Close to You
Close To You Chapter 74

The tattoo finished around 9:00 pm, and after school, it will be four hours[1]This is like describing that from after school till the tattoo finished which took them four hours. Sister Jing led Luo Lin Yuan to a background wall hung with a black cloth with a DSLR to leave him a picture. There were two large headlights on the side which looked very professional.

Luo Lin Yuan turned his back to the camera, quite uncomfortable. He wanted to hug his chest but felt that it was a bit ridiculous. Sister Jing was excited, talking about ‘this good piece of skin, this perfect work, I’m really a genius.’

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. The two turned around and Yu Han looked at them with his arms crossed, “This is?”

Jing Lin rolled her eyes, “Don’t pretend. Don’t you know your brother opened this shop? It’s an old rule to keep photos of finished products.”

Yu Han walked to the tattoo bed, picked up Luo Lin Yuan’s clothes, and handed them to the other party. “There is no such rule. Don’t listen to her.”

Jing Lin was suffocating to death, “The face can’t be seen, this also won’t work? The Little Classmate himself hadn’t said whether he wants to shoot it or not.”

Seeing that Luo Lin Yuan was pulling himself, squeezing his clothes, and he thought to himself, Of course, he’ll choose the boyfriend! He shook his head, “Don’t shoot.” After saying that, he said apologetically to Sister Jing, “I’m sorry ah.”

Jing Lin was really reluctant and coaxed, “Originally, for Xiao Yu’s sake, I will give you three hours of money. You can think about it. There’s no discount if you don’t take it.”

Unexpectedly, Luo Lin Yuan simply picked up his phone and transferred money to her. The transfer prompt sounded, and everything was a foregone conclusion.

Jing Lin said to Yu Han angrily, “Aren’t you going to work, why are you still here?”

Yu Han was staring at Luo Lin Yuan wearing clothes, staring at Luo Lin Yuan’s back wearing it. As soon as the clothes were worn, his hair curled up. He smiled, got his hair done, and answered, “Changed shifts, will go later.”

Jing Lin disagreed, “It’s so late, so don’t go today. Let your brother tell Chang Mu. Even a body made of iron can’t withstand such boiling, isn’t it ah, Little Classmate?”

The Little Classmate, Luo Lin Yuan was poking his head at Yu Han to fix his hair. When he heard this, he curled up his lips and said, “He doesn’t listen to me.”

After Yu Han smoothed his hair and pinched his earlobes again, pinching the person’s soft and cool earlobe making it red and hot, causing Luo Lin Yuan to cover his ears and accuse him with his eyes. He said unhurriedly, “Who said I don’t listen to you?”

Jing Lin was simply fed up in the tattoo room and couldn’t stay anymore, “Enough is enough, hurry up and go! If you don’t I will let my family flush the tattoo room. The room is full of the sour smell of love.” Jing Lin’s boyfriend is a fireman.

Luo Lin Yuan was embarrassed by what she said so he went to find his school bag, “Let’s go.”

Yu Han wanted to help him carry it but he wouldn’t let him. Luo Lin Yuan just had a boyfriend and hadn’t adapted to it yet. After going downstairs, the two of them staggered half of their bodies one after the other and walked on this noisy street without holding hands. The atmosphere was very ambiguous as if they were wrapped in pink bubbles.

The pedestrian street in the evening is bustling. There are students who have just finished their evening self-study eating late-night snacks, and the sound of cooking, faint singing, pancakes, and the sound of chatting are very lively.

There were too many people, so they couldn’t hold hands. Luo Lin Yuan went to look at Yu Han’s hand hanging by his side. It looked good to hold, when could he touch it?

He was alone with his thoughts and he peeked at Yu Han. The neon lights at night illuminated his side profile softly as if the whole person was glowing. Yu Han seemed to have noticed it. When he looked over, Luo Lin Yuan quickly looked away, pretending as if nothing happened.

Yu Han laughed, “What are you hiding?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t admit it. He saw the milk tea shop to the side, “Do you want a milkshake?

