Close to You
Close To You Chapter 106

Luo Lin Yuan was uncomfortable enough, things have turned out to be not what he wanted. There was a pile of fried food squeezed in his stomach and it was churning at this moment; it was terrible.

He covered his stomach and said in discomfort, “Otherwise, what do you want me to say? To really get in his car and walk together? I can’t stand this embarrassment.” That’s right. When Han Zhui reminded him, he also figured out that the sentence was wrong.

Han Zhui: “Stomach pain?”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded.

Han Zhui: “Deserved. You value s^!x over friendship. It’s obvious that you came to pick me up but you ended up being dazzled by your first love that you abandoned your good friend.”

Luo Lin Yuan rolled his eyes, “Who worked so hard to help you get rid of the girl who came to you? If it wasn’t for me, I don’t know how many times you would’ve been cold in the United States.”

Han Zhui was afraid that he would mention the old things of the past and became a terrified dog leg[1]One who follows the villain/henchman., “Lin Yuan, Yuan Yuan, Classmate Lin, it’s very uncomfortable. Come, come, I’ll support you. Let’s go, let’s take that private car.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Scram.”

In the end, they can only cancel the private car and go to the pharmacy first. Han Zhui dragged his luggage to accompany him to buy medicine and took it on the spot.

Luo Lin Yuan sat in the chair of the pharmacy, half dead, with a row of old men and women who came out to cool off in the evening.

The child was running happily in front of him; Luo Lin Yuan was lost in thought.

Han Zhui said, “You just heard it, your first love is not married. Find the opportunity to ask about the child, there may be other explanations.”

When he mentioned this, Luo Lin Yuan was so embarrassed that he bowed to grab his hair, pulling them hard, almost pulling his hairline back a few centimeters.

Han Zhui looked distressed, “Don’t grab. Don’t make me bald at such a young age, I still want to have so much hair.”

Han Zhui is good everywhere but has a little less hair. He usually has to do styling and pretend to have a lot of hair.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Leave me alone, it’s annoying. Say what to do ah!”

Han Zhui subconsciously took out a cigarette, hesitated, then stuffed it back. “What to do? Go and ask for forgiveness, and coax him.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “He is not a little girl, how can I coax him.”

Han Zhui: “Why can’t you coax him? You’re sexist ah. Men can also be coaxed ah. How did you coax before and how do you coax now?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Before is before, now is now. We used to be a couple, now we have broken up. How could I use the previous set?”

What’s more, Yu Han has never been angry with him ah. He has always spoiled him very much.

Thinking about it all felt heartbreaking.

Han Zhui rubbed his chin, “Men, there’s nothing that can be solved with a single shot. If it doesn’t work, then have another shot.”

Luo Lin Yuan said with a look of contempt, “How is it possible, I’m not this kind of man. I didn’t even make it clear, how can I sleep.”

Han Zhui shrugged, indicating that he didn’t believe it.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t want to argue with him about this, so he sent the person to the hotel. Han Zhui is not a local, but he can grow in C City.

Before getting out of the car, he said to Luo Lin Yuan, “I want to see a house tomorrow.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Find an intermediary.”

Han Zhui: “I need you, friend.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I will find you a super reliable intermediary, bye-bye.”

Han Zhui: “…”

Luo Lin Yuan hurried to Yu Yuan unrelenting and waited anxiously for the evening class. He didn’t know that Taro Ball was sent over by his aunt. Yu Han, who had promised to accompany the class, didn’t come.

Yu Han wasn’t there not because he was against it, well, indeed, a little. But he really is busy, otherwise, even if that man is getting married and on his honeymoon, he will rush back from abroad to the company if he has something to do.

Money is earned a lot, but there isn’t much private time.

At any rate, he’s half the boss. After successfully developing a software in partnership with a few friends from university, he got the investment. The most difficult time passed, and the company was right on track. There was no need to be like before where everyone has to stay up in the company all night long.

