Close to You
Close To You Chapter 120

Jinixin sat down at the dining table. Luo Lin Yuan went to the kitchen to find Han Zhui to settle the account. Although he thought those things, it didn’t matter when the story was told. But if such a rich second generation knew Luo Ting or Yu Han, it would have a bad impact.

Not to mention anything else, the Luo family must not know about his return.

Han Zhui was pouring juice. When he saw Luo Lin Yuan coming, he said, “The juice has ice, so I won’t give it to you. Dink the brown sugar water I just boiled for you.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Be honest. How much have you told the little golden master outside about me?”

Han Zhui glanced at him in surprise. “I just mentioned a word or two briefly, and said what should and shouldn’t.”

Han Zhui sensed that something was wrong. He put down the juice in his hand, and closed the kitchen door behind him. He said seriously to Luo Lin Yuan, “I only told him that you two broke up for seven years and got back together. I told him not to be afraid. There is true love between the same sex.”

Han Zhui: “Are you worried that he knows the one in your family?”

Luo Lin Yuan looked torn, and Han Zhui hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t tell him your boyfriend’s name, I didn’t even say your name. The main thing is that he just misunderstood that we were having an affair, and in a hurry, I could only tell him that you are the Lin Yuan, and it is impossible to have anything to do with me.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Did you tell him why we broke up back then?”

Han Zhui: “Ah?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “He just asked me if Yu Han’s father forced us to break up.”

Han Zhui: “How is it possible, I didn’t say it in such detail.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Then how the hell did he know?”

The two looked at each other. Han Zhui’s face sank, and they both felt something was wrong.

Han Zhui patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, if he really has a problem, I will give you an explanation.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Maybe it’s not that serious. Don’t think too much. Maybe you leaked something and you don’t remember it.”

Han Zhui didn’t speak, with an unclear expression on his face. He went out with the food, and when he opened the door again, he showed a natural smile. Jinxin looked at him, followed the smile, and muttered, “Why did you only come out ah? I’m starving to death.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at this scene. In a daze, there was the illusion that this was a wonderful duel between the two actors.

Han Zhui went over and kissed Jinxin on the cheek. Jinxin didn’t dodge but was a little embarrassed. He took a peek at the kitchen and blushed when he met Luo Lin Yuan’s gaze.

After eating lunch and saying goodbye to Han Zhui and Jinxin, Luo Lin Yuan went home to lie down obediently so that Yu Han wouldn’t come to check if he was resting at home at night.

At about six o’clock, Yu Han called and said he was coming to pick him up.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Where to?”

Yu Han: “Do you want to stay at my house tonight?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Huh?”

Yu Han: “I told Taro Ball. He’s looking forward to it, and he especially changed his clothes to welcome you.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Then should I buy something?”

Yu Han: “No need.”

Having said that, Luo Lin Yuan still brought a small gift. It was a deformed golden steel puzzle that he bought from abroad. It wasn’t a valuable thing, hopefully, the little Taro Ball wouldn’t mind.

Luo Lin Yuan packed out a small backpack, changed into a white t-shirt and jeans, and wore a hat to protect against the evening sun.

He obediently waited for someone downstairs, bought a lollipop at the convenience store, and bought Yu Han a bottle of water.

When Yu Han came, the air conditioner in the car wasn’t low, and it was a little cooler than outside. Luo Lin Yuan threw the bag into the back seat, then leaned in front of Yu Han, and put a milk-scented kiss on the person’s mouth.

Yu Han raised his eyebrow and looked at Luo Lin Yuan, who was grinning back at the co-pilot. He was really a little lover.

He looked like he was in his teens, and he always had the illusion of time and space reversing.

He grabbed Luo Lin Yuan’s wrist, pulled the person over, and kissed deeply.

He kissed Luo Lin Yuan until he panted, pushed him on the shoulder several times, and pushed him away.

Luo Lin Yuan put down the visor and opened the mirror to see if his mouth was swollen.

Yu Han said, “Next time…” Forget it, it was better to wear it like this, it was also pretty good.

Luo Lin Yuan inexplicably looked at him, licking his mouth and looking at him. “What next time?”

Yu Han: “Nothing.” He put down the handbrake and started the car. It was Luo Lin Yuan who was dressed so young, and he really looked like the little lover he had specifically found.

Good-looking, clean, and well-behaved; the little lover who fascinated him head over heels.

Guan Nian told him on the phone that Guan Shuofeng knew, but in fact, Yu Han didn’t feel much.

He didn’t care what Guan Shuofeng thought, and naturally, he wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

As for how Guan Shuofeng knew that he had a little lover, he was a little concerned. Wouldn’t it be to find someone to monitor him? If the Luo family knew about the news of Luo Lin Yuan’s return to China, it would be a bit troublesome.

He felt that Luo Lin Yuan didn’t need to be obedient and never be able to return to C City because of his history. He doesn’t owe anything to the Luo family, nor was it his fault.

What was the fault of the children? It wasn’t that they could choose their own birth.

Why should adults bring old grievances to the children?

He could understand Luo Ting’s anger, it’s just that so many years had passed. Even if he knew that Luo Lin Yuan was back, there was no need to do this to the child he had loved back then and drive people away.

