Close to You
Close To You Chapter 25

Yu Han’s movements were very casual, just loosely encircled him. Only when the bus shook badly will he(LLY) be supported with his(YH) strength to prevent him from falling.

Luo Lin Yuan buried his head all the way, holding Yu Han’s school bag strap with his left hand and holding his mobile phone with his right. He pretended to do nothing but swipe his phone, but his face was actually flushed.

He felt that there was nothing to blush about, they’re all guys; so it was too strange to blush like this. But the temperature on his cheeks was something he couldn’t control, including his chaotic heartbeat.

Yu Han’s voice came from above his head as he said, “Stand still, don’t play with your phone.”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his eyes in defiance, he wanted to say that Yu Han and he were of the same generation, such a tone of lecturing a child was a bit too much.

As soon as he raised his eyelashes and met Yu Han’s eyes, he forgot everything he wanted to say.

The boy was tall, with his hands resting relaxedly on the handrail, and he happened to be looking down at him. His dark pupils happened to be shrouded in sunlight, turning them into a gentle light brown. His eyelashes were dyed with evening light and golden as if the shattered light would fall with a slight blink.

Luo Lin Yuan’s first reaction was that he felt that they looked good… The second was that he wanted to reach out and touch them. He actually had a more terrifying thought in his heart, but was firmly suppressed by him, hidden in the deepest part of his heart, and even he himself didn’t realize it; he wanted to kiss those eyelashes.

Such a thought wasn’t allowed nor was it something that Luo Lin Yuan should have.

The messy thoughts collided into a pile, causing Luo Lin Yuan to think too much, and he couldn’t say the first half of his words. As if he was dumbfounded, he just stared at Yu Han dazedly, the corners of his lips slightly opened as if he wanted to argue and forgot the words.

His appearance made Yu Han want to laugh even more. At this moment, the bus suddenly took a sharp brake, causing Luo Lin Yuan to fall backwards unguarded. Yu Han smiled, put his arms around Luo Lin Yuan’s waist, and hugged the person into his arms

Before, he just only gently support this person without intending to make excessive contact. He just thought that since Luo Lin Yuan isn’t willing to hold onto anything around him, he could hold him.

But supporting is completely different from holding in place. Yu Han awkwardly pressed Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulder to make the person stand still. He was about to ask if he was all right, when he saw Luo Lin Yuan’s reddened face and the eyelashes that blinked restlessly.

Luo Lin Yuan almost didn’t dare to look at him, but he clung to the corners of his clothes with both hands without letting go. His hair was messed up in Yu Han’s arms just now, slightly curled and slightly raised at the temples, looking childish and soft.

The boys’ bodies were too close to each other, so close that they seemed to be able to exchange scents.

Luo Lin Yuan still has a faint strawberry milk scent, the sweet and silky scent rubbed slowly in the nasal cavity, which was a bit lingering.

Yu Han made a quick decision to push the person away. Regardless of Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes widened in surprise, he took out a tissue from his backpack and put it in Luo Lin Yuan’s hand, letting the person hold the handrail through the tissue.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the tissue in his hand, and then at Yu Han. Those unprovoked softness and restlessness that appeared for no reason, and the peculiar and out-of-control emotions cooled down from him a bit.

He came to his senses, didn’t speak much, and leaned on a chair beside him with a tissue.

Neither of them were talking, they were silent all the way until they arrived at the bus stop of the hospital.

After Luo Lin Yuan got off the bus, he directly threw the crumpled tissue into the trash. Yu Han originally planned to go straight into the hospital, but he didn’t expect Luo Lin Yuan to stop him, “Wait, buy something.”

Yu Han looked at the time. “Buy what?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “My first visit to Grandma, should I buy something to eat?”

There are many shops outside the restaurant that you can buy for visiting patients such as nutritious milk powder, edible bird’s nests for nourishing the body, and even caterpillar fungus.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at this and that, almost wanted to buy them. But Yu Han still pulled the person back and said seriously, “Whether it’s genuine or not, Grandma will be upset when she receives these things.”

Luo Lin Yuan carried a box of bird’s nest in his hand. “It’s okay, it’s good for the elderly’s health.”

Yu Han took the box from his hand and put it back, “If there’s something, you can’t buy valuable things.”

