Close to You
Close To You Chapter 108.2

Luo Lin Yuan gripped the doorknob and cheered himself, intending to walk out completely naked. As soon as he pulled open the door, the bag hanging on the door hit his leg because of inertia, and the sharp edge stung him a little.

He inexplicably picked up the bag and opened it. Inside were underwear and disposable bath towels.

Yu Han’s voice rang out from not far away, “I bought you clothes, I sent your other clothes for dry cleaning, and will be delivered soon.”

Luo Lin Yuan closed the door with mixed feelings, these gestures are very thoughtful, just like back then. It would be great if it wasn’t an appointment, but a relationship.

He put on his underwear, wrapped himself in a bath towel, and went out.

Yu Han was sitting on the couch, talking to someone on the phone. It sounded like business and only had time to take a look at him before quickly turning his gaze away.

Luo Lin Yuan rubbed his half-dried hair and sat down on the bed. Yu Han got up with the phone, talking, he put a piece of clothing on Luo Lin Yuan’s leg that was sticking out from the bath towel and took the time to say to him, “It’s mine, make do with it.”

It was a dark blue shirt, satin fabric, cool and silky to the touch. There was an unopened metal cuff on the cuffs, stained with a faint perfume smell.

It is a men’s perfume, his Yu Han has grown into a mature and attractive man.

Luo Lin Yuan silently put on the shirt, and buttoned them one by one. In this process, Yu Han never looked at him.

As if there was something big on the other side of the phone and it won’t work for a second without him.

Yu Han moved and changed his posture. He rested his wrist on the wooden armrest, and the watch reflected the light of the room and fell on a snow-white leg.

Luo Lin Yuan untied the bath towel at some point, wearing only the shirt that covered his hips a little, standing not far from him.

When did the hotel’s shower gel smell like this? This was Yu Han’s first thought.

The second thought was that Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t wearing shoes and his knees and toes were red.

Luo Lin Yuan stood in front of Yu Han for a while and found that Yu Han ignored him. His expression almost counted as cold.

He curled his lips dully, walked to the head of the bed, bent over to open the disposable slippers, put them on, and then used the hotel charger to charge his phone.

He now urgently needs Han Zhui. He has to ask Han Zhui what he should do now.

Luo Lin Yuan was using his phone, Yu Han was on the phone. During this period, the room door was knocked on once, and the meal ordered by Yu Han arrived. He ordered a vegetable porridge for Luo Lin Yuan to warm the stomach of the drunk.

When he took it to Luo Lin Yuan, his thoughts about what he was talking about were broken, and the assistant on the other end of the phone said ‘hello’ for half a day and didn’t hear any response from him.

Luo Lin Yuan was lying on the bed, his shirt rolled up on his waist, revealing two back dimples. With his white legs in mid-air, swaying around, holding a phone in his hand, and playing a game in an improper manner.

This posture was taught by Han Zhui. He said he couldn’t stand women waiting for him with clothes most of the time. Don’t know if it works, but this is what they do on TV.

Similarly, Luo Lin Yuan can also learn.

Of course, it would be great if Luo Lin Yuan’s game at this time wasn’t Fight the Landlord which spoiled the fun.

Although the sound effect was small, it was also funny.

He was too nervous. In order to relieve his tension, he started playing Fight the Landlord and instantly became addicted to it and became a little gambler.

Luo Lin Yuan had just blown up two opposite houses and was shaking his legs violently in excitement when his ankle was grabbed by someone.

He stiffened that he couldn’t even play the game and dropped his phone on the side. Turning around, he saw Yu Han holding his ankle and was still on the phone!

Isn’t he attractive at all? What exactly did Yu Han bring him to this hotel for? Busy with business?

Yu Han pressed his legs back on the bed, lifted the quilt, and then covered him tightly. He pointed to the porridge, his eyes signaling him to eat.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t have any appetite. He sat up depressed, looked at Yu Han who was back on the phone not far from the sofa, and once again asked on WeChat for help.

The message sent by Han Zhui this time was simple and crude with only three words, “Give him a mouth.”[1]Well, it didn’t feel right with just ‘give him mouth’ lol so I wasn’t able to follow it with three words. Anyway, you all know what that means *wink *wink

At this time, the assistant who was humbly working overtime in the company was telling the boss about the report. When he heard the boss’ voice, he seemed to take a breath and almost shouted furiously, “What are you doing!”

The assistant who was yelled at was bewildered, “I’m…” Doing summary work, conscientiously and diligently doing my duties ah…

The boss said quickly, “I’m not talking about you, let’s talk about it when I go to the company tomorrow!”

The assistant’s phone was hung up after saying that. The assistant held the phone, dumbfounded, thinking, is this still his business-oriented boss?

