Close to You
Close To You Chapter 15

This accident kept Yu Han silent until before he fell asleep later, while Luo Lin Yuan ran to the side and brushed his teeth for almost ten minutes before he slowly returned to the tent.

Yu Han sat on his sleeping bag and took out a spray, spraying it on Luo Lin Yuan’s sleeping bag.

Luo Linyuan’s hand lifting the tent paused. “What is this?”

Yu Han glanced at him. “Mosquito repellant.”

Luo Lin Yuan asked again, “Why are the two sleeping bags reversed?” He didn’t want to face other people’s feet, not even through the sleeping bag. This is basic respect. Luo Lin Yuan solemnly dragged the sleeping bag to the head side.

Yu Han watched him move without making a sound. He directly opened his sleeping bag, went inside, zipped it up, and put on the eye mask, looking ready to sleep.

Luo Lin Yuan spread the small quilt and rustled through in changing his pajamas. There was a lot of movement. Yu Han reluctantly pushed open the blindfold, wanting to tell him to sleep early but who would have known that once he opened his eyes, he would see a large snow-white back.

When Luo Lin Yuan just took off his shirt and was ready to take off his pants, he remembered that there was another Yu Han who liked men. He couldn’t help but look back. Yu Han lay quietly, wearing his blindfold properly. Luo Lin Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, quickly put on his pajamas, and went into his sleeping bag.

The night in the mountains is very quiet and also noisy. There are no man-made environmental sounds while the sound of nature is everywhere, birds chirping and insects buzzing continuously.

Luo Lin Yuan closed his eyes and hypnotized for half a day but he still couldn’t ignore the surrounding sounds. He rubbed the corner of the blanket in his hand and opened his eyes and saw another person in the tent.

In order to avoid accidents in the middle of the night, Yu Han lit a small light in the tent to be on guard against anything when nothing could be seen when he gets up.

He looked at Yu Han’s blindfold and listened to the man’s long and steady breathing, feeling a little unbalanced. He covered himself with a blanket and after a while, he ended up lifting the blanket again because he felt suffocated.

He kept moving, tossing, and turning and didn’t know how many times he have turned when Yu Han’s voice rang out, “Why aren’t you sleeping, it’s late.”

Luo Lin Yuan poked his face out of the sleeping bag, his cheeks were pink due to the heat, his eyes glowing as he said in a low voice, “I can’t sleep.”

Yu Han didn’t push the blindfold away either. “Play with your phone.”

Luo Lin Yuan thought he would give some more meaningful suggestions. He rolled his eyes and continued to move around.

Yu Han finally couldn’t bear it and he can only lift the blindfold. “Don’t move, close your eyes and slowly fall asleep.”

Luo Lin Yuan poked his face out again. “Don’t you think that the surrounding is very noisy ah?”

Yu Han’s face was expressionless. “No, I don’t think so.”

Luo Lin Yuan opened his eyes wide meaningfully, “Do you think there will be wolves?”

Yu Han thought about it. “There hasn’t been any news about wolves appearing on this mountain.”

Luo Lin Yuan retorted, “Maybe the people who encountered wolves were eaten clean, so everyone doesn’t know that there are wolves in the mountain.”

Yu Han: “This is a tourist attraction. If the safety cannot be guaranteed, they wouldn’t allow us to camp here.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the lamp. “Then why did you light a lamp?”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the innocent Little Princess Luo and sighed. “Do you know what’s more terrifying than wolves?”

Luo Lin Yuan thought for a moment and said somewhat surprised, “There shouldn’t be bears in the mountains, right!”

Yu Han: “Humans!”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t understand, “What is there to be afraid of people? There are so many of us, we can beat them 1 versus 1 or even 2 versus 2.”

Yu Han: “When you were little, didn’t you use a night lamp at home?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “How can I sleep with the lights still on ah?”

Yu Han: “Lighting the lamp means there is someone at home then thieves won’t come in.”

Luo Lin Yuan said in surprise, “So it turns out to be like that, it makes sense.”

Yu Han looked at the thoroughly enlightened Luo Lin Yuan and said with some headache, “It’s time to sleep now.”

Luo Lin Yuan twisted his body and once again let out a sorrowful sigh. “It’s so hard.”

Yu Han: “Spread your blanket underneath to sleep.”

Luo Lin Yuan squeezed the blanket and held it into his bosom. “How can this work ba.”

