Close to You
Close To You Chapter 122

There was a cluster of fire in Yu Han’s eyes, swaying, almost burning to Luo Lin Yuan. He clasped Luo Lin Yuan’s waist tightly with both hands. It was about to hurt the person, making him cry out in pain.

Luo Lin Yuan took a small breath but didn’t shrink back. He put his arms around Yu Han’s neck and sent himself up. His lips got closer and closer, and the atmosphere ignited at the touch.

They only heard the sound of the password door, so Yu Han let go of his hand, and Luo Lin Yuan jumped up and hurriedly hid in a room with his clothes in his arms, not knowing who it was.

The walls were full of yellow, with cartoons on them, and the small bed was made for Taro Ball.

He dressed in the child’s room, his heart beating, and he had a taboo feeling of cheating.

Luo Lin Yuan took a deep breath, smoothed his hair, and came out of the room.

The TV was turned on by Aunt Liang and tuned to the family ethical drama she loved to watch lately. The sound wasn’t too loud, not affecting the conversation, and can be watched normally.

After putting the TV on, Aunt Liang went into the kitchen to fill sweet soup. Taro Ball leaned against Yu Han and muttered about the big dog he met downstairs, which was so big.

Laoda jumped down from the window. Seeing that there were too many people, it wanted to lie down on the coffee table, lying in the center of the crowd with its hands on it, dignified like a sphinx.

The family next door seemed to have just cooked, and the fragrance came along. Fortunately, they weren’t hungry now, and didn’t feel a craving.

He finally understood why Yu Han would place his home here, it does feel like home.

The living room was warmly furnished. The eldest and youngest were sitting there. The eldest one looked at him and raised his hand to beckon him over

Aunt Liang brought out the sweet soup and put it on the table. She told them to wash their hands and drink the sweet soup, red beans, and barley.

Yu Han got up, held the little Taro Ball in his hand, and said to Aunt Liang, “He likes to drink something sweeter, so add some sugar for him.”

Taro Ball shook his father’s little finger, revealing a missing tooth, and said, “Dad is so kind.”

Yu Han: “I’m talking about your Brother Yuan, not you. You obediently drink from the pot.”

Taro Ball: “…”

Luo Lin Yuan was amused by Taro Ball’s depressed expression like a little adult, but he didn’t dare to laugh out loud, for fear that Taro Ball would think he was in cahoots with his father.

Taro Ball gave an aggrieved cry. After washing his hands, he sat at the dining table, holding his small bowl and looking at Luo Lin Yuan’s big bowl, with a look of envy, as if Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t drinking sweet soup, but fairy dew.

After drinking the sweet soup, Yu Han went back to the master bedroom to take a bath.

Aunt Liang was in the kitchen preparing tomorrow’s ingredients. Taro Ball was in Luo Lin Yuan’s arms, watching TV with him.

The child was exhausted after playing for a day, his head was next to his chest, and his eyelids were constantly drooping down.

But because Luo Lin Yuan was there, he was still excited. He idly talked to Luo Lin Yuan one after another and occasionally popped up some classic questions.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t joke with him freely because he was a child.

In fact, it wasn’t good to joke with children. Children are naive and trust you. You shouldn’t use this trust to easily make jokes with them that you think are funny.

So no matter what Taro Ball asked, Luo Lin Yuan answered.

Taro Ball said drowsily, “Dad told me that you might come to our house and be a family in the future.”

He lifted his long eyelashes with weary and puzzled eyes, “Are you going to be mommy from now on?”

Luo Lin Yuan touched his belly and cheek with his fingers, “No oh, you will have an additional father. Do you hate it?”

Taro Ball wrinkled his little brow and fell into contemplation for a moment. “No, I like brother.”

Taro Ball: “Then will you still give me candy to eat? My Dad will take care of my teeth. After you become a Dad, will there be no more candy?”

For children, eating is bigger than the sky, and Taro Ball was almost miserable and weeping when he thought of his future life.

