Close to You
Close To You Chapter 16

Luo Lin Yuan thought he wouldn’t be able to sleep, but in fact, after saying those words, he fell asleep in a daze.

When he woke up again, he heard the sound coming from the sleeping bag next to him. Luo Lin Yuan felt so hot all over from sleep that his limbs were soft. He rubbed his eyes and as soon as he opened them a little, he saw Yu Han had put on his jacket and unzipped the tent.

Sliding down the zipper, the sky seemed to have a broken corner. All the sunlight poured into their small tent. Luo Lin Yuan half-squinted to adapt to the light. He saw layers of clouds outside as the sun was slowly rising in between.

Yu Han, who had his back to him, turned around. His side profile was covered with a hazy layer of morning light. Yu Han smiled and said, “It’s sunrise.”

Luo Lin Yuan was stunned. He looked at Yu Han’s smiling face. Because compared to the sunrise, it seemed that the person in front of him was more worthy for him to look at and more rewarding than the sunrise.

Yu Han sensed his sluggish gaze and followed. Luo Lin Yuan avoided his gaze awkwardly as if he had been caught with a pigtail[1]like his Achilles heel being exploited.

He awkwardly got out of his sleeping bag and combed his unkempt hair. “En, it’s pretty.”

Luo Lin Yuan took out his phone, wanting to see if he looked too stupid from having just woken up. At this time, Yu Han said to him, “Thank you.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Thanks for what?”

Yu Han turned his back to him and got out of the tent. He stretched [2]his body out towards the sunrise, “Thank you for telling me that my name turned out to have other meanings.”

After thanking him, Yu Han left the tent. He still had a lot of work to do. He had to clean up the tent, properly dispose of their garbage, and make sure that there was no fire left. Compared to the busy Yu Han, Luo Lin Yuan had nothing to do after washing up.

The group quickly packed up all their things, got in the car, and went down the mountain. This was the perfect end to their camping trip.

On the way back, Luo Lin Yuan still sat with Xia Fu. But this time he was even more distracted than when he came, often forgetting to answer Xia Fu’s words because he was absent-minded. Xia Fu looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s face and a sense of uneasiness suddenly sprang up in her heart.

A woman’s intuition is very sensitive. She sensed that Luo Lin Yuan had changed somewhere which made her even more unable to figure it out.

Xia Fu began to recall what had happened. Could it be that Luo Lin Yuan was unhappy because she refused to cook and refused to stay in the same tent?

She twisted her finger uncomfortably and awkwardly, somehow regretting and not regretting too much. She felt that this was her principle, she wanted to be with him all the time so she wouldn’t hide it.

She kept twisting her finger when suddenly, her hands were covered with the boy’s hand. She raised her eyes in surprise. Luo Lin Yuan looked at her reddened fingertips with disapproval, “Stop pinching, it’s all red.”

Xia Fu stopped this self-torturing behavior. She’s not afraid of anything, she’s afraid that Luo Lin Yuan doesn’t care about her.

She put her head on Luo Lin Yuan, her fingers also followed, trying to wrap around Luo Lin Yuan’s fingers. “Hold me, okay?”

Unexpectedly, Luo Lin Yuan avoided her hand. Xia Fu’s movement stiffened, biting her lips subconsciously. Sure enough, there was really something different. Luo Lin Yuan would cooperate with her before, but now he won’t…

As if confirming her bad premonition, Luo Lin Yuan said quietly, “One month is almost here.”

Xia Fu’s eyes instantly reddened. She silently retracted her hand and lowered her head. The two of them started with her wishful thinking. Luo Lin Yuan offered to give it a try, only one month. She was also full of confidence, thinking she would get him after one month.

At first, she just wanted a chance. Her friends all said that there were no guys who wouldn’t be moved when they get together. When girls pursue boys, there is only a thin gauze between them. [3]thin gauze which implies easy/piece of cake or also closeness She would definitely get him.

Xia Fu wanted to cry and laugh with a wry smile. Where is this thin gauze? The distance between her and him had only gotten a lot more in her daily chase.

In this way, the two of them were silent all the way to the drop-off point. At this moment, the captain of Class Ten stood up and said, “Let’s not split up for now. How about we go have a meal and then sing?”