Later, he took Taro Ball home. Taro Ball had no father and no mother. He was pitiful and very similar to him.

It was just that he misjudged the timing of the child’s early maturity. When he picked up Taro Ball from Xu Xiaoxiao, the two-year-old knew more than they thought.

It was probably because children’s words carry no harm. When playing, he knows from other children that he is different from others.

For example, everyone else has a mom and dad, but he only has an uncle.

Taro Ball understood everything he needs to know. Although he still calls him Dad, he still looks at other people’s families with envy.

Taro Ball was Jing Lin’s child, but Jing Lin went out to make a living at a very young age. She has a very poor relationship with her family and has long lost contact.[2]If you don’t remember her, she’s the one who gave a tattoo on Luo Lin Yuan. Please refer to Chapter 72.

Jing Lin’s boyfriend, Chen Zhen, his family didn’t like Jing Lin. They even arranged blind dates for Chen Zhen several times, hoping that he could break up with Jing Lin.

Jing Lin has a strong temperament and had to break up with Chen Zhen because of these things.

But the two of them couldn’t resist having each other in their hearts, so they got back together after entanglement.

After Chen Zhen died in a fire accident, Jing Lin found out that she was pregnant.

The blow of losing a lover, coupled with the emotional depression during pregnancy, led to a hemorrhage during a difficult delivery, and wasn’t rescued.

The place for the child once made them very entangled. Xu Xiaoxiao took the child to Chen Zhen’s family, but what happened can’t be mentioned. Yu Han had never seen Xu Xiaoxiao so angry, and he thought he had said something quite unpleasant.

Xu Xiaoxiao said that Chen Zhen’s side refused to admit that the child was his.

The two old people wanted it, but the Chen family was now relying on the oldest of the family to support them. The oldest refused to raise the posthumous child. Xu Xiaoxiao didn’t want to send Taro Ball there when he saw this attitude.

There was no need to think about it. One knows that when Taro Ball grows up, he will not have an easy time lodging under another person’s roof. It was better for them to raise the child.

Originally, Xu Xiaoxiao wanted to adopt Taro Ball, but Chang Mu’s family was complicated, and they had always refused to accept Chang Mu’s coming out of the closet. They even said that if Xu Xiaoxiao wanted to adopt a child, why can’t Chang Mu have one with another woman and then take it back to raise it together?

How could Xu Xiaoxiao accept such a condition? After a while, he couldn’t help it, so he was deadlocked. When Yu Han proposed to adopt, Xu Xiaoxiao persuaded him, but Yu Han’s words shocked him.

Yu Han said, “I won’t get married, it’s just right to have a child.”

Xu Xiaoxiao: “How do you know you won’t get married? You’re so young. You won’t think so in a few years. Don’t make decisions easily.”

Yu Han replied calmly, “What about Jing Lin’s child? You also know how special this child is. Besides us, who else will adopt him?”

Yu Han: “And before Grandma left, if it weren’t for you and Sister Jing to help me, I might not be able to survive.”

After having a child, Yu Han’s life did suddenly change drastically, but it also let him know that he should go home, know how to take care of his health, and not be so focused on work that he puts himself in the hospital.

What Xu Xiaoxiao had nagged a hundred times before, Yu Han was now able to do it consciously.

When he returned home in the evening, the aunt walked out of the room with her coat on, “Sir, would you like to have some supper?”

Yu Han gingerly went to see the child. After he came out, the aunt told him, “When school was over today, the teacher gave me this.”

She handed over a list of interactive activities for parents and children to make a flea market storefront and sell their small toys from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., this Saturday at People’s Square.

Auntie said, “The teachers said that they have to make the storefront these days and do it by themselves. Sir, are you free to go to class? If you don’t have time, I can accompany Xiao Yuan Yuan.”

