Close to You
Close To You Chapter 105

What kind of fate was this? At that moment, Luo Lin Yuan even thought in his heart, no matter how they separated, they seem to always meet again.

Yu Han was wearing a black shirt and pants with a slender figure, pulling his luggage around the crowd as he walked up to Luo Lin Yuan. “Why are you here?”

Luo Lin Yuan said in a trance, “Probably to meet you.”

Yu Han was so amused by the cheeky pick-up line that he wanted to laugh. He raised his finger and pointed to the pickup sign in Luo Lin Yuan’s hand. “So grand, you even got a pickup sign?”

The sign also had a rainbow-colored unicorn painted on it, and it said in big letters, ‘WELCOME TO C CITY.’

Luo Lin Yuan had never been so glad he didn’t write his[1]Han Zhui’s name on this pickup sign. Yu Han asked, “How did you know I was arriving at this time?”

He got embarrassed and touched his nose, “Yeah, how did I know…”

Yu Han: “You haven’t been waiting here for a long time, have you?” He thought Luo Lin Yuan had heard on the phone that he was coming back today and had purposely come to the airport to wait all day.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t deny it, let alone dare to say no. At such a time, besides, to tell the truth is not to embarrass Yu Han, just treat it as a beautiful misunderstanding.

As for Han Zhui… if he can’t be picked up, then he can’t. He will book a private car for Han Zhui and the driver of the private car will receive him well.

Luo—no conscience, with only a man in his eyes—Lin Yuan silently gave up Han Zhui in his heart. He nodded honestly in front of Yu Han but also said brazenly, “I got hungry waiting, are you hungry?”

Yu Han, who had eaten on the plane, wasn’t hungry but he couldn’t say no to Luo Lin Yuan who had come to deliberately pick him up.

What surprised him more was Luo Lin Yuan’s initiative. He thought this person would be like the first day he met, with an evasive attitude and a shrinking appearance, afraid of his ex forever.

He didn’t expect he’d do such a thing as wait idly for opportunities and wait to pick him up at the airport… It was stupid enough that people were touched.

He reached out and took the card in Luo Lin Yuan’s hand, “Give it to me, isn’t it heavy?”

As he said so, he glanced at the McFlurry on Luo Lin Yuan’s hand. Luo Lin Yuan felt guilty and hurriedly said, “I only ate a McFlurry, and nothing else…” Then he let out a huge burp.

Yu Han: “…”

Luo Linyuan: “Haha, I have a bad stomach. This ice cream is too cold.”

Yu Han put the card in the luggage, “Then don’t eat it.”

Luo Lin Yuan turned around and ran to the trash can. After throwing it and trotting back, he tilted his head to look at Yu Han, looking too good to be true. “Where are we going to eat?”

Yu Han looked around, “I asked my assistant to come and pick me up, I have to wait a while to get in the car to discuss.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Your assistant is here to pick you up? Where were you going?”

Yu Han: “The company.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Are you busy?”

Yu Han suddenly raised his hand and grasped his wrist, dragging him to his side. Luo Lin Yuan forgot to breathe, holding a beating heart, his feet were weak. He only hated that he couldn’t fall and lean on Yu Han’s arms.

In the end, reason prevailed over emotion. He restrained himself to stop a step away from Yu Han, looking at the person with unblinking eyes.

Behind him came the sound of thanks, a parent was pushing a huge luggage cart with a child sitting on it.

It turned out that Yu Han pulled him just to make way so that it would be convenient for people to pass by.

Luo Lin Yuan withdrew his delighted and longing eyes.

Yu Han said, “Let’s go out first, there are too many people here.”

The two walked to the door but didn’t go out. Luo Lin Yuan asked, “Why not leave?”

Yu Han: “There is air conditioning inside, it’s hot outside.”

Luo Lin Yuan was most afraid of the heat back then. Yu Han took out his phone and contacted his assistant, asking when the other party would arrive.

The assistant was stuck on the highway, probably because of a car accident ahead. He wouldn’t get off the highway for a while, the fastest would take half an hour.

Luo Lin Yuan stood next to him and also used his phone. He sent a message to Han Zhui on WeChat, saying that he couldn’t pick him up, so he booked him a private car, booked a hotel, and then made a dinner appointment tomorrow.

