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Close To You Chapter 12

The venue for camping is on a mountain in the next town. It’s not currently the peak tourist season so there aren’t many people, which is also quite good to determine the place to camp. Not only can they have a barbecue, but they can also see the sun when they open the tent at sunrise.

On the way to the mountain, Yu Han rented a bus. He took the list and counted the number of people properly to make sure that no one was missing. He even distributed water, mints, motion sickness patches, and medicines to each of them.

When it came to Luo Lin Yuan, Luo Lin Yuan received the things and didn’t say thanks. He didn’t even look at Yu Han as if he didn’t know him at all.

Although this was requested by Yu Han himself, he felt that when he was hurt from falling, Luo Lin Yuan’s act to send water was still quite heart-warming.

Probably because he had been taking care of Luo Lin Yuan that night, to him, Luo Lin Yuan was like an ignorant[1]someone who is impolite, doesn’t know how to deal with things properly which will offend people. child.

Now that the child is suddenly sensible, he will be more moved. When he handed water to Luo Lin Yuan, he said thank you in a low voice.

Luo Lin Yuan raised his eyelids to look at him, his gaze wasn’t particularly friendly. Yu Han was taken aback when he saw it, not knowing how he had offended the little princess.

After Luo Lin Yuan got into the bus, plugged on his earphones, and sat by the window, he pressed his forehead against the window, wanting to close his eyes to sleep. Perhaps because the sun is too bright or maybe because of the people in front, his half-opened eyes never closed.

When registering people’s names, Yu Han will also talk to people with a light smile. He was so gentle to everyone.

Therefore, that night, Yu Han took care of him only because he is such a character, but what can really make Yu Han have other reactions and even get angry was only related to Ren Yu.

So what exactly is the relationship between Ren Yu and Yu Han? Will it also be like Xia Fu and him, a couple?

At this time, Xia Fu sat next to him and took off one side of his earphones. She asked him, “What are you looking at?”

Luo Lin Yuan withdrew his gaze and said indifferently, “Nothing.”

Xia Fu stared straight at Luo Lin Yuan, not saying anything until the person looked over. “You really don’t like me at all.”

Xia Fu thought of the day she confessed to him, Luo Lin Yuan was also wearing earphones and had a hollow face that didn’t care about anything.

She didn’t like this kind of emptiness. She wanted to keep him even though Luo Lin Yuan had rejected her three times and told her, “I don’t know how to fall in love.”

Xia Fu stubbornly said, “I’ll teach you.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I’m quite a boring person.”

Xia Fu: “I’m interesting so it’s fine.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You may regret it.”

Xia Fu: “I won’t regret it.”

Does Xia Fu regret it? Maybe. When she found out that she had been chasing this person all this time but she seems to be really unable to touch him no matter how hard she tries, Xia Fu was really tired.

However, the tenderness and possessiveness that Luo Lin Yuan unintentionally exudes would give her hope again and cheer her up.

She leaned her head on the youth’s shoulder and thought silently in her heart, please let this person like me sooner, okay? I promise to treat him very, very well!

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t answer Xia Fu’s words but also didn’t refuse the girl leaning her head on him.

It was quite a long drive, for about two hours. He put his hands in his pocket and there was a spray inside which is used to spray wounds.

He took his phone and WeChat Li Yujie: I have medicine here, come and get it.

Li Yujie: What medicine?

Luo Lin Yuan: Didn’t you just fall.

Li Yujie: Oh, oh, oh, but it wasn’t me who was hurt in the fall ah. How can our Xiao Yuan be so considerate today, I’m so touched!

Luo Lin Yuan: Want it or not!

Li Yujie: Want! I happened to give it to Yu Han.

After Luo Lin Yuan’s purpose was achieved, he put his phone down, took the medicine out of his pocket, and threw it at Li Yujie’s seat.

When Li Yujie received the medicine, he took it to Yu Han with borrowed flowers.[2]lit. presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers(idiom); fig. to win favor or influence that one has received from someone else Who knew that the wound on Yu Han’s arm had long been tended to. He also showed Li Yujie his knapsack that was full of medicines that he had specifically prepared for this camping trip.

But Yu Han still stretched out his hand to pick up Li Yujie’s medicine. “Thank you, you even specifically bought it for me.”

