Close to You
Close To You Chapter 107

The bouquet of flowers was held in mid-air, and the longer the delay, the heavier it seemed. Luo Lin Yuan was tired from his elbows, and his heart was sore every inch.

Yu Han, who was one step away from him, looked unclear, neither happy nor offended. It can be said that he was a little calmly weird. This reaction was not in Luo Lin Yuan’s imagination.

He had thought that Yu Han might gladly take it or scoff, and he would be sad or upset with the reaction given by the other party.

Yu Han didn’t accept the flowers, but asked, “Why do you want to give me flowers?””

Without waiting for him to answer, he said again, “Oh yes, to give it to the parents who did the best handiwork.”

He raised his hand to take the flowers in Luo Lin Yuan’s hand. The bouquet was drawn away in Luo Lin Yuan’s palm, and the end of the wrapping paper was hooked on his index finger, which made him feel a sense of loss.

It wasn’t like this, it shouldn’t be like this. He pursed his lips and frowned, letting others see it, but it also let them think that he was reluctant to send flowers, reluctant to part with them.

Yu Han grabbed the bouquet of flowers and was quiet for a while as if waiting for him to speak. Before he could wait, he nodded lightly, “Thank you, is there anything else?”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head speechlessly, watching Yu Han walk out. He stared, feeling that things were really unsatisfactory. He listlessly went to get water and watered all the flowers in the office.

Because of inattention, the water splashed on the ground, making a wet portion. When he returned to his senses, the footprints of the slippers were already all over the office. He has been buying flowers for many days and brought a bouquet to work every day.

Other teachers asked him who to send it to, but he didn’t answer. With hidden thoughts, he was doing what he thought was romantic.

As the day passed, different flowers were piled up in the office, and he couldn’t bear to throw them away, so he kept them all.

Until the time he bought the winter jasmine, the person he was waiting for finally came. Luo Lin Yuan put the watering can aside, squatted in front of the cape jasmine, rubbed the petals carefully, and said to himself, “Actually, these flowers are all my thoughts, isn’t it too obvious? So you don’t know.”

The flower language of gardenia, strong and eternal love; pink calla lily, love you for a lifetime; winter jasmine, love each other forever, and the object of sending flowers, the person you like.

It’s not Yu Han, do you like it, but it’s Yu Han, I like you.

Luo Lin Yuan pressed the corners of his eyes with the back of his hand. He didn’t know how long he had been squatting before he thought of getting up. His legs were numb. He bent over and patted his swollen calves with his hand, “It’s okay. It’s okay. Cheer up, next time.” He cheered himself up.

Yu Han, who took the flowers, was actually not as calm as Luo Lin Yuan thought. He held the bouquet of flowers in both hands and stood outside the Dean’s office for a long time, frowning in difficulty, not knowing what to do with the flowers.

It was said to be sent to the parents, but he was afraid of making a fool of himself like yesterday. Since Luo Lin Yuan has said that this is a reward, why bother adding any special meaning to this flower?

Holding the flowers back to the classroom, Taro Ball straightened up and watched his father as he(TB) open his mouth into a small o. When Yu Han sat down, he stretched out his hand to take a flower and smell it. Yu Han moved the flower away, “Draw your painting.”

Taro balls: “Flower, flower, fragrant! Dad, I want it too!”

Yu Han: “This is Dad’s flower.”

Taro Ball mouth’s flattened, “Stingy!”

Yu Han: “You’re already a three-year-old child. You should learn what you want and buy it yourself.”

Taro Ball: “Dad… As an adult, you still robbed me of candy.”

Yu Han turned a deaf ear, only holding the flower and looking over and over. Taro Ball was sketching next to him, and finally, a big yellow flower was produced and pasted on the stall.

When they got home in the evening, the aunt saw that Sir went out and came back with a bouquet of flowers, so she wanted to find a glass bottle to put them in.

Yu Han said, “Take out the bottle I bought on a business trip to Italy last year.”

Auntie exhaled, “Isn’t that very expensive?”

Yu Han: “It’s worth it.”

Don’t know if the person who sent the flowers is worth it or if the flowers are worth it.

