Close to You
Close To You Chapter 13

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the figure in front of him with a canvas sack, feeling somewhat complicated. “Didn’t you say to pretend not to know each other in school?”

Yu Han looked at the dead branch on the ground and confirmed that it was still dry, he picked it up and put it into the bag. “This isn’t school and you can help if you have time.”

Luo Lin Yuan regretted agreeing to come. He really didn’t want to pick up the things on the ground with bare hands.

As if perceiving what he was thinking, Yu Han took off his gloves, took something out from his pocket, took out snow-white gloves, and handed it to him. “This is new, put it on.”

Luo Lin Yuan received them. “That… actually, I was quite busy.”

Yu Han put back his gloves and didn’t joke about him for being busy robbing biscuits with ants. Instead, he said, “Thank you. I asked a lot of people, only you are willing to help me, so I can only trouble you.”

Luo Lin Yuan listened to his coaxing tone, wanting to say are you deceiving a child! And yet, he also felt that this person was taking care of him after all. His EQ wasn’t so low that he couldn’t see it, so he silently swallowed the words back.

This is the first time that he had been asked to do something. Little Princess Luo, whose four limbs are not diligent,[1]full text: the four limbs are not diligent, and the grains are not divided – (derogatory) eat all day and do nothing is so excited that he wants to pick up a full bag in one breath. As soon as he saw his bag bursting, Yu Han hurriedly called to stop him, “Wait, not everything can be picked up.”

He raised his hand to beckon the person over. Luo Lin Yuan looked at his gesture and thought that this was beckoning a dog. Although he complained in his heart, on the surface, he still obediently walked over to listen to Yu Han teach him what can be picked up to start a fire and what can’t.

By the time the two of them returned to the camping site, almost all the tents has been set up. Yu Han sent the collected woods to the girls’ side, and after helping them make a fire, he explained some precautions, then turned to the boys’ side. One by one, he helped check whether the tents they set up are sturdy or not.

Luo Lin Yuan handed the bag in his hand to Xia Fu, who had thought he gave her something. She opened it to see and found a bag of dead branches and dried leaves.

Luo Lin Yuan still has a little pride on his face, “I picked them up, take them to make a fire.”

However, Xia Fu inexplicably understood something else. “Luo Lin Yuan, I’m telling you, I can’t cook ah!”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at her blankly, “What?”

Xia Fu: “What’s with what. Isn’t the thing you gave me for making a fire just imply for me to cook? I’m telling you, I wouldn’t cook after marriage ah!”

At this time, Xia Fu has completely forgotten that she had vowed to be good to Luo Lin Yuan on the bus. She is now full of teaching and training her boyfriend that the idea of where a woman should cook is very problematic and not feasible!

Luo Lin Yuan silently looked at the bag in Xia Fu’s hand, thinking that he just wanted to show Xia Fu that he was also quite capable.

Luo Lin Yuan, who didn’t get a compliment, walked back to his group. His finger had just been pricked by a thorn in the wood, which had a tiny blood spot. It was bleeding a little but wasn’t really painful.

As soon as Fang Xiao saw him come back, he came over with a sour face. “What did you do just now!”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Collecting firewood.”

Fang Xiao was shocked. “I thought you never concern yourself with this dirty work!”

Luo Lin Yuan said indifferently, “There are gloves so it’s fine and what do you mean I never concern myself. It’s just that you don’t give me something to do!”

Thinking of this, Luo Lin Yuan became angry. Fang Xiao withdrew his hand from him and said, “Aha! I suddenly remembered I still have something to do. I’ll go first.”

Instead of looking at the pretentious Fang Xiao, Luo Lin Yuan turned to look at Yu Han who wasn’t far away. He was really busy. Everyone was looking for him as if he was omnipotent.

Yu Han was indeed omnipotent in this camping trip. He turned his head and looked at the wound in his hand. Unlike him, he could prick his hand just by collecting firewoods.

Luo Lin Yuan was in a daze for a while, when someone tapped him on the shoulder. The omnipotent Yu Han stood behind him, holding a small cloth bag that looked like a girl’s bag. The cloth bag is embroidered with small pink flowers.

Yu Han sat down on the small chair next to him and opened the cloth bag. “Take out your hand.”

Luo Lin Yuan subconsciously said, “What for?”

Yu Han took out an alcohol cotton ball and band-aid from the cloth bag. “Aren’t you hurt? I’ll apply some medicine.”

Luo Lin Yuan froze. Yu Han glanced at him and said amusedly, “What are you doing stupidly, take out your hand.”

Luo Lin Yuan stretched out his hand. He watched Yu Hans seriously give him medicine, and once again thought that this person was still indeed good and quite good-looking. And how on earth did he know that he was hurt? He didn’t seem to have told him ah.

Thinking about this, Luo Lin Yuan asked, “How did you know?”

How could Yu Han say that he was worried all the way that the little princess would accidentally step into a pit or fall down the slope or lose his temper when collecting? It turned out to be none of those, but halfway through, he heard Luo Lin Yuan careless exclaim. Looking back, he saw someone foolishly grasping a branch full of thorns.

There wasn’t a need to think about it to know that his hand must be hurt. Yu Han thought that Luo Lin Yuan would always lose his temper, but who knew he didn’t.

Luo Lin Yuan shook his hand cheerfully as if it didn’t hurt and went to pick up another dead wood.

This person is really happy just because someone asked him to do something, Yu Han thought.

Yu Han put a band-aid around the person’s finger. The band-aid was transparent and has small safflower on it. He smiled, “Well, reward you with a small safflower.”

He looked up and Luo Lin Yuan was surprisingly blushing but he also glared at him and said, “What small safflower, Am I a primary school student?!”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his finger and shook it, “Besides, this is too insincere!” Even though he was still quite happy in his heart.

Yu Han: “Well, it’s been really hard for you today Classmate Luo. I’ll reward you with roasted wings tonight.”

After Yu Han finished setting up the camp, he turned to help the girls barbecue. The taste of his barbecue was very good and it was immediately snatched by people.

Luo Lin Yuan sat on the side, drinking Coke gloomily, listening to the rumbling in his stomach: Liar, you said you’d also reward me roasted wings!

At this time, Xia Fu sat down with a plate that have roasted meatballs and sausages. “Why didn’t you snatch for yours ah, it’s gone in a flash.”

Luo Lin Yuan said, “It feels very dirty, I don’t want to eat it.”

Xia Fu oh-ed. “That’s true. You must have prepared something you can eat.” With that, she happily ate the barbecue on her plate.

Luo Lin Yuan felt that he would be even hungrier if he sat down any longer but he really couldn’t lose face to snatch some food.

He got up and went back to where he put his things, fished out a bag of chocolates from his small knapsack, and sullenly took a bite.

While squatting with the chocolate in his mouth, a voice came from behind, “Where have you been? I searched for half a day.”

When he looked back, he saw Yu Han carefully holding a box. “Take it quickly or you will be robbed again.”

After Yu Han stuffed the box to him, he hurried back to the barbecue.

Luo Lin Yuan opened the box and found a pair of glimmering roasted golden chicken wings and a few round meatballs inside with a fragrant aroma that assailed his nostrils.

There is also a pair of disposable gloves outside the box for him to use.

Luo Lin Yuan put on the gloves and took a small bite.

It was delicious, like the best and warmest food he has ever eaten.

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1 full text: the four limbs are not diligent, and the grains are not divided – (derogatory) eat all day and do nothing

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