Close to You
Close To You Chapter 80

What this job, that job? Does this Guan Shuofeng know Yu Han? Every sentence also meant something, so Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t understand it and can only guess blindly.

If you don’t understand, you don’t understand, but it doesn’t mean you’re blind. This Guan Shuofeng is bullying Yu Han! Isn’t it just to refuse a gift, do you need to be peculiar?!

Luo Lin Yuan refused to watch Yu Han being treated like this. Just as he took a step forward, he was caught by his Father. Luo Lin Yuan struggled, “Dad, let me go!”

Luo Ting lowered his face and said solemnly, “Don’t make trouble, it has nothing to do with you now!”

How is it none of his business, that’s his boyfriend! He abruptly pushed Luo Ting’s hand away and rushed between Yu Han and Guan Shuofeng. He raised his arm and blocked Yu Han behind his shoulder in a protective gesture.

He showed a clever and polite official fake smile, which was completely contrary to the aura of protecting the calf that he exuded. He sweetly called Uncle Guan, “Yu Han is my teacher and my best friend. If he is rude, I apologize to you[1]Formal ‘you’ for him. Uncle Guan, you’re also an adult, so why bother making things difficult for a high school student? It doesn’t sound good to say it out ah.”

Yu Han moved behind him as if to go past him. Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly put his hand behind him, grabbed the corner of Yu Han’s clothes, and gently tugged, “I’m not sure what kind of job you offer Yu Han, Uncle Guan. But since it’s a job, you don’t need to use such an attitude, right? It’s a new era now, bosses and subordinates have to respect each other. Using work to restrain others at every turn, that method is quite dull and shameless.”

Luo Lin Yuan still looked well-behaved, but what he said was disrespectful. He was clearly and willfully slapping Guan Shuofeng’s face. Even though Guan Shuofeng and Luo Ting were on good terms, they were mocked enough to lose face and became a little angry.

Luo Ting hurriedly stepped forward and said loudly, “Luo Lin Yuan, go back to your room!”

Luo Lin Yuan was yelled at, his body shook lightly. He liked Luo Ting a lot, so he was willing to do things he didn’t want to do for the Luo Family, such as being sensible and obedient at a young age, saying pleasing blessings, and maintaining a naïve appearance.

Disrespecting Luo Ting’s friend is quite out of line and it has never been something that Luo Lin Yuan would do. Even if he was more capricious outside, he wouldn’t show it in front of Luo Ting because he loves his Dad very much, but he also likes Yu Han just as much.

The corners of the school uniform in his hand was soft and embedded in the palm of his hand. It’s Yu Han’s clothes and there’s also the smell of Yu Han. He seemed to have gained a lot of courage. Young people’s love is the most impulsive and courageous. He wants to protect Yu Han.

Even if he was afraid that Luo Ting would be disappointed in him and didn’t like him anymore, he still said, “Dad, you can’t be unreasonable.”

Luo Ting got even angrier, “Look at what you just said, Uncle Guan is your elder!”

Luo Lin Yuan strained his neck, “Elders should behave like elders! He doesn’t even know how to respect others! Yet, he wants others to respect him!”

Luo Ting almost died of anger at him, “What do you know! Go back to your room now! You’re being too outrageous!”

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes were red, “You’re the one who’s outrageous! I know everything! You guys are working together to bully my friend! You’re all so old and you’re still bullying children! Dad, I’m disappointed in you!”

Luo Ting only felt that the vein on the back of his neck was about to burst with anger at Luo Lin Yuan, but he couldn’t point at his ignorant son and say ‘Why are you getting involved in this family matter!’

Since he refused to listen, he directly raised his hand at him. Guan Shuofeng’s family affairs couldn’t be messed with by his son. This good brother helped him a lot in the last land auction.

Now it’s just for him to help him with something, and he’s happy to return the favor.

Luo Ting just wanted to seize Luo Lin Yuan back to the room and lock him up, then coax him to apologize to Guan Shuofeng afterwards. It was almost enough.

Before his hand touched his son, he was grabbed by the man behind whom his son was protecting. The young man was so strong that he couldn’t move. Luo Ting felt a chill in his heart when he met Yu Han’s eyes.

Sure enough, it’s Guan Shuofeng’s kid. His eyes were exactly the same as Guan Shuofeng when he was young. But Guan Shuofeng, this person, wasn’t easy to mess with when he was young, and he had the support of his family behind him. Thus, it’s not difficult to understand that he’s full of imposing manners.

This illegitimate son has been in exile for so long, but he still looks like Guan Shuofeng. No wonder Guan Shuofeng wanted to take this person back. Compared to Guan Nian, who definitely wouldn’t get far.

Yu Han slowly released Luo Ting’s arm and pressed Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulder. It was about the same as being held posture. However, the air on the scene was really stagnant that for a moment, no one can see his minor action under the ambiguity and dominating desire.

Yu Han first told Luo Ting, “Mr. Luo, Xiao Yuan’s starting point is good. Even if his words are extreme, you don’t have to go as far as to take action against him in front of outsiders again.”

When Luo Ting heard this, his expression stiffened. When was he going to do something to Luo Lin Yuan? He just wanted to take the person upstairs.

Looking at his son again, when he heard Yu Han’s words, tears immediately soaked his eyes as if he had been beaten by him. This Yu Han is simply an expert at sowing discord!

Yu Han said to Guan Shuofeng, “Although it’s not clear what my job has to do with you, since it’s a job, I get paid for it, not for nothing. I have a clear conscience.”

After he finished, he suddenly smiled, and said in a cold tone with those eyes that were almost the same as Guan Shuofeng’s, “And you, Mr. Guan, do you have a clear conscience all these years?”

After saying that, he pulled Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulder, “Let’s go.”

Luo Lin Yuan sniffled and nodded, adding, “The school bag is still up there, I’ll go get it.”

Luo Ting watched the development of things gradually get out of control, “Where are you going? It’s so late.”

Luo Lin Yuan glanced at his Father resentfully. Without saying anything, he ran upstairs, thud thud thud. He quickly packed his school bag and a small wash bag and ran down. Following Yu Han, the two youngsters pulled on their hands and were about to leave.

Luo Ting chased after them, “Yuanyuan, where are you going!”

Luo Lin Yuan held Yu Han’s hand, his heart was so bold that he felt he could elope with Yu Han to the ends of Earth.

He turned back and said with a rebellious look, “I’m running away from home, I won’t give you a pension!”

Luo Ting: “… ! ! ! !” This stinky brat!!!

Seeing that he couldn’t stop it, he can only go back to the living room with a headache. He said with a wry smile to Guan Shuofeng, who was still sitting in the same place, “Look, it’s not that I didn’t help you, my son has made trouble with me because of this.”

Half of Guan Shuofeng’s face was hidden behind the shadow, his expression uncertain. It took a long time before he said to Luo Ting, “I didn’t know Nannan was pregnant back then.”

Luo Ting sighed and sat in another chair, “We didn’t know either. What’s more, you’re out of the country at that time. She didn’t tell you and decided to give birth herself, which is also irresponsible.” But, I can’t blame you. Luo Ting still couldn’t say it.

After all, no matter how capable Yu Nanan was, it was impossible for her to give birth to Guan Shuofeng’s child by herself. It was really a mess, and no one could figure it out. The beauty is gone, and the past cannot be looked back on.


1 Formal ‘you’

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