Close to You
Close To You Chapter 123

Yu Han’s feeling towards Guan Nian was similar to Guan Shuofeng, there was no feeling. Even if they had the same blood in their bodies, they were actually just the strangest people, and they couldn’t even be friends.

Of course, he wasn’t an enemy, and Yu Han didn’t want to bother to hate or complain about these things.

To say it was a grievance but at that time, he was busy making a living and taking care of his grandmother. There were enough grievances to be wronged. If he cared about it, he wouldn’t be able to hold on.

But he wouldn’t be such a Virgin Mary as to want to play nice with Guan Nian, so he could only avoid contact as much as possible.

Guan Nian said that he had something to tell him. Yu Han frowned and looked around. Guan Nian said, “Guan Shuofeng wouldn’t come back so soon. Will you listen or not?”

Yu Han has long been accustomed to Guan Nian’s behavior of calling Guan Shuofeng’s name directly. The relationship between the father and son has always been bad. After knowing that he exists, he even put water in the pan and it almost didn’t explode.

Guan Shuofeng said back then that he couldn’t take him back right away because Guan Nian resisted badly.

He also told Yu Han that Guan Nian’s mother died early and he failed to discipline him properly, so he asked Yu Han to be more tolerant.

Yu Han actually didn’t want to go to the Guan family at all. He thought Guan Shuofeng was quite funny. He actually felt that they could coexist peacefully.

It was also strange that Guan Nian’s mother went too early, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to let Guan Shuofeng do this nonsense.

How can a legitimate child and an illegitimate child be harmonious, plus the property factor was mixed in it?

It was just that Grandma still needed Guan Shuofeng’s care at that time, and Yu Han never refuted Guan Shuofeng’s words. What he said was what he said.

Since his grandmother left, he never listened to Guan Shuofeng’s arrangements.

Even if he had such an attitude, Guan Shuofeng didn’t interfere with him too severely. There was always an inexplicable self-confidence, as if Yu Han is his son, a fact that no one can change.

Sooner or later Yu Han will be obedient.

Guan Nian’s expression became more and more impatient, but because what he wanted to say was very important, he endured it, and said in a good mood,  “Don’t you want to know why your little lover broke up with you back in high school?”

Yu Han’s pupils shrank slightly and looked at Guan Nian with a stern expression.

This feeling of his unmoving anger was too similar to Guan Shuofeng, making Guan Nian unable to adapt well.

Guan Shuofeng once smiled and told others that Yu Han was the most like him, young and outstanding. The man also flattered, ‘like father, like son.’

The damn bloodline was the same, and the disgusting genes are the same. It was clear that he was Guan Shuofeng’s son, the son born from marriage.

Guan Nian had no hope for Guan Shuofeng, but he couldn’t accept that Guan Shuofeng would take care of an illegitimate son with the attitude of an heir.

Then he would be a big joke, together with his dead mother!

He found out about Yu Han’s relationship with Lin Yuan. If he continued to be stupid, Guan Shuofeng was afraid to hand over the industry to Yu Han.

But even if he stabbed Guan Shuofeng about Yu Han being gay, Guan Shuofeng looked at him with such eyes.

Disappointed and cold. He told him not to spend his mind on these things that shouldn’t be disclosed, it was too petty.

He told him to study hard in the company, play less with a few young models, and don’t cause trouble. Thank heavens for Guan Shuofeng.

Guan Nian’s eyes turned red with anger. “How much do you favor him! He is gay who likes men ah!”

Guan Shuofeng said calmly, “He also likes women, he can marry a woman.”

Guan Nian: “Get it straight, I’m your son!”

Guan Shuofeng eased his tone: “Xiao Nian, did you not go to the company yesterday? Your Uncle Xu’s daughter has just returned from abroad recently. Since you have no intention of going to the company, go keep her company.”

Guan Nian wanted to retort that he had something to do, but heard Guan Shuofeng say, “You can’t do the company’s business, but you can do women’s business, right?”

Guan Nian was furious, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Since Guan Shuofeng’s side couldn’t be moved, there was always a breakthrough on Yu Han.

The great and almighty heavens above don’t disappoint, and finally, let him find an entry point. It was just that he didn’t know that going to investigate this matter would cause him to meet Han Zhui.