Han Zhui didn’t reply to him for a long time, he shouldn’t have gotten off the plane yet.

On this side, Yu Han hung up, “He is in a traffic jam. Are you starving? Why not eat over here.” Looking up, there’s only one McDonald’s in the entire arrival gate.

Luo Lin Yuan asked, “How long will it take?”

Yu Han: “Half an hour.”

Half an hour? Han Zhui must’ve arrived by then, they can’t stand here anymore! Otherwise, it would be the first embarrassment of the year if they collided with Han Zhui.

Luo Lin Yuan: “McDonald’s, then.”

So the two big men ordered a light afternoon meal. Yu Han asked Luo Lin Yuan if he wanted to eat a burger. Luo Lin Yuan was in a panic, but in order to look really hungry, he reluctantly nodded.

When the meal came up, Luo Lin Yuan went to wash his hands first, then used wet wipes, and carefully dried them with paper towels. When Yu Han saw this process, he smiled.

Luo Lin Yuan asked, “What are you smiling at? Do you want wet wipes?”

Yu Han nodded, and Luo Lin Yuan gave him one. Both people ate a little. Luo Lin Yuan almost had to divide the French fries ten times to eat. Yu Han hardly moved except to drink water.

Unexpectedly, the two of them would eat McDonald’s for the first time.

It can’t be changed to a more high-level place, not to mention the environment, a small bridge over a flowing stream[2]This phrase came from a Chinese poem where it signifies that the poet missed their home when they saw this scene.. Anyway, they should at least eat some nutritious and non-fried food.

Luo Lin Yuan naturally said, “You paid for it this time, so I’ll treat you next time.”

Without waiting for Yu Han to agree, the glass window on the side where they were seating was knocked twice. Han Zhui stood outside and looked at them with a smile. Luo Lin Yuan was sweating coldly for a moment, his lips and tongue were dry.

Han Zhui pulled his luggage, bypassed the glass, entered the McDonald’s, and stood in front of their table. “You’re good ah, Lin Yuan. Now you can play the surprise set, didn’t you say you won’t come to pick me up?”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at him stiffly. Han Zhui looked at Yu Han, “This handsome man is?”

Yu Han got up, “Hello, I’m Yu Han.”

Han Zhui’s peach blossom eyes widened slightly, thinking, so this is Luo Lin Yuan’s first love ah. He’s really handsome.

He threw a look at Luo Lin Yuan, suggesting that he did a good job and made good progress. He was able to abduct his first love and pick him(HZ) up.

Yu Han said, “You are?”

Han Zhui: “I’m Lin Yuan’s friend, Han Zhui. Korean Han and Zhui for chase.”

Yu Han said, “He’s here to pick you up today?”

Han Zhui felt that it seemed a bit wrong. He didn’t know the current situation so he could only be honest, “Yes ah. He just joked on WeChat that he couldn’t pick me up. I wanted to say that he really had no conscience. Fortunately, I was hungry and came to buy a burger. Otherwise, I would’ve been fooled.”

Yu Han: “So that’s how it is.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “…” I don’t want to talk, I want to die.

Only then did Han Zhui see Yu Han’s luggage, “Why are you also dragging a luggage? Are you going on a business trip?”

Yu Han smiled appropriately and said, “I just came back from a business trip and today’s also my flight.”

Han Zhui: “…”

He looked at Luo Lin Yuan and Luo Lin Yuan was also looking at him with dead eyes. Yu Han picked up the welcome sign on his luggage and handed it to Han Zhui, “I think this sign was specifically made for you. I made a mistake and thought it was for me.”

Han Zhui: “…”

Yu Han took out his phone and looked at it, “I have to go first. There’s something to do in the company and it’s busy.”

Han Zhui: “…”

Luo Lin Yuan saw that the person was leaving. He was anxious, but because of his large-scale turnover car accident, he didn’t dare to speak. He desperately hinted at Han Zhui with his eyes, telling him to have the person stay behind.

Han Zhui hurriedly draped his hand over his shoulder tightly. They were of similar height. Yu Han was caught off guard and was really dragged. He couldn’t help but look stunned.

