Close to You
Close To You Chapter 73

The tattoo room was awfully quiet, the sound of people laughing outside could be vaguely heard. A bug crushed into the light, fluttering its wings which touched the two overlapping and separated shadows on the wall.

A male voice sounded, in a very light tone but with an aggressive meaning, he said, “Open your mouth.”

The eyelashes of the person he ordered trembled, and his hands grasped the leather chair under him so hard that it made a creaking sound. His chest rose and fell, and his whole body was red, including the body hidden under the clothes, his chest, knees, and even every toe.

Silent and ambiguous with eyes glued together, the inhaled air seems to be hot. In the silent confrontation, Luo Lin Yuan finally opened his mouth, only opening a small point. His brows even tightened embarrassedly, his eyes were wet as if he was about to cry the next moment. He was bullied fiercely.

Yu Han’s hot palm was cupped on the side of his face. Luo Lin Yuan subconsciously lowered his eyelashes and rubbed his palm with his cheek.

Until the other party’s thumb pressed against his chin slightly hard, he pressed his mouth slightly open.

Yu Han kissed again. Luo Lin Yuan’s hand couldn’t hold the chair anymore, he could only press Yu Han’s shoulder, trying to push back and resist. But in the end, he didn’t. Instead, he grabbed Yu Han’s collar and obediently let the other party hook the tip of his tongue and taste every inch of his mouth.

He leaned back to withstand the overwhelming Yu Han, invading all his male breath.

Someone will come in at any time in the tattoo room and the sense of crisis of being bumped into someone has caused the body temperature of the two boys who stole the forbidden fruit to rise a lot.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know what happened either. He was so dizzy in his head, his whole body was spinning, and his lips were numb as hell. He was squeezed on that leather chair, and he didn’t know when his clothes fell off until Yu Han touched his waist.

It was so hot that he trembled all over and finally recovered his lost sanity. In between the kisses, he said with swollen lips, “My… my clothes.”

Yu Han perfunctorily stuffed the clothes into his hand, as if coaxing him, telling him to open his mouth and continue kissing him.

Not knowing who was causing a ruckus outside, the door was slammed which scared Luo Lin Yuan making him accidentally bite Yu Han’s tongue. Yu Han stopped moving in pain and Luo Lin Yuan took the opportunity to push the person away, put his clothes on, and said tightly, “Not here.”

Regardless of how he got up, he knew that this wasn’t the right occasion, and the people here still knew Yu Han.

Yu Han’s face was also a little flushed, but his appearance was much neater than Luo Lin Yuan’s. He saw Luo Lin Yuan’s messy hair with pitiful wetness at the end of his eyes, his lips were red and swollen, and his hands were still pulling his clothes and pressing between his legs. He had just been kissed.

Luo Lin Yuan was simply furious with shame, “It’s all your fault!”

Yu Han wanted to laugh, so he laughed. He bent down to hug Luo Lin Yuan but was afraid to touch his tattoo. He said, “Did you just press the place where you got tattoed?”

Luo Lin Yuan almost forgot about this. When he was reminded, he felt the heat of his back.

He looked towards the door, “Did that Sister come back?”

Yu Han said, “It’s okay.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What’s okay, what if she sees it?!”

Yu Han remained calm, “If you saw, you saw.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt stuffy, who was he anxious for? “Don’t you know each other? If, if she finds you kissing a boy, then she…”

Yu Han smiled and watched him panic. When he had seen enough, he felt that Luo Lin Yuan would really be anxious if he teased him again. So he calmly said, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll tell her sooner or later.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han somewhat foolishly as if he didn’t understand what he was talking about. Yu Han squatted in front of him and held his hands, “Why can’t you tell her, aren’t you going out with me now?”

The two words “going out” is simply a critical hit. Luo Lin Yuan’s little heart is almost shattered by these two words, “W-what?” He felt like a fool.

Yu Han held his hand tightly and said in a dangerous tone, “Don’t you want to be responsible for the kiss?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Huh?” It seems that he didn’t take the initiative to kiss.

Yu Han: “You don’t like me?” The voice dropped a few degrees.

Like an alert little animal, Luo Lin Yuan immediately sensed the crisis and explained quickly, “Like! I like you.”

Yu Han smiled in satisfaction, his eyebrows relaxed, handsome like the moonlight in his heart.

The door was knocked on and Jing Lin came in with a cup of milk tea. She was chewing the pearls and felt that the atmosphere in the room had obviously improved. “Xiao Yu, have you talked to your classmate?”

Before Yu Han could say anything, Luo Lin Yuan nodded with a red face. “Talked. You can continue with the tattoo.” Just as he finished, Yu Han’s brow furrowed.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t look at Yu Han and lay down on the bed. “It’s already half-tattooed, it’s too late to stop again, might as well finish it.”

Jing Lin glanced at Yu Han, who wasn’t very happy, “The Little Classmate is right. Your brother is looking for you, go out, don’t affect my work.”

Yu Han held his arms and stared at the person on the bed for a while before he said, “Sister Jing, start lightly.”

Jing Lin put the milk tea to the side and rolled up her sleeves, “Don’t worry, I will treat your friend well and take care of him like a princess.”

Luo Lin Yuan interjected manfully, “It’s okay! I don’t feel any pain at all!”

Jing Lin looked at the tattooed area, it was a little swollen, but it was also normal. So she waved her hand and asked Yu Han to hurry out and close the door for her.

As soon as Yu Han left, Jing Lin fell silent, as quiet as if she weren’t like the talkative person just now.

Jing Lin glanced at one of the colors of the scales and suddenly said, “Did you guys do something bad in my sacred tattoo room?”

Luo Lin Yuan was shaken in fright and it took a long time before he said, “We were just chatting…”

Jing Lin snorted from her nose, “Can chatting make your mouth swollen? Then you guys have a really intense conversation.”

What strong winds and waves Jing Lin hadn’t seen? She saw through the situation as soon as she came in. Although she was surprised, thinking of the cause and effect, plus the tattoo, what else she didn’t understand?

She is just a Sister that Yu Han knows and can’t just say anything about Yu Han. Besides, her boss is also gay, she is very open.

In the end, she also told Luo Lin Yuan, “Be good to him, he had a pretty hard time.”

Luo Lin Yuan was silent for a while and also responded, “I will.”

Jing Lin wiped off the excess ink on her skin with paper, “Good children.”

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