Close to You
Close To You Chapter 24

Luo Lin Yuan felt that he shouldn’t be so happy, but he was just very happy and also felt that Yu Han slapped his face a little bit.

Who said with an extremely ferocious face before that don’t act like you know me in school?

Now, it’s Yu Han who took the initiative to greet him and take him to see his grandmother, not by his own pestering to come.

He couldn’t hold back a smile, which was noticed by Yu Han, who said with amusement, “So happy?”

Luo Lin Yuan instantly straightened his face, “Okay, which one of your eyes saw me happy.”

Yu Han stared at his smiling eyes, trying to say that he had seen everything with his knowing eyes. But in the end, he still gave Luo Lin Yuan some face. With the experienced he gained for a short time with Luo Lin Yuan, this person could be softened with a touch.

Luo Lin Yuan followed Yu Han all the way. When he saw that Yu Han had no intention of going to the cafeteria, he asked once again, “Is this what you’re eating for lunch?”

Yu Han saw the bag in his hand and said in a light voice, “It tastes pretty good.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I haven’t had lunch yet, accompany me to the cafeteria?” As soon as he felt that Yu Han had a better attitude towards him, he tried to take a mile.[1]lit. win an inch, want a foot(idiom); giving them an inch and they’ll take a mile; in short, pushing their luck

In fact, it’s not a mile, Luo Lin Yuan rarely eats with others besides Fang Xiao and them.[2]his other friends

Moreover, he wasn’t hungry. He just came over after eating at home. He just wanted to change his method to add some dishes to Yu Han.

He know that this talented person paid a large amount of medical bills and was living a difficult life. Since they’re all friends, then let’s help a little ba.

Unexpectedly, Yu Han flatly rejected him, even without hesitation. In the blink of an eye, the person had already walked to Class Ten’s door, said goodbye to him, and walked directly into the class.

It made Luo Lin Yuan stunned at the door and didn’t know whether to be angry.

Class Ten is an embarrassing place, with his ex and Yu Han’s current position in it. Luo Lin Yuan looked at the class signboard, calmed down, and walked towards his class.

Yu Han returned to his place, put down the takeaway, and took his hot water, intending to finish the lunch quickly.

The fried noodles are already a bit lumpy, sticking together, and the taste is cold and greasy. Yu Han chewed as if he couldn’t feel it, filling his stomach as if he had completed a task.

He heard the girls not faraway chatting in groups, and Luo Lin Yuan’s name appeared among them from time to time. He raised his eyes towards that side and found the central figure of the girls’ group also looking towards him, and it was the girl named Xia Fu.

Yu Han still remembered that she was Luo Lin Yuan’s girlfriend.

Xia Fu glanced at him, then stared at her phone again, responding to her surrounding friends from time to time. Her friends were so anxious and one of them said to her, “Luo Lin Yuan just came to our class, didn’t you see?”

Xia Fu pressed her phone. “He didn’t come to see me.”

The friend couldn’t wait to pinch her. “Why didn’t he come to see you? Or did he secretly come to see you? Really don’t plan to get back together ah?”

Xia Fu was annoyed, she lay on the table, and buried her face. “Broke up is broke up. What get back together fart!” What’s more… it wasn’t her who wanted to break up. Although she mentioned it, in the eyes of the outsiders, it was her who dumped Luo Lin Yuan.

Her eyelids were hot. She just felt that she couldn’t hold back the tears she had been holding for a long time.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t come to find her, he didn’t even look into the class, so how would he know she was there?

Xia Fu’s friends looked at each other and finally didn’t dare to persuade. The main character buried herself like an ostrich, refusing to talk.

When one of the girls saw Yu Han return, she left the group, walked up to Yu Han, and handed a box of strawberry-flavored wafer rolls. “Yu Han, this is for you.”

Yu Han covered the empty lunch box and tied the plastic bag tightly before raising his hand to take the girl’s wafer rolls and returned a smile, “Thank you.”

The girl blushed and sat back to her friend’s side, causing another little uproar.

Luo Lin Yuan, who had returned to the class, was pulled over by Fang Xiao, with a burst of complaints about how lonely and cold he had been all morning. Until Luo Lin Yuan took out the latest PS4 game disc from his school bag and stuffed it into the person’s hands, did Fang Xiao stop in surprise.

