Close to You
Close To You Chapter 17

Ren Yu raised his head in talking to Yu Han. Not knowing what he said, his brows furrowed slightly. Luo Lin Yuan saw Yu Han raise his hand and press it on the person’s shoulder as if to comfort him. Ren Yu smiled, his face is full of admiration and trust.

The two people seemed very close, at least from Luo Lin Yuan’s point of view. This kind of atmosphere was impossible for others to intervene in.

He didn’t walk over, instead, he turned and left step by step. He didn’t look back, there was nothing to see. There was no need to hide and envy like a pitiful bastard. Yu Han wouldn’t let him get to this point.

Luo Lin Yuan was in low spirits when the others ate and sang in the evening. Fang Xiao was energetic and kept playing. During this period, some people came and went, and finally, a few boys were left. Fang Xiao asked, “Want to go to the bar?”

The captain of Class Ten was a bit embarrassed, “That wouldn’t be too good ba.”

When Fang Xiao sighed and wanted to persuade him again, Luo Lin Yuan stood up from the sofa, “Let’s go for a drink ba.”

This is the first time Luo Lin Yuan has cooperated like this. Fang Xiao hasn’t yet returned to his senses when Luo Lin Yuan has already looked for a car.

The group still went to the same place as last time. Fang Xiao came for the second time and was like a fish in the water. He took the other first-time students along to a guessing game[1]which is often a drinking game together.

Luo Lin Yuan had been sitting next to him drinking sullenly. When someone deliberately went to talk to him, he blocked him back quite indifferently. Fang Xiao noticed and rushed up to smooth things up, holding the person’s shoulder. “Xiao Yuan quarreled with his girlfriend, just let him drink ba. I’ll send him back later.”

Although Fang Xiao wanted to pay attention to Luo Lin Yuan, the rest of the class was having a good time. They drank a round of drinks and waited for Fang Xiao to look for Luo Lin Yuan again. Where was the person that’s still sitting there ah?

Fang Xiao sobered up instantly and took out his cell phone to call the person but he couldn’t get through.

The drunken Luo Lin Yuan squatted gloomily on the street. Drinking so much liquor for the first time that his chest burned as if being on fire.

Luo Lin Yuan was so drunk that he got dizzy and felt that his mouth was so dry, and his legs were weak when he tried to stand up.

At this time, a woman in high heels stood in front of him. The smell of perfume from her body rushed to the tip of Luo Lin Yuan’s nose.

He heard a soft voice asking him, “Didi[2]Little brother, are you all right?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t want to speak. He pulled the hood of his sweater to cover his head, fully expressing his unwillingness to make a sound.

Instead of leaving, the woman squatted down.

What greeted Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes was a face as soft as her voice. She reached out wanting to touch Luo Lin Yuan’s face, “Are you uncomfortable? Your face is so red ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s body was sluggish. Although he was thinking of avoiding it, he ended up just shaking his body and almost sitting on the curb.

His neat-freak instinct made him stop his body for dear life and he was really touched.

The woman’s hand was cold, she touched his chin frivolously all the way from his cheek, and she even pinch it and shook it. “Go home with your jiejie[3]older sister, okay?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s brows wrinkled. He gritted his teeth and couldn’t make a sound. He was afraid he would vomit once he opened his mouth. He was now tossing and turning in his stomach. If he really vomited, that would be so filthy.

Before the woman tried to talk again, she saw the boy in front of her frowning tighter. He moved his feet, attempting to squat to the side to avoid her molesting.

Isn’t this… too cute? The woman became even more excited and said in a coaxing tone, “My house is very close to here oh and I can drive you back tomorrow.”

When the boy didn’t respond, the woman directly reached out to hold him and pulled him up. Although she felt a little struggle with the force in her hands, the woman didn’t care.

Anyway, he’s a big boy. If she’s really unwilling, would she still pull him away?

She led the person to the side of her red sports car, turned around, and wrapped her arms around the person’s waist, and sniffed on the boy’s neck. “Smells so good ah.”

The next second, she felt a hand on her waist, and just as she wanted to laugh, she was pushed away.

The force wasn’t great and the woman grabbed his hand suspiciously when she heard the words, “I’m going to throw up.”

The woman’s face turned blue as she pushed the person away, “What do you mean ah!”

This push reached Luo Lin Yuan’s stomach. The already uncomfortably place hurts like hell that he covered his mouth and tried to leave.

The woman didn’t expect that when she led him to the side of the car, the little puppy was about to run. She chased after a few steps and saw the little puppy crash into the arms of another man. He looked young, carrying a large garbage bag in his hand.

The little puppy she took a fancy to instantly took a few steps back violently, squatted to the side, and vomited, probably stimulated by the smell of garbage bag.

Now the woman didn’t have any thoughts. She whispered a curse of bad luck, but she still didn’t want to give up. She quite like the boy’s face.

She swept across the face of the passerby who was hit. He was also very handsome, wearing a bartender’s uniform. If it was usual, she might have struck up a conversation.

At this moment, she saw the bartender walking across the road, throwing the garbage bag into the trash can, and then returning. He stood next to the drunken milk pup and asked him in a low voice, “Can you still get up?”

The woman looked at the milk pup and then at the bartender, “Do you know him?”

The bartender gave her a cold look, his eyes almost freezing the woman. The woman thought to herself, although this bartender is handsome, he had a bad temper.

The boy on the ground moved his foot the same way as he avoided her earlier. “Don’t come over.” He said to the bartender.

The woman smiled, “It seems that he doesn’t know you ah.”

She stepped forward to help the person up but she didn’t expect the bartender to be one step ahead. He directly reached out and lifted Luo Lin Yuan’s collar and grabbed the person up. Luo Lin Yuan’s eyelids were red with anger.

He struggled, “You just grabbed the garbage bag…”

Yu Han said unceremoniously, “You also vomited, it’s even dirtier.”

Luo Lin Yuan had nothing to say and didn’t struggle anymore. He said pitifully, “I want to rinse my mouth.”

Yu Han let go of his collar and looked at the woman, who was still waiting on the side, “You want to go with her?”

Luo Lin Yuan turned his head in confusion and only then did he remember that there was still someone next to him. “Who are you?”

The woman rolled her eyes and knowing that tonight was hopeless, she directly went back to her car. Before leaving, she uncharacteristically gave a middle finger towards them.

Yu Han looked at the sluggish drunkard and said in rare anger, “What are you doing here?”

Who knew that Luo Lin Yuan was even more stirred up than him, “Do you think I’m here to find you! Don’t think too much. They’re the ones who came here to drink!”

Yu Han didn’t answer. He took out his phone and asked him, “Where’s your home? I’ll call you a taxi.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s heart was so sour that he didn’t know what he was so sour about. “No, I’ll go back by myself.”

Yu Han felt that he had done his duty. He shouldn’t have meddled in the first place. “Alright.”

Luo Lin Yuan was about to leave aggressively but not even after two steps, he softened as if losing his bones. He crouched on the side of the road, wishing to shrink himself into a ball.

Yu Han was angry and amused, “What trouble are you making again?”

Luo Lin Yuan lifted his face out from his arms and sniffed, “Yu Han, my stomach hurts.”

Yu Han stretched out his hand towards him with a smile but not a smile, “I grabbed the garbage bag, oh.”

Luo Lin Yuan simply clutched at him, “I also vomited.” No one should turn their backs on anyone.

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1 which is often a drinking game
2 Little brother
3 older sister

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