Close To You Chapter 72

When the flag was raised on Monday morning, Luo Lin Yuan, who wasn’t in the tallest wave, stood in the middle, looking for Yu Han in a blue and white school uniform but couldn’t find him. He regretted coming to the flag-raising, so he might as well run away.

During the leader’s speech, the phone in his pocket was vibrating. When he held it, it turned out it was Yu Han, a good student, who sent him a WeChat.

Yu Han asked him if he was going to tutor tonight. Luo Lin Yuan thought about whether not to tutor early in the morning. He replied, “No tutor.”

Yu Han asked, “To play games?”

Luo Lin Yuan was a little guilty, so he stuffed his phone in his pocket and didn’t reply. After the leader finished talking, the groups dispersed back. Luo Lin Yuan was talking to Fang Xiao, who asked him, “Go to the store?”

The two went to the store. Luo Lin Yuan was having trouble with the ice cream in the refrigerator. Fang Xiao took the cream buns, small sausages, and a pile of dried meat. When he passed by, Luo Lin Yuan said coldly, “Not eating.”

Luo Lin Yuan opened the refrigerator and took out an ice cream popsicle, “Do you think it’s okay to apply ice for sprains?”

Fang Xiao said, “It’s usually applied with ice within 24 hours. Now that two days have passed, it’s better to buy the actual medicine.”

Luo Lin Yuan seriously thought, “Let’s buy medicine at noon.” Soon, he said again, “No, I can’t see Yu Han.”

Fang Xiao asked him with a mystical face, “Why can’t you see him?”

Luo Lin Yuan took out his phone and looked at the message. Sure enough, it wasn’t sent. He felt that he could now touch a little bit of Yu Han’s character. “He doesn’t want me to play games with you, but I didn’t listen. It’s just like sending yourself to the door.”

He squeezed the ice cream and attempted to muddle through the counter to check out, but was still discovered by Fang Xiao. The ice cream was confiscated and a bottle of yogurt was stuffed into him.

The more school is over, the more nervous Luo Lin Yuan becomes. There was a hidden excitement of doing something big.

He asked Fang Xiao to accompany him. If it’s the usual Fang Xiao, he wouldn’t definitely refuse, but tonight is his mother’s birthday. He has to go back early and can’t accompany Luo Lin Yuan.

Although Luo Lin Yuan was a little disappointed, it didn’t matter much, so he went alone.

It was still the same building, still the same short-haired sister, Jing Lin. She took out the printed line draft to show him and asked him if he was dissatisfied with the size. If he’s satisfied, they’ll stick it on his back and he can start.

The picture is about the size of a palm, and it looks like it can almost cover the entire shoulder blade. Luo Lin Yuan nodded, there is nothing to modify, it’s all here, and it must be done today.

Jing Lin took him inside. It was a room full of pictures, with lights, a dark green bed, and a dark screen.

Luo Lin Yuan took off his clothes and lay down on the bed. When Jing Lin turned on the light, his whole back was bright, and the two cute dimples on his thin waist caused Jing Lin to whistle and said immodestly, “Your back is more beautiful than a woman’s.”

Luo Lin Yuan blushed and retorted, “I’m a boy.”

Jing Lin pulled the black mask to her face and raised her thinly painted eyebrows, “Who said you aren’t.”

She pulled the chair to the side of the bed and pressed her fingers with medical gloves on his shoulder blade twice. The cold and unfamiliar touch made Luo Lin Yuan get goosebumps. He suddenly realized how crazy the thought was. A person like him, a neat freak, actually had to accept chemical pigments stabbed into his skin.

It was insane.

Jing Lin put the two needles in front of him, “This one is for tracing lines and this is for sweeping colors. It’s all one-time, take a look.”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded casually and shyly said, “Sister, can you help me bring my clothes over to cover my waist and stomach? I’m a little cold.”

Jing Lin laughed, pulled the school uniform jacket to cover him, and asked him, “Do you want to use anesthesia? It’s just that the color isn’t so beautiful after using it.”

Luo Lin Yuan thought to himself, how can he be a big man who can be afraid of pain? Although he’s also a bit terrified.

Jing Lin said, “Let’s do this, I’ll give you a stroke first, and you feel it.”

Jing Lin has been in this business for many years, her hands are very stable, and her initial strength is very light. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t feel much pain, so he said innocently, “It’s okay, I don’t think it hurts. You can continue.”

As a result, halfway through, he realized that tracing lines was a minor point, but the coloring was torture. Those beautiful gradient colors are repeatedly swept up. The skin that was originally stabbed has been swollen, and the coloring over and over again makes the burning pain spread all over.

After a while, Luo Lin Yuan was in pain and burst into tears. He felt ashamed. At this time, he couldn’t speak to ask for an anesthetic, so he buried his face and endured the pain.

