Close to You
Close To You Chapter 79

After the two youngsters finished being sticky, Luo Lin Yuan had things on his mind and didn’t dare go too far. He reluctantly slipped off Yu Han’s lap, as if complaining, he said coquettishly, “I can’t study anymore. What if I can’t go to the same school as you?”

Yu Han, however, didn’t know that he had such a big ambition. Turning the pen in his hand, he looked at him with his chin supported. His eyes were so deep that Luo Lin Yuan blushed, “What are you looking at me for like that!”

Yu Han said, “Want to go to the same school as me?”

Luo Lin Yuan glared, “You don’t want to be with me?! Do you want to have a long-distance relationship with no one caring for you! So grab one in your hand, look at one in your eyes, and hold one in your mouth?”

Yu Han was amused, “What a mess.” But after thinking about it for a while, he felt that this can motivate Luo Lin Yuan to study, so he said, “If you want to be in the same school as me, you have to at least get into the top 50 in the grade. Where are you ranked now? 500?”

As soon as Luo Lin Yuan heard the top 50 in the grade, his expression darkened, “Didn’t you say you won’t take Tsinghua and Peking University entrance exam?!”

Yu Han: “But you have to be admitted to the school I’m going to… it’s a bit difficult.” Yu Han said euphemistically, but also realistically.

Luo Lin Yuan thought the same. The only possibility for Yu Han to go to the same school as he is to fail the college entrance exam. This is too unlucky. He really wants Yu Han to go to Tsinghua and Peking University. If worst comes to worst, he can also go to third-tier schools in Beijing which schools mediocre students can go to. It’s okay if the tuition is more expensive, his family is not short of money.

The problem is that Yu Han doesn’t consider going to Beijing, which is quite worrying, but he respects Yu Han’s ideas.

Seeing his frustrated appearance, Yu Han couldn’t bear it. He touched his head and said softly, “It’s okay, Teacher Yu will help you.” He called himself Teacher Yu and also found it funny, so he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips.

Luo Lin Yuan lay his head on the table and said, “Have you decided which university you’ll go to?” He just asked casually, couple topics, thinking about the future.

Unexpectedly, Yu Han was silent for a long time this time which made Luo Lin Yuan nervous, and it took a long time to hear a sentence from Yu Han, “C University.”

Luo Lin Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest, “Scared me. Seeing that it was difficult to say, I thought it was a super difficult school.” Of course, for mediocre students like them, every heavy undergraduate is difficult to test.

Soon, he knew why there was hesitation on Yu Han’s face, because Yu Han said, “Xiao Yuan, I already passed C University’s independent admission, and there is only an interview left.”

Luo Lin Yuan thought to himself this is a good thing, “Really?! Great!” His boyfriend is awesome.

He laughed and found that there was no joy on Yu Han’s face, so he felt that things weren’t simple. Yu Han said, “As soon as I pass the interview, I won’t have to go to school.”

Luo Lin Yuan struggled to understand the meaning, and gradually couldn’t laugh, “Then… can we still tutor together?”

Seeing him with a pitiful look of ignorance, Yu Han wanted to hug him. Luo Lin Yuan dodged and lowered his head, “I didn’t lock the door, in case Dade comes up and find us.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked up again and added, “If we can’t see each other next semester, and if Dad finds out, and if the tutoring is also canceled, it will really be a different place.” He tried to smile but failed.

Yu Han said, “I’m sorry.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What is there to be sorry for, don’t be sorry for your own excellence. Falling in love is not like this, and are you sure C University is good? There’s still more than half a year left for me to work hard. I’ll catch up to you.”

Yu Han was a little moved. Luo Lin Yuan took the initiative to walk up to him, like a promise, word by word, “I will catch up to you, believe me.”

Later, during the tutoring, Luo Lin Yuan was obviously a lot more serious and even took the initiative to ask Yu Han to increase the amount of work. He was rejected by Yu Han, who said not to run before he can walk. In the end, he still felt sorry for him, so he told Luo Lin Yuan, “Even if it’s not from the same school, I can go to you every weekend…”

Luo Lin Yuan desperately shook his head, “Crow’s mouth![1]Person who makes an inauspicious remark How do you know that I can’t pass the exam! What if! Don’t underestimate me, my junior high school grades are also very good, ok. How else would I be admitted to this high school?”

