Close to You
Close To You Chapter 109

Luo Lin Yuan trembled all over when he was kissed, and finally, his lips were released. He saw Yu Han get up and undress.

It’s been too long since he last saw this body, the man in front of him has become more and more mature and attractive. Time has allowed Yu Han’s body to grow in all aspects.

Until Yu Han unhurriedly undone his clothes.

His toes curled. He trembled and retreated, leaning his back against the hotel bed. Obviously, the air-conditioning was too much but his whole body was sweating. His eyes fell on Yu Han and sucked in a breath, “Were you… that hard before?”  

Yu Han was amused. He grabbed Luo Lin Yuan’s ankles, dragged him under him, and covered him again.

He had no intention of taking off Luo Lin Yuan’s clothes. He liked the way Luo Lin Yuan looked in his clothes.

So well behaved, looking so cute like a gift from heaven for him. Every detail was illuminated in his heart.

Throughout the night, they went from the bed to the bathroom, then he was pushed to the floor-to-ceiling window. Luo Lin Yuan tugged at the curtain and held back his cries, not knowing when it would end. He had long since passed out.

When he woke up the next day, Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes were dry and his throat was sore, hurting everywhere. The sound of water came from the bathroom and the door was pulled open. The sound of footsteps from afar was nearing, then there was a sound of a body sitting on the sofa.

The room was dim, not knowing what time it was. The curtains were pulled tightly and not a trace of light was exposed.

Luo Lin Yuan opened his eyes with difficulty, his eyelids were swollen, he had cried too much last night. After carefully shrinking under the blanket for a while, he was like a snail poking out its tentacles to reveal a pair of eyes.

Yu Han was sitting not far away using his phone, looking serious as if dealing with official business. Luo Lin Yuan peeped at him in silence and saw that the buttons of Yu Han’s shirt, which wasn’t fully buttoned up, were loosened by a few, and there were scratches on his neck and collarbone.

There are also tooth marks on the chin, which Luo Lin Yuan bit last night when he couldn’t stand it.

Goodbye present, I’m quite ashamed. He felt that he was simply crazy, wondering how will Yu Han face people with tooth marks on his face.

He hid in the quilt, tangled, then he heard Yu Han say, “Awake?”

Luo Lin Yuan was like an elementary school student being named by the teacher. He sat up abruptly and his face distorted, holding the almost twisted sore waist, and slowly lying on his back. “Awake… so painful ah.”

He seemed to hear Yu Han chuckle unscrupulously as if he was quite satisfied with making him like this.

Can you be dissatisfied? Don’t know how many times he turned him over and over as if there was no tomorrow.

Yu Han pulled open the curtains, and a large swath of sunlight rushed in. Luo Lin Yuan looked at the sunny weather outside stupidly and asked, “What time is it?”

Yu Han said lightly, “It’s twelve o’clock.”

Luo Linyuan stiffened in bed, “My alarm clock didn’t go off?”

Yu Han: “It did. I called you, but you didn’t want to wake up and hit me a few times.”

Luo Lin Yuan blushed, “Where’s the phone?”

Yu Han: ” I answered it for you.”

Luo Lin Yuan quickly lifted the quilt and took his phone to look at WeChat. As expected, there were a lot of messages. He first scrolled to the bottom. Xiao Xiong said she had received his leave. No problem, she can do it.

Until noon, Xiao Xiong didn’t send any messages for help. Indeed, as she said, she can do it. Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

He washed up, brushed his teeth, and changed into new clothes.

The clothes that Yu Han bought for him were very much to his liking. From the size to the fabric, it was suitable and comfortable. The style was too sunny, and it wasn’t mature enough to wear, but it was in line with that tender face, like a big boy full of youth.

Luo Lin Yuan walked out of the bathroom, his legs couldn’t close together, and his steps were strange, but his mouth still want to take advantage, “Boss Yu, your special hobby is a high school student ah. I bought this kind of clothes when I was 18 years old.”

Without raising his head, Boss Yu quickly tapped his fingers on the keypad, issuing orders while attacking Luo Lin Yuan, “My special hobby is you.”

It went straight to block Luo Lin Yuan’s flushed face and he couldn’t return the words.

After instructing the assistant, he rubbed his forehead. He didn’t work for a long time and it caused him a lot of burden.