Don’t know if Yu Han is happy, but Han Zhui wasn’t very happy. He just hooked up with a hot beauty who came to travel in C City downstairs in the hotel lobby, gave the room number and the beauty delivered herself to the door.

Five minutes before they started, most of their clothes were removed, and the doorbell rang.

As it rang and was knocked, accompanied by the voice of Luo Lin Yuan, who killed thousands of knives, he shouted outside the door, “Open the door, Han Zhui, open the door! I know you’re in there.” It’s like coming to catch an adulterer, disturbing his good deeds.

The beauty pushed Han Zhui away and tied her lingerie strap, “What the hell ah!”

Han Zhui put his hands together, “I’m sorry, beauty, go back to your room first.”

The beauty didn’t think about leaving but was given an eviction order. She rolled her eyes and opened the door angrily, almost hitting Luo Lin Yuan.

Luo Lin Yuan, who was making a scene outside, was drunk and angry. When he saw a woman rushing out of Han Zhui’s room, he started to hiccup in fright.

The beautiful woman glared at him, but the swearing that she was going to scold him was reluctant when she saw his face clearly and couldn’t bear to scold him again, so she only lightly spat out a “crazy” that resembled a squeak.

Han Zhui got dressed and walked out, carefully maintaining his hair that had been scratched by the beautiful woman just now.

He really didn’t understand why women are so passionate about pulling hair.

Every time, he was frightened because of this. If he goes bald one day, he will have no face to cross the rivers and lakes.

Luo Lin Yuan was still hiccupping stupidly in the hallway, his small body twitching, looking at the beautiful woman who had walked away, and then looking at Han Zhui, “You, hiccup, you just f!#&$g came back for a day.”

Han Zhui leaned against the door in a chic posture, and said with a smile, “If there’s something, say it, if there’s nothing, get out.”

The corners of Luo Lin Yuan’s mouth drooped, “What you said is useless…”

Seeing him drinking, Han Zhui sighed, “Did you really put him to sleep?”

Luo Lin Yuan squeezed past Han Zhui and walked in, “What are you talking about, didn’t you ask me to coax him?”

Han Zhui: “So, how did you coax him.”

Luo Lin Yuan told him about sending flowers, and Han Zhui listened carefully, “Did you say why you want to send flowers?”

Luo Lin Yuan thought for a long time, but he really didn’t. He said, “How could he believe my excuse, so fake.”

Han Zhui: “Why don’t you believe me? Isn’t your office the same as a flower shop? There are flowers everywhere. The most fearful thing is that there are too many gifts. You only give him a small part. It looks insincere, just like the hand-delivered one.”

Luo Lin Yuan was anxious, “He should know what flowers mean!”

Han Zhui: “What do they mean.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “That’s the spring flower!”

Han Zhui: “What kind of code is this that I don’t know?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t want to say, how could such love words be so easy to say.

It was when he was 17 years old, young and frivolous, but the love words he said to Yu Han in his mind make him blush now that he thinks about it. He can’t say that this is the secret between Yu Han and him.

Seeing him hesitating for a long time, Han Zhui sighed, “You can just send him sunflowers.”

Luo Lin Yuan was taken aback, “Why?”

Han Zhui: “Sun~ flower~ ah.” His tone dragged on for a long time, carelessly.

Luo Lin Yuan felt that he had come for a special trip and asked Han Zhui if he was simply a sand sculpture[1]Slang for idiot/silly. Han Zhui couldn’t understand his own affairs. He only used his lower body to think all day long.

Han Zhui said, “You still drank. You have such a broken capacity for alcohol. Do you still drink to relieve your worries when you talk about love ah?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Alcohol can strengthen courage.”

Han Zhui raised his eyebrows: “What do you want to do? You’re promising ah, do you want to…” Kill him at his house?

Luo Lin Yuan: “I want to call him.”

Han Zhui: “…” Get out, get out, you miserable loser who makes people miserable all day long.

Luo Lin Yuan also stopped by to sit down and asked him if he was lacking of anything. The intermediary found it for him and he would be able to see the house right away.

