Close to You
Close To You Chapter 81

The sky has completely darkened, the Luo residence was left behind by them, getting farther and farther away, leaving only a small dot. Luo Lin Yuan’s palms were sweating, he felt nervous afterwards. His lips were dry, and his eyes were constantly drifting back. This was the first time he quarreled with Luo Ting like this.

It couldn’t be said that he regrets it, he just felt flustered. Luo Ting didn’t chase him out. He looked at Yu Han who was walking beside him. Half of the moonlight fell on the boy’s shoulder, quite gently.

Yu Han felt his gaze, he pressed his thumb in his welt palm, and asked him, “Afraid?”

Luo Lin Yuan was pressed down as if his heart was trapped in a block, “Not afraid, I said I’m going to love you.”

When Yu Han heard this, his eyelashes drooped as if he couldn’t bear it, his earlobes and even his cheeks were red. Seeing that he looked shy, there was an uncontrollable smile on his lips, and Yu Han who didn’t dare look at him… is so cute as heck, Luo Lin Yuan’s heart moved to death.

Yu Han took him home and took out the short-sleeved pants he wore last time as pajamas for him. It wasn’t the first time Luo Lin Yuan came to Yu Han’s house, but it’s the first time he came as a boyfriend, and he was quite nervous.

He sat on the sofa, holding the clothes, and said to Yu Han sensibly, “Go to work quickly, I can do it myself.”

Yu Han didn’t answer this, but took the person into the bathroom. He first put on hot water for him, then gave him a large towel. “This towel is new. It’s also has been washed and dried, so it can be used.”

Luo Lin Yuan subconsciously buried his face in the light yellow bath towel. The corner of the bath towel was embroidered with bright sunflowers. It was warm and smelled good.

He hugged the bath towel and giggled, “You even bought a bath towel for me. How did you know I’ll come to your house ah.”

Yu Han said, “You don’t like coming to my house?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Like! I like you so much, and I like your house too.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s confession was too natural and he was caught off guard. Yu Han clenched his hand into a fist and coughed embarrassedly in front of his lips, “Go wash up, I’ll wait for you outside.”

The word ‘wait’ caused Luo Lin Yuan to blush and his heart to beat. He isn’t a simple child who doesn’t know how to do things. He has also checked how boys and boys do. Before, he thought he wouldn’t accept it, but now it’s much better.

If he and Yu Han, he should be underneath[1]He meant he’ll be the bottom XD, and then Yu Han… Does he have to make some preparations?

Thinking of putting his finger there, Luo Lin Yuan wanted to cry. He was taking a shower while letting his imagination run wild, thinking if this would be too fast. If Yu Han wanted it, would he refuse? He can’t refuse ba.

After all, he would have to go through this sooner or later. He wants to have Yu Han completely, he wants all of Yu Han. He is extremely greedy. If he were a snake, he would even hide the person in his stomach. That’s his baby alone, no one can see him.

Luo Lin Yuan endured the discomfort and touched it there, and rinsed it with water for a long time. He successfully forced himself to cry out.

He really can’t do it, let Yu Han try this kind of dirty thing! He couldn’t accept it.

Thus, Yu Han, who was cooking noodles outside, greeted a freshly baked, hot all over, and with pink eyelids Luo Lin Yuan. It can be said that he cried inside at first glance.

Yu Han was distressed and regretted it. He still wasn’t calm and collected enough. It would’ve been nice if he was more rational when facing Guan Shuofeng. He had obviously done a good job before, he completely regarded this person as a stranger.

When Guan Shuofeng mentioned that this tutoring job was related to him, this was the first time Yu Han hesitated and had difficulty accepting it. If it was before, he wouldn’t hesitate to quit the job related to Guan Shuofeng.

Grandma’s attitude is his attitude. He didn’t need Guan Shuofeng’s cheap offers.

But when it came to Luo Lin Yuan, he hesitated. Similarly, he didn’t want Luo Lin Yuan to hide and secretly cry because he was wronged.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know Yu Han’s tangled thoughts. He rubbed his wet hair with a bath towel and asked in a nasal voice, “What are you cooking ah?”

Yu Han walked over and wrapped the person with the bath towel in his arms. Luo Lin Yuan smiled when he was hugged. “What ah, are you very excited seeing me in your clothes?”

Luo Lin Yuan was really full of unhealthy thoughts. In the next second, Yu Han burst his yellow bubble, “Is it uncomfortable to quarrel with Mr. Luo?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t understand how the topic turned here and blankly ah-ed. Yu Han pressed his fingers on the corner of his eyes, “Don’t feel uncomfortable by yourself, I can accompany you.”

Only then did Luo Lin Yuan understand what he was talking about. He stretched out his hand and hugged him back. He sweetly said, “I’m not uncomfortable.”

Yu Han only thought that he was being stubborn, so he kissed his eyelid, “If you dare cry alone next time, I will…”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What would you do?”

Yu Han couldn’t do anything, so he kissed his eyelid again several times, “I’ll kiss you.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Aren’t you forcing me to cry? I want to be kissed by you, not on the face but on my lips, okay?”

With that, he seized Yu Han’s neck and leaned forward. Yu Han pinched his chin and refused to let him kiss, “Don’t make trouble.” He also ruthlessly drove Luo Lin Yuan out of the kitchen. He had him blow dry his hair and wait for the noodles. Neither of them had eaten much at the table just now.

When the noodles were brought out, Luo Lin Yuan drank the soup first, while Yu Han found his phone to call for leave. He wasn’t worried that Luo Lin Yuan was at home alone, he brought the person out of his house, so he had to be responsible to the end.

When he returned to the dinner table, Luo Lin Yuan had already eaten half of the noodles, even the fried eggs in the bowl was divided with chopsticks and put into Yu Han’s bowl.

Luo Lin Yuan licked his oily mouth, “I just need to eat a little bit, you eat more.”

Yu Han looked at the eggs in the bowl for a while, then suddenly asked, “Do you want to know the relationship between Guan Shuofeng and me?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s chopsticks paused, then said generously, “I want to know. I also want to know what color you like, what size your shoes are, what you like to eat, what you’re good at, even what dream you had last night, what particular things you met on the way to school, and whether you’re unhappy in the bar, I want to know.”

He said a long list in one breath, put down his chopsticks, and pressed his greasy mouth. It was a bit funny, but he unexpectedly solemnly said, “As long as you’re willing to tell me, I want to know everything, the good and the bad. But I don’t want to know what you don’t want to say.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han’s gradually widening eyes and said softly, “Yu Han, I don’t want you to be sad. If you say those things and feel uncomfortable, I won’t listen. Because if you feel uncomfortable…” He raised his hand and pressed his chest, “I feel uncomfortable too. You know, I’m most afraid of pain.”


1 He meant he’ll be the bottom XD

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