Close to You
Close To You Chapter 14

“What did you say?” Luo Lin Yuan looked incredulously at Fang Xiao who had an awkward smile in front of him. “Who told you that I was going to share a tent with Xia Fu?”

Just now, Xia Fu ran over and pinched him hard with a red face which made Luo Lin Yuan hurt and confused.

Xia Fu resentfully stared at him. “We haven’t been together for long, I’m not going to sleep with you!”

Luo Lin Yuan still couldn’t figure out the situation, “I’ll share a tent with Fang Xiao.”

Xia Fu gave him a sideways glance. “Then you quickly go to Yu Han’s place and withdraw your registration! I’ll squeeze a sleeping bag with my sisters tonight!”

Only then did Luo Lin Yuan realize that he needed to register in which tent he would sleep at night. He didn’t understand the situation during the whole process nor did he know why he was registered with Xia Fu.

Luo Lin Yuan went to find Fang Xiao. As a result, Fang Xiao was already playing cards with his roommate and both of them had their sleeping bags laid out, so there was obviously no place for Luo Lin Yuan.

Fang Xiao saw Luo Lin Yuan and even said slyly, “This is an unforgettable night, good night and sweet dreams ah~”

Good night my ass! Sweet dreams my ass! Luo Lin Yuan harshly criticized Fang Xiao and ultimately, he could only go to Yu Han to cancel the registration.

Yu Han was busy with his cell phone. When he heard his intention, he flipped out the registration form and wrote a few words. “Then what about you? Who are you going to be with?”

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to say Fang Xiao but then thought that Fang Xiao was already with someone else, and Li Yujie was also with Xu Chang. He doesn’t have many friends and he wasn’t familiar with the others in the class, so he was really out of candidates.

For a moment, Luo Lin Yuan felt embarrassed which made him look like he has no friends.

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to explain but felt that it was too deliberate trying to cover it up.

He put on a young master’s face, “I don’t like being with others, can I have a tent by myself?”

Yu Han counted the number of tents and said with some embarrassment, “This might not work, almost all of them are already occupied or I will put you in…”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly interrupted him. He really didn’t want to live with strangers. “Forget it. I’ll go find an inn to stay[1]similar to a bed and breakfast; inn, don’t bother.”

Yu Han looked at the sky. “It’s already so late now, how are you going to get down the mountain?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Isn’t there a car?”

Yu Han: “The itinerary was set a long time ago, and the driver only made two trips.”

Luo Lin Yuan said irritably, “Then I’ll give him money no matter how much it is. He can’t refuse money bah.”

Yu Han’s face also sank. “It’s not a matter of money, this is a group activity. If you suddenly leave and everyone doesn’t know what happened, the impact wouldn’t be good.”

Luo Lin Yuan was anxious. “This won’t work and that won’t work, then tell me what to do!”

Yu Han asked again, “Why don’t you ask your friend, is it Fang Xiao? I’ll check which tent he is in?”

Yu Han found it. Fang Xiao had already shared a tent with another guy. Yu Han’s finger paused. He wanted to ask if anyone else lived with Luo Lin Yuan, but Yu Han quickly realized the problem. He carefully looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s expression and found the embarrassment in the person’s look.

Luo Lin Yuan was no longer looking at him, his eyelids were pink, and his jaw was clenched tightly. He looked awkward and uncomfortable.

Yu Han originally thought that Luo Lin Yuan hated the mountain environment, so he made a ruckus about going down the mountain just now. As a result, it was just because he simply couldn’t find a person to stay with tonight, that’s why he was awkward.

Luo Lin Yuan lowered his eyelids. “Don’t ask him, he stays with someone else.”

He thought for a while, “Forget it, I’ll go down the mountain by myself. I should be able to read the map.” He took out his cell phone and thought hard about the possibility of going down the mountain. Maybe he has to have a cane and a flashlight. Although he’s a little terrified, the earth is big and his face is the biggest, so he doesn’t want to lose face!