Xu Chang and Li Yujie also surrounded them, looking at the game disc in Fang Xiao’s hand with a burst of excitement.

Li Yujie: “Let’s go to Brother Fang’s house to play games tonight and have a barbecue along the way?”

Xu Chang stabbed Li Yujie with his arm. “What eat barbecue? How unsanitary ah. Fang Xiao’s mother will definitely keep us for dinner.”

Li Yujie touched his stomach, his rough nerves reacted. Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t eat it.

He giggled and said, “It’s fine. Mother Fang’s craftmanship is too good.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You guys can eat barbecue if you want, I’m not going tonight.”

Fang Xiao took out the instruction manual of the disc. “Why won’t you come, come ah! How long has it been since we played games together.”

Luo Lin Yuan still shook his head, “I have something to do.”

Fang Xiao grinned and said, “What do you have to do ah. Didn’t you break up? It wasn’t easy for us to pull you when we watched you dating. Now that you’re single, you still won’t play games with your bros ah.”

Xu Chang couldn’t wait to give a lid to Fang Xiao, who doesn’t know how to talk. As the more delicate and sensitive of the four, he was simply heartbroken.

He was organizing his words on how to appease Little Princess Luo’s heart, but he didn’t expect Luo Lin Yuan didn’t care and said, “I just have something, you guys play by yourselves and wait for me to break the record next time.”

Fang Xiao gave a heave, “You have such noob skills that I can’t help but dig into my leg.”

Unexpectedly, Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t angry when he was said like that before. Fang Xiao questioned his skills, but he exploded instead.

Xu Chang stared at Fang Xiao, who was pinched by Luo Lin Yuan, thinking that maybe he was thinking too much. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t seem to be so sad with the break up ah?

In the evening, the school bell rang. The sunset was like a rainbow on the horizon. Luo Lin Yuan followed the WeChat and walked to the school across the road to the convenience store.

Yu Han sat on a high stool in the convenience store, made a cup of instant noodles, and wrote with his homework spread out in front of him.

Luo Lin Yuan first went to buy a cup of coffee and a bottle of strawberry milk, sat next to Yu Han, pushed the coffee over, and didn’t speak so as not to disturb Yu Han doing his homework.

He sat quietly next to him, took out the straw and inserted it into the strawberry milk, and drank with a grunt.

When Yu Han came back to his senses, the warm coffee was already cold, and Luo Lin Yuan had emptied his strawberry milk. He was playing Lianliankan[3]a pattern-matching puzzle game.boringly with his phone.

Yu Han put his homework into his school bag, looked at the strawberry milk in Luo Lin Yuan’s hand, took out the strawberry wafer rolls, and handed it to him.

Luo Lin Yuan accepted in surprise, “For me?”

Yu Han nodded, “I don’t like it very much.” It’s too sweet.

After giving it to him, he got up and said, “Let’s go. Do you have a transportation card?”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head. Yu Han also guessed that he should’ve never taken a bus. “Swipe my card later.”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded obediently and followed Yu Han on his first bus journey.

However, within half a minute of getting on the bus, his entire person didn’t feel good. The bus was driving fiercely, and many people had no place. Those handrails had been touched by countless people and Luo Lin Yuan didn’t want to touch them even if he dies.

He held up his arms, slightly parted his legs, planning to just rely on his sense of balance.

Seeing him like this, Yu Han was afraid that he would fall, and finally said helplessly, “Hold on to me.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at him but didn’t move. In the next second, Yu Han grabbed him by the shoulders and almost half-hugged him.

Luo Lin Yuan was stunned; his chin was pressed to Yu Han’s school uniform and his cheek was next to Yu Han’s neck.

He felt Yu Han’s body temperature and his scent up close.

Yu Han’s smell was surrounding him.[4]lit. hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom

Luo Lin Yuan…

Luo Lin Yuan’s heart was about to pop out.

It was rumbling, and his heartbeat was all around his ears.


1 lit. win an inch, want a foot(idiom); giving them an inch and they’ll take a mile; in short, pushing their luck
2 his other friends
3 a pattern-matching puzzle game.
4 lit. hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom

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