Luo Lin Yuan said, “It will be given, given appropriately.”

Aunt Liang came out after washing her hands. She smiled at Luo Lin Yuan, and said to Taro Ball in his arms, “Auntie’s little baby, are you sleepy?”

Taro Ball stretched out two short hands to Aunt Liang, who bent over and took him into her arms and went to sleep.

Aunt Liang has her own nanny room. She asked Luo Lin Yuan if he wanted to eat anything else in the evening, there were fruits.

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head quickly. After the meal, the sweet soup had already stuffed his stomach full and he couldn’t eat more.

After Aunt Liang entered the room, Luo Lin Yuan turned off the lights outside one by one and finally walked to Yu Han’s room.

As soon as he went in, he found that Yu Han had already come out of the bathroom, sitting on the bed, looking at his mobile phone. He was rubbing the towel in his hand, then put it down again. He picked up his phone and returned a voice message on WeChat.

Yu Han’s hair was soaked with water, softly resting on his forehead. There were still water droplets on his chin, his lips were red, and he had a melancholy handsomeness.

But when he heard his movement, he raised his eyes and his eyebrows relaxed. Luo Lin Yuan liked the way Yu Han smiled when he saw him, which made him feel that he was really important in this person’s heart, and he sunk into his heart heavily and never came out again.

He went over and asked where the hair dryer was. It was in the basket under the bedside table.

Luo Lin Yuan bent down to take it out, “Type well, I’ll blow dry your hair.”

Yu Han: “I don’t go to bed that early, it will dry on its own.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Just blow it, it’s comfortable.”

It was really comfortable. Soft fingers brushed his scalp, the strength was gentle, and the gentle atmosphere flowed between them. Yu Han suddenly laughed.

Luo Lin Yuan turned off the hair dryer and touched the soft half-dried hair, “What are you laughing at?”

Yu Han: “You’re so good.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “For blow drying your hair?”

Yu Han shook his head, lifted his short-sleeved sleeves, and burrowed his head inside. Luo Lin Yuan pressed his clothes, but could only push the back of the person’s head through the clothes. “Don’t make trouble, I haven’t showered yet.”

Yu Han didn’t speak, concentrating on making trouble in his clothes.

Soon Luo Lin Yuan’s legs began to tremble, and his back was bent and pressed down, but because the front was doubly stimulated, he didn’t know whether to move forward or backward.

His upper body lost guard and his lower body wasn’t much better. Soon he was stripped naked and pressed on the bed by Yu Han, who was about to have a full meal.

Luo Lin Yuan still didn’t give up, “Taro Ball and Auntie are nearby, and I haven’t taken a shower yet.”

The point was in the back, cleanliness can’t be tolerated. At the front, he can scream a little louder at most.

He saw the piece of tongue, stained with the water vapor after the bath, and slowly went along his abdomen, making circles.

Only the touch of crimson was left in his eyes.

He made his whole body tight, his voice became smaller and smaller, and finally, he was spineless and softened from his waist.

The bed was a little loud at first, then slowly shook, and soon, it couldn’t stop the movement and a blanket was torn off.

The blanket was picked by Yu Han and Taro Ball in IKEA. The white fluffy wool was arranged at the end of the bed. It was initially meant to look good, but now it has an unexpected function.

Soft and dirt-resistant.

Yu Han eventually let him go to the bath, after getting him thoroughly dirty.

People are in good spirits with happy events. After being satisfied, Yu Han still had the energy to handle business affairs for two hours, and his concentration was better than usual.

After the business, he went to cuddle people. It was a good night’s sleep.

Don’t know when Luo Lin Yuan will move to his home. He wants to sleep so well all the time with the person he wants to hold in his arms.

This kind of good mood lasted for a few days, and the people in Yu Han’s company became vigilant, feeling that this was just the calm before the storm. When did the boss talk like this?

Yu Han doesn’t care what they think. He saw that the situation wasn’t busy, so he went to and from work on time to send his child to his lover to learn to draw.

