Close to You
Close To You Chapter 71

Luo Lin Yuan gave Yu Han’s fee for tutoring on a weekly basis. He also asked Luo Ting to add a bonus. Luo Ting is accustomed to spoiling him so he agreed. He said on the phone that he was going home for dinner tonight, and he also brought a friend, whose surname was Guan, and whose name is Guan Shuofeng.

Luo Lin Yuan thought about it carefully and finally pulled out this vague Uncle Guan from his memory. He saw him when he was a child, but he couldn’t remember. There were so many uncles coming and going in the Luo family, how could he remember all of them.’’

In the evening, he was doing his homework in his room. When Luo Ting’s car drove in, the light shone on the curtains. Luo Lin Yuan happily jumped from his chair, ran out to his room, and went downstairs to greet Luo Ting.

When he entered the door, the first thing he did was give him a hug.  Their intimacy hasn’t diminished for more than ten years. Everyone else said that they have a deep father-son relationship. Luo Ting stroked his head and asked him with a smile, “Have you been studying well at home?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Of course I have, but you can’t go to the parent-teacher conference. Who can I show my progress to.” He deliberately let out a long sigh.

Luo Ting said with some guilt, “Dad will definitely attend this time. Everything has been put off and go to school to hear how the teacher praises my precious son.”

Luo Lin Yuan coughed dryly, “Forget it, forget it. I think work is still important.”

The father and son were talking back and forth at the door, and laughter came from behind Luo Ting, in a low and mellow and older and charming voice, “Luo Ting, is this the precious son you’ve been boasting about in the car?”

Luo Lin Yuan tilted his head and looked behind Luo Ting to see the man’s appearance, and sighed in his heart, what a middle-aged beautiful uncle with a good temperament.

Luo Ting put his arm around Luo Lin Yuan, “Call them.”

Luo Lin Yuan said to the beautiful uncle, “Hello, Uncle Guan.”

Guan Shuofeng responded and gave him a gift, limited edition sneakers. Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up when he received the gift.

Guan Shuofeng said, “I don’t know what you young people like. It’s not good to give money. This is a shoe that my son is clamoring for, I don’t know if you like it.”

I like it, of course, I like it. Which boy doesn’t like limited-edition sneakers at this age?

Luo Lin Yuan said, “Thank you, Uncle Guan.” This time, the call was more intimate, making Luo Ting jealous as he said, “Dad also gave you a car ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan hugged his shoes, “I was ecstatic at first, but Dad, I don’t even have a driver’s license. When I can drive, the car may be rusty.”

Luo Ting was helpless, “Foolish child, Father is here, you’re still afraid that it will rust.”

Luo Lin Yuan immediately said, “No way! I have to be the one to drive that car first, it’s my 18th birthday gift.”

Hearing his childish words, the two burst out laughing. When they walked to the dining room, the maids had already served the prepared meal which Luo Ting had ordered in advance. Luo Ting asked him, “Accompany Dad and uncle for a meal?”

Luo Lin Yuan was extremely happy. He hadn’t eaten with Luo Ting for a long time. Even if he wasn’t hungry, he wanted to have a few sips of soup.

The soup was a fish soup, simmered to perfection. He drank the soup, and the adults drank and talked about the business, but also reminisced about the past. Luo Lin Yuan listened silently without interrupting.

It turned out that Guan Shuofeng was Luo Ting’s college big brother. The two had the same family background, and the Guan family business is also doing great. Guan Shuofeng started a family after graduation and went abroad to expand overseas markets. He only came back a few years ago. His son is almost as big as Luo Lin Yuan, only two years younger.

Speaking of this, Guan Shuofeng also said with a smile, “Maybe Lin Yuan has also met him too. He just became a freshman this year and also in your school.”

Luo Lin Yuan asked what his name was and Guan Shuofeng said, “His name is Guan Nian.”

Luo Lin Yuan had never heard of him before. He officially said he understood and would keep an eye out for his junior.

Guan Shuofeng laughed, “No, no. That kid is quite rebellious and doesn’t need anyone to take care of him. I just beg him not to cause me any trouble.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Guan Shuofeng with wrinkles in his smiling eyes and suddenly felt it. He said how come Guan Shuofeng looks so familiar. These eyes looked like Yu Han ah.

His eyelids are wide, his eyelashes are long, the end of his eyes are upturned, and the pupils are deep and black. The deeper you look at the person, the more they look alike.