His suggestion was echoed by many people. Everyone hasn’t had enough fun and now they were even happier to hear that they were going to continue.

Luo Lin Yuan took out his phone and messaged Uncle Wu so that no one will have to come and pick him up. He still had to go play with his friends.

As a result, when he got off the car, Xia Fu left and her little sister[4]meant her close friend accompanied her. Fang Xiao was originally looking for Luo Lin Yuan but when he saw Xia Fu’s red eyes and the expression of her little sister glaring hard at Luo Lin Yuan, he realized that something was wrong.

Fang Xiao approached Luo Lin Yuan, who was using his phone, “What happened with you and your girlfriend?”

Luo Lin Yuan held his phone without speaking. Fang Xiao poked him with his arm, “Quarreled?”

Fang Xiao continued, “Ai, women, how can you still make people cry when you have to coax her more?”

Luo Lin Yuan put away his phone, his brows furrowed, and there was still a bit of worry on his face. Fang Xiao saw through it at a glance and hurriedly said, “Not chasing?”

Luo Lin Yuan sent daggers at Fang Xiao and the cold look in his eyes made Fang Xiao shrink his neck. Sure enough, Luo Lin Yuan said to him, “I haven’t settled the accounts with you yet, you come forward.”

Fang Xiao jumped away at once with the fear of being beaten look. Luo Lin Yuan simply didn’t want to pay attention to him.

He’s on his phone, thinking about how to talk to Xia Fu. She could tell the world that she dumped him, the girl’s family needed face. But this kind of thing is not very formal when it is said on the phone.

Although Luo Lin Yuan has never been such a considerate person and although Lin Shu doesn’t care much about him, he has always been strict with regards to treating girls.

Lin Shu would entertain the little girls who came to the Luo family as guests since he was young and would also order him to be nice to girls.

Later, he heard Uncle Wu say that it was because Lin Shu had been pregnant with a daughter before him, so there was some preference for girls.

Luo Lin Yuan finally put away his phone, intending to talk when they meet.

At this time, he heard the captain of Class Ten not far away saying, “How can you not come?”

The captain’s voice was very low and the others were gathered in twos and threes chatting. Yu Han stood beside the captain while Luo Lin Yuan quietly walked forward a few steps and stopped at a safe and eavesdropping distance.

Yu Han said, “I have something to do tonight, so I won’t go.”

The captain was still persuading, “How can this be? Everyone has been troubling you for the past two days, this meal must be eaten ah.”

Yu Han said very realistically, “If you’re satisfied, give more service charge ba.”

The captain laughed and hammered the person’s shoulder, “It’s going to be less without you ah. Don’t talk about other things, let’s play together tonight ba.”

Yu Han refused, “There is something important tonight, you guys go ahead.”

The captain sighed in disappointment and finally nodded and agreed to let the person go. He turned around and went to talk to his bros about it.

Yu Han looked at his watch and was ready to go when Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly stopped him, “Wait a minute.” Yu Han stopped and looked.

Luo Lin Yuan trotted forward, “Let’s play together.” After saying that, he didn’t wait for Yu Han to refuse and said, “You’re going to your part-time job tonight, right? How much is it for a night, I…”

Yu Han’s face was cold, “No need.”

Luo Lin Yuan was interrupted by his words but still insisted, “Why? Just like this one, you take everyone to play and you take me to play tonight, the kind that is paid.”

When Yu Han heard his words, his eyes sank a little and the tenderness that had been given to Luo Lin Yuan was mercilessly taken back by him at this moment.

Yu Han said, “I told you, don’t joke about money.”

With that, he turned and left, not waiting for Luo Lin Yuan to continue what he was saying.

Luo Lin Yuan, who had never been thrown away like this before, was stunned. After a long time, he lifted his legs and chased after him. He chased until he reached the side of the road where he saw a taxi parked on the road. Someone got out of the car and was talking to Yu Han.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t dare to chase. He recognized the person who got out of the car, it was Ren Yu, whom he had forgotten at the back of his mind.

It was as if he was suddenly splashed with cold water. All the excitement, restlessness, and careful thinking were instantly frozen. He completely came to his senses and remembered that there was this person, this matter.

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1 like his Achilles heel being exploited
2 his body
3 thin gauze which implies easy/piece of cake or also closeness
4 meant her close friend

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