If he knew, he would’ve let others investigate, so why did he bother to do it himself.

He was in pain all over, the bruises on his body hadn’t disappeared. He had a low fever for several days in a row, and he couldn’t eat anything.

On a hot day, he was still wearing long-sleeved trousers and didn’t dare to reveal anything, including the tooth marks at the root of his neck.

He took Yu Han to the back garden. The midday sun was fierce, the cicadas in the garden were violent, and the bursts of noise made Guan Nian’s eyes full of white spots, making him extremely dizzy.

Yu Han said, “You investigated me?”

Guan Nian retreated into the shadows and said bluntly, “Yes ah, I’ve been investigating you all the time. Including the fact that you are raising a child for others, and the fact that you are with the Dean of Yuyuan…”

Although Yu Han didn’t want to have any dealings with Guan Nian, being offended in this way was not within his tolerance. He wasn’t the Yu Han who was powerless back then.

Yu Han said in a deep voice, “I advise you not to provoke me.”

He stared at Guan Nian. “Don’t touch Lin Yuan either, otherwise the thing you are most afraid of will happen immediately.”

Guan Nian snorted, “What am I afraid of?”

Yu Han: “Aren’t you most afraid that I will change my surname to Guan?”

The blood on Guan Nian’s face faded, and he couldn’t hold his posture for a while. “You won’t.”

Yu Han: “How do you know.”

Guan Nian: “Don’t you like that Lin Yuan very much? If you go back to the Guan family, Guan Shuofeng will never let you two be together.”

Yu Han: “Cut the crap, what do you mean by what you just said?”

Guan Nian took out a phone, clicked on the recording, and put it in front of Yu Han. “Listen to it yourself.”


After Guan Shuofeng got out of the car, the butler came up and took the suit jacket in his hand. The weather was so hot that just the distance from the garage to the living room made Guan Shuofeng sweat.

He clearly felt that his body was no longer in the best condition, and he really needed a capable heir.

It was just that Yu Han and Guan Nian both have their own shortcomings, which are very annoying.

The butler said, “Young Master Guan and Young Master Yu are talking in the back garden.”

Guan Shuofeng was stunned. “When did the two of them get so close.”

Butler: “I heard the subordinates say that Young Master Guan asked Young Master Yu if he wanted to know why his lover broke up with him back in high school.”

Guan Shuofeng frowned, “Xiao Nian…” He sighed, “In the end, this cannot be disclosed.”

At this time, the glass door of the back garden was roughly pushed open. Yu Han’s aura was menacing, and he walked in front of him step by step, his eyes flushed with anger, and he looked at him resentfully.

Guan Shuofeng said, “Calm down.”

Yu Han: “Why are you doing this?” His voice forced out from his clenched teeth.

Guan Shuofeng unbuttoned a few shirt buttons, “To be honest, your breakup has nothing to do with me.”

Yu Han: “How dare you say such things, you used my future family to threaten him…”

Guan Shuofeng: “Is that a threat?!”

Guan Shuofeng looked at the angry young man in front of him and slowly said, “It was you who impulsively put yourself into the detention center first, and it was you who needed me to help you arrange for the old woman to be transferred to a hospital, which is why he accepted these conditions and chose to break up with you.”

Guan Shuofeng: “Don’t you understand yet, it’s not me who broke you up, it’s yourself.”

Guan Nian followed Yu Han out in silence, watching the farce in front of him with cold eyes.

Guan Shuofeng: “Moreover, these things have long passed. I heard you are together again?”

He sighed as if helpless, disappointed in disclosing inside information, and indulged him again as if saying, “Luo Ting and Lin Shu have divorced. He is not the young master of the Luo family now. If you have to play, then play. It doesn’t matter.”

Yu Han: “Who said it was a play.”

Guan Shuofeng chuckled and said, “Can you still play with a man for the rest of your life? Be a bit realistic.”

Yu Han: “I’m clear-headed, I’m not playing!”

Guan Shuofeng shook his head, “You’re not calm now, stop talking nonsense.”

Yu Han: “It’s not your turn to teach me what I should do or not do!”

Guan Shuofeng couldn’t help but get a little angry, “How can you talk to me like that!”

Yu Han: “Why can’t I!”