Li Yujie shrugged, “Ai, Luo Lin Yuan bought it for me. I wanted to use it but I didn’t knock nor bump against the ground, so I brought it to you.”

Li Yujie was about to take the medicine back but Yu Han stopped him, “Give me the medicine.”

Li Yujie said strangely, “Haven’t you taken medicine already?”

Yu Han laughed. “I remembered it wrong, I happened to also be missing this spray. Give it to me ba.”

Li Yujie returned to his seat. Just as he sat down, he received a WeChat from Luo Lin Yuan. “Is it useful?”

Li Yujie: It’s useful, he received it. Thanks la, brother.

They staggered all the way for two hours and by the time they got on the ground, the boys and girls are divided into groups. One group to set up camp and the other group for preparing ingredients.

Yu Han demonstrated it first, and soon a sturdy tent was set up, then the other boys followed his steps to do it.

Luo Lin Yuan was finally interested but the boys had long been divided into groups. He ran to Li Yujie and Fang Xiao. As soon as he picked up the hammer, Fang Xiao stopped him, “Little princess, quickly put down your weapon, don’t hurt yourself.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s okay, I can.”

Fang Xiao: “You can’t! Did you forget your last chemistry experiment that almost burned down the classroom?”

Li Yujie added from the side, “There was also the cooking competition where the fish was blown up.”

Fang Xiao: “Actually, we aren’t afraid of you hammering yourself, we’re even more afraid of you hammering us ah!”

Luo Lin Yuan got angry. “It’s just hammering a nail!” He didn’t believe in evil. He took the hammer to smash it down. The nail was just like an evil door[3]odd; strange; unusual that instead of going down, it took off and almost nailed into Fang Xiao, frightening the person into a cold sweat.

Luo Lin Yuan resentfully put down the hammer. “I’m sorry ah.”

Fang Xiao shook his head frantically, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t move, sit on the side.”

Luo Lin Yuan wandered around, everyone is busy but he was the only one idle. Slowly, Luo Lin Yuan felt a sense of loneliness and boredom. It was obviously a group activity but he seems to be excluded. No one needs him and he couldn’t help others.

Luo Lin Yuan sullenly returned to Fang Xiao. He sat on a small stool, bent his knees, and put his chin on top of it. He was so bored to death that he began to stare at the ants on the mud that are puffing and carrying a small biscuit that was many times larger than its own size.

Even an ant looks more useful than him!

Luo Lin Yuan angrily took the biscuit away from the ants and watch the ants lose their target and circle in place. He felt a little bored again and placed the little biscuit back in front of the ants but the ants were scared away.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the ants who left and looked at the biscuits again. “What ah, I didn’t want to rob you.”

Suddenly, someone rubbed him on the head making his head jerk forward.

Fang Xiao was still pulling the rope next to him when he saw someone dare to touch the little princess’s head like that; he almost shouted boldly.

He looked at the person behind Luo Lin Yuan and found that it was Yu Han!

His heart immediately welled with a lot of worries. After all, Yu Han did help a lot with this current activity. It was well-organized and very highly popular which was almost what everyone wanted.

In case Luo Lin Yuan quarreled with him, the others will definitely help Yu Han, then they would be in a very awkward position.

He stared closely at these two people only to find that Luo Lin Yuan didn’t get mad. Instead, Yu Han squatted down and said a few words to him.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han somewhat awkwardly and shook his head.

Yu Han spoke for a while and finally extended his hand towards Luo Lin Yuan.

Fang Xiao’s relieved heart rose again. Luo Lin Yuan’s mysophobia is so serious, he will certainly have Yu Han lose face.

Fang Xiao has fought a long and protracted battle with Little Princess Luo before Luo Lin Yuan accepted him to touch him(LLY) that is, only if he washed his hands with disinfectant. It’s just him and the others except for Xia Fu…

Luo Lin Yuan put his hand in Yu Han’s hand.

Yu Han pulled Luo Lin Yuan up and walked out.

Fang Xiao: “……”

F***… How did it become like this! I’m so sour!

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1 someone who is impolite, doesn’t know how to deal with things properly which will offend people.
2 lit. presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers(idiom); fig. to win favor or influence that one has received from someone else
3 odd; strange; unusual

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