Close to You
Close To You Chapter 78

Luo Lin Yuan was finally let go and didn’t dare to mess around anymore. He wanted to drink cold water, he always felt that the room was so hot.

After Yu Han released him, he sat in a chair, pulled out the test papers, and started to do them. Looking at the serious side face, it can’t all be seen before being pressed on the desk for a kiss.

How can anyone do problems just after kissing their boyfriend?! Is the test paper so good-looking? Better-looking than him? Luo Lin Yuan stared resentfully for a while but didn’t get half a look.

He secretly lifted his shirt to see if there were pinched marks on his waist. Who would’ve thought that just as he made a move, Yu Han put down his pen, “Put on your clothes, don’t lift it randomly.”

Luo Lin Yuan curled his lips, and now he knows to pay attention to him, “My waist was pinched by you for a long time, I’m hurt.”

Sure enough, there were a few fingerprints on Luo Lin Yuan’s thin white flesh. He was pulled to the other side by Yu Han’s hand. Yu Han let him fish for his clothes and helped him look at his waist.

His belly was facing Yu Han, and he always felt that there was something wrong. Just as he was about to say, he was turned over by Yu Han. A pair of dimples on the waist was taken care of, which made him itchy. He squatted down with a laugh, holding his belly, and said, “Did you do it on purpose? It’s so itchy ah.”

Before he finished laughing, Luo Lin Yuan muffled his voice, because he finally saw the part where Yu Han reacted.

He almost sat on the ground. Yu Han was quite calm, grabbing his hand and pulling him up, “Go back and sit down, I’ll give you a lecture.”

To heck with the lecture, can Yu Han still talk about lectures in this state? Wouldn’t you just do him[1]Not referring to LLY, but YH’s… hehe in the process of lecturing? Luo Lin Yuan became vigilant, his eyes dodging, and he found a reason, “I’m thirsty. I want to go down and drink water. If you want to use the toilet, use it quickly.”

Yu Han looked naturally and raised his eyebrow slightly suspiciously, “Why do I need to use the toilet?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “……” Don’t you use him without using the toilet? It’s beautiful to think about it. The weight of that part scared him. If that kind of thing can’t really be used on him, it will kill him.[2]LLY saying if he doesn’t calm it down, it will kill him XD

Luo Lin Yuan ran downstairs, drank a whole glass of cold water in one breath, and was caught by Uncle Wu. When he was admonished, he heard the sound of a car coming from the yard.

Uncle Wu looked at his Young Master’s surprised face, and couldn’t discipline anymore, “Master is back today.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Why did Dad come back suddenly? Didn’t he just go on a business trip?”

Uncle Wu: “He said he’d come back early and brought a friend with him.”

Luo Lin Yuan had already run to the door to pick him up. Luo Ting wasn’t really alone, he was followed by Guan Shuofeng, whom he had met last time.

Luo Ting hugged him and rubbed him for a long time before saying, “Is Xiao Yuan well-behaved at home? Have you made progress in the exams? Is your Little Teacher here today?”

Luo Lin Yuan replied, “I’ve been good, no exams yet, teacher is upstairs giving me a tutor.”

Luo Ting and Guan Shuofeng looked at each other, and Guan Shuofeng gave him another paper bag. “I heard that there are two children at home, so I bought more gifts, and the other one is for the Little Teacher.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt puzzled. He had heard of giving gifts for the host’s son, but giving a gift to the host’s son’s tutor? Is Guan Shuofeng a foolish man with too much money? Does he have something to ask Luo Ting to curry favor like this?

Muttering in his heart, he still took the gift on the surface, “Thank you, Uncle Guan.”

Luo Ting said, “Don’t block the door. Xiao Yuan, go up to tutor first, then bring your teacher down for dinner later.”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded blankly. If he didn’t think it was impossible, he would’ve thought that Luo Ting had found out that he was with Yu Han, and his attitude was too good. He was simply an old man looking at his son-in-law.

No… it’s the father-in-law looking at his daughter-in-law.

Back in the room, Yu Han had completed all the test papers. When he saw him coming back, he called him over. Luo Lin Yuan walked to him, glanced at his cr0tch secretly again, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

His father was downstairs. If he was caught fooling around with a man in his room, it wouldn’t be a father-in-law looking at his daughter-in-law, but Li Jing’s[3]Link great justice.

Yu Han sensed his gaze and said with amusement, “Don’t seduce me next time.”

If he doesn’t seduce, he wouldn’t be seduced to death, but he still wants to hear baby twice. What should he do? Luo Lin Yuan was in a dilemma.

When he saw him go down empty-handed earlier, Yu Han took the bag, “What’s in your hand?”

Luo Lin Yuan turned, opened the paper bag, and took out two boxes. He opened it to see two fountain pens of the same style. Yu Han looked at him in surprise, “For me?”

Luo Lin Yuan saw Yu Han holding that one, looking as if he was in a good mood, and he felt happy too. He knew before that Yu Han didn’t even accept the clothes he gave him. Does it mean that Yu Han will accept them as long as they are given by him in the future?

Great. He has so many things he wants to give Yu Han, and he wants Yu Han to wear all the things he gave him all over his body.

Regarding the origin of these two pens, it’s still necessary to be honest, “I didn’t give them to you, they’re from my Dad’s friend.”

Yu Han paused, “Hm?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Uncle is also a very good person, hearing that you’re also here, he gave another gift.”

Yu Han put the pen back in the box and gently put it aside. Luo Lin Yuan leaned over, squatted beside Yu Han, and resting his chin on Yu Han’s arm, smiling like a cheating cat, “Disappointed? Thought it was a couple fountain pens I gave you?”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han in silence, making him uncomfortable, “What’s wrong?”

Unexpectedly, Luo Lin Yuan put down his pen and leaned over, hugging him tightly with both arms, “Yu Han, I feel so uncomfortable.”

Yu Han held the person on his lap, pulled his arms and legs, and look up and down, “What’s the matter? Where do you feel uncomfortable? Did you eat something wrong?”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head sullenly, his nose was sore, “My heart hurts.”

Yu Han understood what he meant and thought he was silly, “What hurts? It’s actually fine, Grandma is by my side. Now there’s you, right?”

This is simply the most touching words of love. Luo Lin Yuan almost melted in Yu Han. He hugged Yu Han with both hands and feet, just like a sloth hugging a tree, and good-naturedly said, “This is what you said. I will always be with you. You’re not allowed to drive me away, I will not leave even if you drive me away.”

After saying that, he smack a kiss on the left and right side of Yu Han’s face, holding back his blush, and whispered, “Baby loves you.”


1 Not referring to LLY, but YH’s… hehe
2 LLY saying if he doesn’t calm it down, it will kill him XD
3 Link

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