Close to You
Close To You Chapter 19

Luo Lin Yuan doesn’t like hospitals. He doesn’t like them very much even though the smell of the place is very familiar to him.

When he was little, his clothes often smelled like disinfectants.

He wore sneakers and didn’t change his clothes. He squeezed Yu Han’s collar to cover his nose. The smell of clothes and the scent of shower gel, tinged with body heat, softly pressed against his nasal cavity, blocking out all these nasty smells he hated.

Yu Han’s grandmother was rushed into the operating room for rescue in the middle of the night. She’s still undergoing surgery and hasn’t come out.

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes moved to the door of the operating room. The iron blue door was closed tightly. The bright red three words in the operation room[1]手术室 three words and a row of deathly white lights hit down, dragging Yu Han’s shadow for a long time.

There are accumulated scratches on the smooth hospital floor; black semicircles, some long and some short. It was probably left by the hospital bed that was rushed into the operating room.

Yu Han leaned against the wall, with the back of his head leaning on it. His eyelids were closed wearily and softly but he wasn’t in a relaxed posture. His eyelashes are still very long but at this time, he lost his touching beauty, like a tired bird perched on his face.

Luo Lin Yuan saw his hands clenched into fists in his pockets, the veins in his arms bulged hard, trembling slightly. He was afraid.

Realizing this, Luo Lin Yuan stood up and walked to the vending machine he just found when he arrived and bought two bottles of milk tea.

He took the drinks back and handed one to Yu Han.

Yu Han opened his eyes and said somewhat feebly, “Thank you.”

Luo Lin Yuan sat down and patted the chair beside him, “Sit and wait.”

Yu Han shook his head in silence, only pinching the milk tea, neither drinking nor sitting, and of course not talking.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t say much, quietly waiting with Yu Han. That is to say, two hours was neither long nor short. The night is already deep. You can also vaguely hear the painful coughs from which wards he didn’t know.

It was clearly midsummer, but Luo Lin Yuan felt that his hands and feet were cold. His knees were frozen making them somewhat ice-cold.

He rubbed his knees and looked at the operating room again. At this time, Yu Han said to him, “Go back, it’s late.”

Luo Lin Yuan took out his phone. It was already 3:00 am. There were even several missed calls, all from Uncle Wu.

Luo Lin Yuan sent a text message to Uncle Wu, informing him that he wouldn’t go back for the night. “It’s ok. I can choose to go home or not.”

Yu Han rubbed his brows. “I don’t have the energy to take care of you right now.”

These words simply poked Luo Lin Yuan painfully. He wanted to say who asked you to take care of him and he also wanted to say that Laozi[2]“I” used arrogantly, which also means “I, your father” don’t trouble others like this. Can Yu Han stop underestimating him?

However, in this situation, this place isn’t really suitable for arguing. He swallowed his anger and decided to wait until Grandma Yu is okay before settling accounts.

Luo Lin Yuan was sullen, but then he heard the sound of a zipper. Yu Han took off his jacket and threw the jacket with his body temperature on his (LLY) lap. The warm clothes diluted the coldness on his knees. Luo Lin Yuan froze for a moment.

Yu Han didn’t look at him either. He crouched down slowly, wearing only short sleeves. His eyes look straight at the operating room.

Luo Lin Yuan squeezed his clothes and found his (YH) eyes looking at the operating room, which shouldn’t be in Yu Han’s eyes.

This person has always been gentle and powerful, and tough and kind. But his gaze now, is just like a child, full of nervousness and helplessness. He was afraid that the person inside will leave him behind.

Seeing this person like this, Luo Lin Yuan’s anger also dispersed. He moved to the chair next to Yu Han and sat down. He gently touched the person’s head.

Yu Han ignored him while Luo Lin Yuan didn’t care. “It’s okay. I have a hunch that Grandma will be fine.”

Yu Han hugged his knees with both hands, with his chin near his arms. After a moment of silence, he said, “What’s the use of your intuition.”

Luo Lin Yuan muttered, “We Geminis have very accurate intuition.”

Such nonsensical words. Yu Han didn’t know whether he should laugh or not. At this moment, the operating room’s door opened; the doctor came out from inside. Yu Han immediately got up and greeted him. The doctor pulled down his mask and nodded with a slight smile.

