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Close To You Chapter 124.1

This chapter is quite long so I have split it into 3 parts.

Chapter 124.1 – End of Chapter

Lin Shu didn’t stay in C City for too long, she had her own life abroad.

When Luo Lin Yuan recovered from his illness, she asked Yu Han and Luo Lin Yuan for a meal. When Yu Han went to settle the bill, Lin Shu took out a velvet box from his bag.

Inside was a necklace that was in women’s style with an emerald hanging. Lin Shu said, “Keep it and give it to whoever you want.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What’s this?”

Lin Shu: “Ancestral stuff.”

Lin Shu also said that he wasn’t allowed to give things to his lover. She still hasn’t been able to adapt to the fact that her son found a boyfriend and might get married in the future.

She watched Luo Lin Yuan carefully take the box away. He was holding the box with a brilliant arc at the corner of his mouth, how childish.

Lin Shu couldn’t help being in a daze; memories surged out, and she could only stop abruptly, so as not to fall into such sentiments and say or make a shameful expression.

Yu Han came back and wanted to drive them both back.

Lin Shu said no, she wanted to go directly to the airport and get on the plane at three o’clock in the afternoon.

The assistant Xiao Ran had already packed her luggage and waited at the airport, so she could just take a taxi to the airport now.

Yu Han was surprised that she made a hasty decision, and subconsciously glanced at Luo Lin Yuan, paying attention to his reaction, afraid that he would be sad.

Lin Shu observed and was satisfied in her heart. The two young people have feelings and just take care of each other.

It was better than her and Luo Ting, entangled for so many years, and it was eventually futile.

Lin Shu had already called a car herself, and Yu Han and Luo Lin Yuan waited at the door of the restaurant with her.

When the car came, Lin Shu said didn’t give it away, then stuffed a check into Luo Lin Yuan’s pocket and got into the car without looking back.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t even have time to refuse. He could only take it out of his pocket in a daze and looked at the car that was driving away.

Yu Han stretched out his hand and put his arm around his shoulder. Luo Lin Yuan took the check, blinked back the wetness in his eyes, and laughed. ”I didn’t expect her to be like this…” Like every Chinese parent.

Because of worry, after visiting the child, she stuffed a sum of money for the child before leaving.

It was just that the amount Lin Shu gave was too large, more than the startup capital that was originally called to him.

His mobile phone rang. Luo Lin Yuan took it out to take a look. Lin Shu told him in the message to use it well. If he really wanted to get married, he couldn’t be rude to Yu Han. The money should be paid.

This was really not like what Lin Shu would say. In Luo Lin Yuan’s heart, Lin Shu was an artist who placed herself above common people.

Not to mention worrying about this kind of thing, Xiao Ran usually handled even basic human accidents for her.

Luo Lin Yuan said he didn’t need the money, he had it.

Lin Shu: Then take it as my pocket money for you.

Lin Shu: Alright, I’m about to board the plane, I won’t talk to you anymore.

It wasn’t long before she got in the car and didn’t even arrive at the airport and now she was about to board the plane.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t break such an obvious lie, and together with Lin Shu’s thoughts, he put it away.

He stuffed the ancestral jade into Yu Han in the car. When Yu Han opened it, he was stunned. Luo Lin Yuan smiled and said, “My mother asked me to give you the heirloom. If you accept my treasure, you will be my person la.”

Yu Han touched the jade, closed the box carefully, and intended to go back and then put it away in the safe. “I was originally your person.”

Yu Han later discovered that whatever he wanted to do now, he had to discuss with Luo Lin Yuan first. He originally planned to ask for leave, abduct the person to the United States, and get a license to get married.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the itinerary was planned, Luo Lin Yuan led the children from Yuyuan to Guilin to participate in the activities. For a period of one week, all of Yu Han’s plans died before being carried out.

Luo Lin Yuan had already moved to Yu Han’s house and lived together. Before going to Guilin, he obviously felt that Yu Han was in a bad mood.

Before coming back, he was still terrified and secretly called home. It was Taro Ball who answered.

Luo Lin Yuan asked Taro Ball for news and gave benefits. He promised to help Taro Ball bring delicious food back.

Taro Ball repeated Yu Han’s itinerary for a day, going to work, eating, going home, and sleeping pointlessly, and said, “I think you should call Dad yourself.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Your Dad seems upset.”

Taro Ball learned the lines from the TV series and said, “Oh, he’s upset, just coax him a little.”

Recently, Aunt Liang fell in love with watching a family ethics drama, and Taro Ball followed along and had to memorize the lines.

The child learned things quickly, and he learned the tone of the mother-in-law in the TV series ten times, which was very funny.

Taro Ball said seriously, “Come back soon oh, I’m growing tall again. My height was measured yesterday and you didn’t see it.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s heart melted and praised him, “Good boy, really great!”

In fact, Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know why Yu Han was angry.

On the night of departure, he coaxed Yu Han for a long time, saying that he would have to travel on business in the future. Yu Han had to get used to it. If Yu Han was going on a business trip in the future, he would also get used to it.

Yu Han held him under him and kissed his lips swollen.

Until the day before he flew back from Guilin, he checked on his phone to find out about the canceled ticket orders, surprisingly there was a flight to the United States.

He hadn’t set it. The person who set it was the one who knew his ID card, and there was no one except Yu Han.

Only then did Luo Lin Yuan know what Yu Han was so angry about. The surprise was lost by him, but couldn’t be said yet. Of course, he’d get furious.

As soon as he got off the plane, his luggage was left at Yuyuan and he went to the mall. He deliberately didn’t tell Yu Han when he came back, wanting to surprise Yu Han.

Who would’ve thought that when he was at the mall, he really ran into a “surprise.”

Luo Ting took a 15 or 16-year-old student to buy shoes in the mall.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Luo Ting and Luo Ting looked at Luo Lin Yuan in surprise. It wasn’t until the child beside him broke the stalemate and the silently weird situation. “Dad, is this someone you know?”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the boy who called Luo Ting Dad. He couldn’t tell if he[1]The kid looked like him[2]LT but he probably looked more like him than a fake.

It was like a knife made of ice was inserted into his heart, it was stabbed and painful, and he was a little aggrieved.

He couldn’t hold back. He was obviously an adult but his eyelids still reddened. Luo Lin Yuan lowered his eyes, gathered enough courage to step forward, and pressed his voice, “Mr… Luo, long time no see. How is your health lately?”

Luo Ting looked at him in silence, the boy beside him suddenly tugged his sleeve. “Dad.”

Luo Ting seemed to snap out of it. “Go to the side, buy something to eat, and wait for me.”

The boy reluctantly took the card and left. Luo Lin Yuan kept staring at the ground, waiting for Luo Ting’s answer.

He thought that if Luo Ting was going to get angry and drive him back to the United States, he wouldn’t agree. He used to have nothing, but now he has everything, including Yu Han, family, Yuyuan, and friends.

After waiting for a long time, Luo Ting’s voice came, “When did you come back.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s been almost two years since I came back…”

Luo Ting: “What are you doing now?”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his eyes in trepidation and lowered them again. “I opened a childcare institution.”


1 The kid
2 LT

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