Close to You
Close To You Chapter 77

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Fang Xiao didn’t understand it at first but then became aware of it. At once, he was talking to Luo Lin Yuan like a feudal elder with a stern face, “What bad things, what else do you want to do? Did you not just kiss yesterday? Luo Lin Yuan, you’re really good, what about the bottom line?!”

Luo Lin Yuan blushed when he heard what happened yesterday. He retorted Fang Xiao, “When I was with Xia Fu before, you didn’t gossip and heckle yesterday. Why is it on Yu Han’s turn? There is a bottom line.”

Fang Xiao disagreed, “Can it be the same?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What’s the difference, you’re double standard!”

Fang Xiao was silent for a while, and he really felt that he was indeed a little double standard. But his good brother, who had been straight for eighteen years, was bent at once, so fast that he even offered his body? What about the obsession with cleanliness? Could it be that Teacher Yu is excellent in all aspects, including that aspect?

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know the yellow storm in Fang Xiao’s brain. The bad things he said were relatively simple. They were the kind of talking about falling in love, kissing his lips, pulling his small hand, and secretly dating. He quite likes to kiss Yu Han, his lips were numb and soft. Yu Han hugged him, chest to chest, warm and reassuring.

Before the school bell rang, he actively packed his school bag and walked to Class Ten as soon as the school bell rang. There was no trotting, which wasn’t in line with his persona in front of outsiders. He looked like he was walking slowly, gradually walking faster and faster. When he reached the door of the class, he put away his silly smile and stood expressionlessly at the door with his hands in his trouser pockets, pretending to be cold and waiting for someone in passing.

Yu Han came out with his backpack. When he saw him, a pair of eyes lit up, but Yu Han was followed by Ren Yu behind him. Bang! Luo Lin Yuan’s light bulb was turned off.

Yu Han walked up to Luo Lin Yuan, “Waiting for me?”

Luo Lin Yuan pretended to look to the side and said stiffly, “Not waiting for you, I was passing by.”

Yu Han gave him a candy, Luo Lin Yuan insisted to buy it last time, then put his family’s sweet stuffed milk bun. Luo Lin Yuan squeezed the candy and took the lead in walking toward the school entrance. Yu Han unexpectedly didn’t catch up. When he looked back, he was still walking there unhurriedly in sync with Ren Yu.

Actually, Yu Han was discussing with Ren Yu about finding a caregiver. Ren Yu said that a relative in his hometown was looking for a job recently and was also very experienced in caring for the elderly.

When Ren Yu and Yu Han confirmed the interview time, they raised their eyes and saw Luo Lin Yuan looking at them, looking quite sad. Ren Yu himself is gay, and his radar was very accurate. He had long felt that there was something wrong with Luo Lin Yuan. Sure enough, this person likes Yu Han.

How else would he look at him with the same kind of eyes, it’s the same as seeing your boyfriend cheating.

At this moment, Luo Lin Yuan suddenly walked over aggressively. Ren Yu was taken aback, thinking that this person was going to make trouble.

Then he saw Luo Lin Yuan shove the candy into Yu Han’s hand, turned around, and ran away. Yu Han even failed to pull the person back.

Seeing that Yu Han looked like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and also had a headache, Ren Yu asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

Yu Han said, “Having a quarrel.”

Ren Yu: “Huh?”

Yu Han naturally said, “I’m with him.”

Ren Yu only felt his head buzzing, and all the blood on his body flowed back. Yu Han understated it like this, and calmly said that he was in a relationship with Luo Lin Yuan was the biggest blow.

There was no concealment at all, and it’s unlikely to be hidden. Although Yu Han didn’t immediately catch up, his eyes are firmly fixed on the person running away.

Yu Han hurriedly explained what happened next, then pressed Ren Yu’s shoulder, “I’ll go first.”

Ren Yu smiled reluctantly, “It’s okay, go ahead ba.”

Yu Han: “Goodbye.”

He watched Yu Han chase after somebody else, and his heart became empty. It was like looking at this person, completely leaving his long youthful days, those who like throbbing should have been completely buried a long time ago.

He sighed and rubbed his sour eyes, “Goodbye, Yu Han.”

As soon as Luo Lin Yuan got in the car, he ran to the side and sat down, wishing that his whole person would stick to the side, drawing a galaxy line between him and Yu Han’s position.

He waited and waited, changed a few positions so that Yu Han would notice his angry side face as soon as he got in the car. Yu Han still didn’t come. He thought to himself, wait another five seconds. If Yu Han didn’t come, he will be really angry.

Five, four, three, one-third…

When Luo Lin Yuan, who wasn’t good at math, counted to sixteen-thirds, Yu Han finally got into the car. Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly raised his posture, and before he could make an angry expression, his arm was pulled by someone. Luo Lin Yuan, who was against the side, slid to the middle and was held in the hand.

Luo Lin Yuan ran out of emotions and was so nervous that he secretly looked at Uncle Zhang in front to see if he was looking in the rearview mirror and noticed.

Yu Han hooked his fingers in the palm of his hand, then closed his hand, and the temperature covering the back of his hand dissipated.

Luo Lin Yuan was a little disappointed, thinking that, this is gone ah, why didn’t he coax him more?

He had to crane his neck and stare at the scenery rapidly passing outside the window. His neck was sore and didn’t see Yu Han’s next move.

At his moment, the phone in his trouser pocket vibrated, he took it out to see a WeChat message from Yu Han. Luo Lin Yuan coldly snorted, thinking, now you can’t coax me with anything you say.

Yu Han said, “Yuanyuan, turn around.”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his eyebrow, from Xiao Yuan to Yuanyuan, feeling normal.

Yu Han came again, “Baby.”

Luo Lin Yuan instantly turned his head and candy was stuffed in his mouth. From the tip of this tongue to his heart, Yu Han also smiled at him. With a smile, Luo Lin Yuan consciously leaned toward Yu Han, regardless of Uncle Zhang in front of him, and whispered next to Yu Han, “What did you call me?”

Yu Han coughed and his earlobes turned red. Luo Lin Yuan rarely saw Yu Han shy, and felt even more excited. He put the candy to his cheek, staring at Yu Han expectantly, coaxing him, “Say it again later.”

Luo Lin Yuan became a clingy spirit and stopped eating vinegar. He entangled with the nickname and made a vague noise from the car. When he went to the room for tutoring, he made a lot of noise.

He wrapped his arms around Yu Han’s neck and hung his whole body immodestly on Teacher Yu, “Say it once more, I’m still angry.”

Yu Han pretended to say, “What are you angry at? I don’t see that you’re angry.”

Luo Lin Yuan had a heavy scent of milk in his mouth, his cheeks pink, and his hair rubbing against his neck and face, being coquettish, “You didn’t even see that I’m angry, this is even more excessive. I don’t care. You have to call me like before then I can be good.”

Yu Han wrapped his arms around his waist, his eyes deepening. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t perceive the danger and was still entangled. As a result, he was hauled up by the buttocks by someone. He could only hold Yu Han’s waist with his legs like a child and finally was pressed to the desk.

The candy in Luo Lin Yuan’s mouth was snatched away, his tongue was sucked until it was numb and swollen. His waist was rubbed to the point of soreness, and Yu Han kissed him fiercely and viciously as if he wanted to eat him.

Yu Han finally let go of his mouth, and bit his ear again, “Baby, do you want more?”

Luo Lin Yuan covered his mouth and shook his head with trepidation like a frightened hamster, “No, no, I don’t have any more candy in my mouth. It’s really gone!”

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