Yu Han said, “Another strawberry-flavored one? It’s too sour.”

Luo Lin Yuan just wanted to refute what was sour, then he turned his head frame by frame like a stuck disc, “Did you really drink it last time?”

Yu Han took advantage of the situation and took his hand, and walked towards the milk tea shop without refuting.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Why did you really drink it? I was just joking with you.”

Yu Han pinched his finger and swept his eyes at Luo Lin Yuan’s lips in amusement, “Can’t drink?”

Luo Lin Yuan instantly became a blushing fool, foolish all the way to the milk tea shop. Yu Han took the initiative to order him a cup of sweet hot milk tea, not a milkshake. He was still in the state of discharging smoke from his head, unable to stop.

While holding the sweet milk tea to warm his hand and taking a sip, Luo Lin Yuan finally found his state. He wanted to laugh loudly and wanted to let the world know that he was in love, and the object of his love is Yu Han!

This can be regarded as Yu Han’s confession to him. So Yu Han liked him first. When did Yu Han like him? How long has he been secretly in love with him? Aiya, this scheming man must’ve fallen in love with him a long time ago.

Luo Lin Yuan sweetly snickered there by himself. Even when Yu Han came out of the milk tea shop, he didn’t know that he didn’t let go of his hand. He was taken to the taxi area and took a taxi.

Luo Lin Yuan snapped out and everyone was in the taxi. He hurriedly said, “I’ll take you home first. Mister, go to the xx community first.”

Yu Han said, “Finally woke up? What are you thinking about, giggling all the time?”

If there are outsiders present, how would Luo Lin Yuan dare say ah? He squeezed the milk tea cup, “Nothing, nothing.” Then he said, “You just said I can take care of you. Then you go back to sleep well tonight oh.”

Yu Han gently promised, “Okay.”

Luo Lin Yuan was a bit proud of himself and raised his chin high, “Will you listen to me from now on?

But Yu Han didn’t follow his wishes, “What does that depend on?”

Luo Lin Yuan was beaten back to his original form, “What ah.. only listen to this one time ah.”

The two people didn’t talk again. The car was too quiet. The driver was still playing music. They can’t always hold each other and sweet talk. It was not the style of the young couple who had just been together for less than a day.

It stands to reason that it’s time to be innocent. Who would’ve thought that Yu Han kissed him first and kissed him fiercely, his lips are still swollen?

He took out his phone and sent a crackling emoji to Yu Han. There were outsiders so they can’t speak. It’s fine to secretly talk on WeChat. He also brushed up the chat history, brushed a few points, and there are a row of faces in passing.

Yu Han replied, “?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Sister knows about us, you can see it.”

Yu Han: “En.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Can’t you just reply with a few more words, such as mn, yes?

Yu Han: “Mn, yes.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “… No, you’d better be concise. I can’t get used to it.”

Yu Han was holding his mobile phone and simply wanted to sigh. Luo Lin Yuan asked there again, “Be honest, have you been secretly in love with me for a long time? Aiya, I knew it. No one would lead people home the first time they met.”

Yu Han was speechless for a long time and before he could type, there was another crackling over there. “No wonder you always rejected me later. Are you afraid that you can’t control yourself?”

Yu Han: “……”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What does the ellipsis mean?”

Yu Han: “Mn, yes. I’m afraid I can’t control it.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt shy when he got the answer. He didn’t want to return. He didn’t hold back, “Ahem, pay attention, this is on a taxi.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “But you can also secretly hold my hand la.”

As soon as he finished sending, he stretched out his hand and waved it in front of Yu Han, afraid that people won’t see his hand in the dark car.

With a chuckle, he was held, fingers interlocked, and his thumb rubbed against his palm, making him numb. Before he could close his palm, the back of his hand was kissed, leaving a touch. As if an electric current had passed, half of Luo Lin Yuan’s body softened.

Yu Han whispered, “Sweet.”

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1 This is like describing that from after school till the tattoo finished which took them four hours

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