Close to You
Close To You Chapter 29

Luo Lin Yuan knew that Luo Ting was trying to beat him for his own good, but such a way was really unacceptable to him. He didn’t stifle a word and crawled out from under the desk with both hands and feet.

There was no more humiliating time than today, his eighteenth birthday.

Seeing Luo Lin Yuan like this, Luo Ting sighed and didn’t say much but just took out a velvet box from the drawer and handed it to him.

Luo Lin Yuan picked it up and looked at the square box. He thought it was a watch but he didn’t know that when he opened it, it was actually a car key.

He looked at Luo Ting in surprise while Luo Ting smiled gently, “You’re a big boy now, you should have your own car.”

Even if there was more dissatisfaction just now, now Luo Lin Yuan was speechless in surprise. There is no boy who doesn’t like cars, and Luo Lin Yuan was no exception.

But he is already eighteen years old, he can’t do the act of pouncing on his father as soon as he is happy. Therefore, holding the car key, his face flushed with excitement, and in the end, he only managed to say a thank you to his father.

Luo Ting also teased him, “When you were little, you had to kiss your Dad to thank him, but now you don’t want to?”

Luo Lin Yuan grimaced, “You’re such a big person, still kiss, I won’t kiss.”

As he said, he happily carried the box and rushed out of the study, intending to see his new car.

Who would’ve known that in the corridor outside the study, he ran into Yu Han, whom he had thought had left a long time ago. Not only him, but Lin Shu was also there. Lin Shu crossed her arms, looked at Yu Han with an unpleasant expression.

Luo Lin Yuan rushed out and successfully drew the attention of the two people in the corridor to him. He froze on the spot with the box in his hand, staring blankly at the two.

When Yu Han saw him, he glanced at the study door where he came out of and raised his eyebrow thoughtfully.

Lin Shu coldly said, “What does it look like to crash recklessly!”

Luo Lin Yuan restrained the smile on his face and stepped forward obediently. “Mom, what are you doing here?”

Lin Shu stared at Yu Han while Yu Han humbly lowered his eyes and didn’t make a sound.

Lin Shu said, “I wonder why an outsider can come to the second floor and who brought such an unruly person here!”

Luo Lin Yuan said hurriedly, “It was Dad who called him, it’s not his fault.”

Lin Shu ignored Luo Lin Yuan but listened to the words. “Then why didn’t you go back to work quickly?”

Luo Lin Yuan argued for him again, “Dad has already let him go home just now.”

In just a few words, Luo Lin Yuan completely took away the old foundation that he had just been in the study, but he couldn’t care about it anymore. He couldn’t let Lin Shu attack Yu Han, so he just stood on the side and watched.

Lin Shu had never been refuted by Luo Lin Yuan like this, “Are you his spokesperson, he can’t speak for himself?”

At this moment, Yu Han spoke out, “Although I’m sorry, I already explained why I was here when you[1]polite/courteous address just asked me, Madam.”

Only then did Lin Shu remember that this young man had indeed told her when she first started to question him out loud. But she didn’t quite believe it in her heart and thought it was a suspicious and sneaky person.

She glanced at her son impatiently with a bit of blame and became even angrier.

Lin Shu said firmly, “Since you’ve been invited, there’s no reason to leave halfway, it’s unfair to others.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know why Lin Shu made things difficult for Yu Han, “Mom!”

Yu Han, however, was quite indifferent. He wasn’t unhappy when Luo Ting let him go and he didn’t complain when Lin Shu asked him to stay.

In fact, he should’ve stayed to help. At first, he didn’t understand why Luo Ting asked him to come up and let him go back halfway. Now that he saw Luo Lin Yuan come out of that study, then associate it with Luo Ting’s words, my son sees that you were going to make trouble, what is there not to understand.

Yu Han nodded towards Lin Shu, “Yes, Madam.”

With that, Yu Han went down the stairs, his back straight and his pace calm, leaving behind the mother and son, who were in a mood because of him.

Lin Shu looked coldly, “You know him?”

Luo Lin Yuan was still a little angry and didn’t speak. He felt that his parents were simply against him today, one after another making him unhappy.

Lin Shu also said, “Look, if you take it out for him, he doesn’t necessarily want to take care of you.”

These words were so heart-piercing that Luo Lin Yuan bit his lip, and it took a long time before he looked at Lin Shu, “I know, just like you. No matter how I please you, you don’t want to care about me.”

This statement made Lin Shu stunned. Before she had time to speak, Luo Lin Yuan brushed past her and ran downstairs, in a hurry, and disappeared. Lin Shu was left alone at the stairway, her expression unclear.

Luo Lin Yuan dejectedly ran downstairs, feeling uncomfortable. The main thing is that things happen one after another, otherwise, he wouldn’t talk to Lin Shu like this, saying what he had hidden in his heart for a long time.

Every sentence buried in his heart was like glass dregs, stabbing in his heart day after day, full of blood.

He was startled as soon as he rushed downstairs, there was still a corridor there. The design of the home was Lin Shu’s taste, European-style décor with vintage windows one after another.

The day was just right, and the sun was shining all over. Yu Han was standing in the light, obviously waiting for him. Hearing the movement on this side of the stairs, he slightly turned his face sideways and suddenly smiled at Luo Lin Yuan.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know why this person suddenly smiled at him. He walked forward several steps unconsciously as if he was fascinated, and only stopped when he got very close to Yu Han.

Yu Han lowered his eyes and looked at him, his smile unchanged, “Happy Birthday, Classmate Luo.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s heart was burning, and the handful of ice that he had just made in Lin Shu’s place had now all melted. The hot water poured over his heart, not only was the heart soft, but even the person was soft.

Luo Lin Yuan blushed and said, “I thought you had left.”

Yu Han gave a puzzled en and Luo Lin Yuan added, “Are you angry?”

Hearing what he said, Yu Han lowered his voice, “Why should I be angry?”

Being asked such a rhetorical question, Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know what to say. Should he say he thought too much or Yu Han was thinking too little?

He pursed his lips, “I don’t want your birthday gift.”

Not waiting for Yu Han to reply, he added, “As long as you’re not unhappy today. They were wrong, I apologize for them to you.”

Yu Han looked at the person in front of him, looking at Luo Lin Yuan’s obviously uneasy face as well as the cheeks that were so fluffy that could be seen lit by the sun. They were now haloed with red, a bit like a peach.

This peach also unknowingly flapped his eyelashes, carefully peeked at him, and quickly dropped down when he met his gaze.

Inexplicably, Yu Han’s heart was a little itchy, and he had the urge to bully the person deliberately. He said, “Isn’t it up to me to decide whether to give you a birthday gift or not?”

Luo Lin Yuan was stupefied, obviously bullied into anger by these words.

Yu Han couldn’t help laughing out loud. “Just kidding, I’m not angry. I’d still cook a bowl of noodles for you as a gift, good?” As soon as the words just fell, he felt that today’s party was so big and there were countless delicacies. If he really abducted the little princess to his home to eat noodles, it would seem quite shabby.

Unexpectedly, his words made the angry Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes light up again and look at him with an expectant face, “Good!”


1 polite/courteous address

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