When the weekend came, he finally remembered Guan Nian’s warning on the phone. He changed into unflustered clothes, bought a gift, and drove to the Guan family.

In the past few years of dealings with the Guan family, he has continuously been refined and courteous. After all, he was indeed taken care of by Guan Shuofeng back then.

Guan Shuofeng dealt with his affairs in the detention center and arranged for his grandmother to be transferred to the hospital. It was a pity that later when they talked and met, they were accidentally discovered by their grandmother. The grandmother who had always loved him was so angry that she slapped him.

Grandma insisted on being discharged from the hospital and refused any help from Guan Shuofeng. Both Xu Xiaoxiao and Jing Lin came to help him. He was going to school at that time, running on both sides. Then he met with Luo Lin Yuan’s disappearance from school, and he almost didn’t hold on.

Guan Shuofeng told him that even if he didn’t pass the exam well, it didn’t matter, he could send him abroad to study as a pretense. The Guan family had this ability, but they just needed him to come back home to help.

In his freshman year, the first time he went to Guan’s family for dinner, he saw the boy who had come to trouble him.

Guan Nian stood on the spiral staircase, staring at him gloomily, his lips pale. He soon turned around and ran upstairs.

Guan Nian hates him a lot. This wasn’t the first time they met. Their first meeting was at an earlier time. Guan Nian, who was still in junior high school, found a few companions to surround him, saying that it was because of his girlfriend, so they came to trouble him.

In actuality, after knowing that Guan Nian turned out to be Guan Nian later on, Yu Han realized that it wasn’t because of feelings at all, but because of family ties.

Guan Nian hated him as an illegitimate child in the main house, and couldn’t do much bad things. He smashed him with money and asked him to tattoo lady[1]Written as is in the a humiliation. He didn’t know who came up with the idea and even took a video.

Yu Han glanced at the number of people around him. They were all children wearing good shoes, good watches, and the latest mobile phones.

It wasn’t that you can’t break through, but you have to beat if you want to leave. He beat someone up, and it was his bad luck that the other party was rich and powerful. If he doesn’t beat people, he’s still inseparable.

Let him choose to lose money and go to the detention center, and his grandmother was still in the hospital. It wasn’t okay.

So he tattooed it, and he still had five thousand yuan to take, but it was actually nothing.

It was probably that his attitude was too obedient and his reaction was too flat, that the group of children looked at each other and felt that they hadn’t achieved their goals.

Guan Nian was even more upset. He was here to trouble this damn bastard. How could he make him look like a rich boy? It was boring.

Among their group of people, one of them walked out, extinguished the smoke in Yu Han’s tattoo, raised his eyebrows provocatively, and asked him, “I’m not satisfied, I want to do it! Can you move ma, poor dead bastard, weak, waste!”

Yu Han’s forehead was sweating from the pain, and he was silent.

That person was even more happy. He greeted the people around him, and shouted at Guan Nian, “I said what are you afraid of, such a waste. You still don’t move if you want to move. Look at him, I scalded him but I don’t even dare to hide from him, useless cowards.”

Seeing that everyone else was going to disperse the smoke and light it, they wanted to leave a commemorative scar on Yu Han’s body one after another.

Guan Nian called a halt and he said, “That’s enough.”

Guan Nian’s eyes were cold, and he scanned Yu Han’s face in disgust.

He threw his schoolbag on his back and left the dim tattoo shop first. “It’s boring, let’s go.”

Before leaving, he stopped and said to Yu Han, “There are some things that you shouldn’t be concerned with, so don’t be concerned with them.”

Yu Han then thought he was talking about the school flower at that time.

Pulling away from his memory, Yu Han was led into Guan’s house. The furnishings and decorations were still the same as many years ago. Guan Nian came down the stairs step by step and smiled at him.

Guan Nian didn’t seem to be in good health, his lips were pale, and his eyes were sunken and were still indifferent, “I have something to tell you.”


1 Written as is in the raw.

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