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Close To You Chapter 27

Regarding birthdays, Luo Lin Yuan didn’t plan to have a big event. But the Luo family wants to have a special coming-of-age banquet, which every child of the Luo family must experience.

Lin Shu was forced to come back in the end, and even Luo Ting specially pushed off work because of his father’s request.

If it hadn’t been for Lin Shu’s continuous temper for several days and kept worrying about her art exhibition on the phone across the ocean, Luo Ting was unable to put up with it any longer. The two of them would always quarrel, and Luo Lin Yuan’s 18th birthday was also considered a success.

After knowing that his family is going to have a big event, Fang Xiao and Li Yujie said they really couldn’t go.

You have to wear formal clothes for that kind of social occasion. It sounds rather troublesome, it’s not for kids like them to go.

In fact, that kind of coming-of-age banquet is really boring. Luo Lin Yuan, who has been taken to large and small banquets since he was little, has a deep understanding of it.

He had to make a different arrangement: “Then let’s go on an earlier date to have a meal and sing karaoke after school, and go to Fang Xiao’s house to cut the cake and play games?”

This arrangement drew unanimous approval, and Luo Lin Yuan saw that his friends were happy and at ease.

It’s just that the one who said he would give him longevity noodles, would he come?

He tentatively asked on WeChat. Sure enough, Yu Han replied: “From Friday after school?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Yes ah, I plan to celebrate in advance, just a few of us.”

Yu Han: “I shouldn’t be free.”

Luo Lin Yuan was at a loss, but he had long been mentally prepared. What’s more, the ones who are together are all playing games regularly, and it’s a bit awkward for Yu Han to join in suddenly.

Since Yu Han brought him the return gift from his grandmother, the two of them haven’t seen each other again.

There is also little contact on WeChat, mainly because Yu Han doesn’t talk to him and he also doesn’t know what to say.

Yu Han replied again: “Noodles can’t be kept for long. It’s not practical for me to make it then bring it to you. Otherwise, you can get a different gift?”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the row of words, and a sudden sense of depression surged. At first, he also didn’t want noodles. It was Yu Han who took the initiative to mention giving it to him. After giving him expectations, he refused to give it to him(LLY) again.

How can there be such a reason, really annoying!

But it was impossible for him to really go to Yu Han’s house just to eat a bowl of noodles. If he lose more, he felt like he was begging Yu Han to give him a birthday present.

He replied bluntly: “No, it’s not good to bother you so much.”

This sounded like angry words, but who would’ve thought Yu Han actually replied to him: “Got it.”

What do you know ah! Luo Lin Yuan’s face turned red from anger.

On the side, Xu Chang, who was playing with Li Yujie, happened to look and was surprised and said, “Xiao Yuan, what happened to you?”

This sound drew the attention of Fang Xiao and Li Yujie. What’s wrong? Their Little Princess Luo’s face was red, his eyes were moist, and he looked like he was going to cry with anger.

Fang Xiao rushed forward to block Luo Lin Yuan’s face with his body, “Hey hey hey, pay attention to your persona, you are the iceberg… prince of our class, the gaoling flower,[1]metaphor used for something that can only be seen from a distance and cannot be toucheddon’t really cry ah!”

Xu Chang whacked the untuned Fang Xiao on the back, “You can roll ba, something must’ve happened to Xiao Yan.”

Fang Xiao retreated, Luo Lin Yuan’s face was revealed. But he didn’t see the weeping appearance just now, only his face was still red.

Luo Lin Yuan said, “It’s nothing. When I cleared the game just now, I failed for the twentieth time, making me angry.”

Li Yujie wowed, “That’s really tough. What game ah, Brother will help you clear it.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I’m the only one here who passed eighteen years old.”

Li Yujie wasn’t convinced, “In three months, I will be too!”

Fang Xiao rubbed Li Yujie’s head. “Your Brother Luo will be your Brother Luo for one day and for the rest of your life.”

Li Yujie: “Roll!”

