Close to You
Close To You Chapter 76

After Yu Han finished talking, Luo Lin Yuan ignored him for a while. He wondered if he was a little impatient. First, he was impulsive and kissed the little fool who tattooed him as meaning on his body. Now he wants someone to hug him. The progress is too fast. Is Luo Lin Yuan getting angry?

In fact, he doesn’t want to be together this early, there are too many uncertain factors. But Luo Lin Yuan is too silly, so silly that he felt distressed. He should’ve figured it out long ago. If it weren’t for this silly little princess in his heart, how could he have indulged the other party to get closer and closer again? Even if he realized that this person liked him and thought it wouldn’t be possible, he didn’t treat him as ruthlessly as before.

Perhaps subconsciously, his heart knew earlier than him that he liked Luo Lin Yuan.

At this time, Luo Lin Yuan’s hand approached his waist, tightened his arms, and his earlobes flushed. “You… you’ve been in love before, right? Be honest, in the end, how many relationships have you had?”

He sounded jealous and terribly sour, and his lips flattened, like a teapot filled with vinegar, puffing out smoke.

In fact, this question is quite childish and it’s too meaningless to trace the past. Moreover, Luo Lin Yuan has only been in a half-hearted relationship, and he has too little experience to know such concerns, which usually leads to quarrels between couples.

Yu Han took his hand and pressed it back to his waist, “Hold on or I won’t be able to walk steadily.”

Liar, you obviously walked well last night.

Yu Han said, “There was a conversation once before, it was…”

Before the words fell, Luo Lin Yuan said sourly, “Oh, I know, the school flower.”[1]Prettiest girl in school

Yu Han looked at him and saw Luo Lin Yuan’s dodging gaze. He wondered what he should do if he was so jealous and stingy, and broke up just after being together. That would be too bad. He only kissed his mouth, and his face didn’t count that time.

Who would’ve known that Yu Han actually added, “The school grass likes me too.”[2]Most handsome guy in school

Luo Lin Yuan instantly perked up his ears, “Who? You still say I’m seducing people, you’re simply a rapeseed flower in April!”

Yu Han didn’t understand Luo’s self-created anapodoton and expressed doubts. Luo Lin Yuan gave the answer, “Provoking bees and attracting butterflies.”

Yu Han said, “More than that.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Huh?!”

Yu Han: “I also attracted you ah, school grass.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “… ! ! ! !” Yu Han, this person… is not bad, extremely discerning.

The first crisis was passed in a small fuss. Then, Luo Lin Yuan thought for a long time. Fortunately, Yu Han didn’t ask him about Xia Fu, otherwise, he would be embarrassed.

There are a lot of people in the hospital cafeteria in the morning, and most of them are family members. Perhaps because accompanying is a tiring job, not many are in good spirits.

Luo Lin Yuan felt more and more affection for Yu Han in his heart. He couldn’t help but reach out and touch Yu Han’s head, “It’s hard, isn’t it.”

He lined up the breakfast he brought home with meat and vegetables, took out the warm milk from the cloth bag, inserted a straw, and pushed it to Yu Han. “Drink more, so that you can have strength.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s maternal care made Yu Han quite uncomfortable. He bit into the custard bun which is made according to Luo Lin Yuan’s taste, creamy and milky. He said, “You think I have no strength?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know how to answer for a while, he could only sit there eating dumplings with a blushing face.

After breakfast, Yu Han conscientiously put away the tableware without letting Luo Lin Yuan do it. Luo Lin Yuan also sat upright, watching Yu Han’s movement with a smile.

Yu Han wiped his hand with a tissue and asked what he was looking at. Luo Lin Yuan said, “You look good. Men in love are super good-looking, especially a man in love with me.” The little princess is shameless and put gold on his face to praise people.

Yu Han has adapted to his style. Luo Lin Yuan asked, “I’ll see you for lunch too, okay?”

Without waiting for Yu Han to speak, Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly said, “If you’re afraid of being too obvious, then we go for a place with fewer people?”

However, Yu Han said, “You want a secret relationship with me?”

Luo Lin Yuan almost choke and stammered. It took a long time before he said, “We… couldn’t make it public, can we?”

Yu Han didn’t speak, but Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t see Yu Han treating him so lightly, as if it was back in the past, only sweet for a day.

Seeing that Yu Han was about to leave, Luo Lin Yuan quickly grabbed the corner of the person’s clothes, pitiful to death, “You, if you make it public, it’s not impossible… That is, if my parents find out, they will expel me from the family, will you take me in?”

Yu Han finally showed a little smile and rubbed his head. Just like touching a child, he messed up Luo Lin Yuan’s hair which had been taken care of for half an hour. He bent over and kissed him on the temple, “Don’t be afraid, we won’t make it public, Teacher Yu will protect you.”

In the end, there was still no lunch together. Luo Lin Yuan usually ordered takeaway for lunch which was very expensive, and he usually took the delivery portion above. Fang Xiao ate with peace of mind, that is, he often took Luo Lin Yuan home and asked his mother to make a table of delicious hospitality, and gave expensive gifts for his birthday.

Today’s ribs are very good. Fang Xiao’s mouth is full of oil and he is sipping fruit tea, happy like an immortal. He took a few more bites of food to satisfy his growing hunger for a long time. Only then did he look at Luo Lin Yuan who had something to say, “What is it?”

Luo Lin Yuan lowered his voice as if telling a shocking secret, “I’m in a relationship.”

Fang Xiao was almost stuck in the throat by the meat. He hurriedly drank half a cup of the fruit tea and pressed it down, “H*&% sh&%, what happened, quickly tell me in detail. Teacher Yu became bent?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s inexplicable little temper came up, “Don’t call him Teacher Yu in the future, he is my teacher alone.”

Fang Xiao was so sour that his teeth collapsed and deliberately provoked him, “Okay, from now on I’ll call him Yuyu, Han’er, male god Yu, handsome Yu?”

Luo Lin Yuan hesitated for a while with a tangled face as if he was at a loss, “Fine, you better call him Teacher Yu.”

He roughly talked about what happened in the tattoo shop. Fang Xiao smack his lips as he listened, followed by a smirk, “I couldn’t tell ah. Teacher Yu is really fast and accurate. He should’ve known that you liked him early.”

Luo Lin Yuan was frightened by these words, “How is it possible?”

Fang Xiao: “If you can’t tell, he can kiss you ah. Are you afraid that you’ll slap him in the face, then the whole school will advertise that he harasses straight men? Just eat it, you like it. Teacher Yu is not such an impulsive person.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t think so deeply as Fang Xiao, who called him to be in love brain yesterday and today.

He said, “It might be because of the tattoo, I even got him tattooed on my body. Only a fool wouldn’t know, he’s number one in our year!” My boyfriend is superb! Luo Lin Yuan’s tail was up again, showing off.

The foolish Luo Lin Yuan also tried to say yesterday that that’s not what it meant.

Fang Xiao splashed cold water on him, “Then you have to study hard. Teacher Yu will study at a prestigious school. If you have a long-distance relationship in university, the future will be difficult to say.”

Luo Lin Yuan wilted and lay on the table, “I just started talking about it and I haven’t done anything bad, now I have to study hard. It’s too good.”


1 Prettiest girl in school
2 Most handsome guy in school

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