took the initiative to say, “Go ahead and do your things, goodbye.”

After that, he hung up the phone, squeezing the phone and thinking, fortunately, it wasn’t a woman’s voice, or he would have misunderstood.

Wait, it seemed that men’s voice wasn’t much better. The male secretary’s voice was quite good, I wonder how he looks.

This thought just surfaced in Luo Lin Yuan’s mind and he shook his head reflexively. What was he jealous of? Yu Han wasn’t yet his and he wasn’t qualified to be jealous.

That’s what he said, but when he found out that Taro Ball was sent by a beautiful man whose age couldn’t be identified, he was still jealous.

He secretly compared himself with this man and found that his waist wasn’t as thin as anyone else, and only his white skin can compete a little.

This man also sprayed perfume, got tattooed eyebrows, and tattoos on his neck, looking particularly like a bottom.

He heard Taro Ball call him uncle and wondered what the relationship between this man and Yu Han was.

When Xu Xiaoxiao took the child, saying goodbye to the teachers, he felt Taro Ball in his hand break away from his hand.

As he subconsciously let go, the child scampered. When he looked again, he had already pounced on a boy. A sweet brother and brazenly asked for candy.

Xu Xiaoxiao hurriedly went over and glanced at the boy. He looked quite young and wasn’t wearing an apron. He was probably the brother of some child.

He hurriedly caught Taro Ball back, bowed his head, and apologized, “Sorry!”

The boy smiled, “It’s okay.” The boy squatted down and took out a candy bribe to Taro Ball.

It wasn’t enough for Taro Ball to ask for candy, he also asked for kisses. He leaned his meaty face over without courtesy at all.

Xu Xiaoxiao felt humiliated. Although he always knew Taro Ball’s nature, a brat who likes good-looking people. The better they look, the more he like them. He carefully looked at the boy, he was indeed very good-looking.

If he didn’t have Chang Mu, he could also consider such a little milk pup.

The boy kissed Taro Ball and looked up at Xu Xiaoxiao. He didn’t know if it was Xu Xiaoxiao’s misconception, he felt that there was some provocation in that look.

He blinked again and it was gone as fast as if it hadn’t happened.

Luo Linyuan stood up and officially extended his hand to Xu Xiaoxiao, “Hello, I am the Dean of Yu Yuan. After you accompanied your child today, how do you feel about the course?”

Xu Xiaoxiao suddenly realized and hurriedly stretched out his hand, “It turned out to be a teacher ah. Sorry, sorry, I thought you were a student, you look too small.”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “Very good, the course is quite interesting, it makes me want to come to class.”

The two laughed and chatted. Xu Xiaoxiao felt good about the young Dean.

It wasn’t until the Dean asked about his relationship with Yu Han in hidden words did he suddenly realized that the boy was interested in his brother ah.

No wonder Taro Ball said that there was a “Brother” who gave candy to Yu Han, so it was this Brother.

Although his brother can accept men, his only same-sex relationship talk was painful, and he hadn’t seen him talk about it for so many years.

He didn’t know if he should help for a while, but he had to make it clear so as not to cause any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Xu Xiaoxiao said, “I am Yu Han’s brother, I helped take care of the child.”

Although the intention was good, Luo Lin Yuan knew that Yu Han doesn’t have a brother, but has a younger brother, the one born to Guan Shuofeng.

It’s no wonder he thought too much. Mainly because Xu Xiaoxiao’s zero breath[1]0 means the bottom/shou. couldn’t be hidden, which made Luo Lin Yuan panic.

This was like a straight man suddenly having a beautiful sister which was enough to make the straight man’s crush panic.

After sending away all the children, Luo Lin Yuan finished cleaning and returned to the office with the phone. After thinking about it, he still texted.

If the relationship was close, the basic law was you have to add on WeChat.

He didn’t dwell much on it, and sent out a clichéd pickup line: Mr. Yu, can I add you in WeChat?

Yu Han received a phone call from Xu Xiaoxiao before he received the WeChat.

He picked up and asked, “What’s wrong, did Taro Ball get in trouble?”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “Why do you want to slander my nephew? Who’s in trouble don’t have points in their hearts ah.”

Yu Han: “Get to the point, I’m busy.”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “What is your relationship with the Dean of Yu Yuan?”

Yu Han didn’t expect him to ask this, “Why?”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “What else? He asked me in a roundabout way today what relationship I have with you. I heard Taro Ball say that you even stole the Dean’s candy from him. Didn’t you say you’d never eat candy again?”

Yu Han relaxed his back and leaned back in his chair, “He asked you about our relationship? How did you answer?”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “How else can I answer, I said I’m your brother.”

Yu Han: “He knows I don’t have a brother.”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “Huh? … Sh!#t, no wonder he had a strange expression. I’m telling you, there was a murderous aura. Then, what should I do now ah?”

Yu Han: “What to do?”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “Are you interested in him?”

Yu Han: “Hang up.”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “Hey!”

While Xu Xiaoxiao was furious with the hung-up phone, Luo Lin Yuan received a text message.

A string of numbers, the same as this phone number, Yu Han’s WeChat ID.

Luo Lin Yuan quickly added, and the other side also accepted it quickly.

Yu Han’s avatar was a silhouette, two people leaning against each other. The background seems to be a hospital, the people in the image were covered in black like two shadows relying on each other.

It wasn’t possible to see who it was in the end. Luo Lin Yuan specifically took a screenshot and zoomed in, but still couldn’t figure out the reason.

Then he looked at his Moments which are only visible for three days.


As soon as he pulled down, Yu Han’s Moment jumped out.

He said good night.

Don’t know who he was saying it to or who could see it.


1 0 means the bottom/shou.

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