Luo Lin Yuan became a little angry. He sullenly looked at the bird’s nest, and finally chose nutritional milk powder, bought another fruit basket, and carried them into the hospital.

When they entered the ward, Grandma was awake and in good spirits, chatting with the person in the next bed. The two were discussing the TV series on the ward’s TV and were quite happy.

Yu Han brought Luo Lin Yuan to see his grandmother, “Grandma, this is my classmate, he came to see you.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the old woman on the bed. Although her face was old, her pair of eyes were very soft. She looked a bit like Yu Han; they were similar.

Grandma reached out her hand to let Luo Lin Yuan come over. She grabbed Luo Lin Yuan’s hands with her warm hands and kept patting them; Yu Han didn’t have time to stop her.

He side-eyed Luo Lin Yuan and unexpectedly found that this Little Princess didn’t have a bad temper at all. But he looked a bit helpless, not because he was obsessed with cleanliness, but a bit like he didn’t know how to respond to his grandmother’s affection.

Inexplicably like a cat with its claws closed, he was held in the arms, dumbfounded, and didn’t dare to bite.

Grandmother likes Luo Lin Yuan very much and keeps praising him for being good-looking, being well-behaved, and a handsome young man.

Luo Lin Yuan was so shy when he was praised. When his grandmother saw what Luo Lin Yuan brought, she said that she intends to cook for him next time she had the chance.

Luo Lin Yuan really didn’t know how to deal with the enthusiasm of such an elder. Everyone in the Luo family doted on him, but the feeling was different from that given by Yu Han’s Grandma.

The Luo family is a large family, everyone maintains a certain distance of intimacy, and they all know that he doesn’t like physical contact very much, so they rarely touch him.

Grandma touched his hand then his head, saying that he was thin and told him to eat more.

Luo Lin Yuan unexpectedly didn’t feel disgusted. Maybe because Grandma’s hand was too warm, maybe because the old woman’s eyes were full of kindness and genuinely pitied him, or maybe because she was Yu Han’s grandmother.

Finally, Yu Han rescued him at the right time, pulled him, and said he was leaving.

Grandma said with a little reluctance, “Why are you leaving?”

Yu Han pressed Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulder, “It’s getting late, have a good rest.”

After saying that, Yu Han pulled Luo Lin Yuan and walked outside the ward. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t let the person pull him, so he shook him off. “I didn’t say I was leaving.”

Yu Han took out his phone. “I know, it’s really getting late.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t mind it. “I have nothing to do tonight.”

Yu Han: “I have something to do.”

Luo Lin Yuan snorted, “Then you can go, I can stay and talk to Grandma.”

Yu Han didn’t argue with him and stuffed his phone back into his pocket. “I’m leaving so you should go back, too.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked back at the ward and raised his hand to touch his face. Yu Han saw his action, “Sorry, Grandma wasn’t quite proper.”

Luo Lin Yuan glared at him angrily when he heard the words, “Did I say anything, don’t treat a gentleman with a heart of a villain.”

Yu Han conceded and said, “Okay, okay, let’s go, it’s really late.”

Luo Lin Yuan went past Yu Han and took the lead in walking out; Yu Han followed him. The two walked to the entrance of the hospital and were about to separate when Yu Han suddenly asked him, “Did you break up?”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han in surprise, “How did you know?” As soon as he asked, he felt stupid again. Xia Fu was in the same class as him, so it wasn’t hard to know ba.

Thinking of this, he admitted, “En, broke up.”

But why did Yu Han ask him this?

Yu Han said again, “Is there a reason?”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the small stone on the ground. He just wanted to raise his foot to kick it, but he saw a clump of weeds growing tenaciously from the gap in the stone, he stopped moving. “What reason is there, broke up is broke up. There is no reason.”

He heard Yu Han say meaningfully, “It’s not because of other people, is it?”

Luo Lin Yuan snapped his eyes up, and only after a long time did he say, “Who do you think it’s because of?”

But Yu Han played down[1]to deemphasizeand looked away, “I don’t think it’s because of anyone either.”

After Yu Han said goodbye to him, he walked to the bus stop.

Luo Lin Yuan stood in the same place, trying hard to calm the strong waves caused by Yu Han’s words.

Who else could the reason be? There was no reason for his breakup.


1 to deemphasize

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