Yu Han was very busy, so he could only let the aunt accompany Taro Ball to make a storefront. He usually followed the photos sent by the aunt on WeChat and watched the storefront stalls take shape step by step, plastered with pictures of various small animals and small flowers.

On Friday night, Yu Han was finally able to free up some time, so he took Taro Ball to class.

On the way, Taro Ball also criticized his father, “Aunt and I are about to be done, you just came. No sincerity!”

Yu Han: “Dad was wrong.”

Taro Yuan: “Brother always asks me when you will come.”

Yu Han: “How did you answer?”

Taro Yuan: “I said I don’t know. Dad, I think Brother is really…” Taro Ball drawled his tone quite long.

Yu Han couldn’t help but say, “Really what?”

Taro Yuan: “Really likes me ah, I must be his favorite little friend.”

Yu Han chuckled, and Taro Yuan became anxious, “Really, Brother held me the most. He always came to see me and gave me candy.”

Yu Han: “Candy? Did I say you can keep eating candy all the time? Hand it over.”

Taro Ball’s mouth flattened and finally took out several candies. He felt miserable. He didn’t eat them. He saved them one by one and wanted to give them to his Sister Zhen.

He originally wanted to use these candies to please the girl, and then tell Sister Zhen that he was also forced by his father to learn to draw, and not intentionally not look for her to play.

His father’s hands broke the young man’s spring heart. Yu Han carried a pocket of candy and sent Taro Ball into the classroom.

The store for Taro Ball was indeed ready, only needed a little bit. Taro Ball sat on a small stool, leaning on the table to write and draw. Yu Han was next to him to reinforce the children’s paper booth that only had the appearance and fell down when the wind blew.

He put the fruit candy in his mouth, moved quickly and neatly, and didn’t wait for the end of the class to get the booth done.

At this time, a pair of feet wearing yellow socks and white slippers stood next to him. Yu Han lowered his eyes and saw that two cat ears were still childlike on the slippers.

The toes squeezed uncomfortably in the yellow socks, moving around. Yu Han squinted his eyes and chewed the fruit candy in his mouth, the sweet and greasy sugar core turned into strawberry flavor on his tongue.

He raised his eyes. Luo Lin Yuan showed him a smile, “You’re here.”

Yu Han didn’t respond.

Luo Lin Yuan said, “Go to my office to get the flowers.”

Yu Han: “Why should I go.”

Luo Lin Yuan bit his lip and made up nonsense, “We will send flowers to the parents who did the best job.”

Yu Han didn’t embarrass him, so he got up and walked into the office with him.

Luo Lin Yuan’s office wasn’t like this before, but now he smelled all kinds of flowers as soon as he entered the door. All kinds of flowers were planted everywhere, and even a few were kept in emptied beverage bottles.

There are hyacinths, cape jasmines, calla lilies, and so on, which are simply dazzling.

Some of the bouquets are already a little wilted as if they have been bought for many days. Yu Han has missed their most beautiful flowering period.

Luo Lin Yuan walked behind the desk, bent over, and picked up a bouquet of tender yellow flowers. Yu Han’s pupils shrank slightly, and he suddenly realized something.

Luo Lin Yuan put his cheek on the soft flower and rubbed it gently, “This is the winter jasmine.”[3]This flower’s blossoming peak is right after winter, which is why it’s also called Yingchun in Chinese, which means “the flower that welcomes Spring”.

He said, “I heard that as long as the flower blooms in spring, they all belong to winter jasmine, but it was the only one that bloomed first.”

Luo Lin Yuan straightened his arms and held the bouquet in front of Yu Han so solemnly as if it wasn’t a flower but a trembling heart, “Do you like it, Yu Han.”

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1 One who follows the villain/henchman.
2 If you don’t remember her, she’s the one who gave a tattoo on Luo Lin Yuan. Please refer to Chapter 72.
3 This flower’s blossoming peak is right after winter, which is why it’s also called Yingchun in Chinese, which means “the flower that welcomes Spring”.

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