Close to You
Close To You Chapter 75

The kiss on the back of his hand made Luo Lin Yuan burst with joy. He even wanted to follow Yu Han out of the car and take his boyfriend to the door. Before half of his body leaned out of the car, he was pressed back. Yu Han said, “Be good, good night.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at him bashfully, “I’ll take you home.”

Yu Han, a ruthless man, unceremoniously refused him, “Is the homework finished or the paper done? Remember I said to check, right?”

This is really no romantic atmosphere at all. Luo Lin Yuan thought of his half-written paper and pretended to be pitiful, “You’re willing to punish me ah.” I’m your dear boyfriend.

Yu Han: “Willing. If one is not finished, one penalty will be added.” He closed the door and said coolly, “Go bah.”

The driver started the car until there was no more Yu Han in the rearview mirror. Only then did Luo Lin Yuan think of Yu Han’s ankle injury, and he still had a spray in his school bag. Although he told Fang Xiao that he couldn’t deliver it to his door by himself, he went to buy it at noon when school was over.

He forgot to give it to Yu Han, so he asked the driver to turn around.

When the car returned d to the entrance of the neighborhood, Luo Lin Yuan opened the door and got out of the car, trotting a few steps to find Yu Han’s back. Yu Han, who was still walking naturally in front of him, was hobbling and walking slowly.

Only then did Luo Lin Yuan wake up to the fact that Yu Han had just been trying his best to act normal in front of him.

His heart was sour and didn’t call the person out. He only watched Yu Han walk into the neighborhood before returning to the car.

He knew that Yu Han was injured. Why would Yu Han act like he was okay in front of him? How hard it was to hold on ah. No wonder he didn’t let him be sent to the door. This person always has pride in strange places.

But Luo Lin Yuan could understand this time. Because no one wants to expose their ugly appearance in front of the person they like.

In fact, he wanted to tell Yu Han that even if Yu Han exposed his vulnerability, he wouldn’t hate it. He would only like it, feel distressed, and love him more.

He took his phone and flipped through the chat history just now. Although this description seemed a bit ridiculous and unfair to Xia Fu, he always felt that this was his first love, and for the first time in his life, he liked someone like this.

The next day, Luo Lin Yuan woke up at six o’clock. He was curled up on the bed with his phone in his arms. He sweetly messaged on WeChat, “How about I go to school with you?”

Yu Han replied immediately and took a picture. It was his grandmother. “I’m at the hospital, I’ll be at school later. You go first.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I’ll pick you up from the hospital? Let’s have breakfast together?”

Yu Han: “No, I’d be late.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I’m not afraid of being late.”

Yu Han couldn’t help him so he said, “You can come, wear more, it’s cold in the morning.”

Luo Lin Yuan put down his phone with a smile. He was wrapped in a quilt for a while and stretched his back. Love can make people overcome drowsiness. Luo Lin Yuan chanted those words in his heart, feeling that he had fallen in love, and was simply about to become a little poet.

He happily brushed his teeth and washed his face, fixed his hair for nearly half an hour, and then went to the closet to choose a rather stylish coat and draped it over his school uniform, and went downstairs to put the breakfast prepared by Sister Zhang into the lunch box.

Sister Zhang hurriedly said, “Young Master, eat breakfast at home ah. It’s not delicious when it’s cold. You won’t get to eat well and will get low blood sugar.”

Luo Lin Yuan perfunctorily stuffed a dumpling into his mouth, “I ate it, ate it, and the rest are packed. Is Uncle Zhang up yet?”

Sister Zhang said, “I’ll call him for you, eat slowly, what’s the hurry!”

Luo Lin Yuan swept the breakfast on the table madly and went to the microwave to heat up two bottles of milk, packed in a small light-colored cloth bag.

It was for Sister Zhang’s own use and there was a small embroidery on it. Luo Lin Yuan touched the flower and remembered Yu Han’s flower sewing kit. He wanted to laugh a little. Is this the same style as a couple in disguise?

The brain circuit of people in love is always incomprehensible. Even if Luo Lin Yuan sees two birds flying on the road, he can think of him and Yu Han.

Luo Lin Yuan, a beautiful college-styled man who was deliberately dressed up, carried a multi-layer lunch box in his left hand and a floral cloth bag in his right, which was bad manners but he didn’t care. He just wanted Yu Han to eat more good food. When someone came to tutor in the evening, he had to ask Sister Zhang to stew more pig’s trotters and mend her feet.

When he got in the car, he told Uncle Zhang to go to the hospital. Uncle Zhang is a taciturn person who works strictly by his duty. His job is to pick up and drop off Luo Lin Yuan. When he heard his request, he didn’t say much.

After Luo Lin Yuan got out of the car, he said to Uncle Zhang, “Uncle, go have breakfast. I will call you when I come out later.”

Uncle Zhang held the steering wheel and nodded.

The hospital in the morning was very cold, the hue was turquoise, the corridors were calm, the lights were flashing, living off the ghost scene film.

Luo Lin Yuan squeezed his phone and wanted to ask his boyfriend for help. But thinking of Yu Han’s limp foot, he still found the ward by himself firmly, and pushed the door with an enthusiastic hello to Grandma.

Who knew that Grandma had fallen asleep and failed to see her parents?[1]I’m really confused why the word was parents lol. I already re-checked it. Yu Han tucked Grandma in, smiled at him, and raised his hand for him to come over and pinched his face, “Who’s dressed so well today?”

Luo Lin Yuan held his breath and stared at Yu Han, his eyes signaling: How can you provoke me in front of grandma?

Yu Han’s voice was already low, but it was even more lip-shaped, “Asleep.”

Sure enough, grandma was making a small snoring sound, sleeping deeply.

Yu Han wanted to take the things in his hand but Luo Lin Yuan didn’t let him. Yu Han had to take him out of the ward. When the door was closed, he said, “Go to the cafeteria to eat?”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded, the stretched his hand over. Yu Han was startled, thinking he wanted to hold hands, but as soon as he held his hand, Luo Lin Yuan broke away. The warm body leaned up and held his arms.

Yu Han was stunned and it took him a long time before he laughed and said, “What nonsense.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What nonsense. You only sprained your foot for a few days and hurt your bones and muscles for hundred days. You’re not Superman. Can you get better so quickly?”

He thought Yu Han was still stubborn and he was thinking about how to use his boyfriend status to pressure Yu Han when he felt Yu Han’s arm pulled out of his hand, then clasped his shoulder and swept him into his arms.

Luo Lin Yuan’s entire body was wrapped in Yu Han’s arms and felt Yu Han rubbing his chin on his hair. “You have to help like this, Little Crutches.”

This is not called help ah. It’s just a hug. Yu Han still picked up the things in his hand and carried them with one hand. Without waiting for Luo Lin Yuan to protest, he said to his empty right hand, “Put your hand on my waist.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Huh?”

Yu Han: “Don’t you want to help me?” He stared at Luo Lin Yuan’s neck which gradually turned pink. “Your hand only needs to hold my waist, nothing else.”


1 I’m really confused why the word was parents lol. I already re-checked it.

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