He checked Luo Ting’s current situation and heard that he had already taken a child back. He was probably an illegitimate child, 15 or 16 years old. It was announced that he was a relative of the side branch. The child was adopted under Luo Ting’s knee.

But what exactly was going on, only the Luo family themselves knew. And he wouldn’t tell his Yuanyuan about this, let alone let him know.

On the way, Luo Lin Yuan received a call from Han Zhui and glanced at the time. It had been nearly seven hours since noon, so Han Zhui had already asked what was going on.

Han Zhui’s voice on the other end of the phone sounded apologetic. He said it was because he was drunk, so he accidentally said it, but he didn’t remember.

No matter how you say it, all mistakes are his fault.

At this time, he heard the sound of something being smashed from Han Zhui’s phone, and he also heard Jinxin crying there to get out of there.

Luo Lin Yuan sat up in shock, grabbed his mobile phone, and said, “You wouldn’t be torturing people to extract confessions, would you?”

Han Zhui forced a laugh, “Not really.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “If we really misunderstood, isn’t this bullying others?”

Han Zhui didn’t talk to him. He vaguely heard Han Zhui coaxing the person outside the phone, saying that he would leave right away, and the medicine was on the bedside, so he should use it properly.

Jinxin was still scolding Han Zhui, telling him to roll, get out!

Luo Lin Yuan heard the medicine and was anxious. “You’re not beating someone up, right? Han Zhui, a gentleman uses his mouth not his fist ah. Jinxin’s physique can withstand your punch ah!”

Han Zhui’s side was a lot quieter. He should have withdrawn from the room and talked to Luo Lin Yuan in a quiet place.

Luo Lin Yuan said, “My god la, I’m not going to the police station to bail you out in a while, am I?”

Han Zhui was silent for a while, and said with a headache, “Maybe.”

Luo Lin Yuan sucked in a cold breath, “What the hell did you do to the person?”

Han Zhui: “I put him to sleep.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “………………………………”[1]I decided to copy this long ellipsis as is in the raw lmao.

Han Zhui listened to him stay in silence, and said helplessly, “I originally wanted to feed him some wine, let him get drunk, and then set him up. Then… We both got drunk and got out of control.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You forced him?”

Han Zhui: “That’s not true. If he says no, I will definitely have to stop.”

Luo Lin Yuan thought to himself that with Han Zhui’s glorious record in the past, there was really no need to do something so classless as forcing.

Han Zhui: “It’s just that he just sobered up, and he seemed to be unable to accept that he slept with a man, so he told me to roll.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Maybe he didn’t have the strength to refuse you after he was drunk.”

Han Zhui: “It shouldn’t be so. Halfway through, he still rode me. He had a great time there, and his small waist was very strong.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “All right, all right, stop talking. I don’t want to know the details. So what now?”

Han Zhui: “I have to take care of him. In any case, this is my fault, it was my mouth. I’m sorry ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s okay, hurry up and coax people now. I don’t want to really go to the police station to bail you out.”

After hanging up with a headache, Luo Lin Yuan saw Yu Han looking at him, not knowing what to say. If he says that, doesn’t he have to tell Yu Han about Guan Shuofeng?

He still didn’t know how Yu Han’s relationship with Guan Shuofeng was now.

Luo Lin Yuan: “The one who called was the friend you met last time at the airport, Han Zhui la.”

Yu Han thoughtfully motioned him to continue talking with his eyes.

Luo Linyuan: “He’s recently dating someone, and the two of them had a messy s** after drinking, and something happened.”

Yu Han said seriously, “Does he need a lawyer?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “No, no, no, not really. Listening to Han Zhui, he probably means that when you are drunk, you’re feelings are honest and you can’t regret it when you wake up.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “The two of them should be considered a dating relationship.” Although it was said to be being kept.

In short, the process was very complicated and the ending was very strange. He wasn’t a party to the matter, he doesn’t know the whole picture of the matter, and he cannot express any opinions.

Yu Han’s eyebrows relaxed a little, and Luo Lin Yuan said, “Are you busy at work?”

Yu Han said cautiously, “What?” He can also not be busy, it all depends on Luo Lin Yuan’s thoughts.

Luo Lin Yuan: “When will we make an appointment to meet Fang Xiao?”

Yu Han: “…” He has met with Fang Xiao enough.

Luo Lin Yuan: “He even said last time that after I came back, I should always make an appointment for a hot pot.”

Yu Han: “He’s already married.” His wife can accompany him, so you can accompany me.

Luo Lin Yuan said in surprise, “Yes, Xiao Qing’er is married to him! Ah, that’s good, Tao Qing and him, me and you.”

After speaking, he glanced at Yu Han, grabbed his seat belt, lowered his voice, and said, “Four people dating, a married couple and lovers.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Okay, Yu Han?”

At the red light, the car stopped. Yu Han stretched out his hand, clasped his fingers with him, and said solemnly, “Okay.”

After speaking, Yu Han seemed to say carelessly again, “So when do you think it’s better for us to get married?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “… ?!!”


1 I decided to copy this long ellipsis as is in the raw lmao.

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