Yu Han only felt his knees soften, he almost failed to stand. At this time, a force supported him on his back. Luo Lin Yuan said, “Doctor, how’s grandma? Is she all right?”

The doctor knew Yu Han but didn’t know the teenager in front of him. But since the teenager asked, he also answered, “The operation was very successful. After another night of observation, she can be transferred back to the general ward.”

Luo Lin Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing Yu Han still hadn’t spoken, he hurriedly said, “Thank you, Doctor. Doctor has worked hard! Thank you so much.”

The doctor was also busy for a long time. After answering the questions, a nurse came forward to guide them to pay the bill. Only then did Yu Han return to his senses. He thanked the doctor and the nurse, then took his bag to pay the bill.

Luo Lin Yuan followed Yu Han the whole time. Although he didn’t have much concept of hospital expenses, seeing Yu Han paid 30,000 yuan at once, even Luo Lin Yuan, a young master for almost 18 years, knew that this amount was very large.

Luo Lin Yuan tooth ached. “Why is there so much…” Moreover, the money in Yu Han’s card isn’t enough for 30,000 yuan plus the cash he brought out. He also pulled out a few dozens of yuan and a few pieces of coins from his pocket which was barely enough.

Luo Lin Yuan noticed that the cash was crumpled and could smell the alcohol closer. It should have been a tip he earned from the bar.

Yu Han emptied the money. Only then did he take the bank receipt without changing his face and sign it.

Although the person’s expression was calm, Luo Lin Yuan felt sad when he looked at it. To be honest, 30,000 yuan is nothing for him. During the New Year’s alone, his aunt gave him more than this amount of red envelopes. Not to mention the pocket money his father usually gives him.

But with Yu Han, every yuan and every cent are hard-earned.

He was only just a high school student ah.

After paying the bill, Yu Han returned outside the intensive care unit and looked at the old woman inside through the glass.

The old woman has been sick for too long and her already thin body is almost shrinking into a tiny ball.

Yu Han placed his hand on the glass and looked in silence, without saying anything. Luo Lin Yuan felt his heart sour and swollen, it was very uncomfortable.

He said in a low voice, “Why don’t you ask for leave first ba, it’s almost dawn.”

Yu Han finally looked at him. His eyes are tired but much warmer and softer than before. “No. Thank you, you go back quickly ba.”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at this person, “You still have to go to class?”

Yu Han casually said, “Don’t worry, I can hold up.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt stuffy, extremely stuffy, “Do you want to look in the mirror to see how bad your face is? How can you still study in this way?”

Yu Han made no sound.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Your grades are so good. It doesn’t matter if you don’t attend for a day.”

Yu Han sighed as if helplessly said, “It matters.”

Without waiting for Luo Lin Yuan to retort, Yu Han said, “My grades aren’t good enough, or at least far from my goal. Time is too valuable for me to waste a day and I have no qualifications to waste it.”

Seeing that people doesn’t listen to his advice, Luo Lin Yuan was angry and anxious. But he also couldn’t say that you should stop working part-time. I can help you with your grandmother’s medical expenses. How and in what capacity can he help? After all, he and Yu Han aren’t even close friends. Once he took out his money again for no reason, Yu Han will be irritated with him again.

Luo Lin Yuan felt so tricky for the first time. Besides, Yu Han, the target, couldn’t allow him to be a little wayward. Luo Lin Yuan’s intuition tells him that it was useless to be willful. Yu Han wouldn’t accept it and will not pay attention to him.

It’s always been him who takes the initiative to find people, but Yu Han has never had the intention to find him.

If he doesn’t take the initiative, the two of them may not really cross paths again.

Luo Lin Yuan never wondered why he wanted to cross paths with this person so much. He just cared and couldn’t ignore it.

The same is true now. He can’t persuade people, so he can only take out his phone to see if there is a breakfast store nearby. It will be dawn in an hour. At least let Yu Han have a full breakfast, then go to the damn school and study the goddamn exercises!

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1 手术室 three words
2 “I” used arrogantly, which also means “I, your father”

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