Close to You
Close To You Chapter 124.2

Chapter 124.2 – End of Chapter

Luo Ting looked at him deeply, “Thinner and taller.”

As soon as these words came out, Luo Lin Yuan shed a stream of tears. He hurriedly wiped away the tears with the back of his hand, “I’m sorry.”

Luo Ting: “Why are you apologizing?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I thought you didn’t want to see me, but I came back secretly.”

Luo Ting seemed to smile helplessly but it was more like a sigh. “Just come back if you want to. You don’t have to be so nervous. No one will trouble you, don’t worry.”

Luo Ting didn’t say much in the end. The boy who went away returned, holding Luo Ting’s hand, “Dad, I’m bored sitting alone, come here quickly.”

Luo Lin Yuan bowed at him, “Then I’ll go first.”

Luo Ting responded. They didn’t leave each other’s phone numbers. Luo Ting watched Luo Lin Yuan walk away. The boy next to him grabbed his sleeve and asked, “Who is that?”

Luo Ting was lost in thought, “That’s your brother.”

He lowered his eyes, hiding the flickering tears inside.

Over the years, it wasn’t that Luo Ting hadn’t seen Luo Lin Yuan at all.

Luo Lin Yuan would never know that when he graduated, Luo Ting actually went to participate. He just looked at him and Lin Shu from a distance and asked someone to send him a bouquet of flowers. Watching the child holding it in his hand, he hugged Lin Shu and asked others to take his graduation photo.

That was a picture he could never insert again, and would not have a place in the photo.

Luo Ting said, “Let’s go, don’t you want to eat?”

Luo Lin Yuan turned his head not far away, watched Luo Ting leave with the boy, and said silently, “Dad, I’m very happy to see you again.”[1]I was really sad about their brief reunion when I finished this novel back then T^T

He ended up buying a pair of rings, the best he could get with his financial situation. When setting the size, he also took out a small note from his pocket with two marks made with a pencil.

He used the slip of paper to measure the size of Yu Han’s ring finger after he fell asleep.

The custom-made before leaving, now he can pick up the goods.

Two rings cost him half of his net worth. Carrying this precious thing, he also bought flowers. Who knew that when he returned home, the house was pitch black and no one was there?

Luo Lin Yuan called Yu Han, but couldn’t get through, so he called Aunt Liang. Aunt Liang said on the phone that they would play by the sea again and spend the night here.

Luo Lin Yuan did not expect to be left behind. “Where is Yu Han?”

Aunt Liang: “We all thought you would come back tomorrow, and Sir is also by the sea.”

Luo Lin Yuan put down the phone, went to take a shower, and was busy all night. After looking at the time, two hours passed and there was no one at home.

Accustomed to the feeling of someone at home, it was now empty. Coupled with the stimulation in the afternoon by the voice of the boy next to Luo Ting, Luo Lin Yuan felt an indescribable sense of loneliness in his heart.

Luo Lin Yuan turned on the TV. Usually, he would watch TV with Aunt Liang. Those channels that he found interesting, without exception, couldn’t be watched tonight.

After looking at the phone repeatedly, Yu Han should know that he was back. Why didn’t he get a call? Still angry?

Unconsciously, Luo Lin Yuan waited on the sofa until he fell asleep until the sound of the door woke him up.

He rubbed his eyes. In the candlelight, Taro Ball was wearing cartoon cat ears, Yu Han was holding a bouquet of flowers, and Aunt Liang was holding a cake with candles on it.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the group of people at the door in a daze, dumbfounded. Fang Xiao and Tao Qing poked their heads out from behind, and Fang Xiao beckoned to Luo Lin Yuan, “Hi, Xiao Yuan, although it’s late, happy birthday!”

Xiao Xiong also came and smiled at him and greeted the Dean a happy birthday.

It was almost a month and a half since Luo Lin Yuan’s birthday. Can you make up for it at this time?

