Close to You
Close To You Chapter 18

In the end, the two still decided to go to Yu Han’s house.

Because counting the time, Yu Han was about to get off work, otherwise, he wouldn’t have to meddle and pick up Luo Lin Yuan from the street.

He said he wanted to call someone a taxi home but since Luo Lin Yuan didn’t accept it, Yu Han also stopped asking.

Yu Han felt that it’s quite normal for boys of Luo Lin Yuan’s age not to want to go home, not to be restrained, or hope to use these methods to attract the attention of their parents.

In fact, Luo Lin Yuan simply felt that the road home was too far that he would have to sit in the car for an hour and a half. If he had to wait that long, everyone else would stink.

Besides, Yu Han has a part-time job here so his home must be close. Although this is taken for granted by Luo Lin Yuan, Yu Han’s place is indeed close.

This is the second time he came to Yu Han’s house. Last time, he wore the person’s clothes and slippers, and this time, he also changed into Yu Han’s clothes and shorts.

Yu Han was tall and his clothes were big. After Luo Lin Yuan put them on, most of his collarbones were exposed by the collar which loosely fell down.

Not to mention the sports shorts, the trousers are wide. Thus when sitting down, the soft and smooth fabric can slide directly to the base of the thighs.

Luo Lin Yuan took a shower and was hot all over. He grabbed his collar and fanned it twice while asking Yu Han, who was doing his homework, “Do you have anything to drink here?”

Yu Han’s eyes didn’t leave his homework and didn’t raise his head, “There’s boiled water in the kitchen and there are disposable cups in the cupboard under the kettle.”

Luo Lin Yuan oh-ed and went to find it with quite a familiarity. When he was squatting to get a cup, he happened to see the rice container he accidentally kicked last time. Looking at the thick cylinder, Luo Lin Yuan felt a dull pain in his toes.

He stared at the rice container for a while and couldn’t help but hit it with his hand in retaliation. Who knew that his childish act would fall right into Yu Han’s eyes.

Yu Han found that there had been no sound of pouring water for a long time. Thus, he couldn’t help but take a distracted look, then he found Luo Lin Yuan squatting there, staring straight at the rice container, and finally fairly hit it.

Yu Han said aloud, “It doesn’t know pain, it’s useless for you to hit it.”

Luo Lin Yuan was startled. He stared at Yu Han in a panic with his cheeks flushed and said, “I just… casually patted to see if there were any rice.”

The water was just boiled and was still very hot. Luo Lin Yuan poured a whole cup and felt hot on his hand. He walked behind Yu Han with it, sat down on the wooden sofa, and puffed his cheeks and blew for half a day. When he finally drank it, his mouth got scalded.

Although he didn’t make a sound to disturb Yu Han, he shouted ‘hot’ in a low voice and sighed dejectedly wanting to draw out cold air. It was really hard for people to ignore it.

Yu Han put down his pen, turned his head, and saw Luo Lin Yuan’s scalded red lips at a glance with a bit of his tongue still sticking out.

When Luo Lin Yuan saw Yu Han staring at him, his movements stiffened and he hurriedly withdrew his tongue. “I’ll leave after drinking water.”

Yu Han got up from his chair and the light above stretched his shadow longer, covering Luo Lin Yuan.

Because of the backlight, Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t see Yu Han’s expression clearly. He thought Yu Han was angry.

Yu Han had been angry with him today and he didn’t talk much on the way to take him home. Although Luo Lin Yuan was a little arrogant, it didn’t mean he couldn’t even feel whether others were angry.

The surrounding area is now silent and Yu Han silently stared at him making Luo Lin Yuan’s aura weaken. His stomach was still actually uncomfortable and now his mouth was also sore and numb.

He squeezed his hands on the cup and said with some grievances, “Really. I’ll leave after I finished drinking the water and I will buy new clothes to return to you.” If you don’t want his money, the new clothes must be received ba.

Yu Han went past him and walked into the kitchen to open the refrigerator. Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t tell what he was doing. He only heard something fall into the bowl which made a crisp sound.