Jing Lin likes to chat and distract the guests when she tattoos. She asked Luo Lin Yuan’s name, how old he was, which class he was in, and why did he want to get a tattoo. She also said to Luo Lin Yuan, “I’m most afraid that you gritted your teeth and endured it. The more you focus on it, the more it hurts. It’s better to chat with me and be distracted.”

Luo Lin Yuan then answered, although the answer was slow. Sister Jing asked him, “Is there anyone you like?”

She saw that Luo Lin Yuan’s earlobes and the back of his neck were red along with his shoulders. She didn’t know if he was shy or bearing the pain.

Probably both. Luo Lin Yuan said, “Yes.”

Jing Lin asked, “Is the tattoo because of her?”[1]Note that he/she sounds the same in Chinese. They only differ in the character itself.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t deny it. Jing Lin sighed, “You young people are more passionate than us.”

At this time, the color of the fish scales was blue and white. With the watercolor flower petals technique, she said, “I have a younger brother who is also in your school. Maybe you know each other.”

Luo Lin Yuan squeezed the green leather chair and made a deep handprint, “Um… who?”

Seeing that he was really uncomfortable, Jing Lin stopped. “Let’s take a break first.” At this time, there was a voice coming from outside the tattoo room as if someone came. Jing Lin smiled and said, “Speak of the devil, his name is Yu Han. Do you know him?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she saw the boy on the bed jerk up and looked at her in horror. “What? Which Yu, which Han?!”

At this time, the door of the tattoo room was gently pushed open. Yu Han appeared at the doorway carrying a bag. “Sister Jing, you…” When he saw the person in the room, he was stunned at first, a little confused as if he didn’t understand why he saw Luo Lin Yuan there.

Luo Lin Yuan pulled up his school uniform, covering his naked upper body, his heart beating fast, thinking damn, damn, damn! What to do!! Why is Yu Han here!!

Jing Lin looked at this and that, “You guys know each other?”

After Yu Han understood the current situation, his face gradually sank, his eyes were solemn, and he was even a little angry. Jing Lin was a little surprised when she saw Yu Han’s obvious anger for the first time.

Yu Han walked up to Jing Lin and handed her the takeaway bag in her hand. “Sister Jing, go take a break. This is my classmate, we have something to talk about.”

Jing Lin took the takeaway bag and instructed, “Okay, but be nice to my guest and don’t scare people away.”

The door was thoughtfully closed when Jing Lin went out. Luo Lin Yuan looked at Jing Lin pitifully, weakly, and helplessly, wishing that Jing Lin could take him out together and put him in the takeaway bag.

Yu Han stood in front of Luo Lin Yuan, the lighting pressed his shadow on Luo Lin Yuan. He looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s flickering eyes, “Playing games? Hmm?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t even dare to speak, only quietly shrinking back, his feet were already on the ground as if he was about to escape any time.

Yu Han reached out and pressed his hand on his naked shoulder. He stretched out his hand to tug the clothes covering his stomach and ordered, “Turn around.”

Luo Lin Yuan jerked his eyes up, tangled for half a day, and even looked at Yu Han pleadingly, “I don’t want to.”

Yu Han suddenly moved and forcefully turned Luo Lin Yuan over. The pattern that was half-tattooed was revealed in front of his eyes, which almost stung his eyes and made his heart sour.

Luo Lin Yuan’s entire body was stiff, and the only hope was that Yu Han didn’t know the meaning of this tattoo.

But soon, he heard Yu Han say, “Sister Jing told me that she had recently taken an interesting job. The client asked her to tattoo spring, but it was a picture of fish breaking the ice.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s stiff back slowly sent down, a wave of self-loathing, and he flopped down on the bed, burying his face between his arms. Stifled, he said, “It’s not what you think it means…”

Behind him, Yu Han asked in a suppressed voice, “Then what does it mean?”

Luo Lin Yuan shrunk himself even tighter, wishing his whole person to disappear on the spot.

But Yu Han pinched his waist, forcing him to sit up and look at each other face to face. The eyes Yu Han stared at him seemed to have a lot to say, and extremely complex emotions filled in between and moments to tilt out.

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes were red. He thought Yu Han had clearly understood his feelings, why did he still force him to do so.

He held back his tears and stubbornly said, “Anyway, it’s not. It doesn’t mean anything. I tattooed blindly. Don’t think too much. This tattoo is not you…” You’re not my spring.

He heard Yu Han sigh as if he was helpless and entangled, but also had a kind of not being able to escape and concede defeat. He seemed to feel something and looked at Yu Han, even a little stupidly.

The next moment, Yu Han propped his hands on his side, leaned forward, and kissed his lips.


1 Note that he/she sounds the same in Chinese. They only differ in the character itself.

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