Seeing that he cared so much about this blanket, Yu Han said, “This blanket looks a bit old.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What do you know, there are some things that can’t be replaced by new ones.”

Yu Han: “Your mother gave it to you?”

Luo Lin Yuan gave a sulky hum and didn’t continue talking. Yu Han seemed to realize something. “It looks good, this blanket.”

Luo Lin Yuan then became happy. “Yes, I also think so. This is my favorite cartoon when I was a child. She knew that I liked it so she specifically bought it for me.”

It was Luo Lin Yuan’s 6th birthday. He received many gifts but none of them were more to his liking than this. Because it means Lin Shu cares about him… she cares about him and knows which cartoon he usually likes the most.

Since Yu Han complimented him for his nice blanket, Luo Lin Yuan reciprocated by saying, “What did your mother give you?”

Yu Han was silent for a while. It wasn’t until Luo Lin Yuan got restless did he hear Yu Han say, “I don’t remember.”

Luo Lin Yuan remembered the others who said that Yu Han’s mother passed away very early and grew up with his grandmother. His question just now was poking into a person’s wounds.

Luo Lin Yuan felt uneasy. He tried hard to find a topic but couldn’t think of anything. Now he is in front of Yu Han, he is simply as poor in words as he usually was with Lin Shu. It was only after a long time did he say dryly, “Do you want to touch my blanket? It feels pretty good.”

Yu Han laughed out and said, “Forget it, don’t you have a penchant for cleanliness?”

Luo Lin Yuan said unhappily, “Didn’t you wash your hands many times just now!” He aggravated his tone with a grudge.

Yu Han stopped talking and Luo Lin Yuan said again, “Do you know why my name is Luo Lin Yuan?”

Yu Han didn’t expect the Little Princess Luo to be so eager to talk tonight. Although he wanted to sleep very much, his personality made him embarrassed to make Luo Lin Yuan shut up, so he had to respond, “Why?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Because my father’s surname is Luo and my mother’s surname is Lin. I have both of their surnames in my name.”

Yu Han: “Is that so, the relationship is quite good.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s not good after giving birth to me.”

Yu Han: “……”

Luo Lin Yuan, who didn’t know he was chatting to death, said in high spirits, “Then why are you called Yu Han ah. Is it because the weather was still very cold when you were born?”

Yu Han was quiet for a long time, so long that Luo Lin Yuan thought he was asleep. Then he heard Yu Han say, “Because her heart felt cold[1]Yu Han’s name Hán[寒] means cold. The text ‘heart felt cold’ meant she was devastated/bitterly disappointed when she saw him. I just used this phrase so it would have a better flow in their … Continue reading when she saw me.”

Luo Lin Yuan stopped breathing for a while, it took a long time before he said, “How could it… how can there be a mother who doesn’t love their children.”

Yu Han said calmly, “She didn’t want to give birth to me and also because she can’t hit her body.”

Luo Lin Yuan did not know what to say. Yu Han rolled over and turned his back to him. “Sleep.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt that Yu Han was making friends with him by having a heart-to-heart talk, that’s why he said these words. Yu Han regarded him as a friend ah.

Realizing this, Luo Lin Yuan moved again. He stretched out his hand and patted Yu Han’s sleeping bag.

Yu Han was a little annoyed as he turned around. “What is it again?” Just as he turned around, he saw a pair of warm eyes.

Yu Han didn’t know if he was hallucinating. At that moment, it was as if all the light in the tent was in Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes; bright and soft, like a sun.

Luo Lin Yuan earnestly said to him, “I don’t think your name is like that. Yu Han goes over the cold,[2]Yú(逾) – go beyond/cross over homonym for the ‘Yu’ in his name & Han means cold. LLY basically just said: Yu Han yuhan here lmao. which means that winter has passed which is the meaning of spring.[3]LLY is saying that after the winter comes the spring Yu Han, you are spring.”

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1 Yu Han’s name Hán[寒] means cold. The text ‘heart felt cold’ meant she was devastated/bitterly disappointed when she saw him. I just used this phrase so it would have a better flow in their conversation.
2 Yú(逾) – go beyond/cross over homonym for the ‘Yu’ in his name & Han means cold. LLY basically just said: Yu Han yuhan here lmao.
3 LLY is saying that after the winter comes the spring

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