Soon, Luo Lin Yuan knew what Yu Han had gone to do. He came back with a bowl of ice, holding a pair of chopsticks, inserted one into the round hole in the middle of the ice, and brought it to his mouth, “Open your mouth.”[1]T/N: What’s with this description, istg. I’m gonna die lolol

Luo Lin Yuan opened his mouth blankly and (YH) put the ice in his mouth. Yu Han poured all the remaining ice from the bowl into his cup, and the temperature of the water instantly dropped and became ready to go into his mouth.

Yu Han put the bowl aside, sat back on his chair, and buried his head to start writing on his homework again.

He didn’t drive Luo Lin Yuan away, but he also didn’t care much about how long this person was going to stay in his house.

Yu Han was intently writing on his homework but he could still hear the sounds behind him occasionally. Luo Lin Yuan sucked on the ice and felt like he was sucking on a piece of candy. Because it was cold, he could only let his tongue press against the ice then let it roll around his mouth.

The sound of teeth hitting the ice was crisp, accompanied by the sound of constant swallowing.

Perhaps because his mouth was too numb, Luo Lin Yuan also had to open his mouth to exhale a small breath. In the slightly hot summer, the exhalation clearly puffed on the back of Yu Han’s neck, lightly and chilly as if being touched by someone inadvertently.

Yu Han clenched his pencil tightly and told himself to be patient. However, the oblivious Luo Lin Yuan was greedy after eating a piece and attempted to eat all the ice in the cup into his mouth.

When he ate the third piece, Yu Han finally couldn’t stand it. He turned his head and started, wanting to get someone to spit out the ice quickly and stop blowing air on his neck!

He suddenly flared up. Luo Lin Yuan was pinched in the face by him making him caught off guard as a pair of eyes widened.

Luo Lin Yuan’s lips were particularly cold. They were pressed against Yu Han’s slightly hot palm, like soft jelly, about to be melted by the temperature of his hand.

Yu Han’s fingers unceremoniously pinched the bulging soft cheeks. “Spit it out.”

Luo Lin Yuan was surprised at first, then became angry. No one has dared to touch his face like this and even ordered to spit out the ice in his mouth?

What’s wrong with him? Didn’t he just eat two ice cubes! Do you need to be so stingy?!

Luo Lin Yuan grabbed the cup with one hand and squeezed Yu Han’s wrist with the other, “Let go!”

Yu Han was crazy so he touched him like this!

In fact, after doing it, Yu Han regretted it a bit. Boys aren’t often so particular with each other so his behavior was subconsciously done, but his action is offensive even if it’s placed on the meticulous and neat-freak Little Princess Luo.

He withdrew his hand and felt some dampness in his palm. He rubbed it on his clothes uncomfortably. He didn’t mean anything else but when it fell into the eyes of Luo Lin Yuan, it meant something else.

This is not the first time Yu Han dislikes him. In the end, who’s the neat freak between them?

Before Luo Lin Yuan could ask, the telephone at home suddenly rang. Yu Han immediately went to the telephone and picked it up.

Luo Lin Yuan took a tissue on the side and wiped his mouth hatefully, killing Yu Han with his eyes.

However, the boy under the light didn’t care about Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes at all. He held the receiver with a little bit of force, exposing his blue veins.

He heard Yu Han’s trembling and hoarse voice, “I understand, I’ll be right over.”

Luo Lin Yuan keenly felt that something had happened. Sure enough, after Yu Han hung up the phone, he rushed to the bedroom and took out a metal box with a bank card and a stack of cash inside.

Yu Han stuffed all of them into his backpack and hurriedly ran to the entrance to put on his shoes. It wasn’t until he was about to go out did he remembered to turn back to Luo Lin Yuan and say, “Go home when you’re sober ba. Just close the door, no need to lock it.”

Luo Lin Yuan also didn’t know which part of his head was wrong and he chased after him. “What happened, I’ll go with you.”

Who knew Yu Han would be alienated and said politely, “No need, this is my personal business.”

He just wanted to go out but Luo Lin Yuan grabbed his arm.

Yu Han looked at him in surprise while Luo Lin Yuan looked at his backpack, “What if you don’t have enough money?”

Yu Han didn’t say anything.

Luo Lin Yuan said, “Take me with you, I can lend you.”

Without waiting for Yu Han to reply, Luo Lin Yuan added another sentence, “I’m not joking about money, not this time.”

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1 T/N: What’s with this description, istg. I’m gonna die lolol

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