On this side, Yu Han pushed Luo Lin Yuan to the ground, put away his phone, fastened his belt, and stabilized his emotions before he slowly said, “What are you doing?”

Luo Lin Yuan was pushed to sit on the ground and his tailbone hurt a little from the fall. The pain stirred up his temper, not to mention the fact that his face was up, it was too embarrassing to be pushed away like a snake.

He got up from the ground, patted the invisible dust on his legs, and took a deep breath, “Do you have to do this?”

Yu Han: “What?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Since you didn’t mean it, why did you bring me here?”

Yu Han’s tone lowered a lot, “What do you mean?”

His voice paused slightly and realized it in hindsight. His face sank, and his aura was stormy.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t notice, or rather he didn’t bother to notice. He was now embarrassed and wanted to cry, but he was also in pain. He held his arms, turned back to the bed, picked up the phone, and pressed it twice as if to vent his anger, “I’m going to sleep, leave ba.”

But Yu Han didn’t leave, he got up, and approached him, “You think I want to do it with you?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes were hot, “Forget it if you don’t want to.”

Yu Han, however, refused to let him off easily, “What is our relationship?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s small face tensed, “None.”

Yu Han: “If there’s none, how can two people do it?”

Luo Lin Yuan lifted the quilt, hid his face gloomily, and gave up on himself, “Can’t two people who have nothing with each other sleep together!”

Yu Han was exasperated, “Do you want to mess[2]This means just play around and do it casually, similar to ONS. with me?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I’ve said it all. Forget it if you don’t want to.”

Yu Han: “Luo Lin Yuan!”

Luo Lin Yuan fiercely turned over abruptly, so angry that his body trembled, “Then what do you want me to do? I sent you flowers, you don’t want it. I sent you candy, you don’t want it. I’m giving you all of me, you still don’t want me! All is said and done…”

His tone was unstable, his voice was trembling, reluctant. He reluctantly said, “You just don’t want me.”

He was so angry that he couldn’t control his crying and didn’t even know when he was crying.

The mattress sank, and Yu Han sat down. Luo Lin Yuan wiped his tears fiercely with the back of his hand, gritted his teeth, and turned his head to the side.

It took a long time before he helplessly accepted the anger on his face and said decadently, “If you do not want me, don’t let me misunderstand ah… You clearly know that I will misunderstand.”

Yu Han was still pressing him, “Why would you misunderstand?”

Luo Lin Yuan glared at him with red eyes, a line of tears hit on the quilt cover and the edge of the cuffs, blotting out a small dot on that fabric.

Yu Han lifted the quilt, revealing his pair of legs. He leaned over and pressed Luo Lin Yuan against the bed. He wiped away the tears on Luo Lin Yuan’s cheek with his thumb, “I don’t want to mess around casually.”

Yu Han: “If you want me, you have to give yourself to me completely.”

Luo Lin Yuan seemed to hear incredible words stopped crying and just looked at Yu Han dumbly.

Yu Han: “What is your relationship with that Han Zhui?”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head, “He is my university classmate, we have no relationship whatsoever.”

Yu Han: “Do you like me?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t say anything, and only after Yu Han pressed again did he bite his lips and nod, admitting unwillingly as if he had been forced to the end and had no choice.

As soon as he nodded his head, his lips were kissed by Yu Han. It was inappropriate to say kissed. It was too fierce. It was a bite, which made him exclaim in extreme pain.

Yu Han’s hand pinched his waist, “There are some things that you have to tell me yourself.”

He retreated, his eyes deep and his lips stained with Luo Lin Yuan’s blood. Luo Lin Yuan was hooked that he didn’t even know it hurt. He only knew to nod his head. Yu Han emphasized, “No matter what it is, I need to know.”

This tone was too strong, making Luo Lin Yuan cower. Yu Han didn’t let him say it immediately and only said, “I’ll give you time, but my patience is limited.”

These words knocked on Luo Lin Yuan, who was just floating and unaware. Yu Han really didn’t spoil him as much as he did back then.

After saying that, Yu Han pinched Luo Lin Yuan’s waist and dragged the person down.

Luo Lin Yuan fell back with a startled cry and fell into the soft bed. Amidst the trembling of his body, Yu Han pressed down, “Now, it’s time for me to exercise my authority.”

Luo Lin Yuan was a little confused and looked at Yu Han’s face, “What… What authority?”

Yu Han: “Boyfriend’s authority.”

The authority he had lost and regained.


1 Well, it didn’t feel right with just ‘give him mouth’ lol so I wasn’t able to follow it with three words. Anyway, you all know what that means *wink *wink
2 This means just play around and do it casually, similar to ONS.

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