Han Zhui impatiently touched the cigarette to drive people away, “I don’t lack anything, go quickly, let me look for myself. You can chase your man with peace of mind.”

Luo Lin Yuan saw his temper and thought it was because he came and spoiled Han Zhui’s good deeds. Thus, before Han Zhui could settle the account after drinking, he nimbly rolled away.

Han Zhui closed the door, probably because his lust wasn’t gone, his irritability was vigorous. In the middle of the night, where can he find another woman?

Pushing open the balcony floor-to-ceiling window, he walked out, intending to blow the wind and smoke a cigarette. Only when he came out did he find that the design of this hotel was wonderful, and there was also a balcony on the side, not far away.

The guest next to him was also very leisurely and elegant. There was a glass of red wine on the transparent table, an ashtray, and half of the lady’s cigarettes are extinguished. There was still a faint smell of perfume in the air, if not, it was very tempting.

Han Zhui bit his cigarette and squinted at the floor-to-ceiling window of that room. At this moment, a hand opened the curtains and their skin was very white.

The person walked out, their height was too tall for a woman, and their framework was also big. Their hair wasn’t long, and they were wearing a black nightgown, which was close-fitting and silky, outlining the rounded lines of their buttocks.

Han Zhui had a preconceived idea that this was a woman.

After all, they’re smoking a lady’s cigarette. Who would’ve thought that when this person leaned over to hold a wine glass, their nightgown opened a bit, revealing a flat chest?

It was a man, Han Zhui sighed in disappointment. The man heard it and looked on his way.

At first glance, he was very stunning. As a man, it was rare to look so stunning. Coupled with the lipstick on his lips and the half-drunk alcohol on his cheeks, it forms a fairly impactful picture.

Han Zhui felt that his undiminished fire suddenly rose, ignited in his lower abdomen, and formed a lump.

Men are always interested in seeing what they want.

The man felt the aggressiveness of Han Zhui’s eyes and wasn’t very happy, “What are you looking at?”

Han Zhui stretched out his hand and tapped his lower lip, “This color suits you very well.”

The man wiped it with the back of his hand and saw the lipstick. His expression instantly became vivid, ashamed, and annoyed.

At this time, a female voice came from the room, “Young Master Guan, I’m done washing.”

The man hurriedly entered the room without looking back. Han Zhui leaned on the armrest and looked up at the sky. The moonlight was extremely beautiful tonight, but it was a pity that everyone else was in pairs, and he was the only one looking at this beautiful scenery.

Luo Lin Yuan went down to the hotel lobby and dialed Yu Han’s phone while the alcohol wasn’t gone.

He leaned on the leather sofa in the lobby, his nails clasping the edges, waiting to be connected, a heart soaked in alcohol kept bubbling.

The moment he heard Yu Han’s voice, the alcohol became lemon juice, sour to the core, and anxiety became grievance.

Yu Han: “Hello.”

Luo Lin Yuan was sullen, “Hey.”

Yu Han’s voice carried a little echo, and there was also the sound of water as if the sound was stained with damp heat in the bathroom, “What’s the matter?”

Luo Lin Yuan guessed that he was taking a shower, or after washing, his body got a little hotter, “Should there be something before I can call you?”

Little Madman Luo went crazy through the alcohol, making Yu Han ask in astonishment, “What’s the matter with you?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Don’t you like the flowers?”

Yu Han: “…”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Do you like sunflowers? I’ll send you sunflowers, okay?”

Yu Han: “Why are you giving me flowers this time? Because I brought up my child well?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “No.”

Yu Han: “Hmm?”

His questioning voice had a nasal sound, which was Luo Lin Yuan’s favorite kind, but it was such a hateful coldness. He said, “Must there be a reason to send you flowers?”

Yu Han: “Yes.”

Luo Lin Yuan was blocked by him, and he heard Yu Han ask word by word, “So why do you want to send me flowers?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s hot face was next to the leather sofa, and a line of warm water beads slid from his eyes to his cheeks and to the sofa. His throat was tight and trembling, “Because you are spring, you always have been.”


1 Slang for idiot/silly

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