After that, just like the cold war, he and Yu Han had little contact, but this time they were directly cut off.

Whether the day was fast or not, it was Luo Lin Yuan’s birthday in a blink of an eye. Early in the morning, the entire Luo family was busy except for Luo Lin Yuan. He played with Fang Xiao and the others till very late last night and was only picked up by the driver in the latter half of midnight.

By the time he was woken up by Uncle Wu, it was already noon. Uncle Wu gave him a small Western-style suit; Luo Lin Yuan frowned when he saw it. This three-piece suit was really old-fashioned.

Finally, he abandoned his coat, wore a small vest, and went downstairs to eat.

It was an outdoor banquet with tablecloths, cutlery, and flowers arranged. The people were coming and going, making a lot of noise.

Luo Lin Yuan had no appetite, his stomach was still burning because he had drank alcohol last night.

It was rare for Lin Shu to sit at the dining table, wearing an apricot silk dress, a pearl necklace, and a wedding ring deliberately worn on her ring finger, looking quite elegant.

Luo Lin Yuan picked a few grapes and ate them. But after taking a few sips of thick soup in front of him, he couldn’t drink it anymore.

When Lin Shu saw it, she coldly said, “How old are you and you learned how to drink? Is that how your father taught you?”

Luo Lin Yuan picked up the cutlery again somewhat embarrassed. “No, mom, I will finish it.”

Luo Ting put the cutlery down and took a napkin to wipe his mouth. “Can you let people have a peaceful meal?”

Lin Shu also followed and put down her cutlery, lift her skirt, and left.

Luo Ting said in a warm voice, “Of course, boys can drink when they grow up, but they have to know the right amount.”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded and still finished drinking all the soup.

The meal was so indigestible to him. Uncle Wu came over to take him out and asked him to see how the venue was set up; it was his birthday after all.

Luo Lin Yuan had nothing to do and didn’t want to go back to his room, so he followed him out.

Then he saw someone who was absolutely impossible to see. He saw Yu Han dressed in a waiter’s clothes in the crowd and was surprised to death.

How could Yu Han be here? Wait, what is he doing here!

Yu Han was also very busy, so busy that his hair was messy, and there was a shiny sweat on his temples. On a hot day, he was basking in the sun at noon. He was also wearing a two-piece suit, but it was completely different from the one on him.(LLY)

Luo Lin Yuan’s was expensive custom-made and Yu Han’s obviously didn’t fit, looking like someone else’s waiter clothes.

Luo Lin Yuan subconsciously seemed to be hiding behind a pillar, he didn’t want Yu Han to see him.

Even he knew how embarrassing this would be.

Uncle Wu didn’t understand why he suddenly hid. Luo Lin Yuan shook his head. “I won’t look anymore. I want to go back to my room.”

Uncle Wu: “What’s wrong?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s too hot in these clothes. Call me later in the evening ba.”

In fact, he would rather have Uncle Wu let Yu Han go, but this was Yu Han’s job. But if Yu Han sees him, will it hurt his pride? The important thing is that he doesn’t want Yu Han to see him.

Thinking about going, Luo Lin Yuan still said to Uncle Wu, “There is my classmate among the waiters. Uncle Wu, can you settle his money and let him go first.”

Uncle Wu looked at the group in surprise. “Okay, Young Master. Which one is your classmate?”

Luo Lin Yuan secretly poked out his face and pointed towards Yu Han.

Uncle Wu took a closer look and suddenly let out an aiya.

Luo Lin Yuan asked, “What’s wrong?”

Uncle Wu seemed to strangely say, “That man seems to have been specially found by the master.”

Jie JIe: Hi! I must’ve failed to give a heads up in this novel. I won’t be having a regular update like before for a few months as I’m currently finishing my last semester, since I’m having an internship program and research. I’m sorry. My update schedule will be sporadic/1x a week if I have the chance.

Thanks for understanding! ♡ ~(‘▽^人)


1 metaphor used for something that can only be seen from a distance and cannot be touched

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