Although his head was full of question marks, he saw a bunch of people coming into the room, all of whom stuffed him with gifts. The empty house just now was packed with a bunch of people, and his heart was the same as this house.

It was filled and became lively.

Luo Lin Yuan stood up and said in a soft voice, “What ah, I thought you guys left me to play by yourselves.”

Han Zhui also came and gave Luo Linyuan a gift. He said happy birthday in his ear and then hugged him vigorously. “Although you’re already 26 years old, you still have to celebrate. Yuanyuan is an adult.”

Yu Han came over and pushed Han Zhui. “Don’t hug so tightly, mine.”

Han Zhui laughed, “I know he’s yours, I’ll let go.”

Luo Lin Yuan blew out the candles under the uproar and happy birthday song then turned on the lights.

The house was bright, Aunt Liang took out the hot pot ingredients that had long been prepared in the refrigerator, and a group of people had a hot pot at home.

After eating the hot pot, Luo Lin Yuan cut the cake. Before taking a bite, Fang Xiao wiped his face.

There were a lot of people gathered, and he couldn’t say he was unhappy.

There was surprisingly a mahjong table in Yu Han’s house. Fang Xiao and Han Zhui still had Tao Qing and Xiao Xiong held mahjong. Luo Lin Yuan secretly hugged Yu Han in the master bedroom and said coquettishly, “You surprised me. Fortunately, it was my birthday.”

Yu Han: “Don’t like it?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Yes, I was scared to death, I thought it was a marriage proposal.”

Yu Han: “En?

Luo Lin Yuan: “I am most afraid of proposing in public. Kissing, hugging, and kneeling down to offer flowers, and also filmed in witness of my friends and relatives. My scalp became numb when I thought about it.”

Yu Han’s body seemed to stiffen. Luo Lin Yuan added, “But if it’s just a birthday celebration, I’m very happy. Thank you for helping me make up for this birthday.”

Han Zhui called him outside, Luo Lin Yuan was just about to turn around when he was yanked by Yu Han’s hand firmly.

He turned around inexplicably and saw Yu Han’s whole face turned red. “Don’t go out.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Huh?”

Yu Han: “Don’t come out yet, you can come out when I call you.”

He pushed Luo Lin Yuan into the room with his backhand, closed the door, and went out by himself.

He just listened to the crackling of small cannons, ribbons, music, and even violins and guitars outside.

It seemed that a group of people walked in with a bang, noisy, and he heard Yu Han chasing people away.

Gradually, the noise became smaller and smaller. Yu Han came and knocked on the door. Luo Lin Yuan carefully opened the door. There was no one outside. Only the ribbons and balloons all over the floor, as well as the flowers piled up in the living room. It could be seen what kind of battle happened just now.

Luo Lin Yuan finally realized what had happened. He looked at Yu Han, whose cheeks were red and hadn’t cooled down until now, in astonishment. “The birthday is an excuse, you want to… propose?”

Yu Han pursed his lips and nodded as if a little chagrined, “You didn’t like it.”

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t wait to slap himself. “No, no. I don’t dislike it!”

He looked at the room full of flowers, and couldn’t help but want to laugh, “How did you find so many flowers?”

A closer look revealed that he had bought them all, and the flowers that would bloom in spring were piled up. The air was filled with the fragrance of flowers.

Luo Lin Yuan turned his head. Yu Han had already walked behind him and looked deeply at him, “Yuanyuan.”

It wasn’t until this moment finally came that Luo Lin Yuan realized that he was far from as calm as he thought. His heart jumped out quickly, staring at Yu Han, holding his breath, waiting for what he would say next.

Yu Han: “You always say that I’m your spring.”

“You are for me, too. No…” He shook his head and smiled slightly, “You are the sun, the moon, the stars.”

“All the bright things are you.” For him, it was the light that shone into his life, fell in inadvertently, and never left again.


1 I was really sad about their brief reunion when I finished this novel back then T^T

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