When Uncle Wu came up to call for dinner, Luo Lin Yuan remembered to say to Yu Han, “Dad asked you to eat with us.”

Yu Han packed his textbooks and wore his school bag. He initially intended to leave, but he stayed when he heard this.

Before leaving the door of the room, they kissed several more times, and the honey was mixed with oil. The little couples who had just been together were like this.

The two people went downstairs hand in hand, and letting go before they were seen. They looked at each other and smiled, everything was silent. All these sweet thoughts, but when Yu Han saw the man at the dinner table, it was as if he had been splashed with a bucket of ice water, and his blood was almost frozen.

Luo Ting got up and beckoned Luo Lin Yuan over, then said to Yu Han, “What are you doing standing there Little Student Yu? Quickly come over and sit. Xiao Yuan has troubled you a lot, right? Uncle has to thank you properly today.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t feel anything wrong at first, but soon he discovered Yu Han’s excessive silence and the glances exchanged between his Dad and that Uncle Guan from time to time.

The questions about Yu Han at the dinner table were also quite intense, and he was so concerned that Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t help but interrupt, “Dad, you keep asking questions, Yu Han can’t even eat!”

Luo Ting laughed, “Look at my words. Isn’t this because your Little Classmate is excellent? I can’t help but care a little. Speaking of which, Classmate Yu’s grades are very good, have you considered going abroad?”

Luo Lin Yuan said, “He’s not considering this. Yu Han already has a university he wants to go to!” After saying that, he regretted it. He pursed his lips and looked at Yu Han. Mainly, he was worried that his Father was would say the topic of financial aid in the next sentence.

It’s not that his Father hasn’t done it before. Luo Ting has sponsored a number of university students under his name. Without exception, these students have been trained and directly entered Luo Corporation to do things.

Coupled with what Luo Ting said to him in the study last time, he didn’t doubt it at all. He was sure that his Father was going to sponsor Yu Han. When you go overseas, it’s not a long-distance relationship, it’s a cross-country relationship.

The first person who was curious about this matter at the dinner table was Guan Shuofeng. Like Yu Han, he hadn’t spoken much since the beginning and had been drinking. Guan Shuofeng said, “Is the university decided so soon? What school?”

Yu Han ignored him and the atmosphere became awkward. Luo Lin Yuan wanted to bite his nosy tongue even more. What’s the point of interjecting! Yu Han must be angry!

After the meal, Yu Han took out the box of the fountain pen from his school bag and walked straight to Guan Shuofeng, “I think this belongs to you.”

Guan Shuofeng was sitting on the sofa drinking tea. He glanced at the fountain pen and said calmly, “It’s rude to return something given by others since you received it.”

Luo Lin Yuan was suffocating. This Uncle Guan is too annoying! Can you not talk! He could see Yu Han’s hand holding the box was white from the force.

Yu Han said in a calm voice, “Since you want to give something away, you shouldn’t give part of it, but all of it. I made it clear a long time ago, I wouldn’t accept it.”

Guan Shuofeng smiled and slowly put down his teacup, “Sooner or later, you’ll have to accept it.”

Yu Han: “I didn’t need it before, I wouldn’t need it in the future. This kind of thing…” His voice paused, “it’s of no value to me.”

Guan Shuofeng’s expression was calm, “I originally admired you a lot. I thought you were a child who have a clear view of things. I didn’t expect you to be young and too impulsive.”

Yu Han bent over, put the pen case on the dining table, nodded slightly, and turned to leave. Unexpectedly, Guan Shuofeng’s voice chased up, “Since you don’t want it, what about this job?”

Yu Han’s body stiffened, Guan Shuofeng clasped his fingers as he sat on the sofa, smiling elegantly and calmly, “You’re so smart, don’t tell me you couldn’t guess?”


1 Person who makes an inauspicious remark

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