Guan Shuofeng: “I’m your father!”

Yu Han took a few steps back and gazed at Guan Shuofeng as if he were a stranger. “You never were either.”

He turned around and was about to leave when Guan Shuofeng suddenly stood up from the sofa, “Yu Han!”

Yu Han stopped in his tracks. “Maybe you’re right, we broke up because of me back then. But not in the future, never again. I will marry him.”

Guan Shuofeng was so angry that he could hardly stand still. “If this is the case, everything in the Guan family will have nothing to do with you!”

When the words blurted out, Guan Shuofeng regretted it again. He stared at Yu Han’s back, but he didn’t see any intention of his son turning back.

Yu Han said, ”It naturally has nothing to do with me. From today on, I won’t come here again. I hope you don’t come to me either…“ He stopped for a while and continued, “And my lover.”

After that, he left without turning his head back, and Guan Shuofeng was so angry that he sat down on the sofa, gasping for breath.

Guan Nian walked up to him faintly, and Guan Shuofeng glared at Guan Nian, “You did a good job.”

Guan Nian smiled faintly, “How can it be that I did a good job? It’s all father’s evil deeds.”

Guan Shuofeng gritted his teeth and said, “Do you think that without Yu Han, I would give you all my property! You untalented thing, even if it was handed over to you, you won’t be able to hold it for a few years.”

Guan Nian: “I don’t want what’s yours. You can return my mother’s things to me.”

Guan Shuofeng has been in business for many years, and the industries in his hands have long been intertwined. How could it be possible to divide them?

Guan Shuofeng: “Scram!”

Guan Nian narrowed his eyes. “I advise you not to think about finding any more illegitimate children. If you find one, I will drive one away.”

No one can share what belonged to him, it was impossible.


Luo Lin Yuan was unaware of the commotion the Guan family had caused today because of him. He was in his office preparing for a picnic to make a nest for the rabbits.

Because he wanted to lead by example and demonstrate on the spot when the time came, he bought tools and hid in the office with his hands full of dust.

Xiao Xiong opened the door and frowned at him. “Dean, Little Taro Ball’s father is here.”

Luo Lin Yuan clapped his hands and wondered, “It’s not class time. Why is he here?”

Xiao Xiong: “His car is parked downstairs and I haven’t seen anyone come out, that’s why I came to tell you.”

Luo Lin Yuan went to wash his hands and jumped downstairs, as cheerful as a rabbit.

He trotted to Yu Han’s car, and there was someone inside. Sure enough, as Xiao Xiong said, he was hiding inside

He knocked on the car window, bent down, put his hands next to his eyes, and looked inside.

The car window lowered, revealing Yu Han’s complicated face. Luo Lin Yuan was going to joke, but when he saw such a face, he couldn’t smile anymore. “What’s the matter? What happened?”

Yu Han originally had a lot to say, but when he saw the person in front of him, he couldn’t say anything.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Why don’t you come out in the car? Don’t you have to work today? Deliberately came to see me?”

Yu Han nodded sullenly, and Luo Lin Yuan opened the car door, “Come on ah, the air conditioner in my office is also very cool.”

When Yu Han got out of the car, he naturally took Yu Han’s hand but found that in such weather, Yu Han’s hand was terribly cold.

He stepped on his feet, pressed his forehead against his forehead, tested the other party’s temperature, and said to himself, “Are you sick?”

Yu Han smoothly wrapped his arms around his waist, and suddenly took a hard bite on his neck, biting the tears out of his eyes. Luo Lin Yuan was in pain and aggrieved, “What are you doing!”

The man who was fierce on him didn’t speak but buried himself in his neck again as if he was the one who was wronged, so wronged that the whole person lost his momentum, and he gently rubbed his neck. “I’m sorry.”

Luo Lin Yuan touched Yu Han’s head, “It hurts ah, next time bite gently, okay?”

Yu Han: “En, I’m sorry.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt that this person was addicted to apologizing. Was the sound of him shouting for pain just now too exaggerated?

Inexplicably, Yu Han said again, “I’m sorry.”

Luo Lin Yuan tried to break away from his embrace. “What’s wrong with you?”

Yu Han shook his head, “It’s nothing, I just want to hug you, hug you a little longer, then it will be fine.”

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