Close to You
Close To You Chapter 28

Dad and Yu Han? How could these two people get involved? Could it be because he told his father about Yu Han’s difficult family situation last time, so his Dad deliberately found such a job for Yu Han?

But how can this be? Hasn’t Dad considered that this actually hurts his pride?

Especially on a special day like today. If he invites other students in his class, won’t everyone know about Yu Han’s part-time job at his birthday party?

Luo Lin Yun was really a little angry. He felt that Luo Ting’s approach was too ill-considered. He asked Uncle Wu, “Dad hasn’t left yet, right?”

Uncle Wu nodded. When he saw Luo Lin Yuan’s face flushed with anger, he couldn’t help but advise him worriedly, “Master must have his own considerations. Young Master, you should talk to Master properly.”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded casually. He asked the next person where Luo Ting was. After getting the answer that he was in the study, he rushed over in an emotional state.

He vigorously opened the door of the study. Luo Ting was in a video conference inside. He pressed the Bluetooth headset in his ear and continued the meeting in fluent English, but with a serious look, he faintly warned Luo Lin Yuan, who barged in without knocking.

Luo Lin Yuan was quite stunned by Luo Ting’s look and instantly ceased down. He turned around and carefully closed the door, and finally sat upright on the sofa, waiting for Luo Ting to finish the meeting.

Luo Ting’s English is very good. He heard from his grandmother that his father’s grades were quite good back then. Although he had a good family background, he wasn’t arrogant. When he was in university, he was even more of a top student. The only thing that went against him was that he was free in love, there was a girl he liked very much.

Later, he accepted his family arrangements and married his mother, Lin Shu.

As a result, the Lin family had an incident. The scale of the political marriage between the two families was completely unbalanced. But Luo Ting didn’t divorce Lin Shu because of this, many people also praised Luo Ting for his giving importance to love.

These outsiders’ views obviously affected Lin Shu very much, who is a very proud woman. When Luo Lin Yuan was in junior high school, he had seen Lin Shu tell Luo Ting that she could divorce at any time and give way to Luo Ting’s beloved woman at a Luo family’s party in front of everyone.

She did this kind of thing to embarrass the Luo family present, and Luo Lin Yuan was horrified. He thought that they were really going to divorce, and there was a beloved woman. He didn’t want anyone else to enter their family.

His aunt took the dejected Luo Lin Yuan away from the table and told him to go to the back garden to take a break. In the back garden, under his questioning, his aunt told him about what happened that year.

She said that his father didn’t have any other woman at all. It was Lin Shu, who was petty and always thinking about the past, clearly in a mess herself.

When his aunt said this, her usual warm and gentle face in front of Luo Lin Yuan changed and became a little ugly.

As soon as his aunt finished speaking, she covered her mouth, with a look as if she shouldn’t have told him.

This made Luo Lin Yuan suspicious, and she didn’t know where to start.

Later, when Luo Ting and Lin Shu became more and more aggressive, many rumors went around in the mouths of the subordinates.

There are some saying that Lin Shu also had a man before marriage and some saying that Luo Ting was forced to come back and get married.

When Luo Lin Yuan went to ask Lin Shu, she was sitting on a high stool with her back straight, staring sharply at him, which made Luo Lin Yuan tremble with fear.

Lin Shu didn’t answer his question and Luo Lin Yuan didn’t dare to ask again.

Finally, when Luo Ting finished the video conference, Luo Lin Yuan stood up from the sofa, “Dad, why did you ask Yu Han to come over?”

Luo Ting said with a serious expression, “Do you know how rude your behavior just now?”

Luo Lin Yuan cowered a little, but in the next second, in order to defend his friend, he stiffened his back and said, “It was also very rude of you to ask my friend to come here to work without permission.”

Luo Ting didn’t care much and said, “He needs money and I just offered him a job opportunity, how is that rude?”

Luo Lin Yuan was so choked that he almost couldn’t retort. “You… You shouldn’t be on such an occasion either!”

Luo Ting, however, said to him in an irrefutable tone, “Do you think it’s humiliating for him to earn money with his own hands?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I didn’t mean that!”

Luo Ting added, “Do you think that, since I gave him such a job, he wouldn’t know what he came to do today?”

Luo Lin Yuan was completely speechless when he heard this.

Luo Ting pointed his index finger at him. “You ah, are not as good as your classmate.”

In the end, Luo Ting actually picked up the telephone in the study and ordered the people downstairs to bring Yu Han up. Luo Lin Yuan got anxious, “Why did you ask him to come up!”

Luo Lin Yuan was aggrieved and angry, but he had no words to refute Luo Ting. He didn’t think it was humiliating for Yu Han to rely on his own hands to eat, but was it necessary for Luo Ting to be so straightforward?

He still wants to be friends with Yu Han!

Not long after, the door of the study was knocked and Yu Han’s voice sounded outside, “Sir, can I come in?”

Luo Lin Yuan looked around to see where he could hide from people. At this point, Luo Ting added, “Your classmate still knows more about manners than you do!”

Luo Lin Yuan was desperate. “Dad!” He was so desperate that he ran directly behind Luo Ting’s desk and got inside.

When Luo Ting saw his appearance, he couldn’t help but hate the iron for not becoming steel[1]to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations, “What are you hiding inside for!”

Luo Lin Yuan hugged his knees. “If you force me again, I won’t attend this party tonight. You celebrate with air! If you get him out of here quickly, I’ll treat it as if I don’t know about it!”

Luo Ting helplessly looked at him for a long time, and finally raised his voice and said, “Come in.”

Yu Han pushed the door in, then softly closed the door. “Sir, are you looking for me for something?”

Luo Ting smiled and said, “It’s not too big of a big deal, you’re busy today, you can go back.”

Yu Han said in surprise, “But…”

Luo Ting felt his trouser was pulled, so he had to say, “I didn’t think about it well. In case you run into my son, you’re both classmates, so it will be somewhat embarrassing, right?”

Yu Han’s face remained unchanged and said, “This job is not low-paying, and you gave it to me because Luo Lin Yuan and I are classmates. How could it be embarrassing?”

Luo Ting added, “Don’t you think it hurts your pride?”

Yu Han lowered his eyelashes and said with a chuckle, “No.”

Luo Ting laughed heartily. “Not bad. Young man, I admire you very much.”

Yu Han said respectfully, “Do you have any more orders, sir?”

Luo Ting shook his head, “No, but you can indeed go home first. My son is thin-skinned, he’s afraid that he’ll make trouble with me when he sees you.”

Yu Han answered in a low voice but didn’t resist much. Luo Ting told him to go and find the housekeeper to settle the money, and he went out.

When the study was quiet again, Luo Ting lowered his head and looked at Luo Lin Yuan, “Well, happy? You can come out now ba.”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his face, which was buried in his knees, and glared at Luo Ting angrily. “Dad, how can you bully people like this.”

Luo Ting calmly said, “How is this called bullying.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “If this is not bullying, then what!”

Luo Ting looked at Luo Lin Yuan with some pity. “Then Dad should teach you a lesson. For him, all opportunities to make money aren’t considered bullying. Not to mention he can obtain the money cleanly and in a dignified manner. This boy can bend and stretch at such a young age,[2]can bow and submit, or can stand tall [idiom, from the Book of Changes] you’re not as good as him in this regard.”

After that, he was like coaxing a child, “If possible, Dad also hopes you will never learn from him.”

Luo Lin Yuan was still annoyed, and Luo Ting said meaningfully, “But in the business world, he is better like that.”


1 to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations
2 can bow and submit, or can stand tall [idiom, from the Book of Changes]

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