Yu Han put away the form, “It’s okay, there’s still a tent with a place (to stay).”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I don’t want to be with someone I don’t know…”

This time, it was Yu Han who interrupted him, “It’s my tent.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “……”

Yu Han’s tent hasn’t been set up yet. He was busy helping others before so he hasn’t set up his own yet. He originally thought it would be fine to set it up later and that it would be nice to live in one alone. But he didn’t expect a Little Princess Luo to fall from the sky who looked quite pitiful.

When Luo Lin Yuan went back to get his backpack, he bumped into Fang Xiao who was waiting there. “Who would you stay with if you won’t stay with Xia Fu ah.”

Fang Xiao also realized that he seemed to have gone a little too far this time and took it for granted.

He looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s cold face, carrying a backpack. “Why don’t you stay with me?”

Luo Lin Yuan glanced at the tent that was already crowded with two people and said with disgust, “It’s too crowded.”

Fang Xiao was anxious. “Then what are you going to do tonight ah!” He can’t kick out the person in his tent either, they were all schoolmates.

Luo Lin Yuan waved his hand. “I’ll stay with Yu Han.”

Fang Xiao: “???”

Before Fang Xiao could ask, Luo Lin Yuan walked away with his bag. He walked to the location that Yu Han told him. At this time, Yu Han was taking off his jacket, rolling up his short-sleeved sleeves, revealing his strong arms, and swinging a hammer to set up camp.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the bulging muscles and the delicate luster of his skin reflected by the fire. He once again found that tattoo.

He really wanted to see the full picture of that tattoo. He felt that he really couldn’t understand this Yu Han. He is obviously a good student type but he will go to work in a bar at night. He obviously looks gentle and polite but he has tattoos on his body. He is obviously so kind to girls but he is entangled with a boy.

Seeing him standing on the side, Yu Han took out a small stool for him, and also stuffed a piece of bread and milk for him to eat. “You didn’t eat much at the barbecue just now.”

Luo Lin Yuan sat down, opened the package, and took a bite. The bread is filled with red beans with a hint of sweetness. Luo Lin Yuan narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

Yu Han turned around to look at his expression and smiled. “Is it delicious?”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly said sternly, “Not bad, just so-so.” Then he secretly wrote down the brand of the bread and planned to ask Uncle Wu to buy it for him when he got home.

He inserted the straw into the milk bottle and drank loudly.

He was eating slowly and Yu Han was setting up the tent. When he had finished a bite of milk and bread, the agile Yu Han had already set up the tent and laid out two sleeping bags. One head and tail both facing each other.[2]The sleeping bags were set up reversedly.

Luo Lin Yuan took out a small blanket from his backpack, which is a bit old. Lin Shu bought it for him when he was little. He had to take it with him wherever he went, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Yu Han saw the blanket which was clearly used by children but didn’t laugh at him. Instead, he went to the water source to wash his hands, neck, and face, and then rinsed his hair in the process. Finally, he walked back with a wet face, his appearance made Luo Lin Yuan’s heart almost stop beating.

He didn’t dare look at Yu Han but Yu Han had to provoke him. In fact, Yu Han didn’t mean to. He also had a part-time job as a tutor for a child and the child was as squeamish as Luo Lin Yuan. Before he knew it, he regarded Luo Lin Yuan like a child.

Luo Lin Yuan can still have a little bread stuck to the corner of his mouth when eating. This conduct is no different than a child.

Yu Han didn’t think too much as he raised his hand which still had droplets of water and pressed it at the corner of the person’s mouth, wanting to remove the breadcrumbs. Coincidentally, Luo Lin Yuan wanted to stick his tongue out to lick the corner of his mouth.

At this time, the tip of the tongue touched the finger and both of them were stunned.

Luo Lin Yuan only felt that he had just licked something cold and rough as if it was Yu Han’s finger.

Yu Han quickly withdrew his hand, feeling the warm and slippery touch remaining on his finger. His face became gloomy and uncertain for an instant. Finally, he turned around and went out to wash his hands again.

Luo Lin Yuan: “……” He hasn’t even rinsed his mouth yet! What does Yu Han mean!

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1 similar to a bed and breakfast; inn
2 The sleeping bags were set up reversedly.

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