Close to You
Close To You Chapter 23

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the six dots. He wanted to reply ‘what do you mean’ but felt it was too serious.

Thinking about yesterday’s sour oranges and Ren Yu, Luo Lin Yuan felt that he really didn’t want to deal with Yu Han now.

He put the phone down and inattentively picked up the egg to eat. It was Uncle Wu who stopped him. “Young Master, you have to wash your hands after playing with your phone.”

Only then did Luo Lin Yuan regain his senses, got up, and washed his hands, then went straight upstairs with his phone, completely forgetting about the egg.

He rested at home until noon. After Uncle Wu confirmed that he wasn’t uncomfortable, he sent him to the car. As a result, before the car drove out, another car drove in.

Luo Lin Yuan rushed out of the car with a school bag on his back, his face flushed with excitement.

The car stopped smoothly, and from inside came out an elegant middle-aged man, wearing a gray suit, looking at Luo Lin Yuan with a smile.

Luo Lin Yuan went up and hugged the person. “Dad, you’re finally back.”

Luo Ting is very busy, there aren’t many opportunities for Luo Lin Yuan to see him. But the relationship between the father and son was still very good, and Luo Lin Yuan was quite dependent on his father.

Luo Ting rubbed Luo Lin Yuan’s head, “Why aren’t you at school?”

Luo Lin Yuan stepped back obediently, “I had a bit of gastroenteritis last night, so I rested at home all morning.

Luo Ting patted him on the shoulder and said a little worried when he heard the words, “What did the doctor say?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “No big deal. Dad, send me to school.”

Luo Ting pinched his nose, “You really won’t let your Dad rest for a while.” Although he said so, Luo Ting still let Luo Lin Yuan get into the car and told the driver to drive to school.

On the way, Luo Lin Yuan became quite talkative and talked about his camping trip with his classmates.

Luo Ting listened with a smile, replying from time to time. When they arrived at school, Luo Lin Yuan reluctantly said goodbye to Luo Ting.

He got off the car, but Luo Ting lowered the window to call him. Luo Lin Yuan leaned over expectantly, hence, Luo Ting took out a card from his pocket. “It will be your birthday in a few days. You can invite your classmates to eat and play with this money.”

Luo Lin Yuan held the car window, “Dad, didn’t you come back? I’ll spend it with you and mom.”

Speaking of Lin Shu, Luo Ting’s expression faded a little. “I’m going on a business trip to Hong Kong soon. Your mother… I will let her come back early. She ran out all day to do what, she’s a little restless.”

Luo Lin Yuan immediately shook his head. “Don’t say that to mom. It’s okay, I’m already a big person, too.”

The conflict between Luo Ting and Lin Shu is in every aspect, a little spark can set off a war. Because Luo Ting is busy, Lin Shu isn’t much at home. Since the two people don’t have many opportunities to meet, they wouldn’t quarrel.

It’s funny to say that the couple avoided ending up in divorce entirely because they didn’t have more time to spend together. But now that they’re like this, the marriage between the two of them is also just in name.[1]the name remains, but the reality is gone (idiom); in short, a dead marriage.

In fact, Luo Lin Yuan himself knew very well that this was only one day at a time. He didn’t want to choose between Luo Ting and Lin Shu. It’s better to call him selfish. Even if the relationship between these two people has reached this level, he still hoped that they wouldn’t divorce.

Luo Lin Yuan stuffed his bank card into his pocket. As soon as he stood up, he saw Yu Han, who was carrying a lunchbox from the street opposite the school, strolling unhurriedly with his earphones in his pocket.

Luo Ting looked at his son who’s in a daze for a moment, staring intently in one direction, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s mouth opened wide. He didn’t know if he should say hello or answer his father first.

Yu Han’s stray eyes fell on him and slowly focused, Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes dodged. He felt embarrassed. What if Yu Han didn’t see him and walked past him directly? Who knew that Yu Han pulled off his earphones and actually walked in Luo Lin Yuan’s direction.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at him, then looked at Luo Ting. “I saw a classmate.”

Yu Han had already walked to the car, greeted him naturally, and looked at Luo Ting in the car. “Hello, uncle.”

Luo Ting’s expression was a bit subtle. He looked straight at Yu Han, his eyes focused on his facial features.

Luo Lin Yuan was inexplicably nervous, and clenched his fist before saying, “Dad, this is my friend Yu Han.”

Luo Ting stared closely at Yu Han and asked, “Which Yu is it?”

Without waiting for Yu Han to answer, Luo Ting smiled again, alleviating the oppressive look in his eyes. “You look a lot like a friend of mine.”

Yu Han naturally introduced his name and even chatted with Luo Ting. It wasn’t until the driver spoke to remind Luo Ting that it was time to go to the office that Luo Ting said sadly, “Xiao Yuan, I really like this friend of yours. Remember to bring him home for a meal next time.”

Luo Lin Yuan also didn’t know what Luo Ting likes about Yu Han. It was clear that Luo Ting was used to being indifferent to his other friends, and Fang Xiao and the others were even more directly afraid of Luo Ting.

Could it be because Yu Han is very old-fashioned? It’s too rare for Luo Ting to call for him to take him home as soon as he saw him.

The two stood on the side of the road and watched Luo Ting’s car drive farther away. Luo Lin Yuan squeezed the strap of his school bag, lowered his eyes, and said, “Dad likes you a lot. Come to my house to play when you have time.”

Yu Han didn’t say yes or no but walked towards the school. Luo Lin Yuan had to follow him and didn’t make a sound.

He didn’t know why Yu Han came up to say hello and why would he ignore him now.

Luo Lin Yuan felt annoyed and was almost annoyed to death. He’s rarely been driven up and down so much by others.

He obviously decided yesterday that if he could be friends with Yu Han, he would do it. If not, he won’t force it.

But now that he saw the person, he realize that his standpoint isn’t firm.

The lunchbox Yu Han carried in his hand looked greasy, and it could be seen that it was rice noodles in the plastic box that wasn’t completely closed.

A student who is growing in puberty, only eating a box of fried noodles?

Yu Han’s pace suddenly stopped, and Luo Lin Yuan nearly hit him. Yu Han looked back at him, “Are you feeling better?”

The topic jumped which made Luo Lin Yuan feel somewhat regretful. “How do you know?”

Yu Han said, “Ren Yu said he saw you at the hospital yesterday.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s heartbeat that just about to accelerate, calmed down again. He lowered his eyelashes, pursed his lips, and his mouth almost lift up, “Oh.

Yu Han’s voice contained a smile, “What oh?”

Luo Lin Yuan tugged at the strap of his school bag, “Are you going to lecture me again such as not to take the initiative to see your grandmother ah? We’re not so familiar with each other ah? And so on.”

Yu Han: “When did I ever say that?”

Luo Lin Yuan faintly raised his eyes, “When did you ever not say that?”

Yu Han seemed to be choked by him. It took a long time before saying, “Do you want to go and see her?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Your grandmother?”

Yu Han: “En.

Luo Lin Yuan: “When?”

Yu Han: “After school ba, I’ll take you there.”


1 the name remains, but the reality is gone (idiom); in short, a dead marriage.

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    Am I missing something? MC went to the hospital yesterday? Wasn’t he home and the family doctor attended to him? What’s the matter with RY seeing him too? I’m confused… Thank you for the chapter.

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