After eating, Luo Lin Yuan went to the second floor with his shoes in his arms, leaving room for the adults below to talk. He bumped into Lin Shu at the stairway. Lin Shu was wearing a black dress, showing her fair arms, with a touch of light makeup on her lips, and smelled of perfume.

He knew that Lin Shu would occasionally go out to drink and socialize, but it was too late today, and Luo Ting returned. Luo Lin Yuan stopped walking and looked at Lin Shu hesitantly, “Mom, Dad is back.”

Lin Shu glanced at him indifferently, “So what?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t say anything more. When Lin Shu passed him, Luo Lin Yuan was surprised to find that there was no smell of smoke on the other party. Lin Shu has a long history of smoking, and there was even a time when Luo Lin Yuan’s scent of his mother was the endless smell of smoke.

The smoke seemed to be integrated into Lin Shu’s bone marrow. Her every move, between her breaths, was the smell of smoke and paint.

But this smell was gone. Luo Lin Yuan blinked blankly, and suddenly called out to Lin Shu, “Mom, did you quit smoking?”

Lin Shu’s back stiffened, but she ignored him, instead, she sped up her pace and went downstairs.

Luo Lin Yuan returned to his room, a little happy for some reason, and slept well. The next day, Luo Ting and Guan Shuofeng were drinking tea downstairs. Luo Lin Yuan wanted to follow Luo Ting, so just like a small tail, he moved a small chair next to the two wooden chairs and brewed tea for them.

He learned how to make tea when he was a child, and he relied on this hand to please many uncles.

When Guan Shuofeng noticed that Luo Lin Yuan kept looking at him, he joked, “What’s the matter, Uncle has something on his face?”

Luo Lin Yuan honestly shook his head, “No, I just think that Uncle looks so young and has a nice name.”

Guan Shuofeng sounds like it has full of charms. Guan Shuofeng picked up a cup of tea and drank it and said, “Where did Shuofeng come from? Blowing plums on white branches. Uncle was born in the winter months, that’s why I’m called this name.”

Luo Ting couldn’t stand by and idly watch anymore, “Okay, okay, put away your set. This excuse has been interesting and boring from the university to the present, it’s the same old story.”

Guan Shuofeng faced his close friend’s demolition, “As long as it’s useful, how can you say it’s the same old story.”

Luo Lin Yuan seemed to have caught something in the dark for a moment and in an instant, it slipped away before he caught it.

In the evening, he expressed sympathy to Yu Han in a message and asked him if his ankle still hurts. The CT results were out which he had asked Fang Xiao to ask yesterday, saying that there was no bone fracture, it was just a sprain.

Yu Han replied quickly this time, saying that there was no big deal. Luo Lin Yuan asked him where he was and Yu Han said he was at work. Luo Lin Yuan instantly sat up from the bed, his hair was blown up, angrily entered long strings, accusing Yu Han of disregarding his body that it’s not made of iron. Didn’t he just settle his salary and got more bonuses? Can’t he just take a day off!

But before the message was sent out, he deleted it back to blank word by word, feeling too uncomfortable.

He stared at the screen in a daze, his heart rising sourly. It turned out that if he liked someone, he wouldn’t just like them all the time but also feel heartache because he was happy and sad for him. Emotions are firmly in control, and they can rise and fall uncontrollably.

Every time he said something he had to consider it carefully. He hid a lot of thoughts, wanting to tell him not to force himself like this, and hated that he was really powerless and couldn’t help.

Yu Han sent another message as if he had insight into what he wanted to say in the long editing process.

He said, “It’s okay, don’t worry, you’re good.”

He also sent him an emoji of touching a rabbit.

As if coaxing him, Luo Lin Yuan was softened by his coaxing, “Don’t stand for a long time ah.”

Yu Han: “Got it.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “If you don’t recover properly, I’ll…”

He sent a long series of ellipses, and was about to flip through an expression pack of a rabbit throwing onions and hitting a rabbit when Yu Han followed, “Not make peace with me?”

Luo Lin Yuan almost dropped his phone in fright and before his heartbeat slowed down, Yu Han said again, “That’s not possible, I still have to teach you. You can’t help but be nice to me.”

Luo Lin Yuan rattled back, “Who wants to be nice to you!” Besides, is this how nice is used?

After sending it, he carefully put the phone on the bookcase and flung himself onto the bed, stirring his legs with a red face. “How can this person be like this ah!!”

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