Close to You
Close To You Chapter 121

Luo Lin Yuan almost thought he had heard wrong until he felt a layer of sweat in Yu Han’s hands. He realized that this person looked light and windy, but he was actually nervous.

Did Yu Han propose to him? At this time? This kind of place?

So hateful!

How can you seize the first opportunity to propose, he should come first!

Perhaps his silence was too long. Yu Han thought he didn’t want to.

Just after the red light passed, he pulled back his hand and was about to drive but he didn’t expect to be caught by Luo Lin Yuan’s backhand, afraid that he would regret it. “When? To which country? and where are we going for our honeymoon? What are you going to tell Taro Ball?”

Yu Han didn’t make a sound. Luo Lin Yuan finished speaking hurriedly and felt ashamed again. He leaned back on the co-pilot, covered his face with both hands to reflect, and then drank half a bottle of mineral water bought for Yu Han with his flushed face.

Yu Han said, “Give me a sip.”

Luo Lin Yuan leaned forward to feed him, carefully, but also careful not to block the driver’s sight.

When Yu Han saw that he was so careful, he asked, “Have you taken your driver’s license yet?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Not yet.”

Yu Han: “I’ll give you a car after the test?”

Wow, wasn’t that generous? Luo Lin Yuan shook his head and refused honestly, “No, I can buy it myself.”

Just like when he wanted to stuff expensive clothes for Yu Han, he also thought about why Yu Han didn’t want them. After accepting it, he could live more comfortably, right?

Now I understand why he didn’t want it; maybe it was because of that subtle man’s pride.

Yu Han didn’t force it, and continued, “When we’re free, will you go to the United States to get our certificate? I want to see which school you went to in college. Where do you want to go for our honeymoon? I will talk to Taro Ball and discuss it with him.”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded while listening, just looking like he was very easy to kidnap.

Even if Yu Han suddenly told him, ‘let’s go, let’s go abroad to get a certificate,’ he would agree.

Yu Han felt that it was so easy to abduct people that he couldn’t even think of it. There was an erratic feeling in his heart out of thin air, and he couldn’t fall to the ground.

It was like an alarm clock suddenly sounded, dragging him away from these seven years and into the hopeless seven years. He said to Luo Lin Yuan, “Don’t you think it’s sudden?”

He made this decision with Luo Lin Yuan in such a simple way which was such a significant and lifelong impact.

And yet it wasn’t surprising, it wasn’t romantic. It was even a bit hasty. It made things as simple as going to the vegetable market to buy dishes.

Do you want to spend your life with me, just with me.

Yu Han asked, “Why did you agree to it?”

Luo Lin Yuan found the question strange, “Why won’t I agree?”

Luo Lin Yuan said seriously, “Because I love you.”

After he finished speaking, Yu Han didn’t make a sound for a long time.

He was shy because of the silence. He couldn’t help but look at Yu Han, but he was shocked by the other party’s expression.

Yu Han’s lips curled into a serious arc, and his eyes were slightly moist, but he didn’t cry.

Instead, he looked ahead, didn’t look at him, and slowly exhaled a sigh of relief.

It’s like a sigh of relief,[1]Similar to relaxing after one’s effort. but also like a sigh.

This appearance was more uncomfortable than happy. It was just like he told him that I don’t love you.

Luo Lin Yuan’s heart hung in the air, “What’s wrong? You don’t believe me?”

He was actually nervous when he said this. In fact, it wasn’t only that Yu Han wasn’t confident enough, but also that he was stable.

He often wondered, did they really get back together? Did he really hold this person again and kiss those lips?

Yu Han said, “I believe, because I love you, too.”

He turned his head sideways to look at Luo Lin Yuan. There was still undried wetness in his eyes, but he smiled like the sun was out, and it would clear after the rain. He said, “That’s great.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at his appearance and was lost in thought. He froze, and asked, “What’s great?”

Yu Han: “You’re really beside me.”

These words almost made Luo Lin Yuan’s internal organs sour, and his eyes were also wet.

They’ve been absent from each other for seven years. After seeing each other again, they complained and blamed each other, secretly jealous and speculating, as well as angry and sad.

In the end, it all turned into a sentence, which was that’s great.

It’s great to have you.

He lowered his eyes to hide then quickly raised his eyes, stretched out his hand, and gently placed it on Yu Han’s right hand, “I will always be there.”

In this life’s lifetime.

Yu Han’s house was warmer than he thought. As soon as he walked in, he was touched by an orange cat.

The cat thumped at Luo Lin Yuan’s feet, wagging its tail and looking at him with round eyes.

Luo Lin Yuan had just been hit by a cat which is a little smart and saw a Pikachu rushing into his arms from a distance.

Little Taro Ball baby was wearing yellow clothes, with a hood hanging on his head which had Pikachu’s long ears, and a lightning tail hanging from the back.

Luo Lin Yuan’s heart was almost turned into a pool of water, dripping on the floor of Yu Han’s house.

He bent over and hugged the child, took off Taro Ball’s hat, and rubbed the melon skin head. “Good boy, so cute.”

Taro Ball turned his head to see if his father was there, and when he saw that he wasn’t there, he said coquettishly, “I want to eat candy.”

Luo Lin Yuan quickly emptied his pockets and took out several colorful candies. There were no pockets on Taro Balls’ clothes, so he stuffed them into his pockets and told him to hide them in the room quickly so as not to be discovered by his father.

The orange cat on the side watched the interaction between the big and the small, stood up slowly, then inserted into the middle of the two people, and fell down with a sense of existence with a heavy sound, don’t know if it hurts to hit the body.