Han Zhui smiled brightly, “Why are you in such a hurry? Eat before you go.”

Luo Lin Yuan cut Han Zhui’s hand with his eyes. He hasn’t even held Yu Han’s shoulder yet!

Yu Han pull away Han Zhui’s hand, “No, I already ate.”

Han Zhui: “Don’t leave ah, I like watching people eat the most, especially if they look handsome and look like they have an appetite. Sit, ah.”

Yu Han: “This is a table for two.”

Han chase: “Simple.”

He let go of Yu Han and also used his foot to pin Yu Han’s suitcase to prevent him from leaving. With a long hand stretched out, he dragged over the chair next to him and placed it in the middle, “See? Sit down, sit down.”

Yu Han had to sit back. Although Luo Lin Yuan was glad that Yu Han stayed, he didn’t know how to face this situation for a while, so he could only remain silent.

Han Zhui kicked Luo Lin Yuan under the table, hating the iron for not becoming steel. Luo Lin Yuan almost didn’t jump up, feeling that his trousers’ leg was kicked dirty, but Yu Han was on the opposite side, so he didn’t dare check it.

Han Zhui solved a chicken wing in three bites, “Lin Yuan, give me a coke, I’m so freakin thirsty.”

Yu Han: “I’ll order it for you.”

Han Zhui smiled, “Thanks, handsome guy ah.”

He glanced at Yu Han’s hand, “Is the handsome guy married?”

Yu Han: “No.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s listless little body straightened up and perked up his ears. His face was pitiful, he wanted to ask but didn’t dare to ask.

Yu Han asked back, “Where did you and Luo Lin Yuan meet?”

Han Zhui raised his eyebrows, “Luo Lin Yuan?”

Yu Han: “Am I wrong?”

Han Zhui: “We’re in a university in the United States, he…” Luo Lin Yuan gave him a hard kick below the table, kicking him so much that it hurt. Han Zhui frowned and glared at Luo Lin Yuan. Luo Lin Yuan pretended to look at the scenery outside the window, ignoring him.

They thought their movements were hidden, but they didn’t know that everything was so obvious, so obvious that Yu Han knew exactly what was going on. It was also clear that there was a tacit understanding between the two, exchanging glances with each other, things that they only understood and knew.

He was an outsider and thought that Luo Lin Yuan was here to pick him up, but it turned out to be just an embarrassing misunderstanding.

It was also true that Luo Lin Yuan never said, ‘I’m here to pick you up.’

How did he misunderstand and make this joke?

Yu Han lowered his eyes, the embarrassment and discomfort all gathered up. When he looked at the two people opposite him again, his heart was already armored as if he was invincible.

He talked indifferently with Han Zhui, restoring the atmosphere of the scene to harmony until the assistant’s call came.

He got up with his phone, nodded at these two, and apologized, “Sorry, I really have to go, my assistant has arrived.”

He even asked, “Do you guys need a ride?”

Luo Lin Yuan was so embarrassed that he was suffocating. He regretted leaving Yu Han behind.

Han Zhui said, “Sure ah, I…”

Luo Lin Yuan tugged at Han Zhui’s clothes, “I called you a private car, don’t bother others.”

Yu Han seemed not to see and didn’t force. He pulled his luggage and left.

Han Zhui smiled and watched the person leave. He waited for the person to go far away, then turned back to Luo Lin Yuan, “Are you a straight man?!”

Not waiting for Luo Lin Yuan to speak, Han Zhui continued, “Are you crazy? How are you straighter than me? Do you still want to pursue your first love? Those who didn’t know would think that it was your first love who entangled you. You didn’t want to be with them at all. That’s why you made such a show today.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “How is it possible!”

Han Zhui: “God f%$@ng called me a private car and don’t bother others, others?! If I were your first love, I would pour this Coke on your face to wake you up! In the end, do you know how to love, Lin Yuan ah!”

Jie Jie: Ngl, I feel bad for YH on this chapter. HZ is a good friend. yes, talk some sense to LLY XD


1 Han Zhui’s
2 This phrase came from a Chinese poem where it signifies that the poet missed their home when they saw this scene.

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