Looking up, Luo Lin Yuan was already sitting on the leather chair in the hotel, with one hand around his knees, slowly chewing the sandwich on the table.

He was too dirty to hold it with his hands, so he grabbed chopsticks and clipped them. The sandwich slid down and smeared the salad dressing on the corner of his mouth. Luo Lin Yuan pouted in annoyance and had to lick it.

He was probably crazy. Otherwise, how could he think that it was worth it just to watch Luo Lin Yuan eat breakfast and throw a little tantrum?

If the assistant knew, he might have scolded the incapable ruler in his heart.

Luo Lin Yuan finished the sandwich and then drank milk. He smacked his lips and used his phone with his hand. The problem of not using his phone when eating was automatically fixed after opening Yuyuan.

Facts have proved that when you can’t be so particular, the human body can only adapt automatically.

Han Zhui WeChat him at four o’clock in the morning to ask him if it was done.

Then he said again, there’s no reply, it seems to be done.

At four o’clock last night, Luo Lin Yuan thought for a long time. He was indeed still tangled in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. He was exhausted and had no time to talk to him.

He sent Han Zhui an emoji and added a red packet with a grateful heart note, ‘Thank you, Matchmaker Han.’

Han Zhui quickly received the red envelope and replied ‘You’re welcome, hotpot will do.’

Just as he finished, he gloated and added, “I know, eat mandarin duck pot.”[1]‘Mandarin duck’ also means couple/happy married couple.

Luo Lin Yuan inwardly cursed. He was screwed up like this and he still has to eat hotpot. Doesn’t he want his old life?

Yu Han came over and wiped his mouth with a tissue. Luo Lin Yuan raised his head obediently and let the person do it.

After wiping his mouth, he was kissed, and Yu Han said, “I’ll send you to work.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t refuse. The two left the room together and entered the elevator. Luo Lin Yuan touched the hickey on his neck, “I can’t go to Yuyuan like this ah, it’s too obvious.”

Yu Han calmly said, “Children don’t understand this.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Adults understand ah, how do you want me to explain.”

Yu Han: “Just say the Dean’s wife bit it.”

When they went to the front desk to check out, Luo Lin Yuan had no face to go over, so he sat on the sofa and waited for Yu Han. It didn’t take long for Yu Han to come over.

As an inexperienced adult who spent the night playing outside with others, Luo Lin Yuan cautiously asked Yu Han, “Did they say anything?”

Yu Han lowered his eyes to look at him, “Yes.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “En?”

Yu Han: “They said it’s okay, the deposit will be refunded.”

Luo Lin Yuan was greatly relieved, who knew that Yu Han would add, “Because we didn’t use a condom, using it would’ve incurred an extra charge.”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly got up and walked out with red ears, “Alright, alright, let’s go, hurry up, we’ll be late for work.” He was already late for a while now.

Yu Han quickly caught up, pulling his hand, “Slow down, doesn’t it hurt?”

Luo Lin Yuan was about to die of shame. When he got into the car, Yu Han received a call from home. Taro Ball didn’t see his Dad in the morning, and his aunt told him that Dad had spent the night outside.

As a three-year-old, he issued a condemnation of his Dad for staying out all night.

Yu Han said, “Daddy has something to do.”

Taro Ball: “You can’t not come home even if you have something to do, I’m only three years old.”

Yu Han: “Auntie Liang is at home to accompany you.”

Taro Ball: “That won’t work either.”

Yu Han coaxed him, “I’ll take you to play with Sister Zhen tonight.”

Taro Ball: “Really?!” The child was young and was happy to be successfully bypassed.

Taro Ball asked, “Dad, where were you last night?”

Yu Han: “You had your Sister Zhen, and I also have Brother Luo.”

Taro Ball honestly said, “Did you see your friend? Uncle Fang?”

Yu Han: “You’ll know at night.”

After chatting a few more words and talking to Auntie Liang, Yu Han hung up the phone. He was about to start the car when Luo Lin Yuan leaned over at the side, “Say it again.”

Yu Han looked sideways with a raised brow, “What?”

Luo Linyuan licked the corner of his mouth and said with a smile, “Brother Luo ah.” It sounded novel.

Yu Han pressed the back of his neck, pulled him to himself, licked the corner of his licked lips, and said in a hoarse voice, “Brother Luo. Do you like it?”


1 ‘Mandarin duck’ also means couple/happy married couple.

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