Looking at its flesh, it probably doesn’t hurt.

Taro Ball introduced the orange cat to him, “This is Laoda.”[2]Boss or can also mean old age.

Luo Lin Yuan: “En?”

Taro Ball: “Laoda is six years old, older than me, so it’s called Laoda.”

Luo Lin Yuan stroked the cat, “Hello, Laoda ah.”

Laoda licked the place Luo Lin Yuan had touched, familiarizing itself with his scent.

Aunt Liang came out of the kitchen to serve food. She knew Luo Lin Yuan. She was the one who sent Taro Ball to the painting class before. She had a good impression of Luo Lin Yuan. She even asked him if he had anyone and if she should introduce him to one.

Aunt Liang: “Teacher Lin, so it’s you here! If I knew I would have cooked a few more dishes, but I don’t if they are to your liking.”

Yu Han had already changed his clothes and came out of the master bedroom. “Don’t worry, Aunt Liang, he likes the food.”

Luo Lin Yuan was attracted by the smell of home-cooked food at the table. He glanced at the dishes, looked at Yu Han, and smiled at each other. He really liked them all.

The two of them laughed. Not knowing what Aunt Liang had realized, she softly let out an ai ya and clapped her hands.

At the dinner table, Aunt Liang was very enthusiastic about Luo Lin Yuan. She kept using chopsticks to pick dishes for him. With this kind of enthusiasm, most people know that he has cleanliness, and they won’t give him the opportunity to experience it. However, Luo Lin Yuan was unexpectedly not uncomfortable.

After the meal, Aunt Liang took the initiative to go downstairs with Taro Ball to digest the food.

Fortunately, Laoda was a cat, not a dog. Otherwise, Aunt Liang would leash the dog and drag Laoda away.

Laoda wagged its tail. It didn’t like to lie down on the cat climbing frame. It liked to nestle by the window, paralyzed for a long time, and took a bite of the green pot next to it from time to time.

Yu Han sat on the sofa with his arms outstretched, waiting for him to go over.

Luo Lin Yuan took advantage of the situation to nest in the person’s arms. “Did Aunt Liang see something?”

Yu Han: “En.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “How can you tell, you told her about me?”

Yu Han: “She wanted to introduce me to someone before, so I told her that I like men.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “So stimulating? What was her reaction?”

Yu Han: “You know, elders are like this, they like to introduce someone to the younger generation. Aunt Liang is an ordinary person, but can accept this.”

He also laughed at the thought. “Then Aunt Liang began to introduce me to boys.”

Luo Lin Yuan instantly sat up straight. “What boys?”

Yu Han: “There are college student tutors, but also white-collar workers in companies.”

Luo Lin Yuan said sourly, “How can she know so many gay people? I’ve been bent for so many years, but I don’t know as much as she does.”

In fact, it wasn’t that there weren’t many people chasing him in the United States, but he was jealous now, and of course, he couldn’t put himself at a disadvantage.

Yu Han put his chin on his forehead and rubbed it vigorously. “How many more do you want to know?”

Luo Lin Yuan stretched out his arms and wrapped them around his neck. “Only you are enough.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “So you went to meet them?”

In fact, it wasn’t that he never thought that Yu Han might’ve dated someone else. When they first met, a child came out and he became a father.

Perhaps it was that he was relatively hopeless at that time, and his psychological line was extremely low from the beginning, and put it on the ground. Even if it hurts to be stepped on, he can tell himself that it’s okay.

But now it doesn’t work anymore. If you have been loved and spoiled, you’re easy to be squeamish. A little bit of aggravation was unbearable.

Yu Han: “No, I said I have someone in my heart.”

Luo Lin Yuan was satisfied, but was grabbed by the chin and interrogated, “How about you?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t answer but said, “Let me tell you ah.”

Tell what? As soon as Yu Han flashed this thought, he saw Luo Lin Yuan take off his shirt and turn his back.

The fish breaking the ice’s color on his left shoulder is still bright, it wasn’t like a tattoo that has been around for seven years.

He had only heavily kissed this tattoo some time ago.

At this time, Luo Lin Yuan deliberately took it off and showed it to him, indicating that there was another mystery in it.

Soon, he saw how he had overlooked this earlier.

Yu Han reached out and touched it, his hand was a little cold and it coldly brushed against the piece of skin.

On those broken ice, numbers were pierced by dark blue.

1, 2, 3… 7.

Luo Lin Yuan turned his back on him, he was talking, and his body trembled slightly because of this, shaking the tail fish as if he was breathing.

He said, “It’s a bit embarrassing to say, don’t laugh or I’ll get angry.”

“At first I simply wanted to complement the color, but then it felt painful.”

“When I think of you, that feeling is similar to a tattoo.”

“It doesn’t particularly hurt, it’s densely packed, and it’s quite unbearable.”

“Later, every year, I would make up a number specifically. The tattoo artist knew me. When he tattooed the number five, he said that he would give it to me for free in the future, because it was so interesting. It was the first time he met a client like me. Moreover, the previous number was only more than ten minutes, and I was charged for one hour of money, which was such a loss for me.”

“After returning home, I found another tattoo artist.”

“I didn’t expect that I would meet you after I got to tattoo seven. The tattoo artist lost money, and he still has to tattoo till ten.”

Luo Lin Yuan turned around and smiled bashfully at Yu Han, a little proud, and said contentedly, “He can’t get to tattoo a ten, because I found my ten, eleven, twelve, until one hundred.”


1 Similar to relaxing after one’s effort.
2 Boss or can also mean old age.

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